ZeroWork Review: The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Task Automation!


My name is Tsuyoshi Fujii. This time I would like to introduce my favorite automation toolZeroWork."Introduction of the

Recently, AI is booming and many IT entrepreneurs are paying attention to AI services that work in place of humans, such as ChatGPT and Claude, but is AI really making your business more efficient?

...Imagine. What if you could fully automate 90% of your daily routine tasks...?

What if we could automate all those operations that cannot be streamlined by ChatGPT?

No need to work alone and stressed in front of a computer screen. Automate everything.ZeroWork is a powerful automation tool that can replace yourIt is.

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What is ZeroWork?

What is ZeroWork?

ZeroWorkis a tool that can automate browser operations. Even beginners without technical knowledge can automate everyday tasks.

A year ago, I started using this tool with zero knowledge. At first, I was puzzled. At that time, there was only an English instruction manual.

I am currently using ZeroWork to automate many of my daily tasks.

There are really very few entrepreneurs in Japan who know about ZeroWork.

With this tool, you can automatically finish your daily tasks while you are reading with a cup of coffee.You can automate all the work that other competitors are doing manually.

ZeroWork Features

Here is a brief summary of ZeroWork's features.

  • very low codeNo programming knowledge is required. Intuitive automation creation.
  • schedulingAutomate the work at a fixed time each day.
  • Automation of all tasksAutomation of data extraction, input, clicking, and copy/paste on the site

Recommended for

  • Spending time on daily routine tasks.
  • Stressed by repetition of the same tasks.
  • We want to improve the efficiency of our operations at a level that we can actually feel.

Busy entrepreneurs, managers, and marketers don't have enough time. This is because the scope of their business is too broad. Attracting customers, sales, customer support, product design, accounting...etc.

Hiring people will solve the problem. But the cost of hiring, training, and coordinating people is not free, right?

We'll work on those.We can just throw it all to ZeroWork.

They perform the tedious work for you 24/7. You don't have to pay them, they don't complain, and they perform the work flawlessly.

Basic usage of ZeroWork

Getting started with ZeroWork is very easy. When I first got my hands on ZeroWork, there was no Japanese manual for ZeroWork yet.

However, I have now explained how to use ZeroWork in Japanese.

With this, anyone can create an automation without any technical knowledge." The explanation was aimed at "super" beginners.

You don't need dozens of hours of study. Just watch the video above to master basic usage.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of the basic usage of ZeroWork.

1. login

First, if you do not have a ZeroWork, go ahead and purchase one.

For a limited time, you can get ZeroWork at 84% off the regular price. You only need to pay 12,000 yen (converted to Japanese yen) once. No additional cost.Click here for details.for more information.

Once you have created an account, go to the ZeroWork website. Enter your registered email address and password to log in.

2. check the dashboard

Once logged in, the dashboard will appear.

ZeroWork Dashboard

Here you can manage your automations and create new ones. The intuitive interface makes it easy even for first-time users.

Creating a TaskBot

Now, we will actually create the automation.

Step 1: Create a new TaskBot

Click on "Create New TaskBot" in the upper right corner of the dashboard to create a new "task bot" to automate.

Create a new task bot with ZeroWork

You can give the taskbot a name that is easy for you to recognize.

Step 2: Add actions

The process of creating automation is simple.

To create a new automation in ZeroWork, select and install a block from the right sidebar.

From the actions in the right sidebar, drag and drop to add the desired operation (e.g., open link, enter text, click, etc.).

Blocks were set up to create automation at zero warp.

All that remains is to connect them in the order in which you want to automate them.

Step 3: Adjust settings

Configure detailed settings for each automated action.

Press the block icon for more detailed settings.

For example, how many seconds to wait after opening a link, where to click, etc.

4. test and save Taskbot

Run the automation taskbot you created to verify that it works correctly.

To activate automation in ZeroWork, click the Play button in the upper right corner.

