Google Drive Account Banned! How to fIx Google Drive!

We will explain why and how your Google account has been scrubbed.

Hi, I'm Takeo.

In September 2023, many people on social networking sites (especially X) reported that their Google and iCloud accounts had been Banned.

'Oh, my Google account is suspended or banned?'

This is the first time many of you may have noticed the risk of your cloud services being banned.

This isFacts.

This article explains the causes of Google Drive and iCloud accounts being banned, how to unfreeze them, and whether there is a difference in the risk of freezing depending on whether you have a paid or free version.

Causes of frozen accounts in Google Drive and iCloud

In Google Drive and iCloud,Uploading the offending file will result in the account being deemed to be in violation of the rules and frozen.Possibility.

So how do you determine if a file is a violating file?

AI monitoring residing within cloud services

Google and iCloud to check the user's uploaded files.Automatic monitoring functionsThe system is equipped with a

It uses artificial intelligence to automatically find content that may violate the rules.

If you upload a file, be aware that it is under surveillance.

The system scans automatically, even if it is not directly checked by the human eye.

Next, let's look at what types of content can be in violation of the terms and conditions for uploading....

What kind of activities are subject to account freezing?

Google Drive Account Banned! How to fIx Google Drive!
Legal - iCloud - From Apple

Subject,Users who violate the Terms of UseIt is.

This violation varies with each service. For example, for iCloud,

  • Upload content that is unlawful, harassing, threatening, harmful, illegal, libelous, defamatory, insulting, violent, obscene, vulgar, invasive of another's privacy, offensive, offensive in racial or ethical terms, or otherwise inappropriate
  • Stalking, harassment, or threatening behavior
  • Requesting personal information from a minor
  • Misrepresenting another person or group
  • Copyright infringement and unauthorized disclosure of confidential information
  • Sending spam or unsolicited email
  • Spoofing (the act of deceiving recipients with false information)
  • Spread of viruses and malware
  • Disruption or interruption of service
  • Planning or carrying out illegal activities
  • Unauthorized collection of personal information of other users
From iCloud Legal

These are considered violations.

Google Drive also indicates this in its Terms of Use. The content is almost the same.

  • Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  • Avoidance of technical protection measures
  • Dangerous or illegal activities
  • Deceptive practices, cheating, fraud
  • Harassment, bullying, intimidation
  • Malicious expressions
  • Impersonation and misrepresentation
  • Malware and similar malicious content
  • Misleading Content
  • Explicit images without consent
  • Personal and confidential information
  • phishing
  • Regulated goods and services
  • Explicit sexual expression
  • spam (unsolicited email messages)
  • System Interference and Abuse
  • Unsolicited images of minors
  • Violence, bloodshed
  • Violent organizations and activities

Privacy Policy and Violations of Google Drive Abuse

If I subscribe to a paid plan, will my account be frozen?

If you subscribe to a paid plan, there is no risk of having your account frozen."

...unfortunately,There is no such fact.

The same is true for Google Drive, iCloud, and other cloud services.

As with the free plan, any confirmed violation of the Terms of Service or Policies,Your account will be frozen even if you are on a paid plan.

Whether you are on a free or paid plan does not affect the criteria for being frozen.

Google Drive and iCloud are monitored.

As explained, Google Drive and iCloud are monitored.

Of course, it is important for users to follow the rules.

But what I don't like isWe are being watched."This is a fact.

Cloud services such as Google Drive have systems in place to monitor uploaded data for violations of the terms of service and privacy policies.

Even though humans are not always watching, it is not pleasant to be watched.

Uploading a large number of files at once may result in uploading offending content without realizing it.

There are some cases like the one below.

Google Drive Account Banned! How to fIx Google Drive!
Citation: Banned Google Account - Google Account Community

It is in English and I translated it into Japanese. Press the bottom to read it. It's tragic.

My Google account has been disabled and I have been contacting support for 8 days. This is because you accidentally uploaded a nude video of a minor for work use. This is not pornographic content.

Google only gave me two chances to appeal, but I offered to explain my situation and provide proof that these motions o related to my work, and I also obtained a letter from the company. I admit I was wrong, but I had no idea I was violating Google's policies and this was an honest thing to do.

I am just trying to regain access to my email.My Gmail account is connected to over 300 accounts, including 5 bank accounts.Additionally, I have a pending order that may have arrived but cannot access my email to confirm. I have been a Google One member for the past 2 years and this is my main account, it has worked fine for over 6 years.

My Google Drive contains approximately 60 GB of work-related projects, personal documents, family photos, and personal images on Google Photos.I acknowledge the policy violation, but I also hold Google responsible because data on Google Drive and Google Photos should remain private unless explicitly shared.

I have been trying to communicate this to Google for 8 days. I am requesting temporary access for at least a week to download my email, drive content, Google Photos images, and to migrate my account to my new email. I feel this situation is unfair and I hope Google will consider my request.

