How to use FocuSee screen recording software! It will drastically change your computer screen capturing! Windows & Mac Compatible

Here is a detailed explanation of what FocuSee is

What screen recording software do you use, OBS or Bandicam?FocuSeeI purchased a screen recording software called

Despite the fact that it was completely unknown in Japan at the time, I took one look at it and was fascinated, thinking, "This is the tool I have been looking for.

FocuSee is more than just screen recording software.

It is a tool for the new era that allows you to "easily" record video that attracts viewers' attention in a surprisingly simple and stylish way.

How to use FocuSee screen recording software! It will drastically change your computer screen capturing! Windows & Mac Compatible
Takeo Fujii

Since I started using this tool for screen recording, my boring screen recording has changed drastically.

FocuSee is all you need for screen recording anymore, and you can freely create all kinds of video content, from YouTube videos to online courses to social networking videos.

This article details the appeal of FocuSee and how to use it.

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What is FocuSee screen recording software?

FocuSee is a screen recording and capturing software that can keep your viewers glued to the screen.

...nail it? What do you mean?

See below.

Example of actual screen recording with FocuSee and using automatic zooming

With this software, you can easily make screen recordings with automatic zooming (enlargement) and super cool background videos.

By recording your computer screen in an attractive way, your video will look very different from other boring videos.

His videos are very easy to watch.

That's so cool!"

Viewers and even your competitors will be riveted by your video.

It can be used on Mac and Windows, and has recently been made available in Japanese. Because of this, the number of Japanese users of FocuSee has been increasing rapidly in recent years.

FocuSee Convenience Features

What can we do with this FocuSee?

  1. Choice of recording mode
  2. Automatic zoom function
  3. Customize cursor and click effects
  4. Stylish Background Images
  5. Automatic subtitle generation (easy to create Japanese subtitles!)
  6. Flexible placement of webcam images
  7. Video size setting for SNS
  8. Save to cloud & embed pages

I will explain one by one.

Choice of recording mode

First, you can specify what size screen recording is to be made.

You can freely set the size of the screen to be recorded with FocuSee
  • Full Screen Recording: Ideal for recording the entire screen.
  • Custom Recording: Allows you to freely set the recording range.
  • Window Recording: Allows recording of specific windows only.

Sometimes you want to show the entire screen, and sometimes you want to record only a specific area of the screen.

It is also possible to hide the browser menu bar when recording video with screen capture.

With FocuSee, you can capture only a specific area.

Capture only the area you specify when recording the screen

It is possible to specify the range to which the recording is to be made.

Automatic zoom function

FocuSee has an auto-zoom feature that works on Windows and Macintosh.

Clicked location.Automatic zooming functionIt is.

As is often the case, when a video explains, "Please press this part," it is sometimes difficult for the viewer to understand where that part is.

With FocuSee, the area you click on is automatically enlarged.

This feature can be used to emphasize the message to the viewer.

Customize cursor and click effects

With FocuSee you can change the effect of the click and the size of the cursor

FocuSee allows you to freely customize the size and style of the cursor.

The cursor can be made larger or smaller, and its appearance can also be changed.

A wide variety of click effects are also available. In addition to the default effects,rippleand ... andring, ,Highlights, ,flushYou can choose effects such as

This effect effect can be used to create visually appealing videos. It is especially useful for tutorial and presentation videos.

Stylish Background Images

Images and gradients can be freely set as the background of recorded video.

You can create your own brand of computer screen recordings by replacing the wide variety of background images provided with FocuSee.

It is not just screen recording. You can make super cool videos.

  • Image Background
  • Gradient Background
  • custom color

You can also upload an image from your own computer and set it as the background. This background change is a feature I particularly like.

It's easy to create visually appealing videos.

Automatic subtitle generation (easy to create Japanese subtitles!)

Japanese subtitle generation would be great!

FocuSee hasSubtitle generation functionis also included in the system. Subtitles are automatically generated and inserted for recorded video. It supports not only Japanese, but also English, French, German, and many other languages.

The style of the generated subtitles can also be freely changed. You can customize font size, position, coloring, etc. to create subtitles that are easier to read.

Flexible placement of webcam images

FocuSee can also incorporate webcam video into recordings.

This allows recording while displaying the presenter's face on the screen.

With FocuSee, webcams can be installed freely

Circular display of common screen images + faces. The webcam image can be displayed in a circular shape in the lower right or lower left corner of the screen.

And that's not all.

Not just a circular webcam image, but also a slightly customized installation

As shown above, the webcam image can be placed on the left side of the screen recording in a larger size. Want to place the camera image on the right side of the screen instead of the left side?

It is also possible to install the webcam image on the right side.

Video size setting for SNS

FocuSee allows you to freely change the size and format of your videos.Video sizes are available for a variety of social networking sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The system supports a wide range of social networking services, so you can easily create videos that can be shared on various social networking services with the push of a button.

Choose the best format for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

  • For YouTube16:9
  • For Instagram: 1:1
  • For Twitter16:9
  • For TikTok: 9:16

This allows videos to be created in the most appropriate format for each SNS.

Save to cloud & embed pages

Recorded videos can be uploaded to the cloud and shared with others.

You can freely embed the videos you create!
  • Easy UploadUpload to the cloud with a single click.
  • share: Easily share videos in the cloud.

You can also embed the recorded videos in your own blog or website.