Press the play button in the upper right corner to activate the automation you have created.

Note that task bots created on this screen are automatically saved, so there is no need to save them manually.

5. scheduling

Incidentally, if you want to do this on a regular basis, such as "organizing the mail inbox every Monday," you can set up a schedule to automate the process.

It can be set freely, such as daily, hourly, every 5 minutes, etc.

Examples of usage

For example, if you want to create a taskbot that retrieves and stores the latest news from a specific website each day, the steps would be as follows

  1. Open linkSet the URL of the news site.
  2. Extract textExtract news by specifying the headline or text of the news.
  3. Save DataSave the extracted data in a spreadsheet or other format.
  4. Schedule setting: Scheduled to run every morning at 8:00 a.m.

In this way, ZeroWork can be used to automate everyday tasks and increase efficiency.

This simple automation should take less than three minutes to make.

ZeroWork Features

ZeroWork is multifunctional. It can automate a wide variety of tasks. Here is a detailed description of ZeroWork's main features.

1. data scraping

Scraping in ZeroWork stores information in data tables.

ZeroWork has the ability to automatically extract data from your site. It eliminates the need to manually collect data from within a site. For example,

  • Google Maps: Extracts store information and reviews.
  • LinkedIn: Gathers profile information and company data.
  • Amazon: Get product information and prices.

You can easily do these things.

2. automatic entry and operation

ZeroWork can automate operations on the browser, such as typing text in the input area of a page or clicking a button.

  • Enter text: Automated text entry
  • click operation: Automatically click on specific buttons and links
  • key (input): Automation of Enter and Delete buttons, etc.

It is especially important to emphasize that human manipulation

Anything can be automated: clicking, typing, saving data, copying and pasting from one site to another.

It is truly up to the idea.

Some ZeroWork users have assembled 200 to 300 blocks to automate most of their daily tasks, while others automate simple tasks with only five to eight blocks.

Below is an automation I spent two hours creating.

You can even create complex automation flows using ZeroWork exactly as you would automate them without restrictions

Such complex automation can be created "without restrictions.


With ZeroWork, it is possible to run automated tasks on a regular basis per schedule.

You can schedule the execution of Taskbot to perform automation tasks on a regular basis. You can configure the following settings

  • Execute every day: Executed at a specified time each day.
  • hourly execution: Executed every hour at the specified minute.
  • Every 5 minutes: Repeat at short intervals.

4. AI integration (OpenAI API is available!)

ZeroWork can also be easily integrated with ChatGPT (OpenAI API) to create AI-driven automation.

It is also possible to link OpenAI API keys with ZeroWork to generate sentences with AI.
  • content generation: Automatic generation of blog posts and comments
  • Mail auto-reply: Reply to incoming e-mails on your behalf
  • DM Automation: Send personalized messages to others on social networking sites.

As an example, it is also possible to automate text creation in this way.

5. linkage functions

Can save data extracted by ZeroWork in a Google spreadsheet in collaboration with
The image above is linked to a Google Spreadsheet.

ZeroWork can be integrated with other tools and services. This allows for even more extensive automation.

  • API Linkage: Acquire and send data in conjunction with external APIs.
  • Google Sheets: Save and read data to and from spreadsheets.
  • Webhooks: Receives triggers from other applications and performs automation.

This is a bit more applied here. But even if you don't have access to this function, you can automate most of the work.

Incidentally, the Google spreadsheet linkage is explained in the supplementary video below.

This collaboration is quite useful, and we encourage you to try it out in ZeroWork.

Examples of usage

For example, if you create a task to monitor price fluctuations of an Amazon product, you would combine the following functions

  1. data scraping: Get prices from Amazon product pages.
  2. scheduling: Execute price checks at a certain time each day.
  3. Data Storage: Save the acquired price data to Google Sheets.
  4. Notification function: Notifies you by email when prices change.

In this way, ZeroWork's diverse functions can be combined to automate a variety of tasks and improve efficiency.

