AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Black Friday Sale Now Open at AppSumo AppSumo's Black Friday sale for 2023 is ridiculously oversized.

AppSumo has a Black Friday sale every year. This article details AppSumo's Black Friday sale.

  • What items will be cheaper in this sale?
  • How to buy wisely without making mistakes
  • My recommendations

This Black Friday sale is a super special once a year sale.

To be honest, last year's AppSumo Black Friday sale was a personal disappointment. A friend of mine even spilled to me that it was a disappointment.

But this year is different.AppSumo's Black Friday sale in 2023 is full of eye-catching itemsIt is.

What is AppSumo's Black Friday Sale?

In AppSumo Black Friday,Annual Super Special Salewill take place.

Popular products and classic apps from the past will be re-sold for this limited time only. If you missed out in the past, this is your chance to get them this Black Friday.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

During Black Friday, items can be purchased with a discount of 10%!

It is without a doubt the most exciting and biggest sale of the year.

When is the AppSumo Black Friday sale?

The Black Friday sale will run from 4 p.m. CT (Central Time) on November 19, 2023 through noon CT on November 28, 2023.

In terms of Japan time, the start isMonday, November 20 at 7:00 AM (JST), ending Wednesday, November 29 at 2:00 AM (JST)It is.

There seems to be quite a bit of room.

It's Black Friday, though, so we can expect product stocking,Popular items may sell out.We recommend that you get the products you need as soon as possible.

2023AppSumo Black Friday Personal Recommendation

This page is very long. If you don't have time, please refer to the table below.

VoilàAI writing tool that can be used in the browser. Highly recommended. Even if it is a little expensive, you should buy it.★★★★★
Gumlet VideoVideo streaming service. alternative to Vimeo. And the loading speed of videos is fast. The price is very reasonable because it's a buy-one-get-one-free service. I also bought it.★★★★★
OcoyaSNS marketing tool. X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Insta, TikTok compatible. Useful.★★★★
ZeroWorkAutomation Apps. You can automate everyday tasks. It is very useful once you get used to using it, but it is not very popular among the readers of this site.★★★★
FUSEBASE Similar to Notion, it's like Notion for BtoB. A hidden gem. I use it more as a memo application than a client management function.★★★★
BIGVUHighly recommended for those who shoot videos on their phones. For those who are not good at improvising, this is a revolutionary app that allows you to shoot video while reading a campaing script.★★★★
SEOcrawlSEO analysis tool. Recommended for bloggers. High performance & functionality for a low price. And it is available in Japanese.★★★★
Robomotion RPAAutomation app. more difficult to use than ZeroWork. However, it can automate more flexibly and widely than ZeroWork.★★★★
SUPERMACHINEAI image generation tool. You can customize settings in detail and create your ideal image or illustration with AI. Beginners may find it a bit difficult to use.★★★★
DepositphotosInternational stock photo service with high quality images. Recommended for creators, marketers, and bloggers.★★★★
WebWaveA tool to create high quality websites with no code. Ease of use is for everyone. I am not good at it. But my friend recommends it.
SessionsA video conferencing platform that can motivate participants to participate more than ZOOM. I dislike video conferencing, so it sits unused. The product is solid.★★★★

Recommendationis only a recommendation level based on my personal experience. It is a very personal guideline based on my own judgment and prejudice.

Here is a description of the products in this year's Black Friday sale.

There are a lot of products on line at AppSumo. We have compiled a list of the most recommended products among them. Please refer to them.

Voilà - AI writing tool that can be used anywhere in the browser

AI writing tool Voilà. you can use it with GoogleChrome, MicrosoftEdge, safari or Firefox.

Voilàis an AI writing assistant. It is a tool like "ChatGPT that you can easily call up from any page.

It is equipped with the latest AI technology and can be used on any page on the Web. It can generate a wide variety of text for translation, email writing, blog posts, documentation, and more.

Voilà can dramatically improve work efficiency.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

One of the best tools to buy on AppSumo Black Friday 2023.

Added on November 20, 2011: For those who are considering purchasing Voilà.

I have been using Voilà daily for 5 months.

It is so convenient that I cannot let go of it because I can create the text I need in AI without having to move pages.

Sales will end on November 29. Please purchase as soon as possible.

Gumlet Video - Embed videos without ads!

Gumlet replaces Vimeo and WistiaVideo delivery platformIt is.

  • I want to embed videos on my page without ads.
  • To provide videos of lectures delivered in online courses
  • I want to embed promotional videos on my website.

Gumlet is recommended for such people.

Why should I use Gumlet?

Consider a teacher who runs an online course.

  • Upload video lectures to YouTube.
  • Embed uploaded YouTube videos on your study site

As a result, it comes with an obtrusive logo, title, and even advertisements.

You want to remove all the ads, video titles, and YouTube logos that appear automatically when you embed a YouTube video.

However, if you use Vimeo, it costs 14,200 yen per year (Starter plan). As long as you continue to use Vimeo, you will be charged this fee every year.

Checking the price plans on Vimeo, it will definitely cost you more than 10,000 yen per year, and the standard plan will cost you 34,800 yen per year.

The Standard plan costs 34,800 yen per year.

  • No ads or logos
  • Cheaper (cheaper at a different level)
  • Fast video loading speed

Looking for such a video distribution platform? Consider this Gumlet.

