Resolving TaskMagic Issues: Understanding Causes and Solutions for Common Bugs

This solves all the bugs and glitches you may encounter when using TaskMagic.

Hi, this is Fujii. This is a summary of how to resolve bugs and glitches that occur with the automation application TaskMagic.

If these articles do not resolve the issue, please let us know in the comments section below this article.

Please note that this information is a summary of bugs that occur as of November 1, 2023, and how to resolve them. Depending on the version you are using, it may have already been resolved.

What is TaskMagic? Why is it buggy?

TaskMagic is an AI automation application that can efficiently automate daily routine and repetitive tasks.

For more information, please see this article.

Many managers and marketers have told us that they were able to automate all the tedious manual work, and that they are glad they purchased the product.

New features are being added to TaskMagic all the time.

On the other hand, when new features are added,Some bugs and glitches are created.Frankly, this is quite stressful.

This article will provide a clear description of the major bugs and glitches known at this time in TaskMagic and how to resolve them.

It will also explain how to report bugs and defects when encountered and how to resolve them through collaboration between developers and the community.

I know it's buggy, but is TaskMagic ok?

For those who bought the product with high expectations, there will be times when they will regret their purchase, "Oh, there is a problem with TaskMagic, is this OK?" You may regret your decision to buy this product.

I'm going to be honest and spit out my feelings, because the bugs are noticeable compared to other RPA and automation apps.I wonder if I made a mistake buying it."I thought at first.

In fact, at first I even said, "I don't need to buy this.

Therefore, I understand how you feel.

However, bugs and glitches are being fixed as we speak.

TaskMagic continues to evolve

If you almost regret purchasing TaskMagic, please watch the video below.

This is the first video posted on TaskMagic founder Jeremy Redman's YouTube channel.

The initial TaskMagic was so difficult to use that it is unthinkable today. Compare this with the current TaskMagic.

Over the past year, the functionality has clearly been updated.It can be seen that

Thus, one after another, TaskMagic is evolving.

Reports of bugs and glitches have been received, and the TaskMagic development team is actively working to resolve these issues in response to feedback.

Current glitches and bugs will also be fixed.

However, I will tell you how to solve the bugs that currently exist.

(1) Chromium Browser startup problems

Issue Description: In using TaskMagic, a problem has been reported where the automation window (Chromium Browser) does not launch after clicking on "capture steps".

Automation is not activated by clicking "Play steps" in TaskMagic. The following is an explanation of the cause and solution of this problem.

The reason is that an older version of Chromium is installed.

The solution is to update the version of Chromium.

The specific solution is to first go to the user area of the computer,Locate the ".chromium-browser-snapshots" folder.

This section explains how to update the version of Chrome on TaskMagic.

After deleting the folders in it, exit TaskMagic once.

Then reboot, and the new version of Chromium will be installed automatically, and the problem will be resolved.

(2) Automation window keeps opening.

A problem has also been reported with TaskMagic where an obtrusive, unneeded window keeps opening.

Sometimes a window remains open even though it has already been automated by TaskMagic. This article explains the cause of this problem and how to resolve it.

See the image above. It's a little confusing, but the TaskMagic screen on the right has already been automated.

Nevertheless, the left window continues to activate the TaskMagic automation.

Thus, the window may continue to rise even though the TaskMagic has been set up and the automation has finished launching.

In particular, people running TaskMagic on Windows seem to be encountering this problem.

Causes and Solutions

This problem occurs because of incorrect termination.

Solution,Open Task Manager and force the extra TaskMagic to terminate.

To properly terminate TaskMagic, first open the Task Manager.

First, right-click on the taskbar.

Next, click on "Task Manager.

Resolving TaskMagic Issues: Understanding Causes and Solutions for Common Bugs

Right-click on "TaskMagic" in the application to end the task.

This completes all TaskMagic.

Then try restarting TaskMagic.

This method is also recommended by the TaskMagic official. Also, a fix for this bug is currently being worked on, so let's wait and see.

It is one of the more stressful bugs to encounter, and I predict it will be fixed sooner rather than later.

(iii) Problems with automation not running properly

Even if you create automations that scrape or click on certain elements, those automations may not perform well.

Why does this happen? See the video below.

The reason for this is that the element is not properly specified.

The advantage of TaskMagic automation is that it is intuitive to set up, but if the elements you specify are incorrect, the clicks and scrapings will not execute properly.

(4) Cannot add automation tasks.

When I try to add new work in TaskMagic it says something like the page cannot be added as it will not load completely.

If you are in the process of setting up an automation in TaskMagic and try to add a new step, you may encounter this notation and not be able to add it.

