[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers

In 2023, Thin Rental Server receives overwhelming popularity and reputation. In just two years since its launch, many users have decided to relocate from other servers.

Actually,This site also uses Thin Rent a Server.We will provide you with real experiences from the user's point of view.

In this article, we will explain in detail the unparalleled features and uniqueness of Thin Rental Server and why you should choose Thin Rental Server.

To make a short conclusion first, if you are running a WordPress site and are looking for a fast, stable and affordable rental server in Japan, you can useThin Server Rental I'm sure it is.

So, let's take a look at it.


What is Shin Rental Server? Basic Information

Shin Rental Server Reputation

The number of sites in operation has surpassed an astonishing 3 million, and X server boasts the No. 1 market share in Japan.

Its operator, X Server Corporation, ushers in a new era.Shin Rental Server."It is.

If I had to describe the appeal of Thin Rental Server in three lines,

  • One of the fastest display speeds in Japan
  • Always evolving with state-of-the-art technology
  • Outstanding stability of operation

In other words, the site display speed isIt is by far the fastest in Japan.

This is due to the use of advanced acceleration technology compared to other companies.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers
Takeo Fujii

Good news for those who have been worried about the display speed of your WordPress site. Shin Rental Server will meet your needs for fast and stable site management.

Why I moved to Shin Rental Server

As mentioned at the beginning of the articleThe author also utilizes Thin Rent a Server.

Moving from mixhost to Shin Rental Server

From 2018 to October 2021, I was using mixhost (another company's rental server).

mixhost had high server performance and reasonable prices, but the administration screen (e-panel) was difficult to use, and there were frequent failures.

At the end of the contract period, we decided to move to Thin Rental Server.

With a good reputation and word of mouth, and my own experience with X server and wpX since 2014, I was convinced that they were a reliable operator.

Started using Thin Rent a Server in mid-October 2021. I have been using it for 2 years now. As an actual user, I will tell you what it has to offer.

Strengths and Attractions of Thin Rental Server

Let's take a closer look at why Shin Rental Server sets itself apart from the competition.

Actually,New features not present in other rental serversis also being introduced. We will include this point as well.

Amazing high-speed performance (among the fastest in Japan)

Results of measuring the site display speed with PageSpeed Insights (PC)

First of all, the biggest attraction of Shin Rental Server is,Fastest display speed in the countryIt is.

The site runs lightly and is not associated with site latency on heavy servers.

With Thin Rental Server, WordPress sites run at blazing speeds.

The secret lies in the fact that we are quick to adopt the latest technology.

We have a technical alliance with Prime Strategy, a company famous for KUSANAGI, which super speeds up WordPress sites.

In addition to this, we are continuously introducing the latest technology to Shin Rental Server.

As a result, they appear significantly faster than other companies' rental servers.

Implementing the latest technology not available in X server

X Server's cutting-edge technology is not only generous, but it is also the most advanced server in Japan. X Server, which has the largest market share in Japan, is already a highly acclaimed rental server, butWhat is the difference between this and a thin rental server?

Simple as that.

  • Stability = X server
  • Innovation = Thin Rent a Server

This is the difference. Thin Rental Server is the first X server to be equipped with a series of new technologies.

In other words.Next-generation servers with the latest technology will enable website management.

A question may arise here.

Are you really okay with all the new technology you're introducing?"

There is no need to worry about that. Let us explain why.

Security measures are also in place!

Thin Rentalserver is constantly introducing new technology, but how safe is it?

Here, too, you can rest assured. This is because X server is operated by X server, which has the No.1 market share in Japan.

This is because we are a proven operator that has managed more than 3 million sites to date,We will not introduce unidentified technologies.

New technologies are introduced after careful verification of effectiveness and safety.

Unauthorized access and malware countermeasures are also implemented.

Some may say, "But I'm still worried." By installing a WAF function against unauthorized access and malware intrusion, the company can ensure that the system will not be compromised by any unauthorized access or malware,It is always protected from external attacks.

Thin Rental Server Security
Shin Rental Server has full security measures!

To further reduce the risk of any eventuality, SECOM's security audit service is also in place, and rigorous checks are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the network is not vulnerable.

24/7/365 generous support system

In addition, Shin Rental Server offers 24/7 email and phone support.

Phone support is not available on weekends and holidays, but email support always responds within 24 hours from a support representative.

I myself have used X server and the old wpX, and I have never once felt insecure about the safety.