Below is a video player embedded with Gumlet.

By embedding videos with Gumlet, no YouTube logo, video title, ads, or other extraneous material is displayed.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

The video is loading smoothly, isn't it?

In the AppSumo Black Friday sale in 2023,You can purchase a Gumlet for approximately $7,800.

And you only pay once. It is a complete buyout. No need to pay thousands of yen in subscriptions. This is quite a bargain.

Ocoya - "Out of the ordinary" social network marketing application

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Ocoya is a social networking marketing tool that is "a little" different from others. It is a combination of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite (a well-known SNS marketing tool).

  • AI can create social networking posts instantly
  • Create & automate images and video music for social networking
  • Date and schedule can be set for posting to each social networking site
  • SNS Analysis & Reporting

A tool that enables all SNS management: creating, designing, posting, scheduling, and analyzing SNS-attracting content in one place.

Supported SNS: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Support for all well-known social networking sites

ZeroWork - Automate your work! A good tool with a few quirks

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

ZeroWork is an efficiency tool that can automate any task in the browser.

You can automate all the "I don't need to do this myself" tasks on the Internet with ZeroWork.

Example: auto-liking posts or auto-following users on social networking sites such as Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) that are related to specific keywords or hashtags.

I have several automation applications on my blog.

TaskMagic, Robomotion, and ZeroWork.

ease of use'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)
(computer) bug×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)
safety'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)

Of all the automation apps I have been introduced to,

  • Fairly easy to use
  • No bugs.
  • High Safety

I recommend TaskMagic for beginners, but ZeroWork is recommended for those who understand CSS selectors and Xpath a little.

I bought it this year and have used it quite a bit.

I personally recommend this tool insanely. ...but this tool is probably not very popular. We don't get any questions at all on our blog.

With other apps, I would receive questions like "How do I use this?" but with ZeroWork, I have not received a single one.

I think there are a lot of people who think, "This looks kind of difficult...I'll pass." I think there are a lot of people who say, "It looks kind of difficult...I'll pass.

If you buy one and don't know how to use it, feel free to ask me. I think I can answer to some extent. I will say it again.

Automation tools that are not so popular (in our blog) but recommendedIt is.

FUSEBASE - The most popular notebook app has been reborn!

FUSEBASE was originally a notebook app named Nimbus Note. This app has been rebranded and is now this app. It is a very useful service that allows you to create client portals.

FUSEBASE is a centralized platform for collaboration with clients and teams.

Project management, task sharing, file exchange, chat, and more can be done through a customizable portal that can be tailored to your brand.

*My opinion only lol.

What is FUSEBASE anyway?

Have you heard of FUSEBASE? You have probably never heard of it. I have never heard of it either. However, many of you may have heard of the old name Nimbus.

Notebook application along with Evernote and Notion,That was Nimbus Note.

I purchased Nimbus in 2020.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

I may be using it the most out of all the products I have purchased from AppSumo. I use it at least daily.

The name has been changed to this Nimbus => FUSEBASE.

He says there are two reasons. Below is a message from CEO Pavel.

① Nimbus Note sounds like a B2C product, but in fact our product is focused on B2B. Although of course it can be used for personal use as well.

Nimbus was mistaken by some for Harry Potter's broom (Nimbus 2000).

What exactly has changed?

First of all, the use of the product has changed dramatically.

  • Until now (Nimbus era): useful note app, similar to Notion or Evernote.
  • This (FUSEBASE): management application. An application that allows you to centrally manage clients and your own employees.

Thus, FUSEBASE has become a platform for enhanced client collaboration. See the image below.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Here is an actual client portal being created. It can be easily created with blocks.

Sample example of a client portal in FUSEBASE. You can replace many places with Japanese.

This is the actual client portal created by FUSEBASE.

Some parts cannot be customized. However, many parts can be rewritten in Japanese.

Features will be updated in the future. Each time this happens, there will be many more places to customize.

In other words, you will be able to create client portals at will.


FUSEBASE has the following features

  • Client Portal:. Provide a dedicated space for clients to easily share current project progress and files.
  • Magic Links:. A feature that allows clients to easily access the site from a single link.
  • File Management:. A system for organizing and managing documents and other files.
  • Progress tracking:. Visualize project progress and approval processes.
  • Knowledge Base:. Created a place to consolidate and store information and knowledge.
  • Group Chat:. Collaboration tools to support communication within and outside the team.

This means that you can invite your internal team or invite clients to interact effectively with you.

You can also use the note function that was available in the old Nimbus.


There is another reason why you should definitely buy.

In fact, when you purchase FUSEBASE, you also get Nimbus Screenshot and Nimbus Clipper for free.

Even if you say, "I don't need FUSEBASE for my business," I think it's worth buying it for the above two purposes.

Especially Nimbus Screenshot, which I use to the point of not being able to let go of it.

BIGVU - From script creation to recording. Create videos using only your smartphone!

Teleprompter Application BIGVU

Talking while looking at the camera during video recording can be nerve-wracking. Your eyes may drop, or your mind may go blank while you are speaking.

I am afraid to improvise and speak. I want to record a video while reading a script.

For people like me, there's an app for that.BIGVU."It is.

