Black Friday 2023: Best Deals on pCloud - How to Maximize Your Savings!

From Black Friday 2023 through November 26, pCloud is offering up to 85% off.

Black Friday 2023 is coming soon! Are you ready for the extra big sale you've been waiting for?

Of particular note is the cloud storage service that is very popular in Japan with its amazing concept of a single purchase and use foreverBlack Friday 2023 Sale for "pCloud"It is.

Offered at an unbelievable discount rate considering the regular price, this sale is not to be missed.

When is pCloud's Black Friday 2023?

When will the pCloud sale be on Black Friday, 2023?

pCloud's Black Friday 2023 sale has already begun. Hurry, the sale is open to the public.

Another article mentioned Monday, November 20, but apparently it has already been held.

The event will be held for one week, through Sunday, November 26It is.

If by the time you read this article, it has ended, we apologize.

How much cheaper is pCloud?

pCloud storage is being offered at a heavily discounted rate, depending on the size of each 500GB is on sale for only $139.

The 2023 pCloud Black Friday Sale will offer lifetime plans at the following discounted rates

500GB Plan:. $139.(regular price $570), 76% off
2TB Plan:. $279.(regular price $1,140), 76% off
10TB Plan:. $890.(regular price $6,000), 85% off

This is the cheapest opportunity to purchase pCloud in a year.

10-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your pCloud purchase,There is a 10-day money back guarantee.

This means that you can get a refund within 10 days of the purchase date. Try it risk-free.

More importantly, the current campaign isScheduled to end on November 26, 2023.It is.

However, I can understand the true sentiment of "Why don't you just use Google Drive? It's free and you can use other cloud storage if you need more space.

I mean, talk like this 👇.


Paid cloud storage all the way up to $139. Seems cheap, but the yen is cheap....

The more seriously we consider it, the more we are troubled.

But think long term.

Advantages of using secure pCloud instead of Google Drive or iCloudis large. Press below to see more on this.

As an aside, have you ever seen posts about "account suspended" when using Google Drive or iCloud?

This isFacts.

In services such as Google Drive, uploading illegal files or sharing inappropriate content is considered a violation of the rules for that account.

If a violation of the rules is discovered, we will take steps to disable the account.

Of course, it is important to follow the rules.

But what I don't like isWe are being watched."This is a fact.

Cloud services such as Google Drive have systems in place to monitor uploaded data for violations of the terms of service and privacy policies.

Even though humans are not always watching, it is not pleasant to be watched.

On the other hand, pCloud's zero-knowledge privacy prevents pCloud from knowing the contents of files uploaded by users.

Files uploaded to pCloud are encrypted,The contents will not be monitored or read. this way.The advantages of using pCloud are considerable.It is.

The cloud freezes your account due to misidentification on the storage side.... The whole important file for work will be lost....

It is the worst I can imagine.

There are some cases like the one below.

Black Friday 2023: Best Deals on pCloud - How to Maximize Your Savings!
Citation: Banned Google Account - Google Account Community

It is in English and I translated it into Japanese. Press the bottom to read it. It's tragic.

My Google account has been disabled and I have been contacting support for 8 days. This is because you accidentally uploaded a nude video of a minor for work use. This is not pornographic content.

Google only gave me two chances to appeal, but I offered to explain my situation and provide proof that these motions o related to my work, and I also obtained a letter from the company. I admit I was wrong, but I had no idea I was violating Google's policies and this was an honest thing to do.

I am just trying to regain access to my email.My Gmail account is connected to over 300 accounts, including 5 bank accounts.Additionally, I have a pending order that may have arrived but cannot access my email to confirm. I have been a Google One member for the past 2 years and this is my main account, it has worked fine for over 6 years.

My Google Drive contains approximately 60 GB of work-related projects, personal documents, family photos, and personal images on Google Photos.I acknowledge the policy violation, but I also hold Google responsible because data on Google Drive and Google Photos should remain private unless explicitly shared.

