Activepieces Review: No-code Automation for Beginners! Alternative to Zapier!

What is activepieces.

In this article.ActivepiecesThis is an easy-to-understand introduction to the use of Even first-time users can use this tool to create automation with no code and dramatically improve the efficiency of their work.

In addition, we will also verify how much better it is compared to Zapier.

What is Activepieces?

What is Activepieces?

Activepieces is a task automation tool to streamline your daily work. It saves you a great deal of time by easily and automatically processing even the most tedious tasks.

Why is it necessary in the first place?

Why you need Activepieces, that's why.Because your time is valuable.It is.

A day is 24 hours. In terms of conversion, there are only 1,440 minutes. Considering the time that cannot be cut off for eating, sleeping, etc., how much time can you spend in a day?

Repetitive and unprofitable work, do you need to do it?

No, there is not. Your time is valuable. Let's automate everything.

What kind of automation is possible?

What kind of automation is possible? Example.

  • Reply to SMS with ChatGPT
  • Creating WordPress Posts with ChatGPT
  • Translate Slack messages with ChatGPT
  • Post daily tweets on ChatGPT
  • Reply to new email with ChatGPT
  • Send receipts to customer's email
  • Add customer information to newsletter list
  • Copy new files from Google Drive to Dropbox
  • Organizing a large volume of incoming mail
  • Periodic reporting

...we can't even begin to introduce them here. So many tasks can be automated.

Entrepreneurs are faced with the following problems: "I'm too busy supporting customers," "It takes too much time and effort to acquire leads," and "I don't have time to manage social networking sites.

Don't worry. We can automate 80% of your daily tasks.

No coding knowledge, low cost and efficiency, that's what Activepieces is all about.

Activepieces Features

This section describes the main features and usage of Activepieces.

There is no difficult setup. A simple automation can be created in 3 minutes. Once you set it up, you just let it go. Tasks are handled automatically even when you are lying in bed.

1) Automate tasks easily

With Activepieces, you can easily automate tasks without any technical knowledge.

Please see the image below.

To create automation, simply create a flow like this.

Activepieces Review: No-code Automation for Beginners! Alternative to Zapier!

Automation follows this flow automatically.

For example, you can easily set up a system to "move to a Google Spreadsheet when you receive an email" or "create and send a report every Friday.

Flexible integration with over 200 apps

Activepieces can be integrated with many more than 200 applications.

Activepieces Review: No-code Automation for Beginners! Alternative to Zapier!

By integrating with tools that you use on a daily basis, such as Google Drive and Slack, you can smoothly transfer data and send notifications.

Linking is easy. Simply add an intuitive operating application. All that remains is to set the options.

The previous example of "moving incoming emails to a Google Spreadsheet".

This automation can be made in a few minutes. Three minutes at the slowest. If you are familiar with it, it takes less than 60 seconds.

(3) Linkage with ChatGPT

You can link Activepieces and ChatGPT.

Hmm? What exactly can you do?

Automatic creation of SEO-specific blog posts

There is no need to enter prompts in ChatGPT and manually create blog posts.

You can receive information from other apps and automatically create blog posts based on that content...and so on.

I actually did it▼.

Just enter your keywords into the Google Spreadsheet. The rest is completely automatic.

  • Create a blog title
  • Create a blog post
  • Post to WordPress

All of this is done automatically.

Automated customer support

In recent years, AI chatbots have also become a hot topic.

AI automatically responds to consultations from customers. This is such an era.

With Activepieces, you can create customer support that runs 24/7 without a break. Automate dozens of email replies and message responses.

Create social networking posts → Automate posting

There are many services that can automate social networking posts. You may be using one of them.

However, with Activepieces, you can "automatically create SNS posts" and "automatically post to any SNS" with complete hands-off execution.

Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.

SNS operations can be streamlined.

This improves operational efficiency and allows time to focus on more important tasks.

4) Cloud version and self-hosted version

Activepieces is available in cloud and self-hosted versions.

The cloud version is conveniently accessible from anywhere.

The self-hosted version, on the other hand, is for companies that want to manage their data on their own servers. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

5) High reliability

Activepieces is used by companies around the world, including Rakuten, RedBull, and IE University teams.

Naturally, we have put in place strong security measures to ensure that the system is safe and secure.

First, your information is protected by very strong encryption technology and no one can see it.

All credentials are encrypted with 256-bit encryption and access is revoked after processing.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

There is no need to worry about linking with external tools, as secure methods are used. Access rights are managed on a per-user basis, ensuring that only those who need it can access the information they require.


There is no need to worry about linking with external tools, as secure methods are used.

Single sign-on (SSO)

We have a single sign-on system that allows you to log in to everything with one password, so there is no need to remember multiple passwords.

These robust measures are provided You can use our products with peace of mind.

How to use Activepieces

Here is a brief explanation of how to use Activepieces.

First, there are two ways to create automation.

  • Select from Templates
  • Build it yourself from scratch

There are not many templates, but there is some automation using ChatGPT.

Activepieces template

This time we will use "Tweet a new WordPress article with ChatGPT".