  • Smartphone (iOS & android compatible)
  • AI Automatically Creates Video Scripts
  • Japanese language support
  • Video editing" functionality is available.
  • Easy posting of recorded videos on SNS

Here is an article I have written in the past explaining how to use BIGVU.

The smartphone version of BIGVU can also be used in Japanese.

Latest feature: "AI Script Generator" to create scripts with AI.

This page explains the new AI Script Generator feature of BIGVU. You can freely create your own video scripts according to the purpose and genre of the video you want to make.

BIGVU has a new feature. Its name is "AI Script Generator".

Don't have a story for your video? What to talk about? ...All of these problems will disappear.

In just a few seconds, you can create a video script. By the way, the video script I generated in one shot is ▼

With BIGVU, you can create video scripts in seconds with our AI script generator. Moreover, the scripts are so easy to read that they require no reworking and are available in Japanese.

Hello everyone, my name is Tsuyoshi Fujii. I am a digital marketer based in Japan. My company specializes in translation and marketing implementation support services for both domestic and international companies. Whether you are looking to expand your brand into the Japanese market or need assistance with your marketing strategy overseas, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

With a deep understanding of the Japanese market and a global network of marketing professionals, we can tailor our services to your specific needs. From website localization to social media management, we ensure that your message reaches the right audience wherever they are.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and conquer new markets, contact us today. Let us help you explore new opportunities and achieve your goals. Together, we can make your business thrive.

The new feature of BIGVU is very useful, isn't it?

All that remains is to read the script you have created and the video is complete.

All you have to do is record while reading the video script you created with BIGVU's new feature AI Script Generator. That's all you need to do to easily complete your video with a single smartphone. No modifications are required.

This is a teleprompter app for YouTubers, video creators, marketers, and public relations. It is a smartphone app

Other useful functions are also included. Worth a try.

SEOcrawl - Innovative SEO tool with Japanese language support! Cost-effective!

seocrawl, an SEO tool, is available at a discounted price during Black Friday. It is very easy and convenient to use and is also available in Japanese.

SEOcrawl to enhance the SEO (search engine optimization) of your site and get more visitors to itInnovative SEO ToolsIt is.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

It is such a useful SEO tool that it is a wonder why it is not known in Japan....

This powerful SEO tool combines sophisticated algorithms and features to analyze the current state of your site and clearly indicate areas for improvement.

  • SEO Analysis
  • Google Search Console & Google Analytics support
  • Japanese language support
  • List of search rankings for keywords
  • Automatic generation of SEO reports
  • Dashboard sharing in PDF & HTML
  • Member Invitation & Team Collaboration
  • Google Extension dedicated to SEOcrawl

I also subscribe to SEOcrawl.

Japanese language support

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!
Click on the image to enlarge.

Why is it easier to use than other SEO tools? It is because it supports Japanese language.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Other SEOcrawl users have volunteered to translate it into Japanese. Thank you very much.

Most of the SEO tools in line with AppSumo are in English. In this respect, SEOcrawl is easy to use because it supports Japanese.

SEO...sounds kind of complicated."

The more people who use it, the more we want them to use it.

This handy SEOcrawl. 60% off & buy it off during Black Friday,It is available for only $29 (about 4,280 yen).

I will no longer need to sign up for other SEO tools.

Robomotion RPA : For people who want to streamline their work in earnest

Robomotionrpa. This is a super-efficient tool that can automate.

Robomotion RPA (RoboMotion RPA) is a next-generation automation tool.

AI and the latest technologies are implemented to automate all daily tasks in a fast & efficient manner.


Robomotion The most important feature of RPA is that anyone can automate. No expertise or programming knowledge is required.

Further features are summarized below.

drag and dropAnyone can easily create an automated flow.

cloudAutomation can be done both on the desktop and in the cloud.

schedulingCan create automations that start at specific times.

securityUsers' data are fully protected. Used by large corporations and soon to announce a partnership with one of the four largest accounting firms.

cross-platform: Linux, Mac, Windows support, even Raspberry Pi.

High reliabilityNumber of users and companies using the site: more than 10,000. Rated 4.8 by Capterra, a leading evaluation site.

What is the actual usability?

I created a Robomotion RPA account and touched it for about 10 minutes. See the video below.

It is quite flexible. This makes automation flexible. On the other hand, there is also some learning curve. In other words.Beginners will find it difficult to master the use of the system.

I made a comparison with the automation applications on this blog▼.

ease of use'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)
(computer) bug×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)
safety'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)

As you can see, it is difficult for beginners to use. We do not recommend this automation tool for everyone.

This is for people who want to implement RPA in earnest. Recommended for those who want to build robust automation.

SUPERMACHINE - AI image generation app that gives shape to your imagination

SUPERMACHINE is an AI image generation application.

These AI images summarize what kind of application SUPERMACHINE is.

With the click of a button, you can instantly create breathtakingly beautiful characters and stunning landscapes.

Simply enter the prompt for the image you want to create & press the button.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Image size, number of images, negative prompts and seeding can also be freely set.

With supermachine, you can freely change the size of the AI image and the number of images to be generated.

In addition, an interesting feature has been added.

What is the Face Swap function?

A face-swap feature is now available to replace the face in the photo with your own face.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Just prepare two images and press the button.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

I'm scared.

In addition to this, a background removal tool has been added.

