What is Reverse SEO? How to do it yourself

What is Reverse SEO? How to do it yourself

With the seriousness of online slander today, you may find your real name exposed and bad things written about you, or you may see unsolicited lies and bad publicity.

It would be shocking if a Google search says something bad about you.

I would like to introduce to youReverse SEO."It is.

There are many specialized vendors, and perhaps you know of one.

What is reverse SEO? How can you actually do it yourself? We will explain it including the method and principles.

What is Reverse SEO?

Reverse SEO is a method of reducing the search rankings of unwanted sites and pages that have been displayed in Google search results.

If "SEO," as it is often referred to, is a way to improve rankings in search results, thenReverse SEO reduces the ranking of search results becauseThe following is a brief description of the process.

Incidentally, overseas it is called Reverse SEO (Reverse SEO).

Difference between Reverse SEO and Negative SEO

This is often mixed up. However, the two are different.

Reverse SEO is often thought of as negative SEO. This negative SEO is a technique that interferes with the other party's site's ability to rank higher in a search.

For example, this includes malicious behavior such as creating large numbers of links, sending viruses, and generating large numbers of copy sites. It is the evil way, so to speak.

And reverse SEO is solely aimed at preventing and managing the damage to the brand image.

An example of this technique is to write articles that outperform the negative articles that appear in the search results, so that articles with good reputations for you naturally rank higher in the search results. This is classified as white hat SEO. It is the high road, so to speak.

By the way, negative SEO is basically an action that is considered "bad".

Of course, I do not recommend this, as it can be problematic for Google, ethically, and legally. In particular, sending a virus is completely illegal, so I would advise you not to get involved.

In this article.Reverse SEO = Reverse SEOI will introduce them as follows. However, some people may want to know about negative SEO techniques as well, so we will introduce some of them here.

If you want to learn about negative SEO techniques quickly, skip all the way to the bottom of the page.

Why do you need reverse SEO?

In many cases, reverse SEO is needed by people who have bad reputations, malicious claims, slander and defamation of their (company or brand) written on the Internet.

  • "00 (person's name), fraud."
  • 00(person's name), suspicious.

For example, you would be surprised if a bad review like the one above is written in Google search results.

What is Reverse SEO? How to do it yourself
Takeo Fujii

If someone writes "Fujii Tsuyoshi, scam" I would be shocked and have insomnia.

Besides, it is not only the parties involved who are surprised by the search results.

If bad reviews or bad reviews of your name, company name, product name or service name appear at the top of search results, potential customers who would have bought your product will leave.

According to the survey, 65% of respondents identified online search results as their most trusted source of information. In other words, consumers trust them more strongly than any other source of information.

Therefore, negative search results are extremely likely to damage your business reputation.

A "bad reputation" can have a negative impact on one's personal life.

Your surrounding family and friends will also be concerned about you. That's right. It is natural to be surprised when bad reviews of your children, loved ones, and best friends are posted on the Internet.

In other words, the bad publicity written on the Internet is not just for business.It also has a negative impact on their personal lives.

Now, here is the main issue.

How should you respond when you do a Google search and find a page that says something negative about you? The answer is explained below.

Reverse SEO Techniques and Methods

Today, anyone, whether a business owner or a salaried worker, can have bad things written about them on the Internet. (Google word-of-mouth of a local drugstore included the real name and bad words of a part-time woman who worked there.)

Reverse SEO is now a familiar technique. There are even specialized companies.

Now, to hide troublesome negative word-of-mouth, reputations, embarrassing photos of black history, and bad reviews from search results, we're going toThree helpful tips and techniquesI will explain the

1) Create quality content and dominate the top Google searches

One of the first things to work on isContent CreationIt is.

In simple terms, you create a page with a "good reputation" for yourself. This is one effective way to improve and enhance your image by making it harder for pages with bad online reviews to appear in search results.

For example, if a page says, "Takeo Fujii is a scam!" is written on a page, we will create a page that says "Tsuyoshi Fujii is not a scam! The atmosphere is suspicious and stinks, but we are not a scam", we will create a page that will come to the top of Google searches.

By doing so, you can bring pages that are convenient for you to the top of the search results and relegate pages that are inconvenient to the second page of search results or later.

Notes on creating content

However, do not try to force keywords into the page. It is counterproductive. Google does not like to trick search engines by unnecessarily inserting keywords. There is a high possibility that you will be penalized.

A method that was popular long ago was the famous black hat SEO called "word salad. This is a spammy technique that generates a large amount of content by forcing specific keywords into automatically generated sentences that do not make sense.

