How to Delete Your AppSumo Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

AppSumo Account Deletion

Hi, this is Fujii. In this article, I will explain in simple terms how to delete your AppSumo account and how to cancel your membership.

I purchased a product from Japan using AppSumo, but I'm a little scared to keep my credit card information and personal information on the AppSumo site."

Some of you may be like that.

In fact, I have a "How to delete your AppSumo accountWe have received several requests to "tell us what you are doing.

So, for those who wish to withdraw from AppSumo, here are the detailed instructions.

You can easily delete your account by simply reading this article. We do not recommend it.

Why I do not recommend deleting the AppSumo account.We have also explained about this in this article. We hope you will read it.

Procedure for deleting an account at AppSumo 

How to Delete Your AppSumo Account: A Step-by-Step Guide
Deletion of AppSumo account.

We will start by explaining how to delete your AppSumo account. The method itself is simple. First,support@appsumo.comSend an email to

In the body of the email, you must clearly state in English that you want us to delete your account.

Don't forget to include your account information (e.g., your registered email address) in addition to that.

In case you need a sample, here is an example sentence.

Sample Email Text

Subject: Account Deactivation Request

Hello AppSumo Support,.

I would like to request the deactivation of my AppSumo account associated with the email address [email address registered with AppSumo].

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards,[name].

Please change only your e-mail address and name.

You'll need to send an email in English, but it's easy if you use the template above. AppSumo's support team will get your account deleted quickly.

It's just...It is not always a good idea to delete a AppSumo account.Here is an explanation of why. Please read on.

Advantages and disadvantages of deleting AppSumo account 

This section details the advantages and disadvantages of deleting your AppSumo account.

Benefits of Account Deletion

First of all, what are the benefits of deleting the AppSumo account?Security aspectsIt is.

AppSumo's security measures are thorough. As a huge overseas marketplace with at least 800,000 active users worldwide, we are well-prepared for unauthorized use and external attacks.

Nevertheless, the state of having your personal information on an overseas site may be a bit unsettling. With that in mind, by deleting your account,It's mentally reassuring, isn't it?This is one of the advantages.

The risk of unauthorized use is also eliminated.

Disadvantages of account information

However, it is not without disadvantages. The disadvantage of deleting an account is that once an account is deleted, the account information cannot be restored.

In other words.All purchase history, receipts, etc. will be erased.This is the first time I've done this.

AppSumo Commodity

Special attention should be paid to the fact that items purchased for AppSumo are expenses.

Of course, but the items purchased are expenses, even if they are foreign software. Please ask your tax advisor for more details.

If receipts and purchase histories disappear, in the worst case scenario, proof of purchase will no longer be available,It is more difficult to prove as an expense.Possibility.

If you have a PayPal payment history, credit card debit, or order completion email, it is not much of a problem.

One risk, however, should be remembered.

Things to check before deleting an account

Before deleting your AppSumo account in light of the above,Things to be sure to checkI will explain the

AppSumo data (receipts and purchase history) will also disappear.

First, all data such as purchase history and receipts from AppSumo will be deleted with the deletion of your account.

Therefore, please check and save the necessary information before deleting or withdrawing from your account.

  • (formal) receipt
  • Purchase History

We recommend that you save only these two items.

How to download receipts from AppSumo

First, click on "Products" in the upper right menu of AppSumo.

AppSumo Commodity

You will then see a list of your purchases.

Then click on "View purchase history.

It is written in slightly smaller letters. If you don't know where it is, see the image below.

AppSumo Payment history

You will see your entire payment history. On this page, select the product for which you want to download a receipt and click on the link.

Download AppSumo Receipt

A receipt for the item will appear on the page. From the top right

  • Print page
  • Download receipts in PDF format

You can choose to Download receipts as needed.

AppSumo Receipt PDF

If you have purchased many items, it is possible to download receipts for your purchases in this way, although it is a little more time-consuming.

Be sure to redeem your purchase!

Also, if your purchase has not yet been redeemed, please be sure to redeem it before deleting your account.

Even if the redemption has not been made,Once an account is deleted, it cannot be redeemed in the future.I can't prove the purchase.

Check to see if there are any items in your account that have not yet been redeemed, and then delete your account.

No need to delete your account at AppSumo.

Last but not least, there is no need to delete your AppSumo account.

If you are a first-time user, we understand that you may feel uneasy and want to delete it. However,Deleting an account is more disadvantageous.It is.

AppSumo is a secure site

First, let me explain about AppSumo.

This is an extremely secure site, founded in March 2010 by Noah Kagan and headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.

TrustPilot Reputation Reviews

TrustPilot, a global rating site, has 754 ratings for the AppSumo, with an average rating of 4.4 or higher out of 5. It has received quite a few high ratings.

AppSumo has been in operation and highly rated for many years and has many users around the world, including myself. It is not a suspicious or dangerous platform.

Credit card information can be deleted on site.

In addition, as you may be concerned, the credit card information registered with AppSumo can be deleted from within your account. The following is an explanation of this procedure.

1Select "Account Overview" from the upper right menu of TP27T.

AppSumo Account Page

Select "Payment.

AppSumo Payment

Within this page, you can delete credit card information stored in your account.

AppSumo Credit card

Select the credit card you wish to delete

Then click on the button "Delete Payment

Credit Card Information Deletion

You have now completely removed your credit card information.

AppSumo Payment information deletion completed

Therefore, if you will not be using AppSumo in the future, you can safely delete your payment information. There is no need to delete your entire account.

How to unsubscribe from AppSumo emails (newsletter)

And perhaps some of you who are trying to delete your AppSumo account are saying, "The email newsletter I get from AppSumo is bothering me," or "I want to unsubscribe but I don't know how. So I want to delete the whole account".

thereforeHow to unsubscribe from the newsletterThis section explains how to do this. The method of deactivation is simple.

1Scroll down to the bottom of the email you receive from TP27T and click on the email reception preferences (Manage preferences) at the bottom.

Newsletter unsubscribe settings AppSumo

You are now on a page where you can manage your email unsubscribe settings.

Unsubscribe all emails.
AppSumo Unsubscribe from newsletter

Select "UnSubscribe me from your list. Then click the button marked "Save preference".

This will unlock all AppSumo emails.

Newsletter AppSumo Unsubscription completed

I get promotional emails every day. I understand why you would want to unsubscribe from the newsletter lol.

How to Delete Your AppSumo Account: A Step-by-Step Guide
Takeo Fujii

Still, I subscribe because I sometimes get coupons.

If you are considering deleting your AppSumo account because of the newsletter, unsubscribe from the newsletter first.

We hope you will consider whether to delete your account afterwards.

So, at some length, this article has explained how to delete or cancel your AppSumo account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. If you have any questions about AppSumo in the comments section below this article, I will answer them directly.

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