In addition, a wide variety of unique AI models are available, allowing you to choose the model that best fits the image you want to create.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

You can buy off 81% & get it at a special price.

Depositphotos - High quality images at affordable prices!

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

Depositphotos is,International stock photo service offering high quality premium imagesIt is. It is used by many people in Japan because many images and videos are available at low prices. (Japanese language support)

Downloaded image files can be used in blogs, websites, e-books, movies and videos, advertising banners, newspaper and magazine ads, book and newspaper illustrations, etc.

This Black Friday, you can download high quality images at even lower prices.

WebWave - No code! Create Websites with Ease!

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!

WebWave isTools to create high-quality websites with no codeIt is.

We can create many different types of sites: e-commerce sites, blogs, portfolio sites, corporate sites...

  • A wide variety of templates
  • Google Fonts available (Japanese fonts available)
  • Drop-and-drag operation

You can also create a website from scratch or use one of the great-looking templates provided by WebWave.

I actually created a site with WebWave, and it is easy to create pages with drag-and-drop, with no particular knowledge of HTML required.
The actual creation of a page in WebWave

You can intuitively operate and create pages like this.

In addition to creating your own site, you are also allowed to create websites for clients at WebWave. This makes it a good choice for website development companies and freelancers.

Sessions - Say goodbye to boring ZOOM meetings!

Here is an eye catching image of the video conferencing platform [Sessions]. Just the webinar on the other side of the screen can be boring. This app dramatically changes the boring webinar.

Sessions deepens your connection with your customersPowerful video conferencing platformIt is.

Webinars where the organizer only speaks one-sidedly, behind a screen, bore the participants as well.

You can step away from just talking and create a captivating webinar experience that will captivate your participants.

It is possible to create a "connection" as if you were in the same room.

Create an interactive presentation

Create interactive video conferences with Sessions. Gone are the days of boring presentations and PowerPoint videos.

Videoconferencing to build trust with customers. Fascinating, isn't it?

You can do that with Sessions.

This is not mere screen sharing.

A communal space where all participants can gather. Files can be shared freely, votes can be called for, whiteboards can be put up on the screen for explanation, and participants can be encouraged to actually work.

Say goodbye to boring videoconferences where you just sit and watch.

AI Automatically Creates Meeting Agendas

Sessions Avoidance Agenda can be created automatically by AI. You no longer need to spend time thinking of an agenda.

Just add a topic,Automatically create meeting agendas in just secondsThe AI will make an agenda for you until you are satisfied with it. The AI will create an agenda until you are satisfied.

What am I supposed to say?"

That's ok, let the AI handle it and edit as needed.

You no longer have to struggle from a completely blank slate.

Transcribing Meetings with AI

Sessions can be used to automatically transcribe the content of a meeting.

What we talked about in meetings and workshops. It's hard to record every single one of them.

For Sessions.AI transcription functionThe system is equipped with a It is possible to transcribe who spoke, at what time, and in a well-organized manner.

AppSumo's Exclusive Black Friday Sale 2023: Don't Miss These Once-a-Year Offers!
Takeo Fujii

It is well organized by speaker name and time stamp.

At the end of the meeting, you will automatically receive meeting details and notes.

Japanese language support

Languages available for the interface are English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Korean,Japanese (language)Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, and Russian.

It seems that Japanese is also supported.

The emails sent to participants can also be customized as desired.

Therefore, you can send Japanese-language e-mails.

AI functions are also available in all of the above languages.

Use Sessions to turn your meetings into enthusiastic videoconferences for your participants.

These are pre-emptive sale items. The main Black Friday sale is on November 20, 2023 (CST). I will add more information after the main sale begins.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When does the Black Friday sale start and end?

This year's Black Friday sale will begin at 4:00 p.m. on November 19, 2023 and end at noon on November 28, 2023. (Central Standard Time)

In Japan, the sale starts atMonday morning, November 20, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.The sale will be And the sale ends atWednesday, November 29, at 2 a.m.It will be.

There are a variety of special deals available during this period, so don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of them.

I'm afraid I'll regret buying it!

Don't worry, many of AppSumo's products are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

See the sales page to see if there is a money-back guarantee.

AppSumo Refund

If you see this notation in the sales page, it means that there is a 62-hour money-back guarantee.

Rather,If you are in doubt, you should buy it.

Black Friday on AppSumo is the most exciting oversized sale of the year. If there is an app you want, be sure to buy it during this period.

What is AppSumo anyway?

For more information about AppSumoThis articlefor more information.

If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to ask.

We will respond as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of being a Plus member?

First of all, the 10% discount is automatically applied in this Black Friday sale.

In addition, AppSumo Plus members receive an additional 10% discount.

This means that significant discounts are applied, as shown in the image below.

Discounts will be applied on Black Friday, AppSumo. Coupons are automatically reflected, resulting in significant discounts.

For example, let's say you make a purchase of $181.

First, the 10% discount for Black Friday is applied, and since the 10% discount for AppSumo Plus members is also applied...

The price of $181 will be $147.69.

In terms of Japanese yen,Approximately 5,000 yen will be discounted from the regular price.That is a very big savings. This is the biggest advantage of joining a Plus membership.

I have another question...

Feel free to ask in this comment section.

I do not buy all products at AppSumo. However, I may have knowledge about the products you are interested in.

