How to Selecting a WordPress Theme for Your Blogging

How to choose a wordpress theme

Hi, I'm Takeo Fujii. In this entry, I'd like to explain the five points that you should focus on when choosing WordPress. In a nutshell.WordPress ThemesThis is how to choose a

I've used all the major WordPress themes in Japan.

Affinger, TCD, Opencage, JIN, SANGO, etc. I also buy and try out foreign WordPress themes with my own money, such as Genesis Framework, X-Themes (including Pro), Avada, and other minor themes from Themeforest.

I've been scavenging for WordPress themes from 2013 to the present. So.How to choose a WordPress themeThe following is specific advice on how to do this.

Five points to consider when choosing a WordPress theme

How to choose a WordPress theme

WordPress themes are not meant to be changed often, because once you change the theme, the internal settings of your site will change. When you change the theme, you also have to change the settings.

This is why you need to choose your WordPress theme carefully. On the contrary.You can dramatically increase your sales and improve your CV rate just by changing one theme.You can create an effective website.

So, first of all, I, who have been working with WordPress for 8 years, will explain how to choose.

I will spare no effort in disclosing the points that I consider important when choosing a WordPress theme.

(1) Ease of use of the theme

The first one is the WordPress theme."Ease of use."You use your WordPress site frequently, right? Because you use it every day, ease of use is the key.

Here is an example of a wrong WordPress theme. There are some WordPress themes that are touted as being "feature-rich". However, if you have too many features, you will not be able to use them.

In fact, it is sometimes easier to use a product with limited functionality.

To give you another example, there are cases where people try to create a site with a foreign WordPress theme to differentiate it from other sites, but fail.

ThemeForest offers a wide selection of WordPress themes from English-speaking countries. However, when you try to use them, you may find that you don't know how to use them because they are in English.

You should still prioritize a WordPress theme that is easy to use.

The second point to focus on is.

Display speed (speed)

If you change your WordPress theme, your site's display speed will change dramatically.Faster display speed also works to your advantage in SEO.

SEO is the process of making sure that your article appears at the top of a Google search. When your article appears at the top of the first page of a search, the click-through rate jumps. In other words, it makes it easier for your article to be seen. As a result, more people will purchase your products or services through your articles.

Why is display speed a big part of SEO? The reason is simple. The faster a site is displayed, the easier it is to read. If it takes 10 or 20 seconds for a site to open, you will lose interest in reading it, right?

In this day and age, the Internet is full of information. Therefore, if your web site is slow, you will probably browser back and read someone else's web site.

If you use a WordPress theme with a slow display speed, you will be at a disadvantage in SEO. Related to that is the third one.

3) SEO

The third point to consider when choosing a WordPress theme is whether or not it has "SEO".

No need for applied SEO. Just basic SEO is enough. Nowadays.Any WordPress theme has a basic SEO strategy.Regardless of whether it's free or paid.

>>WordPress themes free or paid? SEO is not a factor, so choose whatever you want.

Therefore, rather than choosing a WordPress theme that is SEO optimized, avoid WordPress themes that are not SEO optimized.

Most WordPress themes are SEO optimized. However, some themes use tags in a strange way, or have extra features.

responseIt is also important to know if it is a responsive design.There are some WordPress themes that display fine on a computer, but collapse on a smartphone or tablet. WordPress themes that say "responsive design" are fine.

Mobile view is 80% era.

In today's world, people can view your site on their smartphones.75-80% of visitors will view your site on their smartphones.

In the past, people used computers to surf the Internet, but today, people surf the Internet with their smartphones.

Therefore, choose a WordPress theme with a design that is easy to view not only on a computer, but also on a smartphone or tablet.

And the fourth point in choosing a WordPress theme is

4) Impact

It's "impact". Give your site visitors a shock.

People judge a person they meet for the first time in six seconds. The first six seconds of meeting a person is all it takes to make a judgment: "He seems unreliable," "He seems stylish," "He seems gloomy," "He seems energetic," and so on.

And the evaluation we have at the first meeting is likely to be carried over to our long-term memory afterwards. In psychology, this is called the "primacy effect.

This works the same way for websites.Site visitors will judge your website in the first few seconds.I'm not sure.

If they decide that it is not worth reading, they will browser back, and if they decide that this is worth reading, they will be more likely to read other articles.

If you can make people think that this website is different from others, they will be more likely to purchase your products or services, and as a result, the profitability of your website as a whole will be greatly improved.

Now, the important point to consider is how much of an impact you can make. It is a game that moves the emotions of visitors.

How does this relate to choosing a WordPress theme? It means that if you want to create a website that will make an impact, you need to choose a WordPress theme that will make an impact.

