Is Google's SGE Update Ending SEO? Discover Two Strategies for Profitable Blogging

About sge Difference from SEO

Hello, this is Fujii. The topic of this article is SGE, which is a hot topic.

Why are bloggers and affiliates, especially in the SEO community and in the marketing industry, making such a fuss? Many of them are making noise about how "SGE is in trouble."

I will explain what this SGE is.

What is SGE: How is it different from conventional SEO?

Google's new feature, "Search Experience with Generative AI (SGE)SGE is an acronym for Search Generative Experience.

For example, I used to ask, "When do I send a late-summer greeting card?" and then searched for pages from the search results to gather information.

In SGE,When you do a Google search, AI provides the answers.This is expected to become the new standard for search.

Please see here.

This image explains SEO. You searched for: New Year's Day

This is a normal Google search result.

So usually when you enter a keyword and do a search, you see a list of links to each page like this.

If you search for "what is Oshogatsu," you will find a quick list of articles explaining Oshogatsu, right?

This is.Conventional Google Search ResultsIt is.

And SEO, as it is commonly referred to, was a measure to get your page or article to appear at the top of the search results, while such pages appear in the search results.

Just yesterday, August 30, 2023, this SGE was newly offered, and it is truly a new system that will dramatically change SEO, changing it all at once.

For more information about SGE, click here [Google Japan Blog].

Official Google blog post written about SGE (Search Generative Experience)
Official explanatory article from Google about SGE

We would like you to see what is different from your previous search results.

First of all, you can try this SGE by scrolling down to the official Google article explaining SGE.

SGE: New search experience enabled by refining AI.

I'll actually activate it. Yes, I have activated it.

Now, let's activate SGE and search for the same keywords as before.

If so, please see here first.

Here are the answers from the generated AI that came up from the actual search with SGE enabled. ,,

Search this way and the first thing you'll see isAnswers by Generated AIIt is.

So far, each page has been displayed in the search results.

A list of each page was displayed like this. However,In the future, AI will be the first to provide answers.

Even in the current pilot phase, the generative AI is generating answers to the keywords.

And see the right side of the answer.

Articles are listed in card format as related links displayed in SGE

You see the source of information and related links to this generated text in card form.

Interesting thing about SGE: You can ask questions to AI in chat format.

Here's where it gets interesting. You can dig deeper and ask more questions by clicking on "Ask Additional Questions."

You can ask questions and get answers one after another in a chat format on SGE. All answers are provided by a purified AI, but are extremely accurate.

Additional questions can be asked in chat format.

In the example above, you type, "What is the origin of New Year's?" in the example above. In this way, you can ask additional questions in a conversational style and get answers from them.

Is Google's SGE Update Ending SEO? Discover Two Strategies for Profitable Blogging

You have asked additional questions and through the answers you get, you have received appropriate responses.

And, in the chat exchange, the related links are also shown together.

Is Google's SGE Update Ending SEO? Discover Two Strategies for Profitable Blogging

Users will be able to ask questions and get answers as their intellectual curiosity leads them.

This is a completely new point of change from previous SEO.

Google = have a generative AI answer the question.

I think the feeling is similar to that.

Until now, "googling" meant doing a Google search to find the information I wanted.

From now on, when a user does a Google search, a generative AI will provide the answer. And what does this mean?

Totally different from previous SEO.That is to say.

So when you look at YouTube, for example, or X (formerly Twitter), you think, "SEO is over," or "SEO is wack already."

Or, there is a pessimistic mood of "blogging is pointless.

Is SEO over? An Explanation of Whether It's Really Over

I myself have been watching the SEO transition since 2014. The rules of SEO have changed in the past.SEO is over."I know that there are people who say that.

How it really is. I will tell you what I think about SGE.

First, let me talk about whether or not SEO is over. I have been looking at the SEO community for almost 10 years now and I think,SEO has long ago reached its limits.I felt that it was a good idea.

What are the limitations of SEO, and does SEO make sense?

Limitations of SEO. What it means. If you look at the pages that come up when you type in a keyword in a Google search, for example,It's almost the same information on every page.

When you create content with SEO in mind, you are creating content with a certain degree of information coverage in mind.

To take a simple example, if you are writing an article about "New Year's," you will usually have a specific content such as "What is New Year's", "What should we do on New Year's", "What are the events of New Year's", and so on. ", the content of what to write about is usually decided.

Eventually,You get the same information no matter which page you read.That has been SEO for the past few years.

When actually creating content, we will also observe what other competing sites are writing about in order to create articles that cover the information and aim for the first position in the search rankings.

Everyone who works on SEO does the same thing. Write informative and comprehensive articles.