Benefits of ZeroWork

In fact, it is an incredible benefit girl tool. Here are some points that I find particularly important.

1. no programming knowledge required

ZeroWork is a low-code tool. In other words, it requires a little bit of knowledge.

But don't worry. No programming or technical knowledge is required.

Does it look difficult? No, just watch my instructional video.You can easily create automation.

ZeroWork is intuitive. You can use ZeroWork even if your English is at a first grade level.

Don't have a single automation tool? Then you must get ZeroWork.

2. time savings

I get tons of comments and e-mails every day, and I spend a precious half hour in the morning just replying to them."

This is an actual consultation that was sent to me. I recommended ZeroWork to this person. He is a male business owner in his 60s who cannot read English and has no programming experience.

The person created a system with ZeroWork that automatically responds to comments and emails simply by watching my basic instructional videos.

What do you think happened as a result?

Automate all blog comments and email replies.When I wake up in the morning, I just turn on my computer and start ZeroWork.

He was able to create a system that saved him a precious half hour in the morning.

Just one system like this can help protect your precious time.

3. efficient data collection

It can automatically collect the necessary information from specific sites. This is so-called scraping.

Data extracted by ZeroWork can be exported to Google Spreadsheets, and vice versa, data in Google Spreadsheets can be used to automate ZeroWork.

If you tell your staff to "collect data from this site," they may do it, but if you concentrate the data manually, mistakes will undoubtedly be made.

You will probably find data that you forgot to collect or duplicate. And it will take time.

But these tasks can also be automated with ZeroWork.

4. schedule setting is possible

ZeroWork allows you to schedule tasks to run automatically on a regular basis. You can run tasks daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, or even every few minutes.

5. linkage with AI

ZeroWork can be integrated with AI such as ChatGPT. This allows for a higher degree of automation, e.g., posting auto-generated content or responding to chats.

Summary of Benefits

  • simple operation: No code, anyone can use it.
  • saving time: Automation saves time and effort.
  • data collection: Gather information efficiently.
  • Schedule setting: Periodic execution of tasks is possible.
  • AI Collaboration: Higher degree of automation is possible.

With ZeroWork, you will be able to perform your daily tasks more efficiently. You can't afford not to use it.

There are books on "how to dramatically increase productivity" and such, but such things don't actually make work more efficient. You get the idea. But automating the work in the field will make you more productive.

More than any know-how or book, ZeroWork is a powerful assistant that can help you.

Disadvantages of ZeroWork

I have raved about ZeroWork up to this point. It has many advantages. Definitely use it.

Of course, there are disadvantages. Let me tell you about them so that you will not end up saying, "I bought it, but I can't use it as I want.

1. difficulty in initial setup

First, ZeroWork is intuitive. Once you get used to it, you can easily create automations.

However, if you are using it for the first time, you may be confused about how to set it up. It is like anything else.

howeverUse it seriously for one week only.Every day, I work so hard and exhausted that my autonomic nervous system goes haywire and I don't get the results I want... This is common to most entrepreneurs.

I understand your tough days. So did I.

Still, take the time and use it for a week. Once you can automate your daily tasks, you will be freer than you are now.

2. some advanced features

Even if you only learn basic usage, you can automate any task.

However, there may be times when the basics are not enough to create a complex automation. Almost never, though.

ZeroWork also has advanced features. These features make automation even more powerful.

However, advanced features will take more time to learn. So,I want you to learn just the basic usage first.

3. support is in English

ZeroWork has good support; you can get help on the Facebook group and Discord. However, if you need help, you need to ask for help in English.

If you ask for advice in Japanese, "I can't automate this work," most of the people in this group are speaking English. You will not get the answer you want.

As a complete aside, Diana Rees, founder of ZeroWork, speaks eight languages. English is required for basic support. However, you will be able to create automation without using these supports.