Why I use international WordPress themes

I explained at the beginning of my article that foreign WordPress themes are difficult to use.

Conversely, if you choose a WordPress theme that others are hesitant to useIt can also be said that you can differentiate yourself from others.

WordPress themes in Japan are easy to use, but they are used by too many Japanese people. If everyone uses the same WordPress theme, it will be difficult to differentiate yourself in design.

"So this guy is building a website in Affinger?"

By using a popular domestic WordPress theme, the design will be similar. So it is hard to make an impact with your design.

I'll shock you anyway.

It doesn't mean you have to use a foreign WordPress theme.

The important thing is to make an impact. So that your visitors will be shocked in an instant.

  • As easy to use as possible
  • Do not wear the same clothes as others as much as possible.

You should choose a WordPress theme that has both of these features.

(5) Meet the purpose.

And the fifth is whether it is consistent with your objectives.

Let's keep it simple. Why do you want to build a website?

  • I want to sell products.
  • I want to collect a list of potential customers.
  • I want to create a corporate website.
  • I want to start EC.
  • I want ad revenue.
  • I want to enlighten people.
  • I need a fan.

That's right. We each have our own objectives.

What do you want to accomplish with your website? It is important to choose a WordPress theme that suits your purpose.

>>[Pro Tip] 7 WordPress Themes for Creating Landing Pages (LP)

How to Choose the Wrong WordPress Theme

A fatal mistake is to choose a reputable WordPress theme anyway, and then try to build a website. This is a big mistake.

The first step is to decide what you want to create your website for, and then choose a WordPress theme that matches that purpose. This is the order.

In other words.Choosing a WordPress theme in reverse.It is.

Now, let's go over the five points we've covered so far, and see what's important when choosing a WordPress theme.

  1. ease of use
  2. speed
  3. Basic SEO
  4. Impact (Shock)
  5. Whether it meets your objectives.

With these five points in mind, here are the WordPress themes I recommend.

Recommended: 5 WordPress Themes You Can Never Go Wrong With

Recommended WordPress Themes

Why are there five? They are all the same.

Carefully selected and introduced.


First, this is the WordPress theme I use. It is free.

The feature is "customizability". It is a WordPress theme that even amateurs can easily change the design. This means that your site design will not be confused with other competitors.

There is also a paid version.But the free version works well for me.

I've been using WordPress themes, both free and paid, from 2013 to now, and I end up using Neve, which is free.


I am currently running my site on Neve, but before that I used Suki.

This WordPress theme is also free. It is as flexible as Neve in terms of customization.

Besides, Suki has a fast display speed. There are no extra features, so the site operation is light.

Genesis Framework

One of the most popular WordPress themes used by marketers around the world is the Genesis Framework.

Trust is the reason why Genesis has 200,000 users worldwide.

The team developing Genesis is one of the top engineers in the world. We also have marketing experts working on Genesis to implement the technology.

It's been said that "Genesis is SEO friendly."The reason for this is the trust in the development team.The parent company of StudioPress, the developer, is Copyblogger.

As a group of content marketing experts, they are using their know-how, which means that there is more confidence in the effectiveness of their SEO strategies.

Affinger (WING)

Affinger (WING) is one of the most popular WordPress themes in Japan.

I've been using AFFINGER since the days when it was free and didn't have many features, and it has evolved to AFFINGER 4, 5, and finally AFFINGER 6.

It is a much-loved WordPress theme. It is updated frequently, so there is no risk of development being discontinued.


Stork19 is a paid theme from OPENCAGE, a company that has released five themes so far, the latest being Stork19. It's called Stork.

The outstanding feature is "ease of use & high speed".

Stork19 has a very fast display speed. It's quite lightweight, so it's very crispy.

However, there are other WordPress themes that are just as fast, but Stork19's design is friendly and well organized. Stork19 has a friendly and well-designed design, as well as a set of blogger-friendly features. And it's fast.

Easy to use and friendly design, carefully selected and excellent features. Plus, it's fast.

If you are a beginner and wondering about choosing a WordPress theme, check out the Stork19 demo site. It is a recommended WordPress theme.

[Summary] Don't regret using WordPress themes.

In this article, I introduced how to choose a WordPress theme and my recommendations for WordPress themes.

By the way, I am using the free theme Neve that I introduced. This site you are looking at is made with Neve.

WordPress theme "Neve".

Even the free themes are as good as the paid themes. When it comes to functionality, they are far superior to those paid themes.

If you are not sure, I recommend Neve.

Also, please read the article below. I'll show you the WordPress plugins you should install without any discovery.

>>[This is all you need] 5 of the most powerful plugins to include in WordPress.


I'll see you soon.

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