I hope I can be of service.

We will wait until after Black Friday 2023.

[Summary] Take advantage of the AppSumo Black Friday Sale!

The AppSumo Black Friday sale isNovember 20, 2023 - November 29, 2023 (Japan time).This is an annual special sale.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

At this time I have purchased 👇.

AppSumo. I purchased this item at the Black Friday sale.2023It had a pretty good selection of items, so if you are interested, please pick up a copy.

We plan to purchase several other items before the end date.

I would be happy to be of help.

BIGVU, FUSEBASE, SUPERMACHINE, etc. Other tools have been purchased in the past. I am considering whether to purchase more during this Black Friday sale.

If you have any questions about AppSumo, please use the comments section below this article.

I will be happy to answer your questions. Let's talk together 💪.

The Web Attracting Customers Guidebook 3.0 for the One-Stop Entrepreneur

Free e-book, "How to Create Content That Attracts Customers."
It's hard to create blog posts, videos, and social networking posts to attract web visitors. It takes time and you don't know if the content you create will produce results.

In this free report, I share all of my actual tips and tricks for attracting web customers.

If you put into practice what is written in this free report, you will be able to create a large amount of content to attract customers and get more potential customers more easily than before.

Download your free report now and get more prospects online.


I am considering fusebase, but would like to ask the following questions.

What we would like to achieve is to provide multiple clients in each of the three industries
Three portals are to be prepared, and each client is to access each portal and use the web-based services by logging in to their respective company accounts. Manuals, etc. are standardized for each portal.
The services available in each industry differ.

Is this feasible? Also, what plan do you recommend?

I was going to give an explanation in a video, but it is complicated and long, so let me answer in writing.

First, regarding your first question,It is feasible without any problem.
I think Multiple (3 codes) would fit.
If you don't know which one it isImage herefor more information.

However, if you are planning to add more clients in the future, we recommend purchasing 5 or more codes.
The following questionswas done at AppSumo.

I work for a company with over 70 clients and we are still growing our client base.
I am not sure what the difference is between a client portal and a client account. Could you please explain in more detail?
Stacking 10 codes together, it looks like you have unlimited client accounts,
There are only 15 client portals. What are portals and how do they differ?

■Official answer

With that many clients, there are two options.

(1) First choice: Purchase add-ons separately.

Add-ons (sold separately):.
Additional client portals: $8/month/per client portal
White label, 100 Portal, FUSEBASE AI all: $79/month
The FUSEBASE AI (formerly Nimbus AI) add-on is not relevant here.

These are optional. You do not necessarily need to purchase add-ons.

(2) Second choice:Purchase 5 or more codes of FUSEBASE
We are currently developing a special feature called "Granular Portals".
This function isFor directions with 5 or more AppSumo codes.The following is a list of the products provided to

"With this new feature, different clients can be invited to their own dedicated portal section, as if there were a sub-portal dedicated to each client and a main core portal available to all clients. It will be easy to understand."

It says ......, but it's a little confusing, so I'll add my own explanation. (Click here to see the description source.)

Specifically, the main page will first be opened for all users.
This main page will contain Otsuka's welcome message to all invited clients and any other information he/she wishes to share. In other words, this page is a common area that all clients can see.

Furthermore, in addition to this main page, you can create a private place that only certain clients can enter. Each client will not be aware of the existence of other client-only locations, and each client will have their own special space.

Simply put, the main page is like a "public square" where everyone gathers.
The other sections are easier to understand if you think of them as "individual rooms" given to each client.
In a public square, everyone can share information, but in individual rooms, we are on our own.
Here you can post content and a customized welcome message that each client can view and access.

Other portal sections are only open to specific clients and are not known to each other among clients.
This feature,They are scheduled for release in January 2024.
It is a long story. To summarize,
I think Multiple is fine for the current situation.
If you expect to have more clients in the future, we recommend that you purchase 5 codes and use "Granular Portals".

Mr. Fujii.
Thank you for your kind attention!
I understand well. I will purchase 5 codes from here. Thank you very much.

Mr. Otsuka.

I am glad that I could be of help.
I myself have been using FUSEBASE since the old Nimbus and love it a lot.
What I particularly like about them is their approach to their customers.
I have been using it since 2020 and it continues to be updated and improved frequently.
That is why, in my experience, I have now changed to a new brand name, FUSEBASE,
We are confident that in the coming months it will be improved and easier to use as a client portal.

Currently, there are still some features that are missing or lacking, but considering the way they have been dealing with their customers so far,
If you look ahead to a year from now, I am sure you will not regret it.
Well, please feel free to send us any further information.

Thank you for your kind attention!
I also bought a seo crawler. pccloud was a perfect fit and I will buy it!

You are taking advantage of Black Friday 👏.
Both applications are very easy to use because they are compatible with Japanese.
I use it myself, so please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

I will also be purchasing the tools and apps I need this Black Friday.
Let's enjoy each other's company 💪.

Is it possible to publish a kindle picture book using Voilà and SUPERMACHINE?

We would like to use AI to produce text and images.

I think the analogy is not quite right, but I would like to publish a series of picture books like the manga One Piece.

Also, is SUPERMACHINE non-refundable?

Thank you for your constant support. My name is Fujii.
In conclusion.Possible.

