[Recommended] Digital Marketing Tools List

This is a summary of the basic marketing tools that Takeo Fujii uses in his business.

In use as of 2023.

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Business Efficiency Tools

As a small business owner, freelancer, or sole proprietor, there is no room for "one second of waste. We are required to carry out our work without delay in a limited amount of time. That's why I've compiled a list of my favorite tools for improving business efficiency.

Pabbly Connect: App Integration & Automation

Pabbly Connect Review

Have you ever been tired of repetitive daily tasks? Pabbly Connect automates such tasks, allowing you to focus on what you should be concentrating on!

Examples of uses include the following can be automated

⚡ Add Trello tasks to Google Calendar in an instant Tasks added to Trello can be automatically entered into Google Calendar. Enables schedule management without time and effort!

🤖 Move files from Gmail to Dropbox instantly With Pabbly Connect, you can automatically move attachments received in Gmail to Dropbox. The tedious work that used to be done manually can be completed in a fraction of the time!

📧 Instantly send receipts to purchasers and automatically manage customer information Automatically send receipts to customers who have purchased products and automatically record customer information in the management tool. This makes customer service even smoother!

Get the freedom to focus on the work you need to focus on With the automation magic of Pabbly Connect, your business will accelerate and you will have more time to focus on your core business.

With Pabbly Connect, free yourself from the daily grind and run your business more efficiently!

Web Site Creation Tools

These are the various tools that I use to build this site (

Shin Rental Server: Site Management

Servers are the cornerstone of website construction. The selection of such a server requires careful consideration. The best server for you is Shin Rental Server!

Powerful performance at a 🚀low price Thin Rental Server is renowned for its excellent cost performance. It is low-priced, yet boasts tremendous power. I have been using this attractive server since 2021, leaving Mixhost, which I had been using since 2018.

Easy to use, even for ⭐ beginners Thin Rental Server is beginner-friendly and easy to use. With an interface that you can tackle without hesitation, your website construction will go smoothly.

🌐 Make your website soar! With Thin Rental Servers, you can be sure that your website will be taken to new heights! Our reliable and high-performing servers will enhance your online presence.

Switch to Thin Rental Server today and experience the incredible speed and ease of use!

X-Domain: Get your own domain name

The face of your website, your domain, is like the address of your online kingdom. If you want to get that unique domain,X domain is exactly what we recommend!

Build 🏰 your online castle! For example, you can have your own original domain name such as "". Establish your online presence and build your own brand with an X Domain!

💰 Premium domains at affordable prices X Domains offers high quality domains at affordable prices. It is the best choice for your online business because you can easily get your own domain!

Make your name known to the world with 🌐X domains! Having your own domain name gives your business or project a better chance of being recognized around the world. Use an X Domain to create your online world and start on the road to success!

So, get your own domain name and start enjoying online success with X Domains today!

Brizy: WordPress Page Builder

Brizy (Brizzy) is an innovative website builder that turns your creative dreams into reality! 🌈✨ You don't need to be a professional designer to easily build beautiful websites and landing pages with this intuitive tool that transforms your ideas into stunning visuals.

🎨Get design freedom! Brizy's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality opens up a wonderful world of design possibilities. Freely place elements and customize your design to maximize your originality!

⚡ Speedy website construction With Brizy's ease-of-use and efficiency, your business or project will be given a new lease of life.

🌐Responsive design for any device Websites created with Brizy display beautifully on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Your ideas are sure to shine brightly on any screen size!

💡 Professional design templates When in doubt, you can choose from a wide variety of professional design templates. You can pursue your own original design or modify the template as a base. The design possibilities are endless!

With Brizy, your website will look as beautiful as if it was created by a professional designer. Experience the magic of website creation with Brizy today and take your business or project to the next level!

Content Creation Tools

Rank Math: SEO plugin

SEO is a mysterious and magical world, like a grand stage where art and science interweave. ✨

Its depth, as SEO guru Bill Slawski describes it, is likeAs if black magic and voodoo-like magical powers reside in them. ShiHowever, there are ways to make SEO effective for your business without having to explore the depths of it all.

A wizard to accelerate WordPress SEO! Developed for entrepreneurs with limited time and motivation, Rank Math is a powerful WordPress plugin that easily solves the complexities of SEO. With this plugin, your website is sure to shine at the top of search engines!