I don't know what happened after this, but if the objection regarding the account is rejected, the account will be permanently inaccessible.

Also.Google will not provide advance notice of violations of the Terms of Use.In other words, one day it will no longer be available.

If your account has been frozen, here is how to resolve the issue.

Google Drive and iCloud suspension and solid ban solutions

We have investigated both in Japan and overseas, and if Google Drive or iCloud gets a solid ban, it is basicallyThe only way is to contact support.

No subterfuge or technique exists. Please file an objection.

For Google Drive

First.this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)for more information.

It contains the official guidance for when a Google account is disabled.

[Select "Initiate Review Request" to file a dispute. If your appeal is not approved, you will no longer be able to use your entire Google Account.

In some cases, the account will be permanently disabled and unusable for access or use, and the account will be deleted.

For iCloud

iCloud is,this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)page.

If you receive a message that your account has been suspended in the App Store or iTunes Store, please contact Apple Support directly.

It may be possible to resolve this issue through exchange.

With Google and Apple cloud storage, there is a risk that one day your account will suddenly be suspended or frozen.

However, if someone says, "Did you read the Terms of Use? If they say, "Didn't you read the terms of use?" we, the users, have no choice but to give up.

But you don't want to lose access to your data.

Which cloud storage is better for iCloud, other than Google Drive?

What is the safest cloud storage for security?

I am also inclined to introduce it as "this is safe cloud storage" in a straightforward manner.However, there is no 100% safe and secure cloud storage out there.

Even with multi-layered defenses such as physical security of servers, encryption techniques, and access control, new attack methods may emerge. Furthermore,There is no risk of human error or information leakage from within.

In other words, the logic that "it is safe because it is a Japanese-made cloud storage" or "it is safe because everyone is using it" does not exist.

In fact, it is safer to store them on your home HDD.(Except for this and that human thing that takes itself inside or gets lost.)

Cloud storage recommended for security

This article explains what pCloud is. It's pretty strong in terms of security, and it introduces zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Distrust of Google Drive and iCloud.
  • But I don't know which cloud storage would be a good alternative.

For those who do.pCloud+The combination of +pCloud Encryption is recommended.

Please note that this is a bit of a technical explanation.

pCloud+Encryption for zero-knowledge encryption

I usually recommend cloud storage that uses zero-knowledge encryption.

By using zero-knowledge encryption, only the user can know the contents of the file and complete anonymity is maintained.

pCloud does not offer zero-knowledge encryption as-is, but an additional service called pCloud Encryption enables it.

Files uploaded to pCloud will no longer have their contents monitored or read.

For more information, please visit the official page atterms and conditions (e.g. of a purchase or trade)for more information.

You can get pCloud + pCloud Encryption together for a great price on Black Friday, 2023. Please consider this offer.

Depending on the timing of the article, the Black Friday sale may have ended.

What are the chances of getting a solid ban in pCloud?

However, do not use pCloud for the following uses

  • Illegal content (child pornography and terrorist propaganda)
  • Storing content on pCloud that constitutes copyright infringement and distributing it to third parties.

As for so-called DMCA violations, they are prohibited.

It is not a problem. There are other people's works, but as long as you do not distribute them to third parties, it is unlikely to be a problem.

in a wordWhen used for the purpose of publishing to an unspecified number of people, as in the case of Manga VillageThere is a possibility that your account will be suspended in the

If the purpose is to store and view personal files for one's own use only, manga, anime, or other copyrighted material will not be brought to light outside the company and will not cause any problems.

You may be wondering here.

With pCloud and Encryption, only the user should be able to see the contents of the file.

So why can the pCloud side check to see if it violates the DMCA?

Why pCloud can identify offending content

These questions are natural. So I contacted pCloud, and here is the answer from their side.

Access to your files is restricted and no data is provided to third parties. However, we do work with outside organizations that report information about the checksum (a string of numbers and letters that act as a fingerprint of a file) of certain files on the Internet.

This is to identify files with content that violates our Terms of Use (e.g. child pornography, terrorism propaganda, etc.). This system works automatically, and if it detects a file that has already been reported, your account will be automatically suspended until an investigation is conducted.

In addition, if you share a public link to data for which you do not have ownership or distribution rights and a notice of copyright infringement is received by us, we will take the necessary steps in accordance with international law and notify you immediately via email. This action is taken to prevent copyright infringement.

This is to say. In other words, content that violates the DMCA or child pornography is illegal, so there is no problem, especially if it does not contain such content.

If you are considering pCloud, this is a great opportunity for you.

By the way, if you want any more anonymity, you should manage your files on offshore hosting, which ignores the DMCA.

If it seems too difficult due to price conflicts, I think it would be better to manage it with HDDs, etc.

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