About Voilà
If you are creating a Kindle picture book, Voilà will be useful. You can also use it to create a story for your picture book.
I recommend it because it is like ChatGPT that can be called up on any page.
In addition, I think it is worth purchasing because it can be used for a wide range of other purposes in this regard.

It is possible to create picture book style illustrations in SUPERMACHINE.
If you usually use AI to create images, I recommend it.
You can use the prompts as they are to create illustrations and photos.
However, first-time AI image generators may find it a little "difficult" to use.

Also, SUPERMACHINE is unfortunately non-refundable.
Please note that, unusually for a AppSumo product, there is no money-back guarantee provided.

Therefore, Voilà alone is sufficient.
It would be easier to use other AI tools for creating illustrations.

Okay, Voilà will make the purchase.

Do you have an illustration creation recommendation AI for the AppSumo product?

I have tried all the AI tools currently available for illustration at AppSumo,
I personally do not recommend any of them.
Of the two, I think SUPERMACHINE is still the better choice.
It may be a little difficult to get used to using it,
Among those currently available at AppSumo, you can generate your ideal illustration.

The following is an aside. There is no particular need to read it.

■You should choose based on ease of use.
Which AI tool can I use to "create illustrations for my picture book?"
Rather, it is a question of "which is easier to use".

The models used in AI image generation tools and services available in the world today are generally the same.
For example, Stable Diffusion (one of the generated AI models) has been introduced not only in SUPERMACHINE but also in other AI image generation tools.
In other words, you should get the same results no matter which tool you use.

The important thing is the prompt. As long as you have a good prompt, you can create a satisfactory illustration with rather any AI image generation tool.
With that in mind, it may sound a bit arrogant, but I think it is better to choose the best one based on ease of use.

■Illustrations for picture books can also be created using AI.
In fact, see the illustration I just made 👇.
Illustrations like this can be easily created with AI.
The prompt is especially important for this purpose.

I am considering Gumlet Tier 1 and have the following questions.

Vimeo allows for a variety of limited video publishing customizations.
Can the same thing be done with Gumlet? Specifically, the pattern is as follows

(1) Only those who know the video URL can view the video... This is a similar function to Youtube's limited public access.
(2) Publish with password... Video is embedded in the public page, but cannot be played without entering the password.
(3) Only you and specific people can watch videos (invite by e-mail address, etc.)
(4) Do not allow sharing (embedding) outside of specific domains... Youtube can be shared to other sites by anyone as long as the URL is known, but limit the sites where sharing (embedding) can be done to specific domains.

Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you for your question.
We will answer one by one.

(1) Is there a function that allows only those who know the video URL to view the video?
Yes, you can issue a shared link on the Gumlet side. See the image below.
You can make it look like a limited publication by giving the shared link only to the people you want to pass it on to.
See below for an example of an actual shared link issued.

(2) Password-protected public access.
Possible. You can set passwords for individual videos.
When you actually set the password, a password entry form will appear as shown in the image below.

(iii) Only you and certain other people can watch the video.
Yes, it is possible. I think we will use the function in (1).

(4) Do not allow them to be shared (embedded) outside of the specified domain.
Yes, it is possible. It is possible to embed videos only on specific domains.
Go to Video Collections.
Edit the collection and go to Video Protection.
3. enter the domains you want to allow in the Whitelist Referrers to specify the domains that can play your video collection.
For more information.Help article herefor more information.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask 💪.

Thank you for your prompt response!
Sorry for my lack of words. Please allow me to ask an additional question about "(2) Make public with a password".

Looking at the image you pasted,
The password could be read to be applied to the individual video pages generated by gumlet, such as

That is a helpful feature, though,
I would like to ask if it is possible to "embed" a video in a blog, etc. and have a password input field appear in the publicly available video, so that it can be played after inputting the password.

I am sorry to use someone else's URL, but the following URL "7) Access the copied URL." I am referring to the embedded video in the following URL.

I am afraid to ask, but please let me know.
I'm looking forward to working with you.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
It seems that I have understood it incorrectly. Thank you for compensating me.

As for embedding password-protected videos, we are currently "planning" to do so.
This pagefor more information.
It is not yet available at this time, but the introduction of the system is already being planned.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you for your concern.
Gumlet is my plan to buy more before Black Friday is over and use it to its fullest.
Information on Gumlet is not yet available in Japan, but if you ask me, I will answer as best I can.
Please feel free to contact us in the future 💪.
We are always looking forward to hearing from you!

[Differences between Gumlet and KillerPlayer
I have a question and will add it in the comments.

How is this different from KillerPlayer, which I have introduced in another article?

First, the fundamental difference is
KillerPlayer customizes and embeds YouTube videos."
This is the point.

In other words, KillerPlayer is not strictly a video distribution platform.
This service customizes the embedding of YouTube videos.
Basically, this act is frowned upon by YouTube.

As mentioned in the article, there have been no cases (to my knowledge) of accounts being frozen or otherwise frozen using KillerPlayer.

Of course, I have purchased and used them. But as a convention, it is gray.

Gumlet, on the other hand, is a video distribution platform.
According to LinkedIn information, they serve over 1 billion media files a day to more than 6,000 customers. These customers include Bloomberg, Diesel, and Steve Madden, to name a few.

