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TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

WordPress translation plugin

According to W3Tech, about 63.41 TP2T of the top 10 million Web sites on the World Wide Web are written in English. This is followed by Russian (7.1%), Turkish (3.9%) and Spanish (3.7%).

This means that 36.6% of Internet users search in non-English speaking languages. If you have not yet made your site multilingual, you are missing out on a large customer base.

This is the reason why you should make your site multilingual. By making your site multilingual, you will attract visitors from all over the world who are interested in your products.

With TranslatePress, which is introduced in this article, you can easily create a multi-language website.

So, as an actual user of TranslatePress, I will explain how to use and configure it.

I'll also give an honest explanation of the differences between WPML and Polylang, the famous WordPress multilingual plugins.

What is TranslatePress?

TranslatePress Multilingual Plugin

TranslatePress is a powerful plugin that allows you to make your WordPress site multilingual.

With this plugin, you can translate your site into various languages to create a multilingual site.

Why Create a Multilingual Site with TranslatePress?

The advantage of making your site multilingual is that you will get a lot of traffic from other countries and regions. You will be able to attract customers to your site from all over the world.

Here is an example. The default language of this site is Japanese. On top of that, we use TranslatePress to support English and German.

See the top right corner of the site.

TranslatePress WordPress

You can see the flags of the countries lined up in the menu items. If you switch this flag to English, the page content will automatically switch from Japanese to English.

TranslatePress Multilingualization Examples

This is how easy it is to make your site multilingual. Even a small personal site like this one can gain access from all over the world.

You can actually see the regional summaries in my Google Analytics.

Google Analytics TranslatePress

35% of my site's visitors come from the US. There are fewer sessions from Japan.

Even if you don't have many アクセス数s on your site now, you may be able to get PVs from all over the world by making your site multilingual with TranslatePress!

We have also translated our site using TranslatePress. Thanks to it, we are getting a lot of visitors, even from English speaking countries!

On top of that, I have actually sold some of the products I introduce through this site.

Affiliate Jasper AI

Since I started using TranslatePress, I have been able to sell a lot of products that I had not been able to close at all before.

How to use TranslatePress

Next, I will explain how to use TranslatePress. I will show you how to install and configure it.

Install TranslatePress

The "How to install TranslatePress" described in this article is the procedure for the paid version.

If you have signed up for TranslatePress, but don't know how to install it, please refer to this page.

If you want to use the free version, the process is the same as how you normally install WordPress plugins. If you do a plugin search, you will find the free version of TranslatePress. You can use it by installing and activating it.

First, if you are using a paid plan of TranslatePress, please download the plugin and license from TranslatePress My Page.

TranslatePress download

Please keep the license in a safe place as you will use it after you install the plugin!

Next, login to the WordPress admin panel and go to "Plugins" and then "Add New". Then upload the plugin.

How to install TranslatePress

Install TranslatePress and activate it.

Next, I will explain how to set it up. However, it is very easy to set up. Let's quickly go through the settings.

Setup from the WordPress admin panel

When you go to the TranslatePress settings page, you will see a section called "Default Language".

Default language

In this section, choose the language of your WordPress site. For example, in the case of this site, it is Japanese.

Next, choose the languages you want to add to your site. From the "All Languages" section, choose a new language to add.

All languages

Don't forget to save your settings.

Translate the content on the site.

Now, we will actually use TranslatePress to translate the contents of the site.

Once you have opened a page on your site, click on "Translate Page" in the WordPress admin bar.

Translate Page

You will then see a section for translation on the left.

Translation Section

The process of translating content is simple. Just click on the sentence or word you want to translate.

You will then be able to translate in the section on the left.

When you are done translating, click "Save Translate".

After saving, you will see a language switcher in the page where you can change the language displayed. It's very easy!

By the way, I don't use the default language switcher because I don't like the look of it, instead I put the language switcher in the menu bar of the site.

Automatically translate your content

If you don't want to translate manually, we recommend you to use automatic translation.

The paid version of TranslatePress comes with an add-on for automatic translation.

With this add-on, you can automatically translate your WordPress site.