Thus, Thin Rental Server is not only fast, but also secure.

In 2023, it has evolved even further, making it an attractive option for users. Expect to see more evolution from Thin Rent a Server in the future.

Unparalleled stability: strict CPU and memory management

Thin Server is a very stable server, which is ideal for running a website. The reasons are"Because it doesn't affect other users."It is.

Shared and Dedicated Servers

First, a brief explanation of rental servers. There are two types of rental servers.

  • Shared server: cheaper, one server shared with other users
  • Dedicated server: expensive, exclusive use of one server by you

The advantage of shared servers is that they are inexpensive. However, one server is used by multiple users. It is easy to understand if you imagine a shared house.

One common problem is that other users' sites are flooded with access, and as a result, the server is overwhelmed, which in turn affects your own site.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers
Takeo Fujii

(A common problem is that the speed of your site slows down or you cannot access the site.)

No need to worry about Thin Clients.Since each user is ensured that he or she is allowed to use only thisIt is.

There is no danger of your site being damaged because of a few users.

Thin rental servers are extremely stable, as they can operate unaffected by other users. It combines the advantages of both shared and dedicated servers, ensuring sufficient performance.

Even the most affordable basic plan is sufficient

Even the most affordable basic plan,More than enough performance for WordPress blogging and site buildingWe provide the following services.

  • CPU: virtual 6 cores
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Capacity: 300GB

The performance is "more than enough" for normal use such as WordPress blog management and site building.

I'm also using the basic plan, and it's crisp without any inconvenience.

No need to worry about data loss with a reliable backup function!

Imagine if the site data were to disappear. You would despair.

We all run the risk of losing or corrupting data on our sites, and I've had my share of touching up WordPress internals and losing access to my site.

Shin Rental Server offers two types of backups: automatic and manual,Data can be recovered in case of any problems.

Thin Rental Server Backup

This greatly reduces the risk of losing important site data.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers
Takeo Fujii

You don't have to worry about any problems that may occur with your site. Just click a button and the original site data will be returned to you.

Automatic Backup automatically creates backups of your site at regular intervals.

The backup data will never overwhelm your server. Don't worry, it won't slow down your site.

The price is affordable in spite of its high performance!

Thin rental server with high specs and high reliability. You may wonder if the price is too high because it is such an excellent server. You may think so, but there is no need to worry about it!

What a surprise,Shin Rental Server's pricing plans are surprisingly reasonable.You will be surprised at how much more cost-effective they are compared to other companies.

Even the most affordable plans have sufficient specifications and all the functions necessary for website management.

You can get x1 own domain for free!

Thin Rental Server Own Domain

In addition, as of 2023, signing up for a Shin rental server comes with the "Free Permanent Own Domain Reward".

Normally, a domain contract is required in addition to the server fee, but Thin Rent a Server offers one free domain of your choice.

And the domain is free for the duration of the server contract! This is truly a generous offer!

Easy to understand management screen

Like X-Server, the administration screen of Shin Rental Server features a very intuitive and easy-to-use design.

You can operate the system stress-free because you know in an instant which settings can be made and where.

Shin Rental Server Administration

Compared to the management screens of other companies, Shin Rental Server's visibility is outstanding.

As a comparison, here is what the administration screen of mixhost looks like.

mixhost cpanel admin panel
Sometimes mixhosts get lost in what's where...

This is not because mixhost is bad, but because it uses a control panel called cPanel.

It is an unavoidable part, but still, in terms of visibility, it is a good thing.Thin rental server is upIt is.

Free and easy SSL setup

SSL encryption is an important feature that encrypts communications between a website and its visitors to protect information.

Why do we need SSL?

If you enter your credit card number on an unencrypted site,Possible theft of card information by a malicious third partyThere are also.

If it's a mail order site, the information is exposed to the customer's address and even phone number. Without encryption, the information is open to theft.

The SSL setting encrypts the information of the site and its visitors. This eliminates the risk of a third party snooping on your communications.

Shin Rental Server makes SSL conversion super easy!

Shin Rental Server offers free and easy SSL setup!SSL is a new way to connect your website to the Internet. With the click of just one button, your site is SSL-ready!and visitors can browse with peace of mind.

See below.

Shin Rental Server SSL

Just click one button to complete the SSL conversion of your site.

Easy and instant WordPress installation

WordPress Thin Rental Server

With Thin Rental Server, you can easily install WordPress in about 30 seconds.