Can integrate with API, Zapier, Pabbly Connect
A CTA can be added to the video.
Compresses video without sacrificing visual video quality

These are features that Gumlet has and KillerPlayer does not.

Should I abandon ■KillerPlayer and use Gumlet?

I want to embed videos on my pages without advertisements or logos.
We would like to provide videos of lectures delivered in online courses.
I want to embed promotional videos on my website.

For these purposes,
I don't think it is necessary to abandon KillerPlayer and move to Gumlet.

However, if you are buying KillerPlayer for the first time this Black Friday, I recommend Gumlet.
I bought and use it because it feels like a sensible alternative to Vimeo.
So far, I have no complaints.

If you have a separate subscription to Vimeo or Wistia, it's worth a try.

I am considering purchasing Ocoya.

I would like to find out what other people's posts are growing, etc., since my social networking posts are not growing.

Or if you have a different software that is better, I would like to know.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Thank you for your question.
More advanced analytical capabilities will be added to Ocoya in the future.
However, this analysis function is for your own SNS. Therefore, it is not possible to analyze a third party's SNS account.

Vista Socialalready has a similar analysis function.
You can analyze your social networking accounts in this way.

There is also an INBOX function, which allows users to view & reply to replies received on social networking sites on Vista Social.

Opinions are divided on whether Ocoya or Vista Social is easier to use,
If you think about the current hm's desired functions and social networking operations.Vista Socialmay be a good idea.

There is also a social network marketing tool called Postly, but this one does not have X (Twitter) in its analysis function.
Therefore, Postly may be removed from the purchase.

■Total digression
Yesterday, another person asked, "Is there a social networking tool that allows me to look up trending keywords that are being talked about, and is that possible at Ocoya?" He asked, "Is it possible for Ocoya to do that?
The answer to that question is posted below.

Ocoya does not allow you to see trending keywords from within the dashboard or automatically include trending keywords when you create a post. a question was also asked about hashtags on Ocoya. I was wondering if it is possible to automatically create tweets based on trends and hashtags that are currently popular in Japan, but in reality, it "automatically suggests hashtags based on the text of the post you create".

Moreover, the hashtag suggested from the text of the post you made is "English". It is a little difficult to use.

AppSumo also has a popular social networking marketing tool called Vista Social, but even this tool does not look up trending keywords.
I know this type of functionality has recently been discontinued in social networking marketing tools. I can say this almost exclusively in relation to X (formerly Twitter).

This is a slightly more technical method, but without using social networking tools,
It may be better to automatically scrape to get trending keywords from sites that show current trending keywords.
If you use this usage,TaskMagicand ... andZeroWorkis better suited for this purpose.

Thanks for the reply.
Very informative.
Thank you for the aside story.

We will switch to purchasing Vista Social as suggested.

So, my question is,

One feature of Ocoya that I've been eyeing is the AI copywriter, which I believe hits license 3 with Vista Social,

Perhaps Voilà could be an alternative to that?

Voilà had been recommended by Mr. Fujii, so I decided to purchase it.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Yes, you are correct.
With Voilà, there is no need for AI copywriters for Ocoya or Vista Social.

Ocoya can also generate Japanese sentences.

However, GPT4 can be used in Voilà (Tier 2).
With Voilà, you can create any text in GPT4, not just social networking posts 💪.
Therefore, social networking marketing tools with AI copywriters are generally unnecessary.
I think hm's purchase of Voilà is a great decision.

Thanks for the reply!

I was able to get my questions answered.
Thank you!

About Afforai
Afforai, a slightly different AI writing tool currently priced at AppSumo.
What is it really like?" We are often asked.
I was wondering if I should record a video and provide an explanation, but I will respond with this comment.

Actually, I have also purchased and used Afforai.
However, we believe that Afforai's functionality will be fully implemented in ChatGPT in one year, or two years at the latest.
To take it a step further, he also said that ChatGPT will have the full upper level functionality of Afforai.

On the sales page, the Co-Founder explains
GPTs are chatbot characters that can be created
Afforai is an assistant to help intellectual workers do research more easily."

Even in its current state, GPTs is still a function of an assistant that makes research easy enough.

I don't mean to say "not worth buying."
Normally charging for ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month.
It is calculated to cost $240 per year.

In contrast, it is attractive that Afforai is available at AppSumo for a buyout of $49.
This is a sufficient advantage considering its availability at this price.

ContentBot AI, now sold at AppSumo, has changed a lot over the past year.
It used to be just an AI writing tool, but I think it has become more focused on "automation.
Because of these examples, it is possible that Afforai will also change to a different product.

That's what I thought.
I have taken the liberty of leaving a note.

Mr. Fujii.
I am interested to learn more about the tools you recommend.
We would like to ask you the following questions as we consider purchasing the property.

About Automation Tools.
1.Robomotion RPA is a tool that can be automated in the cloud, but the Cloud Run functionality needed to make this happen is currently in public beta and not included in the AppSumo offer, so full-scale cloud operation is difficult: .... Am I correct in my understanding that this is the case?

*I have no previous experience with RPA tools and have not been able to keep up with my studies.

2.In each purchase plan, Robomotion RPA has a limit on the number of flows and ZeroWork has a limit on the number of TaskBots, but I do not clearly understand these differences.
How does this relate to the number that can be automated?

