Top Free WordPress Plugins for Creating Quizzes and Fortune-Telling Content

This article is a collection of WordPress plugins for creating free diagnostic content.

Hi, this is Fujii. This article is about a WordPress site in whichWordPress plugin to create diagnostic content, quizzes, fortune telling, the following.

There are actually many WordPress plugins that allow you to create diagnostic content. In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Yes/No Chart (free)

Yes/No Chart is a WordPress plugin for creating diagnostic contentIt is. The most important feature is "Japanese language support. Therefore, it may be the easiest to use.

Simple diagnostic content can be handled with a Yes/No Chart.

By the way, you can add elements like the one below to pages within WordPress.

This is an example of actual diagnostic content created with the Yes/No Chart.

One note before I explain how to use it. The free version isBasic functions onlyIt is.

There is a fee for the branching function by score (3,850 yen) and for the function to send the results to responding users (5,500 yen). Both are buy-outs.

Yes/No Chart has paid options as extensions.

For more information.This pagefor more information.

How to install Yes/No Chart

First, from within the WordPress dashboard, click on "Plugins" > "Add New".

From the plugin search, click on "Yes/No ChartEnter the "□".

This section explains how to install Yes/No Chart on WordPress.

Scroll down a little and you will see the plugin. Make sure the plugin name says "Yes/No Chart.

If you find a Yes/No Chart, please activate it after installation.

Install & activate when prompted. You are now done.

How to set up a Yes/No Chart

This section explains how to set up a Yes/No Chart; you should have added a "Yes/No" section in your WordPress dashboard.

Please see the image below for detailed locations.

This is how to actually set up a Yes/No Chart from the WordPress admin page.

Clicking on "Question Set" in this section will open the settings screen.

First, enter a set name. Give it any name you wish.

To create diagnostic content or quizzes in the Yes/No Chart, first enter a set name.

Then, perform an update. Then it will be saved.

Next, click on "Questions.

To actually create the questions, a set of questions must be created in advance.

Now select the set of questions you just created.

Questions can be set freely.

Each diagnosis set in the Yes/No Chart can be saved.

Although the explanation has been given briefly up to this point, everything is displayed in Japanese. Therefore, you should be able to set up the system intuitively without any particular confusion.

The answers to the questions can also be freely set.

You can freely set the answers to quizzes and diagnostic content to be presented in the Yes/No Chart.

Once everything is created, copy the shortcode.

The location of the shortcode exists within the "set of questions". Please check the image below.

If you want to paste diagnostic content into your own WordPress fixed pages or posts, you will need to copy and paste a shortcode.

This shortcode can be used on posts and fixed pages to display diagnostic content.

Again, this is only the basic functionality. In terms of actual operation, the "Yes/No Chart Score Split Function (paid)" would be necessary to create so-called diagnostic contents.

Quiz Maker (free)

Quiz Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create diagnostic content and quizzes that are widely used in English-speaking countries. It does more for free than any other WordPress plugin.

Quiz Makeris a WordPress plugin that allows you to submit quizzes within WordPress and have visitors answer them.

Even the free version can be configured quite freely.

This image explains how to create a quiz in Quiz Maker.

By the way, since the plugin name is Quiz Maker, you may think that you can only make quizzes.

Please rest assured.You can also create diagnostic content such as personality tests.

See the image below. You are free to create your own diagnostic content.

It is possible to freely set up answers to quizzes and diagnostic content to be submitted by Quiz Maker and then display them on your own WordPress fixed pages and posts.

It may be a little difficult to see. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The Quiz Maker official explained how to create diagnostic content. Click on the accordion below for more details.

Listed here were.How to Create Personality Assessment ContentIt is.

Learn how to create personality assessment content. This procedure allows you to connect each question to a specific result or type of result that best fits the respondent.

For example, for the question, "What is your favorite activity?" you would prepare answers such as "swimming," "mountain climbing," "hiking," "driving," "dining out," and so on. Match each answer with a different travel destination. By doing this, you can create an engaging quiz.

Once each answer is tied to a result/type, the quiz creation tool automatically assigns the best diagnostic result. The following is the detailed setup procedure.

Note: Only "Multiple Choice" or "Checkbox" questions may be used.

  • Set a title for the quiz and select "Assign Types" from the quiz type drop-down.
  • Click on "Add Question" and select "Multiple Choice.
  • Repeat the above process until all questions have been added.
  • Click on the "Results" tab and add a type.
  • Enter a title and description of the type.
  • Click on "Assign answers. Click on each relevant result. Click "OK.
  • The above steps are repeated for each type.

It also allows for automatic redirection to any URL. This means that respondents can be automatically redirected to a specific page on your website. You can direct them to a product sales page or to a specific page

HD Quiz(Free)

HD Quiz is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create quizzesIt is. However, it is also possible to create diagnostic content.