There is also "keyword stuffing". This is when you have a number of search keywords placed on a page and the search keywords take up more than 2.51 TP2T of the total content. This is also frowned upon by Google.

...these methods areNot only does it not work at all now, it's counterproductive.It is.

Be careful when creating content for reverse SEO purposes.

How to use press releases for reverse SEO

Also, as it relates to content creation, thePress Releaseto conduct public relations is another effective way to conduct reverse SEO.

Many press releases have high domain authority and are highly rated by Google.

That is why press releases and news articles often appear at the top of search results.

How to write an effective press release for SEO

When writing a press release for the purpose of reverse SEO, be sure to include keywords to the extent that it does not feel unnatural as a sentence.

Including keywords in your press release will make it easier for Google to recognize you and raise you to the top of the search rankings.

Press releases are scheduled & shared

Also, my recommendation for using press releases is to set a schedule for their publication.

Rather than publishing press releases on an irregular basis, it is important to set a release date in advance and publish according to a schedule.

Then, once you publish it, notify people via social networking sites and newsletters. This way, you can get people to read and share it as soon as it is published.

Spreading the word immediately after the press release is published increases the probability that it will appear higher in Google search results.

2) Utilize social networking sites

2010 YearMattCutt (head of Google's spam team) said that Twitter and Facebook links were one of the factors that determined search rankings in the search results.

However.January 2014to explain that "social networking signals do not affect search rankings.

And it is now believed that the use of social networking sites does not have a direct impact on ranking high in search engines.

In other words, sharing the URL of your own site on social networking sites will not get you a higher search ranking. This has been officially announced by Google in the past.

However.Cognitive SEO's 2016 SurveyThe study found that there may be a positive correlation between Google search result rankings and social networking signals, according to the

In other words, there is an indirect, if not direct, impact. In addition, Google has not mentioned the relationship between SEO and social networking in depth in the last few years.

Two important points are as follows

  • Social networking posts are also ranked by search engines.
  • As of 2022, everyone is using social networking*.

As of January 2022, there are 4.62 billion users of social networking services worldwide. This is equivalent to 58.4% of the world's total population. However, this is not necessarily accurate. Because there are a large number of areas that cannot be accurately determined. Sources.this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)

At least many people around the world use social networking sites. And some people only use certain social networking sites.

They may not even notice if you update a new article or page.

To get them to notice you, share your updates on Twitter and Facebook as well.You can get many visitors via each social networking site.

Not only that, but people who see you on social networking sites may search for you by name or refer your page on their own sites. If this happens, you will also gain links to your site. As a result, it will increase your page authority and work as reverse SEO.

In addition, by having your social networking site occupy the top searchSubstantial reverse SEO effectcan also be targeted. See below.

Relationship between SEO and SNS

This is a search result for my name. You will probably get this search result when you look it up.

As you can see, my social networking pages occupy the top search positions. I am not running a social networking site for the purpose of reverse SEO, but as a result, it is true that using a social networking site has an impact on the search results.

We encourage you to use SNS for reverse SEO purposes as well.

What is Reverse SEO? How to do it yourself
Takeo Fujii

Also, I recommend LinkedIn, although not many Japanese use it. Please connect with me.

3) Contact them directly / report to Google

If you know who wrote the negative word-of-mouth or article, thenYou can also contact them directly and request that they be removed.

If the written content is false or defamatory, you can often have it voluntarily removed by contacting the company directly.

And even if they are not removed, there are still things that can be done.

If you have personal information written in Google search results, defamation, or other information that you would like to erase, you can ask Google to remove it.

Google FormsYou can request removal of a page from the search results by informing us of the page you wish to have removed from the search results via the ...Note, however, that there is no guarantee that the page will be removed.

Negative SEO Methods

Now, let me introduce you to Negative SEO to play the other site out of the search engines. We will explain the methodology, but please note that this is not a recommendation to perform it.

Some negative SEO methods are simple. In other words, anyone can do them without any knowledge.

Create a large number of copy sites

Typical methods of negative SEO include"Mass generation & proliferation of copy sites."It is.

It creates a large number of copy sites by duplicating the content of the site or page you want to drop from the search results.

Even if you try to get Google to index those copied content and sites, Google will consider them low quality and penalize all copied sites.

The original competitor's site can then be penalized as well, thereby skipping it from the top search rankings.

This method is relatively easy to do with tools and scraping. However, since Google can determine which is the original article from the index date and timeIt is not always effective.