Simply enter your site title, email address, etc.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers
Takeo Fujii

You don't need to create your own database... or install WordPress with FTP software... or any other troublesome work.

Security measures for WordPress sites

After installation, the WordPress site has security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and malware intrusion from abroad.

This allows you to use WordPress from installation to management with confidence.

Operation of adult sites (R18) is OK.

Rental servers that support the operation of adult sitesThin Rental Server is also a great choice for those who are looking for a

Affordable rates and the fastest servers in Japan allow for stable adult site operations.

Support for server load at different times of the day

Some site operators may have had trouble because access may be concentrated at certain times of the day, resulting in a heavy load.

We recommend Thin Rental Server, which can handle the server load, for adult site management.

Affordable adult website management

Even if they were OK for adults, they were sometimes expensive, so it must have been difficult to choose the right server.

Thin Rental Server is different.

Extremely affordable, andThe fastest servers in Japan allow for stable adult site operations.

Easy WordPress site move!

What made me switch from mixhost to Thin Rent a Server was its excellentWordPress Site Mover Feature."was. This feature makes site migration very easy.

See the image below.

Shin Rental Server's "WordPress Easy onwards".

Because the moving process takes only a few minutes,Site downtime is almost non-existent.

Also, there is no need for any complicated work. If you are currently using another rental server and want to migrate your WordPress site, Shin Rental Server is the best choice.

Thin Rental Server's WordPress site moving feature is easy, downtime-free, and safe for beginners.Highly recommended feature for those who are considering moving from other rental servers.It is.

Weaknesses/Disadvantages of Thin Rental Server

Not much mention of this on other sites,Thin rental servers also have their disadvantages and disadvantages.

Cons of Thin Rental Server: Name Problem

The disadvantages of the Thin Rental Server are itsDifferences are hard to tell."The following is located in the

In fact, the company that operates Thin Rental Server also operates other rental servers such as X server and wpX. In other words, there are many series.

List of other rental servers

  • X server
  • wpX Cloud (no longer available in 2019)
  • wpX Speed
  • wpX Blog

And in 2021, thin rental servers will be available. It is difficult to tell the difference between these.

These naming and feature differences can confuse users. I myself was initially confused between wpX Speed and Thin Rental Server.

Advice for those who are not sure

If anyone is wondering which server to choose,I would recommend using a thin rental server.

  • X server: stable,
  • Shin Rental Server: New Technology Introduced More Actively than X Server

Thin Rental Server aims to implement new features more quickly than other services. This allows you to try out more new features.

Price Plans and Pricing for Thin Server Rental

Term of usebasicstandardPremiumBusiness
3 months990 yen1,980 yen3,960 yen7,920 yen
6 months990 yen1,980 yen3,960 yen7,920 yen
12 months880 yen1,780 yen3,560 yen7,120 yen
24 months825 yen1,650 yen3,300 yen6,600 yen
36 months770 yen1,540 yen3,080 yen6,160 yen

There are five pricing plans. In the table above, the more you move to the right, the higher the price plan is. The higher the price, the higher the price.

Specifically, CPU, memory, and disk space (SSD) are different. However, I will not go into the details of performance. This is because the performance of the basic plan is sufficient for most of the people who will be reading this article. In fact, the basic plan runs the website quite fast. By the way, this site also uses the basic plan.

The basic plan is sufficient for general use, such as "I want to make a blog with WordPress and monetize it. You should not feel any dissatisfaction.

By the way, I paid for the basic plan 36 months in advance. In other words, I'm one of those people who use Shin Rental Server's campaign and use it cheaply (lol).

Comparison with other companies' servers

I'm going to go out of my way to compare Thin Rentals with other companies' servers and the wpX series.

We have also used a whole range of popular domestic rental servers such as mixhost and ConoHa WING to provide a realistic comparison.

mIxhost vs thin rental server

I've been using mixhost for three years. I'll leave the subjective impressions for later and first compare it to Thin Server in terms of features and pricing plans.

First, let's take a look at the pricing plans & features at mIxhost. Below is the price list of mIxhost.

Mixhost Price Plans

The cheapest rate plan among these is the Standard (968 yen/month). So this timeBasic Plan, the lowest price of Thin ServerCompare with

FeaturesmixhostThin Server Rental
Initial cost0 yen0 yen
Monthly fee968 yen770 yen
Capacity (SSD)250GB300GB
CPUVirtual 4-coreVirtual 6-core
Approximate Transfer Volume18TB27TB (monthly conversion)
Free Trial PeriodNone10 days
mixhost (Standard Plan) Thin Rental Server Comparison Chart

There are no initial fees for either. The monthly fee is cheaper with Thin Server.

