TaskMagic AI Features – What's the Difference

TaskMagic What is AI?

Hi, I'm Fujii, and I'm here to talk about the announcement of new features that will be included in TaskMagic in the future.

We have been introducing the automated application TaskMagic. If you are wondering, "What is TaskMagic?" please take a look at this article first.

A new feature has been announced for the TaskMagic. It is called "TaskMagic AI.

This feature will make it easier than ever to streamline your business and daily life. Here are some of the features of this revolutionary feature.

What is TaskMagic?

TaskMagic AIWhat is the function of the

Before explaining this feature, let me first describe the TaskMagic so far.

The official TaskMagic page is here.

TaskMagic is a tool that makes it easy for people with no programming knowledge to automate tasks on the Web.

What features?

  • Click on an element in the page
  • Scraping information in a page (information extraction)
  • File Download
  • Upload Files
  • Typing sentences (keyboard typing)

Various tasks can be automated, such as

Specific examples include automating the creation of blog posts with ChatGPT and automatically downloading thumbnail images in a YouTube channel.

For entrepreneurs and marketers, it can automate all the tedious tasks.

What is the new "TaskMagic AI" function?

Next is the newly installed TaskMagic AI.

This feature in a nutshell,Automate what you want to do more intuitivelyI'm not sure.

It will be even easier to automate daily tasks than the previous TaskMagic.

I also explained it in the video. See below if you like.

Proposal of automation ideas

The TaskMagic AI will include a "feature that will automatically advise you on automation".

First, as always, set up the work you want to automate in TaskMagic.

You will then receive an email in your inbox similar to the image below.

TaskMagic AI will receive feedback on the automation you create.

Hi Jeremy, I am very happy to hear from you!

This is the first of a series of recommended automated processes. We will continue to provide more recommendations as we continue our analysis.

The first automation flow we propose to you:

Did you know. : The process of exporting survey results completed in SafetyCulture and uploading them to a Google Drive folder can be automated by linking SafetyCulture, TaskMagic's delay feature, and Google Drive.

Estimated time saved by this automation: 7 hours per month

Thus, the AI's suggestion feature analyzes your daily tasks and tells you which tasks can be automated to save you the most time.

What does this do?

You tell TaskMagic about the work you do,AI analyzes it and suggests ways to do it smarter and faster.

It's as if a secretary can shorten your workday.

For example, AI provides a quick solution to the tedious task of organizing and saving a survey results report to Google Drive.

Benefits of this feature

What is so great about this feature?

  • They'll tell you the time savings you can actually save.
  • They offer suggestions for automation.

You may have as much as seven hours of free time per day. By automating each of your daily tasks in this way, you can use that time to read, enjoy your hobbies, and spend time with your family.

Significant improvements in ease of use

TaskMagic One of the functions that can be done with AI is to further facilitate automation.

The user-friendly interface makes operation more intuitive. Even beginners can easily set up automation.

How is the new TaskMagic AI different from the previous ones?

TaskMagic.How to create automationwill change.

Of particular note is the ability of TaskMagicAI to create individualized automation flows and receive advice on them via email.

TaskMagic AI sold separately?

TaskMagic AI Features – What's the Difference

I bought it because you were so insistent on YouTube! Sold separately.

Some of you may be anxious.

Please rest assured for the moment. The fee plans are currently announced as follows.

Usage Fees

  • Existing TaskMagic users: available as a free update.
  • New clients: will be available in the future for an additional fee.

I have actually confirmed TaskMagic with Jeremy, the founder.

I asked TaskMagic if this AI feature would be included as a monthly add-on. I did so and received the following answer.

I said, "Is the TaskMagic AI sold separately?"

Jeremy: "Free for existing customers. But for new customers, there is a fee. I haven't decided how much it will cost yet, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

If you have already purchased the TaskMagic, rest assured that it will not be sold separately. There is no additional charge.

Existing users will have access at no additional cost.

They are currently working on a specific pricing plan for TaskMagic AI when sold as a separate add-on to future customers.

All TaskMagic AI functionality will still receive free updates until this feature is implemented, so please purchase as soon as possible.

