The Future of Content Writing: Will AI Replace Writers?

No more copywriters?

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled AI writing tool to create content with a level of accuracy and quality that would surprise humans.

However, it is also true that the ability of AI to generate text is so great that it is worrying some writers. Writers are worried that AI Writing Tool will take their jobs and lower their market value.

The more powerful computers and artificial intelligence (AI) become, the moreWouldn't that take away from the work of humans?"So that's what you're thinking.

This is happening in a variety of industries and sectors, and writers are among them.

Whether AI Writing Tool by AI will one day take away human jobs in the near future. This article explains the present and predicts the possible future of AI Writing Tool.

What is AI Writing Tool?

The Future of Content Writing: Will AI Replace Writers?

First, let me explain AI Writing Tool. In a nutshell.An AI tool that automatically writes text for you.In other words, instead of you writing the text manually, the tool will write it automatically. In other words, instead of you writing the text manually, the tool will automatically write it for you.

You type in instructions to the AI, "I want you to write this sentence," and it automatically generates the sentence. The algorithm learns from existing text and generates a new phrase or sentence.

Moreover, depending on AI Writing Tool, it will output text at the level of a human writer.

These tools can help you create blog posts, books, social networking posts, short stories, advertisements, and other content.

Now let me tell you about the greatness of AI writing tool.

How awesome is AI Writing Tool?

AI-based text generation is already commonplace.

For example, Raita Arimine's novel "The Day the Computer Writes a Novel" made it through the first round of the 2016 Shinichi Hoshi Award.

As you can see from the name "Yurei Raita" (GhostWriter), this novel was written by an AI.

In this way, artificial intelligence can also write novels that are appreciated. In addition, AI can also create lyrics, and AI can create stories.

This is a bit off topic, but AI is not just for writing. AI is also active everywhere in my daily life. For example, the music I usually listen to is also made by AI. When I want to work, I can listen to music that boosts my concentration, and when I need to take a break, I can listen to music that relaxes me. The AI music app I use, Brain FM, has been explained in detail in another article. Please check it out if you like.

Also, my writing, which you are reading, is actuallyAI writing toolI am writing this article in You may be surprised. Of course, I've made some changes.

However, all I do is to modify the automatically generated text a little.

Now let's see how you actually write a blog post with AI writing tool.

I actually wrote a blog post with AI Writing Tool

I actually filmed this blog post being made with AI writing tool. Please see the video below.

Rytr AI Writing Tools Blog

With just one click, I was able to automatically generate the text. This is actually one of my secrets. When I usually write blogs, I throw all my drafts into AI writing tool.

Once you have made some outlines, you canI have AI writing tool writing a blog for me.

I'd love to write blog posts and marketing content, but I just don't have the time.

However, in order to get more access and attract more customers, you need to create more blog posts. That's why I use AI to shorten my writing time.

Current status of AI Writing Tool

As you can see, the performance of AI continues to increase every year.

As you can see above, AI can now write high quality blog posts. However, in reality, it still depends on the ability of the human who uses it.

The main problem is that AI writing has"That I'm not creative enough yet."You can't create a whole new sentence. It is not possible to create a completely new sentence. In most cases, sentences written by AI are created by combining huge amounts of sentence data.

Therefore, at present, AI cannot write unique sentences that only humans can write.

Rather, AI writing tool will help writers to write better

So what will happen to AI writing tool by AI and robots in the next few years? Will we no longer need human writers, or will AI soon take away the jobs of human writers?

...I don't think so.

Indeed, AI is excellent.However, we will still need human writers in the future.

Because humans can write more creatively, each person's experiences, thoughts and values are different. A copywriter is always needed to make writing more personal and creative.

Whether it's a blog post, a book, or a sales page, good writers will continue to be in demand.

AI will help human writers create better content. But to create interesting content, we still need humans.

It is hard to imagine that human writers will be replaced by AI in at least two or three years.

5 Recommended AI Writing Tools

Now, let me introduce you to the AI writing tool, which is excellent in its current state. I myself have tried many different automatic AI writing tools over the past few years.

The following five are my recommendations for AI automatic AI writing tool in 2022.

1) Jasper AI

Jasper AI Logo

Jasper AI is a powerful AI writing tool that is favored by content writers and marketers around the world.

It would take too long to explain in detail.This articlefor more information.