3. I understand that you are familiar with ZeroWork, but could you tell us to the extent possible what applications you have used it for and how much automation you have achieved so far?

We sincerely apologize for the impending end of the sale, and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you for your request.
Please wait as I will take a video and respond today.
(We will make it before Black Friday is over).

Thank you very much for your reply!
I learned a lot.
Detailed explanations and case studies in video,
We really appreciate your response to our limited time frame.

I was wondering about either ZeroWork or Robomotion RPA,
Looking forward to future upgrades,
I am planning to select ZeroWork_Tier2(Unlimited).

The remaining time, once again, is now up for review,
We will be purchasing all of your other recommended tools in one package!
Thank you very much.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance.

So you have decided on ZeroWork. Very impressive.
If there is even one person who wishes to do so, we are willing to make one tutorial video on how to use ZeroWork in a simple way.
It will be published on YouTube for free. Will there be demand?

Tutorials and forums. We are still in the process of exploring, so expectations are high. We look forward to working with you!
Thank you 😊

I am very sorry for the delay.
A video explaining how to use ZeroWork is now available ▼.
We hope this is helpful. The functions described here are basic.
It requires a little more knowledge than TaskMagic, but can be easily automated with GoogleChrome extensions and ChatGPT.

Also, I created a bulletin board last night.
Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the use of ZeroWork in the following forum 👇.

I don't think there are many people using ZeroWork in Japan,
If you have any questions, I will be able to explain the functionality to some extent.

Thank you!
I watched the video three times while traveling on company business.
We will now try it out on the actual device.
Actually, I had left a certain HTML/CSS course on Udemy halfway through,
It was also an opportunity to take another look.

The bulletin board is a great place to ask questions and exchange ideas about other tools.
I'm going to try out the tools I purchased on Black Friday from now on.
I am very reassured.
First of all, we have registered.

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I'm glad you received the video I uploaded 💪.
This alone can automate quite a few sites.
I think it would work well with the HTML/CSS course that OHRA is taking.

In fact, there are some things I haven't fully explained yet,
We will take a little time to record a video to explain this as well.
Thank you for your continued support 💪.

I would love to see a tutorial on ZeroWork!
And TaskMagic, although I bought it, it behaved strangely and I stopped touching it,
Robomotion RPA was too difficult for me and I refunded my money w

Thank you for your request.
If TaskMagic does not fit and Robomotion is too complicated,
I think ZeroWork is a pretty good match.
I will definitely make an instructional video and publish it 💪.

Suggested by other users,
We are in the process of creating a sort of bulletin board where we can discuss how to use each tool.
We will make it available completely free of charge.

We will let you know when it is completed.

We will probably publish it on Sunday.

I am considering purchasing Squirrly SEO.
I am not familiar with SEO.

Do you run a WordPress site in Japanese?
If so, we do not recommend it.
I have actually purchased Squirrly SEO and am using it for the purpose of running my English blog.
Not used for Japanese blogs. It is very incompatible.
Squirrly SEO has a live assistant feature.
However, it is pointless because it hardly works well in Japanese.
It just gets in the way of the editing screen.

Please use the free version of Rank Math.

Very helpful!
I was going to use it in Japanese WordPress and decided not to.
We will consider SEOcrawl, which Mr. Fujii recommends!
Thank you very much.

SEOcrawl is no longer available for sale.
We would like to know if you have any other recommendations for SEO tools.
Best regards.

I guess I missed out.
It is very regrettable, but with any luck it may be re-sold next year at AppSumo.

Now, let's switch it up.
As for other recommended tools,
There are no recommended SEO tools at AppSumo.


Both of these are attractive SEO tools.
However, the dashboard may seem difficult to use in English.
Also, there is no Japanese-language explanatory document, so you may have a hard time.
For this reason, I personally do not recommend it.

If you are looking for something easy to buy and use,
Not AppSumo, though,
Ubersuggest has many articles in Japanese.
It is also easier to use than the above tools.

I would be happy to consider it.

I see, thank you very much!
is the dashboard is not Japanese compatible?
But I guess that's where Google Translate can help.

I will look into Ubersuggest!
Thank you.

I missed the edit.
Thank you for your confirmation.

Both tools will take some time to get used to.
However, it is definitely a useful tool in SEO.

That being said, I think Ubersuggest is much easier to use compared to the two.

In addition, AppSumo will add a new tool on Monday night around 10:00 pm Japan time.
SEO and other marketing tools are added each time.
If you feel up to it again, please check back.

I purchased Robomotion RPA from appsumo and tried to Activate it, but the first thing I see is "Your workspace URL", does that mean I have to create my own URL?

If so, what should I keep in mind when creating it?

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Yes, I am. That's right. Set up your own subdomain.
For example, in my case, I set "".
Please decide which part of "japan" applies to you.
You will be using the subdomain you set up here in the future, so set one that is easy for you to remember.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

May I ask an additional question?

Is it possible to change the set URL later?

Check the official Discord.
You can change the workspace name, but not the subdomain."
Therefore, it is not possible to change the URL address set here.
I have checked the Robomotion account on my end, and so far I have not found such an item, so I would suggest that you make your decision carefully.

Takeo Fujii
I'm a geek who collects digital marketing resources from around the world. I also write an irregular marketing blog for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs. I'm busy gathering and verifying information, so making money is something I do in my spare time.