Heights Platform Review 2021 – My Experience and An Honest Review

What is the Heights Platform?

I want to start an online course from scratch and make it profitable."

I want to create an online course that will help my students learn better."

The online course platform that is recommended for such instructors and entrepreneurs is Heights Platform It is.

The Heights Platform is

  • Entrepreneurs generate revenue by selling their expertise.
  • Students must steadily practice and produce results.

It is designed to focus on both (especially student learning outcomes).

This article will provide a detailed review of the Heights Platform and explain its rich and sophisticated features and usability.

What is Heights Platform?

What is the online course platform Heights Platform?

Heights Platform was started in 2018 by Bryan McAnulty. It is now based in Austin, Texas and is run by 10 employees.

As a user, I've seen the Heights Platform evolve and improve one after another in the three years since its development.

True Success" in the Online Course Business

The one thing that the Heights Platform has never changed is thatContinuing to focus on the "true success" of the online course business.It is.

Student "learning outcomes," i.e., students practicing and achieving results = success in the online course business.

The Heights Platform has been developed with this stance as its pillar.

In order to achieve this, the system has a variety of functions that allow students to measure their progress, as well as message and discussion functions that allow students and teachers to communicate with each other.

Why the Heights Platform?

Online courses are full of attractions for entrepreneurs. The profit margin is over 90% and the amount of money you can earn is beyond the pale.

The number of entrepreneurs who want to monetize their business by selling online courses continues to increase.

It is for such entrepreneurs that I would like to introduce the Heights Platform's features.

This is because the Heights Platform is the best way to start your online course business.

Heights Platform Features

The following is a summary of the functions implemented in the Heights Platform.

This feature will make you want to start your online courses with Heights Platform right away. There are many features that you won't find in other online course platforms.

Since there are many functions, we will divide them into three categories.

Heights Platform Features
  • Courses & Contents
  • Marketing
  • Education

Please take a look.

Courses & Contents

Online Courses & Contents

First, the basic functions. This section summarizes and explains the functions of an online course platform.

Unlimited online courses

First of all, there is no limit to the number of online courses you can publish on the Heights Platform. There is no limit to the number: 10, 100, even 1000....

This means that you can publish all of your online courses on the Heights Platform and run your business. No other LMS is needed.

Unlimited video upload & management

Also, with the Heights Platform, you can upload as much video and audio as you want on any plan.

You can upload an unlimited number of videos. The cost is all included in the monthly fee.

A secure hosting and content delivery network is built in, so you can provide your video content with confidence.

You will not need Vimeo or Youtube.

Drip content function (lessons)

A lesson is published the day after registration, the next lesson three days later....

The schedule for publishing content can be set to "X days after the registration date.

This way, students will not be overwhelmed by the large amount of learning content. They can easily digest the learning content that is delivered in small portions on a schedule.

Locking function

To ensure that students learn lessons in order, lessons can be locked so that students cannot proceed to the next lesson unless they have completed the previous one.

Please complete the previous lesson."

This feature allows students to progress through their studies in an orderly fashion. It can be disabled.

Sales of digital content

You can also sell a single digital content instead of an online course.

  • Digital content products
  • coaching
  • Consulting
  • Seminar
  • Events

It is also recommended for those who want to sell freely, such as

The recommended way to use this service is to offer paid consulting and coaching services that follow the online courses as a separate sale.

Marketing functions

Marketing function to sell online courses

It has all the essential marketing features to help you create & sell more online courses.

Since we're here, we'd also like to introduce some of the marketing features that Heights Platform is currently developing.

landing page

You can also create LPs (landing pages) to sell your online courses within Heights Platform. There is no need to create LPs in WordPress, no need for Leadpages or Instapage.

You can create beautifully designed LPs with Heights Platform.

Combination sales

In addition to selling a single online course, you can also combine multiple online courses and digital contents and sell them as a set.

It is also possible to combine them and set the set price individually.

Payment Plans

You can't just combine several online courses and charge a set fee. You can also set up a variety of other payment plans.

  • One time payment
  • payment by installments
  • Flat rate payment (monthly, yearly)

You can set this up. You can also choose to make registration free or paid. You can freely set the fee according to your business needs.

Integration with PayPal and Stripe

Heights Platform is compatible with PayPal and Stripe. Therefore, you can implement the payment system in Japan without any problem. Both are free of charge.

In the case of other online course platforms, a few percent of the payment fee is deducted for every online course sold.

Because of the integration of these two payment providers, Heights Platform does not charge any transaction fees.

Create a coupon code

Discount coupons for online courses, free registration coupons, etc. can be issued freely.

Tracking Cart Abandonment

You can send follow-up emails to potential customers who have tried to join an online course but stopped paying halfway through.

This feature can be used to gently push those who are not sure about joining an online course to join.

Payment completion emails & receipts, and manual copies can be sent if needed.

