Voilà New Features & Updates (2024) : AI ChatGPT-Powered Assistant

Latest Feature Update for AI Writing Tool Voilà

This is Fujii, a powerful AI writing tool with ChatGPTVoilà."has given its latest update for January 2024.

This update includes many innovative features.

For bloggers and content marketers, the new features that have been added are very useful and can greatly improve the efficiency of everyday writing tasks.

This article details the new features included and their benefits.

What is Voilà? please take a look at the article below.

You'll be really surprised how much more productive you'll be on a daily basis when you use it.

Custom Actions Improvements

This screenshot image explains what Custom Actions are.

Features in VoilàCustom Actions.is a convenient feature that allows you to save prompts you use frequently & quickly recall prompts. This feature has been improved.

With the update, you can now set and save language settings, sentence generation style (Conversion Style), and AI model separately for each prompt.

Voilà's Custom Actions can now be configured individually in greater detail. You can now configure individual settings in addition to registering the prompts you use on a daily basis.

It can be flexibly customized to suit your everyday use.

Output Language (language of the generated text)

Do you generate sentences in Japanese, English, or some other language?

Conversion Style

Do you want the text you generate to be full of creativity, or do you want it to be well balanced?

AI Model

GPT3.5 or GPT4, etc. These can also be set individually

This feature saves a great deal of time and allows for efficient text generation.

(2) Address bar operation function

Voilà can now be called from the address bar for text playback.

To tax text in Voilà, it was necessary to call it in a web page.

When Ctrl + M key is pressed, a popup is displayed in the page and the text is generated in this popup. Such was the usage.

However, with the new update, the browserCall Voilà directly from the address bar.The company is now in a position to

Click on the address bar of the currently open page.

Type "Voila" and press the space or Tab key.

It is easy to use. Type Voilà in the address bar and press the space or tab key. Then just press enter.

if it is done in that wayThe address bar display switches to Voilà mode.

Enter the prompt here and press Enter.

Voila sentence generation will then take place in a separate tab.

This will open the Voilà sentence generation window in a separate tab.

This feature allows you to focus on the work you need to do in a separate tab without having to launch Voilà in the page.

This is a particularly useful feature in a busy work environment.

(3) Export/import function of chat history

In addition, the history of chats in Voilà is stored only on the device and is automatically deleted after 30 days.

Until now, if you wanted to save a generated text, you had to bookmark it.

However, it is a hassle to search and bookmark past exchanges every time, isn't it?

In Voilà new features,Users can freely export their chat history andThe new system can now be imported to another device.

It is easy to use.

How to export chat history in Voilà

First, start Voilà

I have Voilà set to start with Ctrl+M

To check the chat history, first launch Voilà.

Press Chat History.

Click "Export history" from the Import / Export section to export in JSON format.

You can freely import and export data from and to your chat history.

To import, click "Import from file".

This allows important information to be stored securely and exported & imported as needed at any time.

Of course, you can also import exported data to another device. It's now easier to manage important information.

Follow-up actions function

After generating the sentences in Voilà, we can furtherYou can continue to generate sentences.

It is easy to use. Just press the space key.

I have rewritten my X profile description for this issue.

You will then see the prompts that you have saved in Custom Actions.

A further feature of Voilà is the ability to generate sentences by adding follow-up to the generated sentences.

Choose a prompt from here.

Voilà is very convenient because it allows you to freely invoke and generate custom prompts that you have registered.

The prompt is then automatically and instantly entered. As shown in the image above, long prompts can be called up at the push of a button, which is very easy.

It is possible to continue in this way to generate additional sentences.

From long blog posts to detailed documents. You can create the text you want easily and quickly.

(5) Email reply suggestion function

My problem up to now, was to write a reply email.

Although ChatGPT made it easy to create e-mail replies, I often wondered what direction I should take in my replies.

In other words, I could easily write the text of the e-mail itself with ChatGPT, but I had to think about the direction of that reply e-mail by myself.

In the email you received.

  • You give thanks.
  • You're going to say no.
  • You want more information?
  • You make an appointment.

Depending on the mail you receive, the direction in which you should write your mail will vary.

That's where the newly mounted VoilàAutomatic Reply Suggestion" functionwas exactly the feature I was looking for.

Even those who are not good at English can feel at ease, as Voilà will make suggestions for composing e-mails.

Based on the email received,Voilà will automatically suggest a reply text.

All you have to do is choose one of them. The text of the reply e-mail is then automatically generated.

At the push of a button, Voilà will automatically create an English email text for you.

By the way, they will suggest a reply email in Japanese. See the image below.

It is possible for Voilà to automatically set up Japanese sentences as well.

They suggest three reply e-mails like this one in Japanese.

  • Confirmed.
  • Understood.
  • Thank you.

Do not forget to set the output language setting to "Japanese".

Pressing the button automatically generates the text of the e-mail in Japanese.

With this feature, you will no longer have to stress and fret about composing email replies.

Especially in business, the speed and quality of reply messages are important. The system supports not only English reply letters, but also Japanese and other languages, which is useful for international mail exchanges.

Is it more convenient than ChatGPT and what are the advantages of using Voilà?

There are many more Google extensions that can be used with ChatGPT.

Among them, Voilà is continuously updated with new features.

As of January 2024, it is used by more than 50,000 experts worldwide, including well-known companies such as Dropbox, KPMG and Amazon.

There are many well-known companies that use Voilà, such as Amazon and Dropbox.

The average rating from over 250 people is 4.9.

The average rating for Voilà is 4.9 out of 254 ratings. We can confirm that it is quite well reviewed and rated.

Updates are being made one after another.

The number of entrepreneurs and marketers using ChatGPT in their businesses is growing tremendously.

However, few people are still using Voilà, an AI tool that can call ChatGPT on any page.

Whether to use ChatGPT or not.

More than that, "whether or not to use Voilà" This is all you need to know.It makes a difference in work efficiency and productivity.

...isn't that an exaggeration?

You may honestly feel that way. But this is true,

Voilà is easier to use than ChatGPT in daily operations.

  • Custom Actions
  • address bar control function
  • Chat history migration function
  • Follow-up actions function
  • Email reply suggestion function

Powerful new features are being added all the time, making us even more productive.

A very powerful support tool for bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs. More updates will be made in the future.

Please give it a try.

Summary: Why Voilà is recommended for ChatGPT-based Google extensions?

There are many ChatGPT-powered Google extensions similar to Voilà."

That is also true.

Why I still like Voilà. It's because Voilà is versatile.

  • GPT4 can automatically generate a variety of sentences.
  • Automatic creation of YouTube summaries
  • Create text based on information in the currently open page
  • Web browsing function to create text based on information available on the Internet
  • You can use the same prompts you use in ChatGPT.
  • Save prompts & recall them at any time

Such as....

It is quite versatile. It can be used in a variety of cases.

This update is not the only one. Voilà will continue to evolve with new features in the future.

If you are not already using Voilà, this is a great opportunity to check it out.

What is Voilà?

No, ChatGPT will suffice."

It is precisely for such people that I would like to encourage them to try it at least once.

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