The ratings are very high. All 4 to 5 stars.

HD Quiz is a very popular WordPress plugin for creating quizzes that has received many 4 to 5 stars. It has an overwhelmingly high rating.

Why is it so highly rated? It is because the free version is quite easy to use. You can use the free version without any complaints.

From the WordPress dashboard, go to "Add Plugin" and search for "HD Quiz".

Click "Install Now" when the search results appear.

This page explains how to install HD Quiz from WordPress.

Then click on "Activate".

After installing HD Quiz, please activate it.

How to use HD Quiz

The HD Quiz setup screen is in English. However, it is easy to use.

Once installed & activated, the HD Quiz item will be added to your WordPress dashboard.

Once HD Quiz is activated, you will see an item labeled "HD Quiz" on the WordPress admin page. Click here.

Click on "Quizzes. From here you can add new quizzes and diagnostics.

First, set a name. Click on the item labeled "add ne quiz."

First, set the title of the quiz.

New diagnostic content items will be added.

Click here.

Feel free to add new questions from within this page.

Quiz answers can be set freely. Although it is in English, it can be intuitively operated and set up.

Create and save your quiz. Diagnostic content created here can be added to posts and fixed pages.

Copy the shortcode to add it. See image below.

Save the configuration when you are done. Then copy the shortcode.

You can actually insert it into a WordPress post or fixed page and save it.

It can be displayed as follows

After copying the shortcode, paste it into a WordPress post or fixed page. The diagnostic content will then appear on the page when you publish it.

As you can see, HD Quiz is an English WordPress plugin, but you can display it in Japanese with no problem at all.

Rather than diagnostic content,If you want to make quizzes your main focus, we recommend HD Quiz.It is extremely better rated than other similar WordPress plugins.

YOP Poll (free)

YOP Poll, a WordPress plugin that allows you to create surveys, is also free to use.

Many of you are using YOP Poll in Japan, but there are some points to note, so please take a look.

YOP Poll is a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish surveys within your own WordPress page. It is not suitable for creating diagnostic content. It is suitable if you want to create surveys.

We introduced this plugin because it is a WordPress plugin for creating surveys that has existed for almost 10 years.

However, it has not been well received in the past few years.

Overall, 60 of the 444 entries are 1- to 2-star.

The average rating of YOP Poll is not very good. It is a plugin that is used by quite a few people in Japan, but use it with caution.

The review includes the following

This screenshot image mentions SEO issues when using the YOP Poll.

I installed it in 2014~2015 and have since removed it, but it keeps adding unfamiliar things like /?yop_poll_tr_id&yop-poll-nonce-1_yp588a4bc1cc6bd=ac3193f3c7 to all the URLs on the website. The number of non-indexed pages is 900,000. The number of non-indexed pages has ballooned to over 900,000 pages, further affecting canonical tags (HTML elements that avoid duplicate content issues and maximize SEO effectiveness). And the site crawling budget has been significantly squandered.

This screenshot image states that the free version of YOP Poll is so limited in functionality that it cannot be used properly without subscribing to the paid version,

As for the free version of the plugin, it is difficult to evaluate. Because the functionality is too limited and you cannot even add a second question. To put it bluntly, it is a "difficult to understand" situation. As a result, time is wasted.

However, if it is a really simple survey, the YOP Poll can be used to create it without any problems.

It would be very convenient to be able to create surveys from within the dashboard.

This is a screenshot image of the dashboard when setting up a YOP Poll. You can freely create and set up a survey from the dashboard.

Although somewhat under-reviewed, the survey is simple, easy to read, and easy for visitors to vote on.

YOP Poll has several templates available. However, the design cannot be customized much. This seems to be one of the reasons why the free version is not well received.

Incidentally, the timing of the display of survey results can also be freely set.

For example,

  • Publish the results immediately after the survey is answered.
  • Regret on the day the polls close.
  • Publish at a specific date and time
  • Do not allow responses to be published at all.

You can freely specify the display of the voting results.

Summary: How to create diagnostic content on WordPress?

Free of charge5 WordPress plugins to create diagnostic content, fortune telling, and surveys.introduced to the public. All are highly rated plug-ins that are very easy to use.

In particular, the Yes/No Chart can be used in Japanese. It is free of charge. (Extensions are available for a fee.) If you want to create simple diagnostic content, Yes/No Chart is sufficient. If you want to create simple diagnostic contents, Yes/No Chart is sufficient.

However, if you are creating diagnostic content that you see often,Try HD Quiz or Quiz Maker once.I think the free version is sufficient to create diagnostic content.

By incorporating diagnostic content, you can provide a new experience that will keep visitors coming back.

All of the WordPress plugins introduced here have free plans available. Please choose the plugin that matches the diagnostic content you want to create.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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