AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations

AppSumo Refund

AppSumo is an international marketplace where you can get cutting-edge tools and apps at amazing prices up to 98% off. From sales to SEO to design and customer management, you'll find all sorts of software at special prices. Even if...

For example, an application that normally costs $1,069 (about 150,000 yen) can be purchased for only $89 (about 12,000 yen) at AppSumo.

The AppSumo is very attractive to entrepreneurs and business owners because they can pay once and own the software forever, even though it is normally very expensive.

On the other hand, there may be such a case that "I bought it for AppSumo, but it is not as useful as I expected...".Can you refund purchased software? Amazing money-back guarantee and how to get it back.I will explain the

AppSumo's money back guarantee is for 60 days! Notes.

AppSumoin order to, ,A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided.This also means that you can try it out for two months with no risk.

Once you find an app or service you like, feel free to purchase it. If you have any problems, you have 60 days to request a refund.

How to check if there is a money-back guarantee

However, some products are not covered by a money-back guarantee. Please check each product page to see if a money-back guarantee is available.

If there is a money-back guarantee, it will be listed under the purchase button.If not, it is not listed.

money-back guarantee

How to Refund AppSumo [Easy, in as little as 1 minute].

In AppSumo,Refunds are available without special conditions.You can get your refund in a quick minute by simply filling out a simple questionnaire at the time of refund.

Although refunds are almost unconditional, there is a danger of giving too many refunds. This point will be explained later. Please be sure to read it.

The refund procedure for AppSumo is as follows

Choose Refund from the product page

Log into your AppSumo account and select "Refund" from the list of products.

AppSumo refund refund

You will be redirected to the refund page.

Click on the button "Initiate refund

AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations

To refund, press the blue button.

The explanation is written below it. Translation,

  • If you paid with PayPal, you should receive an email from PayPal about your refund. You can also check your PayPal account.
  • If paid by credit/debit card, it may take 5-10 business days. Note that refunds may also appear in reversed form. In the event of a reversal, the original payment will be removed from your bank statement and no separate credit will be issued.
  • If you are refunding using AppSumo credit, the refund amount will be converted to credit immediately. No need to wait. Your credits will appear in the "My Rewards" section.
  • If you paid with AppSumo credits, the credits will be re-added to your AppSumo account and will appear at checkout on your next purchase.

Select a Reason for Refund

AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations

Please select the reason for the refund.

  • I want to select a different plan
  • I was never able to access the product
  • Product was not as described
  • Product didn't meet expectations
  • Support was slow or lacking

After selecting the refund awe friend, click on the button "Continue".

Write the reason for the refund in 200 words or less.

AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations

Write your impressions in 200 words or less.Please write in English what was wrong with this product, or what was lacking in expectations. It is not difficult.

If you are not comfortable with English, please use ChatGPT or DeepL translation to create a feedback text.

After writing your feedback, click the button "Continue".

Choose a refund method

AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations

Finally.How do I receive my refund?Select the This refund is the last step.

As soon as your refund is completed, you will no longer have access to the product. You may not be able to purchase the product again.

There are two refund methods.

AppSumo Credit Immediate

Refunds will be processed immediately as 1 TP27T credit.

This AppSumo credit can be used in payment when purchasing goods at AppSumo.It cannot be exchanged for cash.

Refund by original payment method

You will be refunded according to how you paid: if you paid by PayPal, you will be refunded to PayPal. If you paid by credit card, the refund will be credited back to your card. This refund may take some time to complete.

Then press the button once you have chosen your refund method. Your refund is now complete.

Number of days to receive a refund for AppSumo

The number of days for refund depends on the refund method.

Receive your refund in AppSumo credits and receive your refund instantly.

Please note that AppSumo credit can be used to pay for the purchase of other products with AppSumo.

To receive a refund via PayPal or credit card,It may take up to 3 days.Refunds may be delayed after weekends.

However, please wait as you will be refunded for sure.

AppSumo Refunds and Returns Explained: Timelines and Important Considerations
Takeo Fujii

If you have not received your refund after one week, please contact AppSumo Support.

Cautions for refunds at AppSumo [risk of account freezing].

There are two things to keep in mind when making a refund on AppSumo. Please be sure to read only this section.

Check refund period

First, AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Since you have 60 days, it is easy to think that you can refund the money another time.... However, you may find that the refundable date has passed.

AppSumo Refund period

Please refer to the area circled in red in the image for the refund period.

The date by which the product can be redeemed is the same as the date by which the product can be refunded.After 60 days, there will be no redemption or refund.

Please do not forget.

No large amount of refunds [Dangerous].

Excessive refunds are considered "bad behavior" by the AppSumo side,AppSumo account will be frozen.

This is not a threat, but a topic that has actually been shared frequently within international Facebook groups where AppSumo users gather, as a result of repeated acts of refunds at AppSumo,My account is no longer available and I can no longer make purchases.There is a voice that says.

A few times a month should not be a problem. Probably a ratio. If refunds accumulate in excess of the number of purchases, there is a risk of freezing.

However, no specific criteria or rules have been announced by the AppSumo side. Therefore, these are only speculations.

Nevertheless,There is no need to be overly frightened.If you are using the system normally, there is no possibility of your account being frozen.

I myself have been using my current account since 2019. I also deleted my previous account at my own discretion. I have not experienced any accounts being frozen or sanctioned.

Therefore, please feel free to use AppSumo first.

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