The actual screen for creating the automation is very simple and easy to see, as shown below.

Activepieces Review: No-code Automation for Beginners! Alternative to Zapier!

Let's zoom in a bit more, shall we? See the image below.

Flow for creating automation in Activepieces
  1. New posts in WordPress
  2. Create sentences in ChatGPT
  3. Tweet.

This is the automation of such a process. This is very easy to use.

In addition, other applications can be added to this automated flow.

Press the + icon to add more apps. You can freely add more by choosing from the sidebar on the right.

Add apps with Activepieces

Each setting is then made in the right sidebar.

See the image below. In this example I have entered my WordPress information.

Enter your information in Activepieces

By the way, Trigger above means "when a 00 happens". In the example above, the trigger is set to "when a new post happens in WordPress".

The information can then be used between applications within each of these flows.

Activepieces can use data and information from other apps without modification.

For example, the "URL of a WordPress article" data can be used directly in applications such as ChatGPT and Twitter.

So you can pass information between apps. Or should I say "share"?

This is a simple example. You can create other automations as you see fit.

Comparison with Zapier and IFTTT

Zapier and IFTTT are more well-known automation apps. Here is a comparison with these apps.

Comparison of number of apps supported with IFTTT, Make, and Zapier

Compared to competitors such as IFTTT, Make, and Zapier,

  • IFTTT: Support for over 900 apps
  • Make: 1829 apps supported
  • Zapier: 7323 apps supported

Activepieces supports about 200 applications.

Compared to other competitors, the number of supported applications is small.

Where Activepieces excels

The advantages of Activepieces are explained in plain language. The following four points are distinctive

  1. ease of useActivepieces is simple to use, not as simple as Zapier, not as complicated as Make, and not as complicated as Zapier. It is relatively easy to use, even for beginners.
  2. Flexible automation: Since conditional branching, repetitive processing, and code writing are possible, complex automation can also be handled. For example, it is easy to set up a "if 0, then do △ △" configuration.
  3. cost performance: We offer a wide range of free plans. There are also pay-as-you-go and simple flat-rate plans that allow you to pay only for what you use as needed. You can use it effectively while keeping costs down.
  4. augmentability: Activepieces is open source, so anyone can view and modify the software code. If you don't see a feature you need, you can add it yourself.

I also use Make, and while you can create complex automations, it is also complicated to use (especially for beginners, I'm sure you feel that way). I was used to the simplicity of Zapier at first, so when I used Make, I spent a whole day learning how to use it.

The weak point is the number of supported applications, but most basic applications are supported.

It's easy to use, easy to read, and intuitive in designing the automation you want to create.

Is Activepieces available in Japanese?

Yes, it has been partially translated into Japanese.

How to make it Japanese

First, log in.

Then press the icon in the upper right corner.

Activepieces can be translated into Japanese.

The current language is displayed.

To change the language to Japanese with Activepieces, click on the icon in the upper right corner and set the language.

Select "Japanese" and press

Select Japanese from the upper right corner in Activepieces.

Wait for the page to switch to Japanese.

Then the Japanese language will be applied in Activepieces.

Japanese localization is now complete.

Activepieces Fees

Click here for Activepieces pricing plans

Activepieces has a cloud version and a self-hosted version. Here are the differences.

Now, let's start with the cloud version and look at the pricing plans.

cloud version

Pricefree$99 per month (per user)Monthly $1,200
Number of Tasks1,000 tasks per month1,000 tasks per month1,000 tasks per month
Number of userssingle userMinimum 5 users25 users
Features1 project
All Functions
Unlimited flows and steps
$1/1,000 task surcharge
Unlimited Project
Environment and Git Synchronization
Advanced Roles and Authority
audit log
custom branding
5 private pieces
Unlimited Project
Automatic User Setup
Embedded Javascript SDK
custom branding
Limit customization per project
2 private pieces
Additional Tasks$1 / 1,000 tasks$1 / 1,000 tasks$1 / 1,000 tasks

Free plans are also offered.

1,000 tasks are available for free. It is also very inexpensive to add tasks.

Considering the automation that is feasible, it is surprisingly affordable.

self-hosted version

Pricefree$99 per month (per user)Monthly $1,200
Number of Tasksunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Number of userssingle userMinimum 5 users25 users note (supplementary information) symbol
Main Features- 1 project
- All Functions
- Unlimited flows and steps
- Unlimited Project
- Environment and Git Synchronization
- Advanced Roles and Authority
- audit log
- Custom Branding
- 5 private pieces
- Unlimited Project
- Automatic User Setup
- Embedded Javascript SDK
- Custom Branding
- Limit customization per project
- custom template
- 2 private pieces
*Additional $10 per user thereafter

The self-hosted version of Activepieces is available as open source.

The plans range from a free plan that allows beginners to easily start automation, to a highly functional Enterprise plan for enterprises, and even an Embed plan for integration into SaaS.

4. conclusion and summary

Activepieces is an easy-to-use task automation tool that anyone can use.

You can streamline your operations and save a great deal of time and effort. Even beginners can quickly become proficient at using it.

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