🚀Easy setup for efficient SEO Simply install Rank Math into WordPress and you will be transformed into an SEO guru! Just follow the plugin's instructions and in the blink of an eye, your website will be transformed into a search engine standout.

🌟Take your business to the next level! Rank Math will make your website shine in the search engines.

Now, get the magic of SEO with Rank Math and drive your business to phenomenal growth!

Katteb: AI that attracts with high-quality writing and ease of use for a new era of blog post production

ChatGPT is great, that's for sure. However, for blog post production, Katteb is the superior choice. It has many advantages over ChatGPT, not only in quality, but also in ease of use!

🏆 Enrich your blog with high-quality writing. Katteb is the best AI for blog posts and written content production, with results that are as good as ChatGPT's in terms of quality.

🎯 Shorten time by streamlining & optimizing With Katteb, you will definitely be able to streamline and optimize the production of blog posts and written content. Shorten your time and generate more content.

👀 See how it's used and you'll find it fascinating. Once you see how to use Katteb, you will certainly find it fascinating. Once you use it, you will not want to let it go.

Explore new possibilities for blog post production with Katteb! First, see how to use ▼

Canva: Image Editing & Processing

Canva is a revolutionary online design tool that turns anyone into a design pro. You don't have to be a professional designer to quickly create great image content.

Get the magic of 🌟design! Canva offers intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to bring your ideas to life, allowing you to freely combine millions of stock images, fonts, icons, and more to create your own unique designs!

💼Business and private life are glamorous. You can use Canva for posters, business cards, social media images, presentations, and much more. Your business or project is sure to shine with professional-looking designs!

🤝Design together as a team With Canva's collaborative editing feature, you can design in real time with your team members. Share ideas and create the best design possible!

🌐Design tools loved around the world Tens of millions of users are already using Canva. Why don't you join this great community and experience the joy of design?

Use Canva now for free.

Online Course Tools

Digitalization has spread rapidly. We live in an age where learning is also done online. In order for instructors to educate and train students online, they need to choose the right online course tools and LMS (Learning Management System).

Heights Platform: LMS (Learning Management System)

An innovative LMS that opens up a new dimension in online courses.Heights Platform.

Heights Platform is the essential learning management system (LMS) for online course delivery. New features are being added one after another, providing powerful tools to maximize the effectiveness of students' learning!

🚀 Build the future of education with an innovative LMS. Heights Platform is an innovative LMS that will dramatically improve the world of online courses. We invite you to take advantage of Heights Platform to build the future of education!

💡 New features are continually being added to support education. Heights Platform has all the features to enhance the learning experience for students taking online courses, including landing pages, blogs, integration with marketing apps, and the ability to create communities. Provide a state-of-the-art educational environment with Heights Platform, which is constantly evolving!

🌐 Expanding the possibilities of online courses With Heights Platform, your online courses are sure to reach new heights! Maximize the effectiveness of your students' learning and open up new possibilities in education.

Introduce Heights Platform now and open up a new dimension in online courses!

VadooTV: Secure and versatile video hosting platform

VadooTV is quickly emerging as the second video hosting force after Vimeo, and is a next-generation video hosting platform that offers not only embedding of online courses and training videos, but also high security and versatility.

🎥 New Leader in Video Hosting VadooTV is a platform that is quickly making a name for itself in the video hosting industry. It is currently on the verge of taking the top spot alongside Vimeo.

🔒 High security and reliable video protection With VadooTV, your videos are protected without fear of plagiarism. You can share online courses and training videos with peace of mind.

🌟 More convenient with multi-functionality VadooTV offers a wide variety of features, including the ability to create landing pages, record screens, and manage podcasts. Video hosting has never been easier to use.

With VadooTV, usher in a new era of video hosting!

List Building Tools

It is a marketing tool to reach potential customers online.

Beacon: Lead magnet tactical tool to accelerate prospect acquisition

Beacon is an all-in-one tool that makes it easy to implement lead magnet tactics, which are known to be an effective marketing tactic that acts like a magnet to attract prospects.

🧲 Support efficient prospect acquisition With Beacon, previously complex lead magnet tactics can be implemented simply and efficiently to reach potential customers.