By the way, 90% of the content on this site is also automatically translated. Since we have posted more than 60 articles on this site, it is very troublesome to translate all of them manually. It would take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, all articles are automatically translated.

Using the automatic translation is easy.

First, go to the TranslatePress settings page as you did before.

Then click on "Automatic Translation". This is where you will enable automatic translation.

TranslatePress Automatic

Then the settings for automatic translation will be displayed

There are two translation services to choose from for automatic translation: Google Translate and DeepL. This site uses DeepL to automatically translate the site.

You will need to enter the API key for DeepL.

By the way, DeepL can automatically translate up to 500,000 characters per month for free. The quality of the translation is also high, so I recommend DeepL translation.

After entering the API key, save the file. You are now done.

For automatic translation, switch the language within the page you want to translate, and all the content in the page will be translated automatically.

I think it's a little confusing, so please watch the video below.

Even long pages can be translated fully automatically by just loading them. It's very convenient.

By the way, if you are not satisfied with the result of the automatic translation, you can still correct it manually.

So far, I have explained the basic setup and usage of TranslatePress. It is very easy, isn't it? If you have any questions about the settings, please ask them in the comments section below this article. I will answer.

TranslatePress Features

Here is an introduction to the features of TranslatePress.

Automatic translation function

The most notable feature is automatic translation, which allows you to automatically translate all of your site's content using Google Translate or DeepL translation.

Google Translate is not expensive either, but I use DeepL to translate my site because of its high translation accuracy.

You will need an API key to do the DeepL translation.


Don't worry, you can get the API key for free. By the way, with the DeepL API key, you can translate 500,000 characters per month for free. For a small site, free is good enough.

If you want to translate more than 500,000 characters per month, you can pay a fee. Even in that case, the monthly fee is very inexpensive.

DeeoL Pro

I translated an additional 2,000,000 words in one month, and the cost was 5,630 yen. Cheap.

By the way, if you use DeepL to translate automatically, the settings screen will show you how many characters you have translated.

DeepL Number of translations per day

You can limit the number of words you can translate in a day, so you will not be charged unexpected amounts.

Tip: You can manually modify the automatically translated content later.

Manual translation

It is also possible to manually translate the content on the page. Just select the words you want to translate and click on them.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

The section for translation will appear on the left. Manual translation is available within this section.

In this section, you can also translate the article title, meta description, URL slug, etc., all at your leisure.

Automatic Redirect

The auto-redirect feature allows you to automatically redirect visitors based on their browser language or IP address the first time they visit your site.

For example, this site is written in Japanese, but if you access this site from the U.S., you will be automatically redirected to a page written in English.

Alternatively, if you access this site from Germany, you will be automatically redirected to a German page.

I don't use this feature because it is prone to problems with Googlebot compatibility. It's useful, though.

Wide range of languages supported

TranslatePress currently supports 221 languages.

Adding a language to your site is easy. First, go to the settings page and set the default language for your site.

In the case of this site, Japanese is set.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

Then, you can choose the language and add it. As you can see, you can create a multi-language site with very simple operations.

Language switcher (toggle)

TranslatePress also has a switch function to switch between languages.

It would be faster to see the actual product, so please see the image below.

TranslatePress Switcher

You can automatically display a "language switcher" to freely switch languages on the page.

I don't use it because I don't want to show the language switcher in the page.

Instead, we are going to show the language switcher in the menu bar. See below.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

The way to make the language switch appear in the menu bar is simple.

First, go to "WordPress admin" > "Gaian" > "Menus". Then you will see an item called Language Switcher.

TranslatePresss Menu

Now add the language switcher to the menu bar. Save and you are done.

This way, you can show the language switcher in the menu bar in your site.

If you are not quite sure how to set it up, please watch my explanatory video.

You can set it up quickly in about a minute. Please give it a try.

Exclude words and sentences that you don't want to translate

One of my favorite features in TranslatePress is "Exclude strings". This feature allows you to exclude words and strings that you do not want to be translated from the automatic translation.

For example, you don't need to translate the words for your products and services, right? If you translate it, Google may judge it as a different word.

