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Takeo Fujii

If a person works too hard, he or she may lose the will to work and become unwilling to do anything. This is called "burnout. When this happens, work efficiency goes downhill and depression sets in. Business energy also withers away, and life goes wrong.

Many entrepreneurs work too hard and keep to themselves; you don't have to suffer alone. You don't have to work hard. This is why I am shamelessly exposing my face and my real name to continue this activity. That's exactly why I'm doing this, to help entrepreneurs who are worn out day in and day out, from the shadows. Let's take it easy together.

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In a world where common sense is being replaced and information is being updated and complicated at an unbelievable pace, the gap between the wealthy and the common people is widening rapidly. The gap between the rich and the common man is widening rapidly, and those without money, connections, or skills are falling into the ultra-poor class. It is no longer enough to just "do your best. ...In order for entrepreneurs and managers to survive and evolve in this era, they must put "knowledge" into their brains and put it to work in the field. In this site, we will give you thorough "marketing knowledge". So, you don't have to be alone. If you are having trouble, consult with me right now.