Japanese language support

All student screens are available in Japanese.Therefore, students can take your online courses in Japanese without any worries.

You can also freely customize the "registration completion email" and "order completion email" that are automatically sent when a student registers for an online course. Automatic e-mails can be sent in Japanese.

In the future, the instructor's dashboard screen may also be translated.

integrated functionality

The Heights Platform can be integrated with typical apps and tools.

  • Google Analytics
  • FB Advertising
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Zapier
  • Pabbly Connect

etc. It is also integrated with Zapier, so you can combine it with popular marketing tools such as ClickFunnels and ConvertKit.

Blog function (coming soon)

This feature will be available soon.

The ability to publish a blog on the Heights Platform will be added soon, so you won't need to create a blog on WordPress anymore.

Affiliate function (currently under development)

The affiliate function is also currently under development.

You can make your own online courses and digital content available for affiliate sales. You can further increase your revenue by adding new students.


Educational functions for students in online courses

The Heights Platform has well implemented "education" features that promote student learning and lead to achievement.

Track and analyze learning

Track your students' learning progress. It has the ability to analyze recent activities (activities), grades, and study time.


Games are fun, so you can play them for hours. Gamification is the application of that principle to other things as well.

Learning can also be continued if there is a game element.

Badges (customizable) and "points" that can be automatically given to students when they complete one achievement.

The Heights Platform implements such a gamification function.

Community Features

There is also a forum where students can talk to each other, a polling function, replies, likes, messages between students and teachers, notifications, etc.

In order to prevent the course from becoming a one-sided, inorganic online course, a community function has been introduced to encourage interaction.

Support for smartphones and tablet devices

It is fully supported on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Heights Platform provides the "best environment" for both entrepreneurs who start online courses and students who take the courses. The Heights Platform provides the "best environment" for both.

Can I use the Heights Platform in Japan?

Yes, you can. You can use it in Japan without any problem.

The Heights Platform is also available in Japanese (on the student side). Therefore, students who take your online courses can learn in Japanese.

How to set Heights Platform to Japanese

You can change the language to be displayed from your account settings.

I am currently working in Japan myself, so if you have any problems using it, please contact me.

The Heights Platform has an uptime of 99.99%. The Heights Platform is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that it is up and running.

Benefits of the Heights Platform (Advantages)

  • Unlimited online courses can be published.
  • Upload & manage unlimited videos
  • Upload & manage unlimited videos
  • Digital content can also be sold.
  • Japanese is supported.
  • Customize the emails you send to your students.
  • The focus is on student learning outcomes.
  • Heights Platform support is fast and courteous.

While I have used other online course platforms, the list above is a merit.

Disadvantages of the Heights Platform

There is no disadvantage in using it.

I started using the Heights Platform in 2019. At that time, it still lacked the features needed for an LMS, and it did not support Japanese.

Now, the necessary features have been added, and the student pages are now available in Japanese.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that the regular payment page is available in Japanese. However, the flat rate payment page is still only available in English.

I have already translated it in Japanese, and the rest should be reworked by other Japanese users and then it will be implemented, but currently it looks like the below.

It should be available in Japanese soon. Let's wait and see.

Heights Platform vs. other tools

Now let's compare Heights Platform with its competitors.

Heights PlatformTeachableKajabiThinkific
Monthly fee (minimum)Thirty-nine dollars.Twenty-nine dollars.119 dollars.Thirty-nine dollars.
iOS & Android Apps×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)
Number of products that can be publishedunlimitedunlimited3 Productsunlimited
Trading FeeNone5%NoneNone
Free Trial'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
push notification'correct' (when marking)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)
Membership Features'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)

This comparison summary table is current as of May 2021, when this article was written.

This comparison chart shows that there is not much difference between online course platforms.

So what is the difference? Well, there are some minor functional differences, and the design of the study pages is also different.

When I compare these competing software, I always feel that the only way to judge them is to try them once.

Just as there are times when you read a book with a lot of 5-star reviews on Amazon and you think, "Not so much...", it is better to try Heights Platform once and judge for yourself.

Just as there are times when you read a book with a lot of 5-star reviews on Amazon and you think, "Not so much...", it is better to try Heights Platform once and judge for yourself.

Please continue reading below for more information about the free trial. It is a detailed guide.

Heights Platform Pricing and Pricing Plans

Heights Platform Price Plans

First of all, Heights Platform currently has pricing plans ranging from $49 to $499 per month. If you pay annually, you get a discount of up to 20%. That's a pretty good deal.

The features included in each plan are different. Let's take a look at them briefly.