If there are any requests, I will be putting out a lot of videos explaining how to use ZeroWork.

Currently, we only provide basic videos because there are only a few users. However, as the number of users increases, we will actively enhance ZeroWork's explanatory videos and support.

Please share this page with your other entrepreneur friends.

ZeroWork Review: The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Task Automation!
Takeo Fujii

I will be happy if the number of ZeroWork users increases.

Cost concerns

ZeroWork is usually $40/month. In Japanese yen, it costs about 6,000 yen/month.

Not so expensive. But if you are a small business or just starting out, you may be a little hesitant.

Present,For a limited time, it is on sale with up to 841 TP36T off the buyout.

...It's not the kind of thing that often says it's for a limited time, but keeps selling forever. The sale should end in another month or two.

60-day money back guarantee.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to obtain one.

Comparison with other automation tools

You may have heard of it. I have also introduced another automation tool called TaskMagic. See below if you are interested.

ZeroWork and TaskMagic are both excellent browser automation tools.

Each has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. I have used both and will compare them specifically.

Features of TaskMagic


  • Beginner-friendly: TaskMagic's intuitive UI and simple operation make it easy for even beginners to design automation. It is easy to use because the flow of automation can be assembled visually.
  • Community presence: TaskMagic has a large number of users and an active community. It is easy to get support when you need it.


TaskMagic has many bugs reported. I have encountered the bug many times.

Of course, bugs are being fixed one after another, and the TaskMagic development team is enthusiastic.

However, due to lag, the automation sometimes does not work properly. This bug is the reason why some people have chosen ZeroWork instead of TaskMagic.

ZeroWork Features


  • Fewer bugs: ZeroWork is almost free of fatal bugs. It is a highly reliable tool because of its stable operation.
  • Powerful automation features: With a little ingenuity, very powerful automation can be achieved. In particular, free extensions can be utilized to expand the scope of automation.


Cons are that it is not as intuitive as TaskMagic.

A beginner should try ZeroWork for a week before becoming proficient with it. I will provide an instructional video. The total time for the supplementary videos is about an hour.

Watch and learn from this one hour video. This may be the only shortcoming.

Which should we choose?

TaskMagic is especially recommended for beginners. Its intuitive operation allows you to start automating immediately.

howeverPersonally, I would recommend ZeroWork.ZeroWork is less buggy and, with a little ingenuity, can be powerfully automated.

How would you rate ZeroWork?

Even AppSumo, which attracts its severely rated international tool geek brothers, has an average of 4.96/5.

ZeroWork currently has a fairly high rating at AppSumo with an average rating of 4.96 out of a total number of 108 reviews

With a total of 108 evaluations, this automated tool has received overwhelmingly high praise so far.

In fact, my blog readers have given me high marks.

Everyone we have heard from who has purchased a ZeroWork via our blog has been satisfied. I have never seen anyone regret buying it.

I myself purchased the top of the line plan. Regret buying it? Not at all. In fact, it would be a waste not to buy it.

If you don't have the money,It is worth buying even if you have to work part time for two days.

Summary: ZeroWork is the only thing that can't go wrong when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency.

Highly recommended for one-person entrepreneurs.

There is some learning curve at first. Please input how to use ZeroWork for the first three days. You should study for a week if possible.

Please watch my ZeroWork instructional video. It is only about an hour long.

If you do,Within a month we can automate most of your daily web tasks.

This automated tool will radically change the efficiency of your business in the future. If you find it "interesting," start with that interest.

I do not intend to disappoint you.

You may thank me by purchasing it, but you will not lose anything by purchasing it.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is also available. In the unlikely event that you are unable to use the product, you can still get a refund.

Last but not least.Limited time.This special offer ends soon.

The campaign period for AppSumo is about 60 days. The sale has been in progress for some time and will end soon.

If you're not sure, I have your back, and I'm going to push you hard. If you're going to buy strange tools and educational materials, buy ZeroWork.

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