"Page has not finished loading. please try again in a moment. if it persists go back and then click scrape again."

(Page loading is not yet complete. Please try again. If it still persists, go back and click "Scrape" again.)

The cause of this defect is an attempt to add a new step before the page has completed loading.

To resolve,Adding a new step after the page has completely loadedIt is.

If you are already seeing this display, try closing TaskMagic once and then restarting it after some time.

What if I encounter a bug/glitch in TaskMagic?

Bugs and glitches in TaskMagic are being fixed as we go along. However, there may be some bugs that the development team is not aware of.

Inform the TaskMagic development team of the existence of bugs and defects.Simple bugs will be fixed soon.

How to report a bug or defect in TaskMagic

The way to report a bug in TaskMagic is simple.

TaskMagic bug report pageSubmissions can be made from

How to report a bug in TaskMagic.

Anyone can contribute by simply registering their email address and name.

orYouTube video of Jeremy, founder of TaskMagicPlease write your comments to

You can comment on TaskMagic founder Jeremy's YouTube video to get a fairly quick and accurate reply.

Jeremy replies to almost every YouTube comment. That's great.

Feel free to ask questions or make requests, as long as they are simple enough.

If you are not good at writing messages in English, please feel free to contact us,You can use DeepL translation to produce an English sentence that will be understood reasonably well.

By the way, Jeremy is expecting a baby this year. Due to childcare, there may be some delay in replying to you.

In that case, we recommend that you write to the TaskMagic bug report page.

When fixes are released, the application can be updated to eliminate bugs and glitches.

TaskMagic: Summary of bugs and bug fixes

I myself have used numerous automation applications and RPA. Here is what I thought of TaskMagic when I first used it.

I was quite distrustful. I had no intention of introducing them.

...but now, 3 months later, I am using TaskMagic every day.

The TaskMagic development team has been proactive in addressing reported bugs and glitches. The TaskMagic has been greatly improved since I first used it.

To begin with, a year ago, it was not as complete as it is now.

Resolving TaskMagic Issues: Understanding Causes and Solutions for Common Bugs

It has been greatly improved and features added to date.

TaskMagic founder Jeremy is also aware of the current bugs and is fixing them one by one.

More features will be added in the next year or so, and we should be able to create automations more freely.

P.S. We are currently working on a website to explain how to use TaskMagic.

We are in the process of creating a Japanese website to explain how to use TaskMagic.

We will publish the article when it is somewhat ready. If there are many requests, we will create a place where TaskMagic users can share information.

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Thank you for all your help. I am not sure where to ask this question properly, but I would be grateful for your advice.

I had trouble managing my password when I registered ChatGPT, so I registered with a so-called social login using my Google account.

I am trying to control ChatGPT with TaskMagic, but I am a little reluctant to give my Google account password to the Chromium browser, as there is no section on the ChatGPT side (including the OpenAI site) about disabling social login, I remember that Katteb used to allow me to cancel social login and change to email address & password login, but ChatGPT does not allow me to do that. If you know anything about this, please let us know.

It is not an essential problem, since it can be solved by recreating the account with a new e-mail address and changing the billing settings (existing accounts are not charged and new accounts are charged), but it is a little uncomfortable because there are multiple e-mail addresses to use and it is messy.

As a matter of urgency, I will try not to use social login for new services that I register (especially those that may be used in TaskMagic). What is your policy on social login? Please let us know.

Sorry to bother you, but this question is a bit outside of TaskMagic.

Thank you for your question. I just made a video about this, ▼
This method eliminates the need to directly enter login information on ChatGPT or other sites.
We are very happy if this video is helpful.

We cut it out in the video, but there is no doubt that cookies are also important information.
That said, I think it is much more secure than sending your Googel account login information directly to TaskMagic. (It would also be nice to be able to skip the whole login process.)

There are many different extensions that can retrieve cookies, but this video introduced the extension below.
Perhaps the safest thing to do is to create this type of extension yourself.
However, not all extensions are dangerous, so please check reviews and update dates before using them.

If you have any more questions at any time, please feel free to ask 💪.

Mr. Fujii, sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for your answer and video. I would like to choose and implement a reliable extension in this way.
However, it cannot be 100% secure, so for items to be included in automation, I will try to avoid using social login as much as possible in the future, and create and use individual accounts that will not cause serious injury in the event of a leak.

That security awareness is great.
I myself believe that there is absolutely no guarantee of safety in any application.
That's true not only for TaskMagic, but for any application no matter how well known its name is.

If you have any more questions about TaskMagic, please feel free to contact us 💪.

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