We actually embedded a video created by FocuSee in a WordPress site!

FocuSee Example: What can it be used for?

If you use FocuSee to its fullest, you can create videos for a variety of uses. Some examples of uses are,

  • YouTube Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Product Demo
  • Online Courses
  • tutorial
  • Software development (e.g., bug reproduction)
  • Presentation
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Video guidance to customers

It can be used for a variety of purposes, from recording YouTube videos to creating online courses.

I myself have already used FocuSee toYouTube video is availableI'm working on it.

Video made with FocuSee

See below for videos made with FocuSee in the past.

*The project shown in the video has been completed.

Advantages of FocuSee/ Here's what's great!

Japanese language support

FocuSee is also available in Japanese

FocuSee is fully Japanese-language compatible.

Everything from recording to editing can be done stress-free in Japanese. You can edit the video after recording in a crisp and intuitive manner.

Easy Video Editing

In addition, FocuSee hasVideo Editing FunctionsThe system is also equipped with a

FocuSee also has a video editing feature

FocuSee is OK for simple editing.

No need to prepare video editing software.

It is convenient to perform simple editing tasks within FocuSee. Various editing functions are provided, including video cropping, trimming and design customization, and automatic subtitle creation.

This is another point I like. No need to read instructions on how to use it.It's intuitive to use right from the start.

A few seconds of video by SNS

In addition, videos created with FocuSee are,Utilized in various SNSThe following is a list of the most common types of products that can be used in the market.

There are several major social networking sites: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook... If we had to make videos for each of these sites, there would not be enough time.

With FocuSee, all you have to do is push a button.

The video is compatible with a variety of SNS formats, so you can easily create videos in the appropriate size for each SNS with the push of a button.

Just press to create a video in a single shot, sized to fit each social networking site.

Videos created for YouTube can be instantly remade into a size format that can be posted on TikTok or Instagram.

FocuSee is more than just a screen recording tool. It is a video production tool with advanced features. Whether used in a business setting or as a personal hobby, FocuSee can be used to create more engaging videos.

Disadvantages/Weaknesses of FocuSee

We have been using it since March 2024. New features have been added and ease of use has improved.

As you have seen so far, I am one user myself. I use it quite a bit.

However, we feel there are some disadvantages to using it.

(1) Heavy when editing

The first is,Runs a little slow when editing videos.It is.

A computer with certain specifications should have no problem. A computer capable of general video editing will work fine.

However, if you launch another high-load application while using FocuSee or use a computer with low performance, FocuSee slows down to a perceptible level.

(2) Cannot upload videos directly to SNS

This is not so much a disadvantage of FocuSee, but more of a request for new features to be added in the future.

Currently, FocuSee does not allow direct upload of recorded videos to YouTube or other social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Please add the ability to upload directly from FocuSee, it would be very useful....

FocuSee Price Plans

Normal FocuSee price plan.

Regular price is 12,580 yen. You only need to pay once.

Currently, Gemoo, the operator, is running a campaign. The price is 10,980 yen with a further discount and will be available until June 30, 2024.

As the number of installations increases, so does the price. For more information, please contactOfficial Sitefor more information.

You who read this article,How to get it even cheaperto guide you through the process.

Up to 51% off! Get FocuSee at a special price!

Currently, if you purchase FocuSee through the international marketplace AppSumo, you can get it for $39, up to 51% off!

In Japanese yen, it costs about 6,100 yen. In other words, it is about half the price. This is more economical than purchasing FocuSee from the official website.

It is provided by the official. Please be assured that it is not pirated.

If you are in doubt, make your purchase now.

It is not only the price that makes it affordable.

The official website states the following

Major upgrades to FocuSee are available for a fee.

This campaign requires an additional upgrade fee to upgrade to the next major version (e.g., version 2).

In other words, if you buy from the official site, you will have to pay extra to upgrade when version 2, etc. comes out.

But if you buy it for AppSumoUpgrades to major versions are free of charge.

However, if you purchase from AppSumo, FocuSee's major upgrade is also free.

When version 2 comes out, buyers from AppSumo will still get a free upgrade.

The table is presented for clarity.

Official SiteAppSumo
Price12,580 yenApprox. 6,400 yen
Normal updatesfreefree
major upgradefeefree

In all likelihood, it is more economical to purchase via AppSumo.

This special offer is only available for a limited time. We recommend getting it now.

60-day money back guarantee.

If you miss out, you will regret it later. In that case, you will have to pay twice as much to buy it from the official website.

Summary: Is FocuSee a recommended screen recording software?

FocuSee, why don't you just use OBS to record your screen?"

To be honest, the reason I purchased FocuSee was its ability to automatically zoom in during screen recording.

Rather, I bought it for that reason alone.

However, I now use it daily for my regular YouTube video recordings. In addition, I also use it to answer questions from customers in my videos.

If you want to create memorable videos that your viewers won't get bored with, FocuSee is the best screen recording software to have. Here's what actual buyers have to say▼.

Actual FocuSee buyers' (Japanese) impressions

With FocuSee, you can create engaging screen recordings for both business and personal hobbies.

FocuSee is more than just a screen recording tool.

And one last time. You can currently get FocuSee at a special price of up to 511 TP36T off▼!

60-day money back guarantee.

Take advantage of this opportunity and give FocuSee a try.

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