How about thinking about it in terms of user psychology? So, no matter which page you click on to read from 1st to 10th on the first page that appears in a keyword search for "what is New Year's", it contains the same information.

This means,It's the same no matter which page you click on to read.I think it's a good thing, isn't it? From the user's point of view.

How will SEO change with the advent of SGE?

And the newly introduced SGE is an AI answer that searches and instantly dons.

In other words, you don't have to select a page from the search results to open it, it comes up instantly after searching. The answer will be returned with some accuracy,I don't need to read an article from an affiliate who writes stellar articles.I'm not sure.

That is why the sentiment is "user-friendly" for users.

The fact that SGEs provide instant answers means that they are useful to users. They don't have to bother to open the page.

Given that, I think SEO was already on the edge of its limits, regardless of this SGE.

I think some people may misunderstand if they only read the explanation here, so I will add some additional information below.

There were limits to what SEO could do.

Until now, when it came to "doing your best in SEO," it was a matter of putting in more information than your competitor's site, or putting in original material in your articles, and that was about the extent of your differentiation.

Or, let's increase the number of links, or some other small technique. It was just built on that kind of differentiation. It's terrible.

So I personally think that regardless of this SGE, I was rather already at my limit.

What is the reputation of SGE? Well-received by young adults

What will it mean for users when this SGE is fully implemented?

Actually, there is an article put out by Google just now, 6 hours ago.

An official article was issued by Google regarding the reputation of SGE.

Apparently, it has been rather well received.

Does sge have a good reputation? Is it easy to use? The official results of Google's survey on whether the answers provided by the purified AI are useful are now available.

The SGE was expanded in Japan and India, but apparently, read, It seems to be quite popular among young people between the ages of 18 and 24.

They report a high level of satisfaction with the introduction of SGE.

You seem to enjoy being able to ask additional questions. It's getting pretty good reviews. I hear it's getting pretty good reviews so far.

So many people think about this SGE: "Isn't there any point in writing a blog?

Will SGE end bloggers or will SEO be meaningless?

You may be thinking, will bloggers lose their meaning?

I have been a serious blogger, but if the SGE is implemented, I will not have to blog anymore.

If I don't have to write my own blog, what will happen to us if AI generates answers?

[Forecast] SEO up to now is going to get tougher.

In fact, the rules are changing, and I think it will be quite tough for SEOs to do what they have been doing.

When I tweeted about SGE on Twitter, I received several replies.

You commented that "SGE seems to be killing off trend blogging."

Will SGE end trend blogging altogether? Trend blogging affiliates will likely no longer be able to make money.

For example, if you look up simple information such as the height of a celebrity or the age of a celebrity, you will instantly get a generated AI answer.

So it is definitely going to be a lot tougher to get the simple information alone. So, in that aspect,So-called trend blogs will be wiped out.I think that's a good idea.

The Path of Survival for Trend Blogs

And, of course, the trend blogging will not disappear completely, even though it will be wiped out.

I think there is a way to manage to survive by keeping access from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook by directing people toward your blog, or by using methods such as attracting visitors from antenna sites.

But the way they clung to the so-called traditional SEO,Gradually, access to the site will decrease, and you'll be in trouble.I think.

Therefore, I think that so-called trend blogs, or blogs that just list information in a Wikipedia-like fashion, are quite difficult.

And this is not me thinking "Trend blogging is wack" as if I were on the other side of the river. I am not a stranger to this at all.

Possibility of less than one-tenth of blog traffic.

Here is my blog.

All bloggers can have less than a tenth of access. I am no exception to that rule.

My blog is also a part of thisGreatly affected by SGEI believe that this is a good idea.

I am also proud to say that I have been blogging pretty solidly.

We have tried to create content to deliver information in an easy-to-understand manner.

However, once this SGE is introduced, it is stillThere is always a need to change the blogging strategy.I think.

Let me give you my thoughts.

As for me, I am not being pessimistic. I am optimistic, but still.Most of the blogs I run will die.I think it's about the same.

Is Google's SGE Update Ending SEO? Discover Two Strategies for Profitable Blogging
Takeo Fujii

I am considering the possibility that all of the blogs I run, including this one, which is my main blog, will have less than one-tenth of the traffic they do now.

It has not yet been fully implemented, so I don't know what will actually happen. But I am prepared.

SGE and Declining Access! 2 Ways to Create a Surviving Blog

The possibility of a sudden decrease in access. If that happens, what should we do? Do individual bloggers have no choice but to retire now?

As far as I am concerned,He said there are two ways to survive at the moment.I think.

What is it? The first is,Putting uniqueness into it.It is.

SGE Measures 1) Create uniqueness

For example, take this article as an example to illustrate.

Blog post by Fujii Tsuyoshi, who believes that the SGE may hit a significant decrease in access to his blog.