Having used various AI writing tools, I was shocked when I first used Jasper AI.

Jasper AI comes in two plans: Starter and BossMode. Starter is $29/month. Starter is $29/month or $288/year. You can generate 20,000 characters per month.

BossMode is $59/month. It costs $59 per month or $588 per year. You can generate 50,000 words per month. BossMode also has a unique feature for writing long-form content. If you are writing blogs, landing pages, or articles, BossMode is the way to go.

Starter does not have a feature for writing long-form content.

Jasper AI has a 5-day free trial.

By taking the free trial via my referral link, you will receive a free "special credit" for automatically generating an additional 10,000 words of text.

Please try Jasper AI, which I highly recommend.

2) Scalenut

Scalenutis an AI writing tool that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to write article content as if it were written by a professional SEO writer.

The main difference between it and other AI writing tools is that it allows you to write SEO content.

Many other AI writing tools are of the "AI can automatically create any marketing content" type, but Scalenut excels at writing long-form content for SEO.

The reason for this is the unique SEO assistant feature in Scalenut. This feature is amazing.
When you enter a keyword, it will analyze the articles of your competitors who are writing on that keyword.

What words are used in your competitor's articles and with what frequency? How long is the article, how many images are in the article, and other things that will help you beat your competition in SEO.

If you want to write long-form content for SEO, I definitely recommend Scalenut.

3) Rytr

For the past few months, I've been using an AI writing tool.RytrIt's a great tool. I love it because it helps me write more natural blog posts than other tools.

Other AI writing tools inevitably make the written text unnatural, but the quality of the text automatically generated by Rytr is extremely natural.

And the most important feature of Rytr is the "low price".

Rytr offers three different plans.

  • Free Plan
  • Saver Plan
  • Unlimited Plan

First of all, with the Free plan, you can generate 5,000 characters per month for free. You will also receive a credit for 5,000 characters every month instead of once.

Other AI writing tools offer a free trial, but not a free forever plan, only Rytr does.

The Saver plan allows you to generate 50,000 characters per month, and the Unlimited plan allows you to write an unlimited number of characters.

  • Can generate 5000 characters per month
  • Over 30 templates
  • Supports sentence generation in over 30 languages
  • Over 20 different writing tones
  • Copy and paste checker

You can use the above features even with the Free plan. This is a very low price for generating such high quality text.

If you want to know more about it, please read my article on how to use Rytr.Articlefor more information.

4) Peppertype AI

Peppertype.aiThe world's top companies such as Facebook, Adobe, and Amazon have also put their trust in Peppertype AI.

If you want to know more about how to use this tool, its features, and how it differs from other toolsThis articlefor more information.

Peppertype AI offers three pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan is $25/month, the Growth plan is $165/month, and the Enterprise plan is available upon request.

Peppertype AI also has a free trial that can generate over 100 copies, so I recommend trying it first.

5) CopyAI

CopyAIis an AI writing tool that is used all over the world, including Japan where I live.

In a nutshell, AI can be used to create all kinds of marketing content.

You can throw in all kinds of content generation, including blog posts, ad copy, and sales copy.
After all, this tool provides 86 copywriting templates.

By choosing the template that best suits your needs, you can generate the marketing content you want.

By the way, the number of these templates is far more than any other AI writing tool.

CopyAI's unlimited plan is $35 per month. For a year, it costs $420.

CopyAI can also be used to generate non-English content. It has a multi-language translation feature, so you can translate from English to over 25 different languages. This is very useful.

You can try it for free for 7 days and generate 100 sentences per day.

Try CopyAI for free for 7 days

[Summary] Will AI Writing Tool take away writers' jobs?

The Future of Content Writing: Will AI Replace Writers?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no longer a thing of the future.

Nowadays, anyone can use it for a variety of purposes, from composing music to writing.

Best of all, there are no expensive fees for writing with AI. The tools I mentioned aboveRytrcan generate 5,000 characters per month for free. There is even a free AI writing tool on the market.

AI, AI writing tool is going to take away the jobs of human writers."

You may have been worried about that. But don't worry.AI cannot imitate the unique writings that humans have based on their thoughts, values, and experiences.

The quality of AI writing continues to increase year after year, but human writers will continue to be in demand.

Rather, humans can use AI to write better. Let us make use of AI writing tool with abandon.

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