On my site, I also exclude service names from automatic translation.

TranslatePress Exclude

This feature is actually quite useful.

Translator account

Let's say you want to outsource the translation of your WordPress site.

But it's scary to give a third party the privilege of WordPress administrator, isn't it? I'm worried that they might delete the contents of my site without permission, or misuse it.

As a feature of TranslatePress, you can provide "translator accounts". With this feature, you can invite users to translate content on your site while keeping your site secure.

You can protect your important content and privacy information even when having it translated by an external translator.

Quick and generous support

Since I started using TranslatePress, I have had one major problem. The access to our site dropped drastically.

So I contacted TranslatePress support.

Then I received an email with a straightforward solution. In just 30 minutes.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

I sent an email at 9:37 a.m. Support replied at 10:09 a.m. It's amazing.

As you can see, the support response from TranslatePress is amazingly fast & specific.

The only reply I got was an empty one, which solved all my problems, thanks to you, and my site's traffic is back to normal.

Now I have people coming from all over the world to read my blog!

SEO FeaturesTranslatePress comes with add-ons to make your SEO efforts more effective!

Price Plans for TranslatePress

TranslatePress is also available in a free version, but the free version lacks features that are essential for multilingual sites.

If you want to set up a full-fledged multi-language website with WordPress, I recommend the paid plan.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?
Takeo Fujii

I also wanted to create a full-fledged multilingual site that would attract people from all over the world, so I chose the paid plan.

For TranslatePress pricing plans, see the image below.

Price Plans for TranslatePress
  • Personal Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Developer Plan

There are three plans offered. The cheapest plan is the Personal plan. It costs 79 euros per year.

This plan is inexpensive, but it does not have all the features you need to create a multilingual site.

So, I have signed up for the Business plan.

If you want to make your WordPress site multilingual, I recommend the Business plan.

Why should I choose the Business plan?

This is because the Business plan and the Developer plan allow you to use the automatic translation feature of DeepL.

With this automatic translation feature, you can automatically translate the language of your site at DeepL. Also, DeepL is the most natural translation service in the world. It will translate the content of your site with extreme fidelity.

It is very difficult to translate manually. That's why I use the Business plan, which allows me to use the automatic translation of DeepL.

When you are going to make your WordPress site multilingual, I would recommend the Business plan for the essential SEO and automatic translation features.

If you only have a few pages in your site, the Personal plan is sufficient. If you only have a few pages, it's easy to translate them manually.

Is the price of TranslatePress too high?

I have considered various options to make my WordPress site multilingual.

  • Polylang
  • Gtranslate
  • Weglot
  • WPML

I have considered various multilingualization tools. I have explained this in a YouTube video in the past, so if you are interested, please watch the following video.

After much consideration, I chose TranslatePress because it was the cheapest overall.

The Business plan of TranslatePress that I have signed up for is 139 Euros/year. In Japanese yen, it costs about 17,800 yen per year.

Euro and Yen

By the way, here are the rates for other site translation services

  • Weglot Pro 490 EUR/year
  • Polylang Pro 198 EUR/year
  • WPML Multilingual CMS $99/year
  • Gtranslate Business $299.90/year

I've listed the plans that are as close as possible to TranslatePress' Business plan (139 Euros/year).

Of these, WPML is the cheapest. However, there is an additional cost for automatic translation at DeepL.


If you try to translate the entire contents of the site, you will be charged a ridiculous amount of money...

With TranslatePress, you can automatically translate 500,000 characters per month for free at DeepL. This means that you can automatically translate the content on your site at no additional cost.

As a result, I decided that the Business plan of TranslatePress is the most affordable. It is the cheapest in total.

The annual fee is 139 Euros, which is about 11 Euros per month (about 1,200 yen). For this amount of money, you can make your entire site multilingual and get visitors from all over the world for a very low price.

You can automatically translate 500,000 characters per month for free, so you can easily create a multilingual website.

I can take PayPal payments!

By the way, TranslatePress accepts credit card and PayPal payments.

I also pay by PayPal.

TranslatePress Review [2022] Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

You can buy from Japan with confidence.

