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Takeo Fujii

Your marketing advisor

Who is Takeo Fujii?

Founded Miyako Web Agency. She is now working alone. She is trying her best to help entrepreneurs who are thinking, "It's too difficult to get customers on the web. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes. Her pet peeve is stress.

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Hi, I'm Takeo Fujii.

Founded Miyako Web Agency in 2018. As of 2022, I am paid to help one entrepreneur with his web marketing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much.

This blog was initially set up to output the "knowledge" in my brain. I can read and write a little English. So I collect marketing information from all over the world. I set up this blog with the aim of sharing the knowledge I have gained from my input.

Takeo Fujii (Web Marketer)

I'll take care of these three for you.

Web Marketing One-person Entrepreneur


Powerful digital marketing information that is effective for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Tools

Weapon Delivery

I represent the best marketing tools in the world. If necessary, i can provide you with the weapons you need.

marketing consulting


It will rapidly boost your business to the point where you can overtake your competitors in a matter of days.

Dull youth to the bloody present.

I have been online for about 18 years.

  • Elementary school student: Windows XP at the time, playing a game called Rummy's Big Adventure and running the now-defunct Yahoo!
  • Junior high school student: Enthusiastic about card games. I blogged about card games all the time.
  • High school student: begins to create a website for hlml and run it on a free rental server.
  • First-year college student: 2014 at the time. Started an affiliate blog after reading an article on 2ch titled "I earned 1 million yen a month from my blog. I start earning about "average college student's part time job" from advertisement income.
  • University sophomore: Launched a curation site, jumping on the bandwagon. 350,000 PV per month.
  • Junior year of college: I realized that I was in a state of tax evasion and re-filed my tax return.
  • Graduated from university: Started website development and consulting business without job hunting; founded MIyako Web Agency.
  • One year after founding: I do SaaS and course translation, write a blog in English, and start a consulting business overseas.
  • Present: I started this blog with my real name and face.

The only experience I have worked for the company is "one year of part-time work at a home improvement center. I have no experience working as a full-time employee. I have created my own company or run a small business on my own. As you can see, I have been off the rails of society.

Web marketing could be pretty dea...

The world is a big place. There are many people who can do things better than I can. So, as a small person, I keep my head down and try not to show off my excessive self-confidence.

Profile: Takeo Fujii
Takeo Fujii

But I think "Web marketing may be more than a person can do.

I have been directly involved in marketing practices in Japan as well as in English-speaking countries. I am also one of the first to try out marketing tactics and techniques that have not yet entered Japan.

Web consulting firm and I have a "critical difference."

There are many excellent web marketing consulting firms out there. The number of employees, the number of projects they handle, and the size of their firms all pale in comparison to mine, which is an individual firm.

I have a different cut than they do.

The web consulting firms of the world study web marketing seriously and provide solid services according to a format.

I amReverse.We don't talk about serious web marketing in books. We are always field-oriented. We are always on the front lines of the business and continue to verify the results.

And yet, with a focus on one-person entrepreneurs and small businessesWeb marketing that hits high effectiveness without waste.We provide the following services.

Now, he acts as a "reliable consultant for entrepreneurs to attract customers to the Web.


If you have any questions about how to use the tools or software, please feel free to write in the comments section below the blog.

We reply within 12 hours on average.

*New consulting engagements are not being accepted as of 2022. The next call for applications is scheduled for April 2024.