Why Don't Need Copywriting?

I don't need copywriting.

Hi, I'm Takeo Fujii. This time, I'm going to talk about whether or not copywriting is necessary for entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, "Copywriting is not always necessary.

You don't need copywriting to sell.

The radical message of "no copywriting", which is the main topic of this article, makes enemies of copywriters, doesn't it?

What I'm trying to say is that you don't need to learn copywriting when you're about to start a small business and build your business. It's all about timing.

Some of my clients attended high-priced seminars on copywriting that cost 300,000 yen per session. However, it is a mistake to ask, "Should I attend a copywriting seminar" at the zero stage of launching a business.

Entrepreneurs should "sell first."

I don't mean to imply that copywriting itself is sterile.

I don't deny that I am a copywriter. I don't deny that I'm a copywriter, because that job is also sought after and established.

However, the first thing an entrepreneur should do after setting up his or her own business is not to train in copywriting. The first thing to do is to sell. There is no need for advanced marketing or expensive tools. The same goes for writing.

The first step is to sell. It's not the stage where you train your individual skills of copywriting. It is needed in the "sell more effectively" stage.

First of all, in order to get from zero to one, we need to focus on selling.

Learn only the basics of copywriting.

So, shouldn't you learn copywriting at all?

There is no need to learn it when you are just starting up. If you are going to learn copywriting, it is best to just have the basics in mind.

The fundamentals of copywriting can be used in other areas as well. For example, the concept of the "three NOTs". This is the first concept you learn in copywriting.

When I write for others, I need to be aware of these "three NOTs".

  • Not Read
  • Not Believe
  • Not Act

The reader doesn't read your writing. Even if they do, they won't believe it. And even if they do, they won't actually take action. This is the premise on which you should write your text.

Nowadays, "three NOTs are old-fashioned," and four Nots and five Nots have been added.

Either way, you can use this idea of the three Not's very well. It's a concept that can be applied to all parts of business, not just writing.

If you also understand the basic concepts of copywriting in this way, you can apply them in actual face-to-face sales and in webinars.

In other words, just a basic knowledge of copywriting is enough. Don't learn copywriting in depth in the early stages of starting a business. You just need to understand the basics.

If you have a dream of becoming a copywriter, that's another story. However, most of you reading this article are not. You are supposed to be an entrepreneur. The basics of copywriting are enough.

Entrepreneurs don't study extra hard.

The same is true not only for copywriting, but for all other disciplines as well.

For example, sales. This skill is also very deep.

Sales is different for face-to-face sales and online sales. In addition, the sales flow (sequence) and closing techniques can be subdivided.

It's hard to input all of your sales knowledge.

You already know the answer to this. Concentrate on selling rather than "mastering one skill" in all your skills. If you want to learn, just the basics are enough.

You only need the basics. Input only the knowledge that will actually lead to first results in your business.

You can take in new knowledge when you need it.

Above all, money is very important.

Do you remember the client who paid 300,000 yen to attend the high-priced seminar on copywriting that I mentioned at the beginning of this article?

If you think about it, 300,000 yen is an extremely large amount of money when you are just starting out.

Unlike a company with annual sales of one billion yen, when you are starting out with zero annual sales, you have to think very carefully about how to use this 300,000 yen.

If you have a mature business, you can discount it as a "300,000 yen expense. However, 300,000 yen is a considerable amount of money when you first start your business.

Rather than investing that 300,000 yen in copywriting training, it would be much more useful to invest it in advertising, whether it be Facebook ads, listings, or Twitter ads.

Conclusion: Entrepreneurs don't need copywriting.

Let's look back at the theme of this issue. "I don't need copywriting."

This message is important for entrepreneurs who are just starting up their business.

You don't need to learn copywriting in depth. Instead, sell. Get results.

Rather than learning one skill in more depth, gather as many skills and knowledge as you need at this stage. And you can learn as your business grows.

It's not just copywriting. It's the same with marketing. I deliver marketing information to small business owners and sole proprietors.

However, I don't expect my clients to become great marketers.

For managers and entrepreneurs, I only want you to incorporate and use marketing in your business.

It is my job to purchase marketing knowledge, verify it and teach it. Marketing is quite broad and deep. If you try to master it, you will neglect your business. You won't have time to do business.

That's why I don't want you, the reader of this article, to become a "marketing expert" either.

I'm gathering & verifying information on digital marketing. I want you to steal the knowledge I have and use it in your business.

Mastering copywriting is the job of the copywriter.

Mastering digital marketing is also the job of a digital marketer.

There is a saying that "rice cakes are for rice cakes," and entrepreneurs should focus on selling first. As for copywriting, steal only what you need. There is no need to go deep.

Also, if you have any questions about copywriting, please write them in the comments on the blog.

I check it very high frequency. This year's theme was "No Copywriting Needed".

I hope I have conveyed the meaning of this theme without misunderstanding. See you in the next article. Thank you very much for your time.

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Takeo Fujii
I'm a geek who collects digital marketing resources from around the world. I also write an irregular marketing blog for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs. I'm busy gathering and verifying information, so making money is something I do in my spare time.