TranslatePress also has a 15-day money back guarantee.

Even if you encounter any problems while using the product, you can contact support and they will solve the problem immediately. Therefore, I don't think they will give you a refund, but in case they can't help you, you will get a full refund within 15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about TranslatePress.

If you are not sure about other multilingualization tools, please take a look at this page for consideration.

Is TranslatePress suitable for creating multilingual sites?

There are many options to make your WordPress site multilingual. I had a hard time deciding which method to use to make my WordPress site multilingual. As a result, I ended up with TranslatePress.

There are three reasons.

  • You can automatically translate an entire page at DeepL
  • Multilingual SEO support.
  • Page speed will not be slowed down.

On top of that, it is reasonably priced. Cheap. It can be made to support multiple languages at no extra cost.

There is no additional cost every time you add one language to your site, like other multilingualization tools. All in all, TranslatePress is very affordable.

I recommend it with confidence.

Is TranslatePress free?

TranslatePress is free to install and use. However, I use the paid version. But I use the paid version because the features of the free version are quite limited.

Here are the features available in the free TranslatePress

  • Translate the entire page
  • Support for dynamic strings
  • Image translation
  • Automatic translation (different from translation using API key of DeepL)
  • WooCommerce support
  • Language switcher (switching)
  • Free Support

For a small personal blog, the free version is sufficient.

However, if you want to make your site multilingual in earnest, you need the paid version. The free version of TranslatePress does not come with multilingual SEO features. It also does not come with DeepL translation.

To make your site multilingual, we recommend the paid version.

Which plan do you recommend?

We recommend the Business plan. Deepl auto-translation is a must for efficient translation of your site's content.

If you want to translate your WordPress site with high accuracy and make it fully multilingual, I recommend the Business plan.

I myself have signed up for the Business plan to translate this site.

TranslatePress Business Plan

The cheapest Personal plan comes with the SEO Pack add-on, but it does not include the automatic translation add-on for DeepL. Therefore, you will have to translate it manually.

If you want to create a multilingual site, I recommend the Business plan.

Will TranslatePress slow down my site?

Site display speed is a very important aspect of SEO.

If your site's display speed is slow, it will stress your visitors and increase the bounce rate. Slow page speed will also lower your Google rating.

Therefore, you may be worried that "If I add TranslatePress, will it slow down the display speed of my site? So, you may feel uneasy.

Don't worry, adding TranslatePress will not slow down your site.

I will show you a real example. The display speed of my site is as follows.

Smart Phone Display Speed TranslatePress
PC display speed TranslatePress

Putting TranslatePress in this way will not slow down the display speed of your site.

In fact, even with TranslatePress on our site, the articles are indexed without any problems, so there is no negative impact on SEO!

Translatepress Index SEO
Here are the Google search results for Singapore

The translated English version of the article is also well indexed by Google.

Is there a monthly plan?

No, we don't. TranslatePress only offers an annual plan.

By the way, you can pay for TranslatePress with PayPal.

TranslatePress PayPal

What happens if I don't renew my annual plan?

You do not need to renew your annual plan to continue using TranslatePress.

However, if you do not renew, you will not be able to receive updates after one year.

Don't worry, your saved translations will not be lost.

Tell me about support.

TranslatePress support is by email.

You will usually receive a reply to your email within 24 hours. Except for holidays.

The support is very attentive and provides specific solutions.

In my case, I received a reply within 30 minutes after sending an email to support. Anyway, it's fast.

Having said that, TranslatePress is basically easy to set up without using support, so you won't have any trouble.

Can I use it on any WordPress site?

Yes, any WordPress site is compatible with TranslatePress.

In addition to personal blogs and sites, you can also use it for corporate sites, e-commerce sites, etc.

Incidentally, it is also compatible with WooCommerce. Therefore, it is also a recommended multilingual plugin for those who want to sell their products worldwide.

If you are considering TranslatePress and want to know more about it, please write in the comments section below this article. This site is also multilingualized with TranslatePress, so I can give you a concrete answer as one of the actual users. Please feel free to ask questions.

For those who are considering [Multilingual] TranslatePress

As you can see from the length of this article, I am very happy with TranslatePress.