I have been trying to communicate this to Google for 8 days. I am requesting temporary access for at least a week to download my email, drive content, Google Photos images, and to migrate my account to my new email. I feel this situation is unfair and I hope Google will consider my request.

I don't know what happened after this, but if the objection regarding the account is rejected, the account will be permanently inaccessible.

Also.Google will not provide advance notice of violations of the Terms of Use.In other words, one day it will no longer be available.

Black Friday 2023: Best Deals on pCloud - How to Maximize Your Savings!
Takeo Fujii

Of course, we do not blindly believe that "using pCloud is absolutely safe". There is nothing in the world that is absolutely safe. We trust pCloud more than any other cloud service.

Coming this year! 3-in-1 Bundle Set

More good news.

The "3-in-1 Bundle" set is now available for Black Friday, 2023.

What is included in the "3-in-1 Bundle" set?

The sale of the bundled version of pCloud has started, which includes not only PeakCloud, but also pCloud Pass and Encryption.

The "3-in-1 Bundle" set includes the following three items

  • pCloud 5TB buy-in plan
  • Encryption (Encryption Services)
  • pCloud Pass Premium (password management application)

First, pCloud is a basic cloud storage service,pCloud Encryption is a powerful security feature that adds on top of thatIt is.

pCloud Encryption is a feature that secures users' important files. With this feature, files are encrypted.

Even the best hackers will not be able to break in, and only one person, you, will be able to view the contents. It is easy to operate, and you can access your files from any device without worry.

The price of pCloud Encryption's Lifetime Plan is currently $150 (about 22,690 Japanese yen) as a special promotion. This price is for one-time payment.

pCloud Pass is a secure password management tool that manages your passwords and provides instant and secure access to them on all your devices. pCloud Pass is available now for $149 for the Premium lifetime plan. Approximately $22,537.

pCloud Pass Features:

  • Full encryption:. Uses military-grade encryption algorithms. Securely stores passwords.
  • Available on all devices:. It works on all devices, browsers, and operating systems.
  • Create complex and secure passwords:. New automatic secure password generation function
  • Transfer Support:. Import of passwords from other password management tools or CSV files is possible.

Total $4,000 ⇒.$599 (Black Friday only)It is.

About 90,000 Japanese yen.... Do you feel it is expensive? Considering that it was originally worth 600,000 yen, it's a bargain.

Offered at up to 85% off during the 2023 Black Friday sale.

This is a significant discount and very affordable compared to the actual individual purchases.

Would you recommend the "3-in-1 Bundle" set?

This set includes a pCloud lifetime plan, Encryption (encryption service), and a password management app called pCloud Pass.

If you are only looking for pCloud (cloud storage), there is no particular need to purchase the "3-in-1 Bundle" set.

However, pCloud Pass has never been on sale and if you want to enhance your security or manage your passwords more efficiently,It is well worth taking advantage of this opportunity to purchase a set.

In particular, the 2023 Black Friday sale offers significant discounts from regular prices,Best chance to get 3 powerful tools in one place at a special price!It is.

Take advantage of Black Friday 2023 and get pCloud!

Save big by purchasing pCloud during Black Friday - it's the cheapest price of the year, so don't miss out!

pCloud's Black Friday 2023 sale is recommended for

  • Those seeking long-term stable cloud storage.
  • Those who wish to purchase large storage capacities in bulk and avoid ongoing monthly fees.
  • Cheapest purchase of the year.

During the sale period, you can get the service for much less than the regular price, so this is a good time to get it if you have been aiming for pCloud.

In addition, the "3-in-1 Bundle" set is,

  • Those seeking encryption services that focus on security.
  • Want to use a password management application?
  • Those who wish to avoid future subscription fee increases and make a single payment.

This is recommended for these people.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to make a great purchase and save significantly.

If you have any questions about pCloud, please feel free to ask.

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