TaskMagic vs ZeroWork: Which Automation Tool is Best for You?

TaskMagic vs ZeroWork: Which Automation Tool is Best for You?

Which is better, the automated tool TaskMagic or ZeroWork?

Finding the right automation tool for you can be difficult, but I will provide an explanation based on my experience with both TaskMagic and ZeroWork.

Conclusion: I personally like ZeroWork.

First of all, TaskMagic is easy to use for beginners and intuitive to design automation. In addition, an official community has recently been created. On the other hand, its drawback is that it has many bugs.

ZeroWork, on the other hand, does not have as many critical bugs as TaskMagic.

What is ZeroWork?

However, TaskMagic is probably easier for beginners to use.

ZeroWork requires ingenuity. This devise is really simple and will be explained later.

In summary,

  • TaskMagic; very beginner-friendly. Easy to use. Many bugs.
  • ZeroWork: For beginner to intermediate users. Easy to use if you are creative. No bugs.

The details are explained in the video. If you want to see how it works in practice, you can view it in the video▼.

If you do not have time to watch the video, please continue reading below. The video is summarized in text.

TaskMagic: Intuitive creation of automation.

What is TaskMagic?

TaskMagicis a tool that allows even beginners to create automations intuitively. You can create an automation idea for a task without any technical knowledge in a few minutes.

The biggest advantage of TaskMagic

The greatest advantage of TaskMagic is,Intuitive creation of automation.This is to say. Let's try to actually operate it.

First, open TaskMagic and click on "Web" to launch a browser window.

To create an automation with TaskMagic, first launch a browser window.

Open the page you wish to automate. In this case, open google.com.

To do so, enter the URL you wish to open in the "Go to page" field in the small window on the right side.

Use "Go to page" to create an automation to open a page at TaskMagic

Next, simply actually click on the location or link you wish to click on the page. An action called "Click web element" will then be added to the window on the right.

If you want to automate the clicking process with TaskMagic, all you have to do is hover over an element on the page and specify it, and a "Click web element" will be added.

To scrape an element on the page, select "Scrape Single," hover over the target element, and click.

If you want to scrape an element on a page with TaskMagic, select "Scrape Single" in the right sidebar, then hover the cursor over the element on the page, whether it is text or an image, and click!

The text of the element is then extracted.

Create and save an automation.

To run the automation saved here, simply press the "Play Steps" button.

To run the automation you created in TaskMagic, you need to press the button in the upper right corner

Only then can you activate the automation you have created.

Create an automation flow with actual operation in the browserThe appeal of TaskMagic is that it can be done.

As you can see, TaskMagic isIntuitive operabilityfeatures, and even beginners can easily design automation.

Creating Automation with ZeroWork

How to create automation in ZeroWork,Add automation to the canvas.

Add a block to open a page from the right sidebar.

Add a block to click from the right sidebar.

This is how you add blocks by dragging and dropping them from the sidebar on the right side.

For example, in the image below, you have already added three blocks.

ZeroWork's Canvas of Automation.

See the image below. You see the sidebar on the right.

From this sidebarDrag and drop the automation block into the canvas.

To create your own automation in ZeroWork, select a block from the sidebar on the right and place it in the canvas.

For example, if you want to open a page, add an "Open Link" action.

If you want to click on an element in the page, you must add a "Click Web Element" block and specify where to click.

Use "CSS Selector/Xpath" to create automation

Here's where it becomes important.CSS Selector/XpathIt is. ...What's that? I've never heard of it before. It's okay if you're a beginner.

It is not difficult.

Think of it simply.

  • Open a specific page
  • I want to create an automation that clicks a button within that page.

...If you want to create an automation like this, you can use theYou need to specify where the buttons are located.

You have to tell the automation tool "where to click. To do this, we use a CSS selector or Xpath.

CSS selector, it is difficult for beginners.

With free auxiliary tools, you can create automation with zero knowledge.

That's where it helps,Free extension "Copy CSS SelectorIt is.

You can get the unique CSS selectors for the elements in a page by using the Copy CSS Selector Google Chrome extension. This free tool can be used by anyone with Google Chrome or similar browsers.

>> Free Google Extension "Copy CSS Selecter" is here.

Once this extension is installed, simply hover over an element on the page and right-click to copy the CSS selector for that element.

Place the cursor on the element you wish to retrieve and right-click. Then copy CSS selector will appear in the right-click menu.

All that remains is to paste the copied CSS selector into the ZeroWork block.

In other words, you can copy and paste.

For example, to create an automation that clicks a button on a page,

  • Add "Click Web Element" block from right sidebar
  • Copy the CSS selector of the element with the free tool "Copy CSS Selector".
  • Paste into the "Click Web Element" block

That's all.

Press the icon for the block of automation. You can then set the automation details in that block. Paste the CSS selector you copied earlier into the area of this block.

Using free extensions like this, even beginners who are not familiar with CSS selectors or Xpath can easily create automations. Even beginners can easily automate the process.

The same applies if you want to scrape an element on the page. Simply copy the CSS selector of the target element and paste it into the "Save Web Elements" block.

This explanation may be a little difficult to understand in writing. If you don't understand it, feel free to ask in the comments section of this article.

As you can see, even beginners can create automation by utilizing the free tools in ZeroWork.

TaskMagic or ZeroWork, which do you recommend for beginners?

For beginners, we recommend TaskMagic.Intuitive operabilityis attractive and makes it easy to create automation for buggy things.

ZeroWork, on the other handFree Auxiliary Tools(Copy CSS Selector), you can easily create an automation without any knowledge.

I personally use ZeroWork more often. It actually allows me to create automation more flexibly than TaskMagic.

However, looking at the opinions of other users, TaskMagic seems to be more popular with beginners. I prefer ZeroWork.

Both products are continuously being updated,Improved functionalityare being made. We hope you will choose one or the other according to your needs.

Conclusion: Both automation tools have their pros and cons.

Which one you prefer depends on your level of technical knowledge.

TaskMagic and ZeroWork each have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • TaskMagic isIntuitive operabilityis attractive, though,Bugs existI will.
  • ZeroWork isFewer bugsOf,Need to utilize free toolsIt is.

TaskMagic isIntuitive operabilityis attractive, and even beginners can create automations easily. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that bugs exist. However, it is quite popular among beginners.

Personally, I like ZeroWork. In fact, ZeroWork is what I use in my business. Therefore, I personally recommend ZeroWork to my friends.

Both tools are regularly improved and updated.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there are people around you who are not sure which one to use, please introduce them to this article.

We hope this article will be of help to you.

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