If you try to make your WordPress site multilingual manually, there is no amount of time and effort you can spare. However, with the TranslatePress DeepL auto-translation add-on, you can automatically translate your site and make it multilingual in just a few seconds.

The quality of DeepL translation is also high, so it can be translated in a natural and readable way. This makes it possible to create a multilingual website that is also valued by Google.

In fact, our website, which you are reading, is also successfully indexed in Google searches around the world. This is evidence that the quality of the articles translated by DeepL is being evaluated.

There are a number of ways to translate a WordPress site. Among them, I recommend TranslatePress the most.

Customer support is also very generous, and it is intuitive to use without reading the manual.

Besides, TranslatePress has a 15-day money back guarantee.

TranslatePress Money Back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the product, there is no need to worry because there is a money back guarantee.

We also plan to provide a detailed explanation of how to use TranslatePress on this site. If there is a response....

Finally, a word from me. Making your website multilingual is an opportunity.

If you are reading this article, you are probably already aware of this because you are a very information-sensitive person. By going multilingual, your site will attract visitors from all over the world.

Our site also has more than 351 TP2T visitors from the US.

TranslatePress is the best plugin to make your WordPress site multilingual. I'm a real user and I recommend it with confidence.

If you have any further questions about TranslatePress, please comment on this article.

I will reply to you directly, usually within 12 hours.

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How do you do?
I have installed TranslatePress as a trial. The site here was helpful.

However, we have had Paypal intervene and communicate with the seller due to unjustified charges.

I was fooled by the 15 day trial period 100% money back guarantee, no risk.
To try the automatic translation feature, DeepL, I had to enter a payment method. This is where you made a mistake.
You should not enter a payment method.

After 2 hours of testing, I noticed that I could not go back to the Japanese page from the English page. No matter how many times I changed the settings, the same thing happened. It was unusable.

When I cancelled after 2 hours, I was already billed at that point.

It is not a debit after 15 days. It is unfair.
Paypal has closed that it was justified, but is moving again with an appeal.

The content here is not correct regarding the most important matter, money.
I hope it will be handled so that there will be no other victims.

Mr. Yoshida.

Nice to meet you. First of all, thank you for contacting me.
It is encouraging to hear that it was helpful again.

However, I am concerned to hear that you are currently in a difficult situation.
I wish to respond to the extent that I am able to answer your questions.

First, we identify the cause.
Mr. Yoshida is now in trouble because he is being charged without permission.
Is it DeepL? Or is it TranslatePress?
Which of these services did you receive an unauthorized billing without permission?

If you have been charged a fee without permission at ■DeepL

DeepL can translate up to 500,000 characters per month free of charge.
If you do not upgrade, billing will not start.

Did you upgrade to DEEPL API PRO, Yoshida-san?
If you have not done so and DeepL has charged you without your permission, it is unfair.
Please contact DeepL for more information.

■If you are being charged a fee by TranslatePress without permission

If Mr. Yoshida is making unauthorized charges to TranslatePress without our permission.
I would like to ask one question. Is the site you applied for the following official site?

TranslatePress does offer a 15-day money-back guarantee, but
Free TrialThere is no

I was fooled by the 15 day trial period 100% money back guarantee, no risk.

TranslatePress offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.
However, if you want a refund, you must file a dispute with PayPal before
You will need to contact TranslatePress support.

I wish you luck in resolving the issue.

About the bug in *TranslatePress

I noticed that it does not return from the English page to the Japanese page.

I have also checked this site for confirmation on this issue.
However, we were unable to reproduce this problem.
This would be my guess.

Compatibility with WordPress plug-ins and themes
Server environment issues

Either of these is considered to be occurring.
We recommend that you contact TranslatePress support for this as well.

Hi, Suppose I have a Japanese site hosted on an X server and I want to translate the entire hosted Japanese site into Spanish using Translatepress. Do you know if the translated Spanish articles will be saved on the X server or not?

