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What should I do to attract web customers...?
I'm trying all kinds of things on my own, but I honestly don't think it's going to work....
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Honestly...do you have any of these problems with attracting web customers?

  • I'm trying various things on my own, but I'm not getting the results in attracting web customers that I want.
  • We created a website with a government grant, but it has been neglected and is not being utilized.
  • If you don't advertise, you don't make sales. State of dependence on advertising.
  • Busy trying to secure monthly sales; no time to spend on web marketing
  • I'm not very good at attracting customers online.
  • Practicing the methods described in books and educational materials does not work at all.
  • I don't see a vision of my business being successful a year from now.
  • (I can't say this out loud...) The clientele is bad.

The "Web Customer Attraction Guidebook" will solve all your problems!

Fujii Tsuyoshi, who has been involved in marketing practices from the English-speaking world, reveals the secrets of the latest marketing techniques that can help entrepreneurs of any industry or business size to successfully attract Web customers.

Furthermore, it is not only a guidebook for attracting web customers. Now only, you will also receive the video seminar "Web Marketing Tactics that Fujii has been implementing and making effective as of 2022.

So even if you don't know what to do right now to attract web customers, or even if you are not very good with computers, it doesn't matter. Since 2021, 1,330 entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and consultants have learned how to attract customers to their websites.

Three features of the Web Attracting Customers Guidebook


How to write 7 blog posts a day

You want to increase your blog's アクセス数, but it's hard to write articles continuously. This guidebook explains exactly how to write 7 articles a day using English-speaking marketing techniques.

marketing tactic

Tactics" directly related to profits

All you can learn in books is the theory of content marketing, which is small and difficult. However, in business practice, it's all about whether or not it directly leads to profits. In this guidebook, we have compiled only the most effective content marketing that will attract your ideal customers.

Increase in sales

20 times the results with less than one-tenth the effort

Many small businesses have a limited marketing budget to spend. That's why I've put together this guidebook with concrete steps to steadily get 20 times more results in attracting customers with less than a tenth of the effort you're spending now (and I'm doing it myself).

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