What are the security measures for Thin rental servers? Why should I use Thin Rent a Server in 2024?

Why Thin Rental Server? Consider from security measures

This article contains promotional Although,A heartily recommended rental server that we have used for more than 3 years on our blog.It is.

We have used a wide range of rental servers not only in Japan but also overseas. If you look at simple fees alone, there are plenty of services that are cheaper than Shinn Rental Server.

However, even with that in mind...It is preferable that you build your own media, be it a blog or a website, on a thin rental server.and I strongly recommend it.

In this article, I will explain why I continue to use Thin Rental Server myself,

  • functionality
  • cost performance
  • security

These three points will be explained one at a time. In particular, security.

What is Thin Rental Server?

Thin Rental Server is recommended.

Shin Rental Server is the "fastest & cosmopolitan" rental server in Japan.

I am not making that claim on my own, nor is Thin Rentalserver lying, it is W3Techs research.*As of May 2024

In other words.High performance performance required for site operation, yet inexpensive.Such is the service.

Depending on the timing, rates may be lower with special promotions, so if you're considering it, check it out!


Difference between Thin Rental Server and X server

Many people are concerned about the difference between these two services.


  • X server = Focus on stability
  • Thin Rental Server = Gunning for new features

Originally based on X server technology, Shin Rental Server is loaded with new technology.

New technology is constantly being added to the Shinn rental server.

The reason I use Thin Rental Server is also because the speed is half as fast & I want to use new technology.

Details are explained in another article. See also the article below.

However, as anyone who has actually used it will know, the functionality is quite similar. So, think of Thin Rental Server as a new technology that comes in ahead of X server.





The original "X server" is the source of this service. No blogger or marketer in Japan would be unfamiliar with it. X server is famous for being the No. 1 rental server in Japan in terms of market share.

Domestic market share as of May 2024 W3TechsSurvey.

I myself have been using X server since I was a novice blogger who was not yet earning even $35 per month.

But when Shin Rental Server appeared on the scene, I switched to it and said, "Okay, I'll try it.


Because new technology is always being introduced at Thin Rental Servers.It is.

I find my life's purpose in introducing the latest tools and services that no one else in Japan is paying attention to on my blog and on YouTube. That is why I had a strong curiosity about Thin Rental Server rather than the stable X server.

I am not going to put my personal reasons aside, but this kind of technology is evolving day by day. If a rental server does not incorporate the latest technology, I would be concerned.


However.Thin Rental Serverは違います。新技術を迅速に導入し、常に業界最先端のレンタルサーバー環境を提供してくれます。

It is not only equipped with new technology. It is also fully stable and secure.




That's why I'mI need a rental server that I can trust.We believe that this is the case.




1. WordPressセキュリティ設定

Thin Rental Server Security

Have you ever run a website and worried about unauthorized access from outside your country?

Thin rental servers have the ability to restrict access from foreign IP addresses.

It can prevent unauthorized access to administrative screens and critical functions, greatly improving site security.

2. ファイアウォールとIDS

Are you concerned about cyber attacks? At Shin Rent a Server, we use firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to monitor our servers 24 hours a day.

Unauthorized intrusions can be detected and prevented at an early stage.

The servers are safer and more secure.

3. 脆弱性診断

At Shin Rent a Server, a specialized outside company performs regular vulnerability assessments.

This makes it possible to detect problems as early as possible and take countermeasures. Security risks are reduced and sites can be operated in a safe environment.

4. SSL対応

Have you ever wanted to enhance the security of your site?

Thin rental servers can issue free SSL certificates to encrypt your site's communications. Most rental servers also have SSL functionality. It is not an uncommon feature.

Nevertheless, SSL support is essential to protect users' personal information and create a reliable website.

5. 不正ログイン対策

Are you worried about unauthorized logins? Thin Rent a Server has the ability to request additional authentication in the event of a suspicious login.

It provides enhanced security to protect your account in the event of unauthorized access attempts.

6. 高度な物理セキュリティ

Worried about the physical security of your data center? No need to worry.

Strict physical security measures are taken at Thin Rent-A-Server's data centers.

It protects data from physical intrusion and provides a secure environment.

7. バックアップ機能

There may also be concerns about the risk of data loss.

The data on the site will be lost...it is hopeless when that happens. It would be nice if we could recover the data, but without a backup, the data will not come back.

Shin Rental Server provides automatic periodic backups. With this feature,In the worst case scenario, even if data is lost, it can be recovered quickly and important data can be protected.

Manual backups can also be made, so backups can be made at the time of site construction in case of an emergency.

8. 最新のセキュリティ技術

Thin rental servers use KUSANAGI's acceleration technology and the latest hardware configuration.

Improved server performance and security for comfortable website operation.

9. パスワードセキュリティ

Have you ever found it difficult to set a strong password? At Shin Rent a Server, we have relaxed the character limit for passwords, allowing you to set stronger passwords.

This means that you can set stronger passwords for yourself than ever before. So security is strengthened and the risk of unauthorized access is reduced.

10. SSH接続

Thin rental servers provide secure, encrypted connections via SSH.

This feature allows for secure data exchange.

My opinion

Thin Rent a Server is a safe and secure service for both beginners and intermediate users. Not only can you run your site with peace of mind, but you can also speed up your site's display speed and stabilize its performance.


I myself use English-speaking services as well as Japanese domestic rental servers. From cheap services costing less than $1 per month to relatively expensive services.

Nevertheless, I am running this blog itself on a Thin rental server.

The reason for this is so that you can concentrate on writing your blog. I don't want to run a blog while worrying about slow display speeds, security measures, and so on.

I want to keep it simple and just focus on blogging.

In that regard, Shin Rent a Server is definitely the most secure service I use.

In fact, I have also used domestic rental servers such as Conoha WING and mixhost. They are good services too. However, I have to say that I am not a fan of

  • Always want to use new technology (attracted by the fastest in the country)
  • Reliable from security measures to display speed
  • Besides, it is stable (Since X server is the original, it is stable)

For these reasons, I have been using Thin Rental Server without switching.

If you are in doubt, use Thin Rent a Server. Again, this is the service I myself use for this blog. I recommend it with confidence.

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