This is an "article that summarizes the usage and functions about the application. It explains that it has these functions and how to install it.

However.It's tough to just put information in this way.I think.

The generative AI will cover you in that area. So it is tough to just say "this is how we do it" in writing.

So, that's where you need to include your own experiences, experiences, or unique episodes. In other words, we think it is necessary to make people want to read the writer's content rather than the generated answers.

The writer's personality, human nature, or traits that make you wonder, "What kind of person writes this blog?" That should be a great strength.

An obvious example is YouTubers. They're not just distributing information through their videos, they're in the fan business. It's the entertainment factor.From now on, fanning will be a must for blogs.

You could try to include a testimonial in the blog post instead of just writing information.

I actually tried a lot of things before I used this app. And I made this mistake. So I really understand how you (the reader) feel."

I will include my own personal story to the extent that it does not negatively affect readability in this way.

By doing so, even if SGE is introduced and access is reduced, you can create a blog that will have repeat readers and fixed fans who will come back to read it every time.

This is not foolproof.This will be a very strong weapon in the future.

We believe that a decrease in access is inevitable. Nevertheless, the presence of fixed fans will be essential for survival.

If you are an individual who disseminates information and can put your character forward, please try to create such a unique blog.

SGE Measures (1) Create content that scratches an itch.

And second. Create content that will scratch an itch.

Answers by the generated AI are certainly somewhat accurate and readable.

It's just...There will always be users who are not satisfied with the answers of this generative AI........ So you have users who want more detailed information.

Those users are going to need to read articles with more detailed explanations.

For example, let's say you want to find out how to use some application.

I searched for "how to use the app," "steps to set it up," etc., and got answers by the generated AI. But it is often difficult to understand how to do things with only text.

But it would be helpful if you could read a blog post with images, videos, and clear explanations.

One of the SGE measures is to create easy-to-understand articles with images and videos. This is a point that is emphasized more than

See the image above. This article explains how to set up the application. It is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using images.

Use images and videos in the article to provide clear explanations.This is really important.

In addition to textual explanations, try to show or illustrate with images, "Click here.

By including images and videos, we can cover areas that cannot be addressed by the generated AI explanations.

In other words, there is a need to create itchy content.

We believe that by creating articles that explain what is missing in the answers to the generative AI, we can survive after this SGE is implemented, and we believe that this is the case.

On the flip side,This is the only SGE measure we have at the moment."This is my personal impression.

  • Create uniqueness, put in
  • Create content that scratches an itch

These are the only two things I can do at the moment.

Why you don't need to be frightened by SGE

Those of us who have been serious about the SEO industry up to this point have been compiling exhaustive content and competing hard to get the number one search ranking.

from their point of viewI said, "If SEO has gone this far already, isn't that the end of us too?"It is natural to think so.

But there is no need to be pessimistic. New rules will be added from here, and the game of SGE begins.

While the full picture is not yet clear, let's wait and see. There is no need to be overly frightened.

I, too, will see how it goes.

Google official: "We will continue to send access after the introduction of SGE."

The official Google article also states that content creators are by no means being treated unfairly, but that they continue to focus on sending traffic to their websites.

Bloggers will not lose the bug when SGE-generated AI answers appear in search results. They will continue to attract traffic. This is the official announcement by Google. This is the official announcement by Google.

I am not sure how much more focus we will put on this. Either way, we need to wait and see.

The new SGE functionality has only been available for a short time.

We need to wait and see over the next month or two and see what changes will occur when the system is fully introduced, and then we need to change our strategy.

How to use SGE for free [for everyone

Anyone can use the SGE introduced here, and we encourage you to give it a try.

Here's how to try GSE for free. Anyone can get answers by the generated AI, so give it a try!

>>Click here to try SGE for free. (Google search Labs)

And as for whether this is the end of SEO or the end of bloggers and, from now on, content creators, there are still some unknowns,No need to be in a pessimistic mood.I think.

We will continue to create content, but content that is unique and that puts character at the forefront.

It would seem that this is to be desired.

Summary of this article: How to Create a Blog that Survives in the AI Age

Content that is just information and arranged in chronological order will be replaced by generative AI.

That's why.You can put your character more to the forefront and in some ways embarrass yourself.I think.

I will also bring out my humanity, which I have kept hidden until now. I will show the parts of myself that I am ashamed of. I will show the parts of myself that I am ashamed of, but only to the extent that they don't get in the way.

Then, add explanations using images and videos. In this way, we create content that readers will find "easy to understand.

This is what I can think of at this stage.How to Create a Surviving BlogYes.

So, with that out of the way, I have explained the newly introduced SGE.

We will see what happens in the future. Now, if you will excuse me.

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