Also, overall, the performance of Thin Server is higher than the price.

Differences in personal usability

Mixhost Receipt

I have been using mixhost since October 30, 2018. From this actual experience, I can say that it is a good rental server. The support response was polite and prompt, and I was generally satisfied with the service, although it was not user-friendly in some places.

However, the one that was right for me was Thin Rentals Server. The price is low, the server is high performance, and the admin panel is easy to read and use. It's impeccable.

If you are reading this, and you are running/planning to run a WordPress site, I recommend Thin Client.

ConoHa WING vs Thin Rental Server

One of the most popular rental servers in Japan is ConoHa WING. I myself have been using ConoFa WING since January 2020 until now.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers

I pay 1,320 yen per month. Now, let's compare the performance of Thin Rentals Server and ConoHa WING.

FeaturesConoHa WINGThin Server Rental
Initial cost0 yen0 yen
Monthly fee775 yen770 yen
Capacity (SSD)300GB300GB
CPUVirtual 6-coreVirtual 6-core
Approximate Transfer Volume27TB27TB (monthly conversion)
Free Trial PeriodNone10 days
ConoHa WING (Basic Plan) Thin Server Comparison Chart

The memory and CPU of ConoHa WING are not guaranteed. It is not specified in the specifications and price list.

In November 2021, each spec was released in the price list.The fees and specifications are similar.

On the other hand, ConoHa WING also offers another plan called the Reserved Plan.

The Reserved Plan guarantees memory and CPU for each person.

In other words, to ensure stable operation even when the load rises, you need to use the 1,320 yen/month~reserved plan. Other plans do not offer any guarantees.

By the way, if you compare the cheapest plan of the reserved plan with the basic plan of the thin rental server, you will find the following

FeaturesReserved PlanThin Server Rental
Initial cost0 yen0 yen
Monthly fee1,320 yen770 yen
Capacity (SSD)300GB300GB
CPUVirtual 2-coreVirtual 6-core
Approximate Transfer Volume27TB27TB (monthly conversion)
Free Trial PeriodNone10 days
ConoHa WING (Basic Plan) Thin Server Comparison Chart

Even with the basic plan (770 yen), Thin Rental Server allocates memory and CPU for each user.

Thin Server is cheaper and has better performance.

Differences in personal usability

I used ConoHa WING for two years and did not feel any inconvenience.

I had contacted the support once and they were very polite, so I don't have a bad impression. It is still a good rental server as its reputation suggests.

It's just...The admin panel was slow and frustrating at times.

ConoHa WING Slow
Loading screen with ConoHa WING

The items are separated by a sidebar, so it was a hassle to navigate to each setting. The admin panel is much easier to use with Thin Server.

X server vs Thin rental server

Both X server and Thin server are operated by the same company, and the difference between the two is simple.

Shin Rental Server isBe the first to introduce features that will be added to X serverThat's what I mean.

In other words, X server is cautious. Thin Server is an innovator (while still valuing stability).

That is why the latest technology is introduced earlier than X server.

The cheapest X server is the Standard Plan (990 yen/month), with CPU and memory as follows

X server vs Thin rental server

Relatively recently, if you are using an X server, you are guaranteed to have a virtual 6-core CPU and 8GB of memory. The essentials are 300GB, so the performance is close to that of a thin rental server.

  • X server (990 yen/month)
  • Shin Rental Server (770 yen/month)

Considering the monthly fee, I would recommend Thin Server Rental.

Why should I use a thin rental server now?

Shin Rental Server often offers attractive promotions,You will have the opportunity to obtain significant discounts and special offers.

Campaign details change depending on the time of year and circumstances, so it is important to check the latest information.

Please check out the official website to see what special offers are available now. You can access it from the link below.

You may find the perfect campaign for you. Check it out now!

By the way, I also applied for a 36-month contract.

I have been using Thin Rent a Server for 2 years!

By the way, this blog you are looking at is also run on a Shin rental server.

[2021] An in-depth look at the features, reputation, and usability of wpX thin rental servers

I pay in advance and use it for 3 years.

Try it free for 10 days!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below this article. We usually reply within 24 hours.

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