How much does TaskMagic cost? What is the most economical plan?

TaskMagic Tariff Plan

In this issue, we will discuss the TaskMagic rate plan, which we have received many requests and questions about.

Since the beginning of 2024, there have been many questions about the price of TaskMagic and how to get it at AppSumo.

If you're considering buying, be sure to read this article. If you don't know, you will lose money.

TaskMagic, what is that? Please see the article below.

Will TaskMagic be resold with AppSumo?

This is a question we receive very often.

TaskMagic price page when sold at AppSumo

In 2023.AppSumoThe TaskMagic was launched at the AppSumo at the time as an AI-powered automation tool, and it sold like hotcakes.


Sales ended.

Currently, TaskMagic is no longer available and sold out at APPSUMO.

As a result, TaskMagic is not currently available in AppSumo. To purchase it, you must buy it from the official website.

Now, on the question of whether the TaskMagic will be resold with the AppSumo, Jeremy, the founder, has stated that he is willing to resell it.

I talk about it briefly in the video below.

Note, however, that specific timing is not known.

It may be re-released this year, but it could be next year or later. (Also, the price will probably be raised.)

Buy TaskMagic for the same price as AppSumo

Next, we will explain how to purchase TaskMagic at the same price as at AppSumo.

Please see the current TaskMagic rate plan.

This is the latest rate plan for TaskMagic.
  • Desktop plan is $499.
  • Desktop + Cloud plan for $999
  • Limited plan is $2999.

Even the cheapest plan499 USD (about 75,000 yen).

This desktop plan is priced the same as the Tier 4 plan that was sold for AppSumo.

But beware.

The Tier 4 plan sold for AppSumo came with a webhook and apps add-on (additional features).

However, it is currently available on the official websiteDesktop plans do not include this add-on.

If you need the webhook and apps add-on,

  • Desktop Plan: $499
  • Webhook and apps add-on: $19/month

You must apply for these two separately. If you purchase them without knowing it, you will certainly lose money.

How to buy a AppSumo Tier 4 plan (with add-ons).

TaskMagic has a sneak peek at the page where you can buy it at a discount.

TaskMagic is currently available for purchase with a Webhooks add-on.

You can get TaskMagic at a discount via this hidden page.

  • Same price as when sold at AppSumo ($499)
  • Webhooks functionality comes free of charge.

You get TaskMagic with a free add-on that normally costs $19/month.

Click here ▼ for hidden pages

However, the page may be erased. We recommend purchasing while available.

Is TaskMagic expensive? To put it bluntly...

Finally, as to whether the TaskMagic rate plan is expensive, this depends on your perspective.

A few days ago I received a comment on YouTube.

Would you recommend TaskMagic or Poer Automate Desktop?

Comments: I have been using PowerAutomateDesktop and am considering switching to taskmagic. what can taskmagic do that PowerAutomateDesktop cannot?

I responded to your question as follows

How much does TaskMagic cost? What is the most economical plan?

Currently, PowerAutomateDesktop is still more flexible. TaskMagic wins in terms of ease of use even for beginners. However, if you are doing well with PowerAutomateDesktop, there is no need to switch yet.

For example, Microsoft's free Power Automate Desktop is also popular, though,The advantage of the TaskMagic is its ease of use.

The intuitive way to build automation allows even beginners to automate their usual daily tasks. We believe this is a good reason to choose TaskMagic.

There are many automation tools (including RPA) out there, and Power Automate Desktop is another free RPA tool that has many users and is very reliable.

However, for beginners, there are some aspects that are difficult to lay down and master.

In contrast, TaskMagic is attractive in that it is easy for beginners to use.

I myself use another RPA that costs $129/month. However, this kind of RPA requires knowledge of JavaScript, CSS selector and Xpath.

There are many high-performance automation tools available, but TaskMagic is one of the easiest to use, even for beginners.

Your own clone works for you 24/7/365.

The TaskMagic is priced at $499 (about $75,000), which may be expensive for a typical purchase,It is inexpensive considering that it can automate daily tasks.

Data entry, copy and paste work, email sales, etc. that used to be outsourced. All can be automated. You can save on labor costs. It also eliminates human error.

I think of it this way.

Even while I am sleeping,A clone of yourself will work for you 24/7 all the time instead.No need to complain, no need to pay salaries.

This buys out about 75,000 yen.

Yes, TaskMagic is unique in that it is a buy-out system.

While other RPA and automation tools often cost 50,000-100,000 yen per month,For TaskMagic, once 75,000 yen is paid once, there are no further fees.It is very inexpensive in the long run.

If you've ever hired someone, you know what I mean. It is considerably cheaper.

Summary of this article: Buy TaskMagic through the "back door"!

In this article, we explained the TaskMagic rate plan.

If you are considering purchasing, we recommend that you do so through the back door rather than through the publicly available rate plan page.

Purchases made through the back door page come with a free Webhooks add-on, which normally costs $19 per month.

There is no reason to buy from the regular plan; you can buy from the backdoor page where you can also get Webhooks add-ons for free.

Last but not least, some may say that they are not sure if they can use TaskMagic because it is an English tool.

The information is not yet complete in Japan.

But don't worry, I will quickly show you how to use TaskMagic on my YouTube channel.

With permission from TaskMagic,Each tutorial video is available with Japanese translation (voice-over).

>> Click here for Fujii Tsuyoshi's YouTube channel.

We will help many entrepreneurs achieve "automation". We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to take advantage of TaskMagic.

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