🤖 One tool covers the entire lead magnet tactic Beacon provides all the functionality you need for lead magnet tactics in one tool. There is no need to combine expensive tools.

🚀 Maximize prospect acquisition Maximize your prospect acquisition with Beacon. Efficiently implement lead magnet tactics that are essential for business growth with Beacon!

Try Beacon now and accelerate prospect acquisition with lead magnet tactics!

Deadline Funnel: The Ultimate Countdown Timer Tool to Dramatically Increase Sales

Setting a deadline for the end of a sale can increase sales by an astonishing amount (some statistics show that sales can double!). Deadline Funnel is the most powerful countdown timer tool to achieve such an effect.

⌛ Countdown to stimulate purchasing A countdown of "0 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds until the end of the sale" can motivate customers to buy and significantly increase sales.

🤖 Automatic and accurate countdown Deadline Funnel automatically and accurately counts down to the end of the sale to your customers. Effective promotions are possible without any hassle.

🚀 World's highest performance timer tool Reliable and proven, Deadline Funnel is recognized as the world's most powerful countdown timer tool.

Take advantage of Deadline Funnel and dramatically increase your sales with Countdown! Accelerate Your Business by Increasing CV Rates, AI-Powered A/B Testing Tools Boost Your Success

Do you want to increase sales and profits of your products and services? With, you can effectively achieve this goal!

🎯 Aim to increase sales by increasing CV rates Simply attracting people who are not likely to buy your product will not increase sales. It is important to increase the CV rate to ensure more reliable sales.

🤖 Optimize with AI-powered A/B testing tools is a proven AI-powered A/B testing tool. It can automatically improve the CV rate of your sales pages and accelerate your sales.

🚀 Supporting Steps to Success Try to better ensure your business growth. We will help you step up to success.

Try now and accelerate your business by increasing your CV rate!

Other A music app that dramatically improves productivity (Brain FM) is,Innovative music services that will dramatically improve your everyday lifeIt is. This amazing platform combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with the beauty of music to dramatically improve concentration, relaxation, and sleep quality.

💡 Boosts concentration! Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work or study?'s scientifically tuned music will train your brain and improve your concentration like a personal trainer. The effect that overturns conventional wisdom is surprising to many people!

New dimension of 🌊 relaxation The music of approaches your brain and gives you the moment you need to refresh yourself. You will feel as comfortable as if you were at a seaside resort and be released from everyday life.

Go to 😴Dreamy Sleep Good sleep is the key to a life well-lived, and the special music of will help your brain get into a natural rhythm, leading you to a deep sleep. Spend the night in comfort and wake up in the morning to a refreshed day ahead.

Now, why don't you join and experience a world of brain-pleasing sounds right now? Make the best of your life with our innovative music service!

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems difficult to use. Please tell me how to use it.

If there are many requests, we will prepare explanatory videos and articles. If you have a tool that you would like to see explained, please send a request to this page. We will prioritize the tools with the most votes.

I am worried about purchasing foreign tools. Please tell me about the dangers.

When making a purchase, it is recommended to use PayPal, as PayPal has buyer protection and provides a guarantee in case there is a problem with the product. PayPal also eliminates the risk of your credit card number being leaked to the seller.

If you must use a credit card payment on an overseas site, do so only on a site where you can confirm its reliability and safety.

The tools introduced in this site have been contracted by myself and have passed certain safety standards. However, the final use is at your own discretion.

Which tools (in this list) would be cost effective to purchase?

Think of tools as "solutions. What do you need to solve the problems in your business?

e.g.) Increase sales → Improve the closing rate → Let's do A/B testing → Let's choose an A/B testing tool

Thus, choosing a tool based on the premise of problem solving is the best way to avoid mistakes.

What tools do you use for video production and audio content creation?

For video production

  • Camera: Sony Alpha 6400
  • Lens: SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN
  • Microphone: RODE VideoMicro
  • LED video light: Neewer 660
  • Reflector: NEEWER 5-in-1 Folding Round Reflector for Photography
  • For audio content production
  • Microphone: Blue Microphones Yeti X
  • Microphone 2: Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder

We are using the above product. Please refer to it. I don't know how to buy it at the cheapest price, but you can Google it and buy it via, or if it's too much trouble, you can buy it in bulk at Yodobashi.