Differences in features by pricing plan

Monthly feeThirty-nine dollars.Seventy-nine dollars.399 USD
Unlimited courses and lessons'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Student Discussion'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Number of students with access/month100 people1000unlimited
PayPal/Stripe integration'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Sales of digital content'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Unlimited video upload/management'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Student analysis/learning tracking'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Badge/points awarding system'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Responsive support'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Student project submission feature'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Original branding×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Custom Domains×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Customizable LP×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)'correct' (when marking)
Number of lesson creators×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)Two.50 people
Customized student roles×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)
Personal setting consultation×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)
Priority Support×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)×x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)'correct' (when marking)

With any plan, you can publish unlimited online courses and content. There is also no strict limit on the number of students.

The number of accessible students/month is counted by how many of your students log in per month.

If you are new to online courses, go for the Basic plan; if you have less than 1,000 students, go for Pro. If you have more than 1,000 students, we recommend Academy.

How to try Heights Platform for free for 30 days

All Heights Platform plans also come with a 30-day free trial.

First.this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)to enter the official page.

How to register for the Heights Platform

Next, click "SIGN UP" in the upper right corner of the page.

How to register for the Heights Platform

The registration page will be displayed. Please enter the following information.

  • Subdomain (a Romanized word of your choice)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password (same password one more time)

Then registration will be completed immediately.

How to login in Heights Platform

Enter the email address and password you set during registration to log in. You can now experience Heights Platform for free for 30 days.

If you are using it and have any questions, "How can I do this? If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comment box below this blog post.

I will answer more and more questions as one of the users who actually continues to use it.

If there is a request, I will make a video course that explains exactly how to use the Heights Platform. If there are any enthusiasts who would like to see it, please leave a note in the comment box below this article.

Questions and Answers about Heights Platform

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Heights Platform.

How do I pay for the Heights Platform?

See the video below.

You can use Stripe instead of Heights Platform, which is an international payment service.

Can I cancel the Heights Platform at any time?

Yes, you can. You can easily cancel or terminate your membership. There is no need to keep you waiting.

Is there a fee when an online course is sold?

Heights Platform does not charge any fees.

You can use PayPal and Stripe to receive the fees for online courses.

Can I use a custom domain?

Yes, the custom domain feature is available for Pro plans and above.

When you use Heights Platform, you will get a free subdomain at the beginning. (Example: yourbusiness.heightsplatform.com)

If you do not want to use this subdomain, but want to use your own domain, you can do so with the Pro plan and above.

Custom Domains for Heights Platform

You can set up a custom domain from your account settings. I will provide a video explanation on how to set it up upon request.

Does the Heights Platform require WordPress?

No, not necessary. The Heights Platform does not run on WordPress.

Heights Platform will do all the hosting for your membership site. Therefore, there is no need to sign up for a rental server and do the hosting yourself.

Is there a limit to the number of online courses I can add?

No, Heights Platform allows you to add an unlimited number of online courses. There is no limit to the number of lessons you can have.

There is also unlimited video uploading/hosting. You can upload as much video and audio as you want. This means that if you have been using Vimeo for your video hosting, you no longer need Vimeo as well.

Can you offer a free online course?

The Heights Platform offers a variety of payment plans.

You can also offer some online courses for free. This is the best way to go if you want to use online courses as lead magnets.

What are the copyrights for the online courses I create?

All rights are reserved by the instructor, and Heights Platform will not infringe on the copyright of your online course.

Please tell me how to use it in Japanese.

Go to Account Setting and change the language. We have prepared a detailed guide video.

With this setting, the screen on the student side will change to Japanese.

Can we expect more from the Heights Platform?

The Heights Platform has been adding new features one after another since 2018.

I've joined the Heights Platform group and have seen it grow and grow.

With the addition of the affiliate function, which is now under development, you will be able to sell your online courses more easily without having to give them away.

Also, with the blog feature that will be added soon, you will no longer need to use WordPress to run your blog.

In the future, features not found in other online course platforms will be added as needed.

The Heights Platform has been steadily evolving while maintaining a solid operation. I can recommend it without complaint at this point, but I have even higher expectations for the future.

I invite you to try the Heights Platform for free for 30 days.

[Conclusion] My Heights Platform Review Summary

If you just want to sell online courses, you can do it on other platforms.The strength of the Heights Platform is its focus on "learning outcomes.It is.

Overall, my rating is "Recommended for instructors and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their online courses by selling them.

The Heights Platform is an online course platform that has not yet penetrated the Japanese market, and while there are many entrepreneurs using Kajabi and Teachable, I have not directly encountered any Japanese entrepreneurs using the Heights Platform.

But the functionality is not half bad. I hope there will be more Japanese users in the future.

After all, there are many more features to be added in the future. Both affiliate and blog functions are already under development, not in the distant future.

As the Heights Platform continues to evolve, I highly recommend at least giving it a try. You can get a free 30-day trial below.

If you have any questions or concerns while trying out the Heights Platform, please write them in the comments section below this article.

If it is a simple question, I will reply within 12 hours. See you soon.

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