WP Rocket Coupon Code (Latest 2024): Get WP Rocket at a Discount Price

This article explains how to receive WP Rocket coupon codes in Japanese.

WP Rocket is a popular WordPress acceleration plugin worldwide.

When visitors access the site, faster page loading speeds have a positive impact on SEO.

However, prices may seem a bit high.

We do not want to burden those who are considering purchasing this product.How to receive your discount coupon codeto guide you through the process.

This article explains how to obtain a coupon code to save money on WP Rocket. We have confirmed that it can be used from Japan without any problem.

How to receive a WP Rocket coupon code

First.Coupon page on the official website hereto access the site.

There is a registration form on the page to receive the coupon.

Receive WP Rocket coupon codes on the page where you can

Enter your email address in the registration form here.

Then press the button that says "I'll sign up now.

You will then receive a confirmation email from WP Rocket in your email inbox.

Check your inbox for the email you received from WP Rocket and you will see the email in your inbox

In this email you will find a button that says "Yes, I want to subscribe. Click this button.

You will then receive a coupon code.

Click on the email you received and you will be taken to the page where you can receive the WP Rocket coupon.

Copy this coupon code.

After copying the coupon code, proceed to the next step.

How to use WP Rocket coupon codes

WP Rocket's official websiteand select a rate plan.

Copy the coupon you received and go to the WP Rocket rates page

You will then be taken to a page to pay the fee.


The order confirmation page will appear.

The following information must be entered

  • Email address * : Enter your email address
  • First name * : e.g. Taro
  • Last name * e.g. Yamada
  • Country / Region * e.g. Japan
  • Company name (optional)

Then at the bottom of the page it says "Have a coupon? Click here and enter your coupon code".

Clicking on it will bring up an area to enter a coupon code.

Enter the WP Rocket discount coupon code you just copied here

In this input area,Enter the coupon code you just obtained.

Then press the button marked "Apply.

Enter the coupon code and press the button to automatically apply the discounted price!

A coupon code will then be automatically applied. By using this coupon code, you can get it for less than the regular price.

The 10% discount at WP Rocket will be applied, so don't miss this opportunity!

The method described here is the official WP Rocket method of receiving coupons. Please be assured that this is not a method that will offend you.

There is just one caveat.

If you do the steps up to this point,You will automatically be subscribed to WP Rocket's email newsletter.

The content you will receive in this newsletter is in English, so some of you may not want to receive it.

This section explains how to unsubscribe from newsletters that are automatically subscribed to.

How to unsubscribe from WP Rocket emails

Unsubscribing from the newsletter is easy. Check the bottom of any email you receive from WP Rocket.

There is a link marked "unsubscribe." Click on this link.

If you receive a WP Rocket coupon, you will automatically be subscribed to our email newsletter. First, please click the unsubscribe link.

You will then be taken to WP Rocket's email unsubscribe page. Make sure your email address is correct here.

You will be automatically reriledirected to WP Rocket's mail management page, where you can unsubscribe.

Press the "Unsubscribe" button.

This will successfully deactivate the e-mail. If you see the screen below, you have successfully unsubscribed. There is no problem to close the page.

When you unsubscribe, you will be directed to this page. Never click the resubscribe button!

Note: If you press "Subscribe" on this unsubscribe completion page, you will be re-registered. Please be careful.

Summary: Get WP Rocket at a great price with coupon code!

This is an image from the official WP Rocket page.

This article explains how to obtain a WP Rocket coupon code.

No need to hunt around for coupons you don't know if you can use on strange websites.

The coupons introduced in this issue areThis is an official coupon provided by the officialIt was not obtained by fraudulent means.

Please give it a try.

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