Everyone who purchased the TaskMagic AI before it was released is eligible for the free app."

In other words, buy now and save.

With these new features, the TaskMagic overcomes its previous defects and evolves into a more user-friendly and efficient tool.

As more AI functions are expected to be added in the future, the possibilities for automation continue to grow.

TaskMagic Tariff Plan

The new TaskMagic AI will be incorporated this year. January at the earliest.

We recommend that you purchase now.

Click here to see the TaskMagic pricing plan.
  • Monthly: $49/month
  • Desktop: $499/purchase
  • Desktop + cloud: $999/purchase

I recommend the Desktop plan, which I would rather buy outright than continue to pay $49/month for the Monthly plan. I am also on the Desktop plan.

If you want to be able to automate even if you turn off your computer, go for the Desktop + cloud plan.

Should I buy TaskMagic? But there is a glitch...

You will be confused. In Japan, there is still little information about this automation tool.

I would recommend purchasing.

If you are considering it,TaskMagic Before the introduction of AI featuresto make a purchase.

Here is my personal opinion.

You may be wondering if price is a bottleneck. We understand that feeling.

Something to think about when in doubt.

That is not buying a tool called TaskMagic.buy timeThink of it as.

Everyone has only 24 hours in a day, or 1,440 minutes.

We have 24 hours in a day. Everyone has only 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes in terms of minutes.

That's why I always ask myself

Do I have to do that work?"

Work that I don't have to do.

  • Leave it to staff and employees.
  • Outsourcing

That alone gives you more free time in a day.

However, hiring someone costs a certain amount of money.

With robots, you can automate everyday tasks without having to hire staff or employees. Data entry tasks, data organization, blog posts, and more...

The robot for this purpose is TaskMagic.

You can automate tasks without moving your hands and without hiring people. There are no human errors. You can automate precisely.

This will allow you to immerse yourself in the work you need to do.

This is just my opinion,Save time, don't you think it's a deal-breaker when you think of it that way?

TaskMagic is also a blast to fix bugs and glitches.

Existing RPA and automation tools took time to design automation.

'I don't know how to use it,' and 'it takes a lot of time to create automation.'

However, TaskMagic is different.

Even beginners can automate intuitively.

While convenient, there were many bugs until last year.

However, those bugs and glitches have been resolved by the TaskMagic team.

In addition, updates are made at a high frequency.

TaskMagic support is not half bad.

Well, two weeks ago. I put out a video saying, "Automation doesn't work at TaskMagic."

Uploaded video about TaskMagic

Then Kyle Wilson, CTO of TaskMagic, commented.

Kyle, a cto of TaskMagic, commented.

The latest version, 0.4.55, was supposed to fix this problem, but no one on the development team has been able to reproduce it. :(
Based on the errors we have received, we believe that this problem only affects certain users and we have released a solution.

If the problem is still not resolved in the latest version, can you please comment on the ticket?

So I took a video and sent it to TaskMagic AI to share the problems that are happening.


I received a short comment from Kyle, the cto of TaskMagic.

They immediately worked on a solution.

As a result, this glitch has been completely resolved.

He continues to enthusiastically answer questions and requests from other TaskMagic users.

See the comments section of TaskMagic founder Jeremy Redman's YouTube channel.

Jeremy, the founder of TaskMagic, is also quite enthusiastic about support. He is sensitive to user feedback.

We continue to reply to all comments we receive, not only those that are encouraging or questioning, but also those that are negative.

This alone shows how much he cares about his TaskMagic users.

Summary: TaskMagic AI should be bought in anticipation of

Purchase the TaskMagic AI before it is sold separately.

this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)Free for TaskMagic users who purchased before the AI feature was installed.As of 2024-01-02, this feature has not been installed, so it is not too late.

Once the AI feature is installed, it will be sold separately to new customers after that.

I don't know either when it will be mounted.

We will bring you more information about the innovative features of TaskMagicAI as soon as we know more.

It's going to be fun in 2024. We hope you will use up your TaskMagic this year 💪.

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