I use Translatepress to translate, but I'm concerned about the Today's character count, which is counting every day even though I haven't posted any articles. w

Hi CZ!
TranslatePress translations are stored in a database (DB).
To answer your question, the Spanish translated text is stored on CZ's site database in the X server. Therefore, even if your TranslatePress subscription expires, the translations will be retained.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply.
I see, so the Translatepress HP DB refers to the hosting server, I thought it was stored on the TP server.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

I used to use GTranslate, but with the recent depreciation of the yen, the cost has become unbearable, and there are also many mistranslations, so I was looking for a service that can use DeepL and came across this article.

I signed up for the TranslatePress business plan on the same day I found it, and ran into the problem that I couldn't get back to Japanese that Yoshida-san wrote about in his comment above. I just disabled the GTranslate plugin, but that didn't seem to help. (I guess it's also a big mistake to say that I was charged unfairly 💦)

Manual translation also turned blank, but this too was fixed by disabling Flying Scripts due to interference with the plugin. This may be just my environment, but I hope this will be helpful to others who have experienced the same problem.

It will still need to be adjusted in detail, but so far it is working comfortably.

Thank you for introducing us to TranslatePress.
Very helpful.

Mr. Shin Jimba.

Fujii. Thank you for your comment.
We are very glad you found it helpful, and TranslatePress is easy to use once you get used to it.
It would be nice to be able to integrate with DeepL.

I also read the blog of Mr. Shin Kamima.
The information on each of the dams is organized and summarized.
This is exactly the right content for multilingualization.

As a complete aside, I found this article interesting.
We will continue to support you.

Nice to meet you.
Thank you for this very informative article.

I would love to make my site multilingual as well.
So let me ask you a question.

1. does TranslatePress also have a non-DeepL translation function?
I am very tempted to translate at DeepL, but my site has a large amount of content and I am concerned that it would cost a lot of money to translate all of it.
I was wondering if TranslatePress can translate on its own.

2. is it possible to use the free version of DeepL to have one part translated into DeepL?
I would like to use it to have only 500,000 words translated for the reason of question 1 above.
After using DeepL, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the TranslatePress translation feature for content that does not fit into the 500,000 words. (This is assuming the answer to question 1 is yes.)

We are very sorry for your time, but we would appreciate your response.

I visited from Youtube and it is a great introduction to a tool that the public does not have information about. Thank you very much.
We will use this information to help us select tools to purchase before Black Friday.

Fujii. Thank you for your comment.
I'll answer one at a time 😎.

There are two types of automatic translation in TranslatePress.
(1) DeepL
Google Cloud Translation v2

If, like Mr. Thomson, you have a large amount of content, you can
We recommend automatic translation using (2) Google Translation.
The quality of the translation is lower than DeepL, but it is by far the best rate.
*Of course, even though the quality of translations is declining, the quality is increasing every year.

See below for rates.

Or you can translate manually without using either.
But Mr. Thomson said you have a lot of content.
Manual translation is not recommended.

Needs to be translated accurately.
Manual translation is recommended only for important pages.

Regarding the use of the free version of DeepL to have one part of the article translated by DeepL, I just had an article that I was going to translate, so I gave it a try.


You can also translate only one page like this.
Please give it a try. It's very convenient 💪.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Thank you very much for your confirmation.

Thank you for your very thoughtful response.
I have been looking at your other contents and find them very informative.

I see you can only do one copy at DeepL!
I would love to try it.

Please allow me to ask one additional question on the fee.
In your response.
> We recommend automatic translation using Google Translation in (2).
>>The quality of the translation is lower than DeepL, but it is by far the best price.
There is a

I checked the amount, and both services are free for the first 500,000 words, and after that, they are free for the next 500,000 words.
DeepL: 2,500 yen / 1,000,000 characters
Google: 20$/1,000,000 characters
It was stated.
Due to the depreciation of the yen, Google appears to be more expensive in terms of fees, but am I in the wrong place to check?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your response.
I'm looking forward to working with you.

Oh, I made a mistake. I am very sorry.
It is true that Google Translation is more expensive because of the weak yen.
You are correct.

It depends on how much content Mr. Thomson translates.
If you are translating a large amount of content, either method will probably cost a reasonable amount of money.

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