Business Policy

My name is Takeo Fujii. Thank you for visiting this page. The following is a summary of our sales policy for fee-based services and products.

When you purchase products or services listed on the Takeo Fujii website, videos, or SNS pages, you may be required to pay a specified fee and other costs for each product or service.

For example: bank transfer fees, PayPal payment fees, etc. When introducing services by foreign countries, there is a possibility of loss of price fluctuation due to the rate.

In addition, although we try to provide information about our products and services in a careful and appropriate manner, we cannot guarantee their efficacy or effectiveness.

The fees and risks of each product and service listed on each page vary from product to product. Please carefully read the contract, the document delivered, and the relevant page of the product sales page.

Our Sales Operations Policy

In compliance with the Act on Sales, etc. of Intangible (Data) Products, the Specified Electronic Mail Act, and other related laws and regulations, Takeo Fujii will sell products and services to customers in an appropriate manner in accordance with the following policy.

We will strive to provide appropriate sales and consulting services by comprehensively taking into account the customer's knowledge, experience, and financial situation. We will endeavor to provide customers with sufficient and accurate explanations of product details and risks in order to enable them to make appropriate decisions for themselves.

We will make every effort to provide accurate information so as not to cause misunderstanding.

We will strive to respond to inquiries in a prompt and appropriate manner. We will take your opinions and requests seriously and strive to improve our customer service.

We will give due consideration to the time of day, location, and methods used so as not to cause inconvenience. We will make every effort to provide accurate and clear explanations and guidance.

Guarantees of Revenue

Takeo Fujii and his partners are committed to providing appropriate information and advice, as well as proper solicitation. We study ideas, techniques, know-how, and their provision. The results obtained, on the other hand, are entirely dependent on the customer who uses the products, services, and techniques presented.

We do not offer get-rich-quick schemes. Results will vary depending on the amount of time spent on training, the use of ideas and techniques, your financial situation, your personal knowledge and various skills. It varies from person to person.

Therefore, none of the partners, including Takeo Fujii, can guarantee that you will personally succeed or increase your income.

Response to and transactions with antisocial forces

The "Code of Ethics," which is a guideline that all officers and partners of FUJII HOLDINGS must follow, stipulates that the company will not do business with antisocial forces or groups.

Our basic policy is to block all transactions and relationships with antisocial forces. The above does not apply to underground businesses that are operating in accordance with the law.

Let's weave a better deal. On the other hand, we have a policy of eliminating any clear anti-social or illegal activities. The above policies are the "sales policies" of Takeo Fujii, his officers and partners.

If you have any questions about sales or consulting, please contact Takeo Fujii.