In some cases, only the copy site is penalized, while the original site remains unscathed.

send a virus to someone

This is one of the most malicious negative SEO. It is aimed at the other site that you want to lose search rankings.Sends malicious viruses.Basically, they find holes in security and rewrite or install malware.

A site infected with a virus is judged by Google to be an "unsafe site," and thus has a high probability of dropping in search rankings.

Examples include editing robots.txt to prevent the site from being crawled by Google or to automatically generate a large number of ad pages.

If you are building a WordPress site, you may be able to rewrite it to take advantage of security weaknesses in plugins and themes.

By the way, this is completely illegal.

put a server load on

The very method of "attack," if you will.High load on the server by crawling the opponent's site an abnormal number of timesThe following is an example of a product that can be used in this way.

Since the load cannot be applied manually, this is also done in a spammy, automated manner.

By overloading the server, the other site's display speed will slow down or become sluggish. The site may also become completely unavailable.

If this happens, you will lose Google's trust in your site and your site's reputation will suffer. As a result, it can cause the other site to drop in search rankings.

Link farms (spam links)

The link farm technique is one of the old SEO spam techniques of creating an unusual amount of pages and an unusual amount of reciprocal links.

Dating back to the earliest days, it was common practice to have search keywords or specific words or phrases appear in high frequency on the page in order to rank highly in the Google search engine.

Link farms will help you get to the top of the search results.

Since then, however, "links" have become more important. In other words, the system was designed so that links from other people's sites to one's own site would increase one's rating in search engines.

Using this mechanism, we were able to force the site to increase its rating on search engines.

What is Reverse SEO? How to do it yourself
Takeo Fujii

There used to be such things as "Mutual Link Requests" and "Mutual Link Pages". That's exactly what it is.

And this is how it works.link farmIt is.

By creating an aggregate that generated a large number of reciprocal links, we were able to force the sites we wanted to increase their search rankings rapidly.

Link farms will be used in negative SEO

In 2012, Google changed its algorithm to prevent link farms from unfairly boosting search results.

Rather, for links from link farms, theThe linked site is a malicious site that uses a link farm."I have come to the conclusion that this is not a good idea.

As a result, sites using link farms were more likely to be penalized.

Eventually, more and more people thought, "If I use a link farm, my site's reputation will suffer. Then, if I use this technique on a site I want to lose search rankings..." More and more people began to think, "If I use this technique on a site I want to lose search rankings, then...".

In other words, link farms, a technique used to increase page ranks, is no longer a viable option.The purpose of lowering the page rank of the other siteIt is now used in

This is how link farms came to be used for negative SEO.

Is the link farm still effective?

A decade ago, negative SEO generally involved sending spam links to the other site through link farms and forcing them to drop.

However.Now, link farms are (almost) ineffective.

While not entirely absent, it is now harder for linked sites to be penalized for sending large numbers of spam links, as in the past.

Google's John Mueller, who has often been featured on this site, has also stated that "most spam links are disabled by the Google algorithm.

In other words, it is no longer a spam link.Instead of penalizing them, they are disabling them.That's why.

Therefore, the effect of link farms is now extremely small. There is not much point in doing it.

Now, we have presented some examples of negative SEO techniques. Without hiding the truth, these negative SEO techniques are not completely ineffective. Some of them will work.

But more than the benefits of runningThe disadvantages of being found out are greater.I believe that this is a good idea. So, I recommend that you keep it as a reference only.

Should I use reverse SEO? Dangerous?

If you look up reverse SEO in Japan, you will be introduced to "Reverse SEO is dangerous! Don't mess with it. HoweverNegative SEO should not be used.It is. Obviously, legally and ethically problematic negative SEO is dangerous.

However, reverse SEO, which is ethically and legally sound, is safe.

Some people often lump negative SEO and reverse SEO together and view them as reverse linking, but the two are very different.

By the way, I can do the whole reverse SEO (reverse SEO) on your behalf. If you are interested, please contact me. I will prepare a quote individually.

However, it is important to note that the effects of both reverse SEO and regular SEO are not immediate. Therefore, just because you do reverse SEO does not mean that you will see results tomorrow.

Furthermore, reverse SEO requires continuous efforts to drop pages you don't want to display from the search rankings. In other words, actually.Reverse SEO is extremely muddy and tedious workIt is.

To wrap up. If you are currently having trouble getting bad word-of-mouth, bad reviews or defamation to show up on Google, reverse SEO is one way to go.

It takes effort to work on it, but it is effective.

By the way.What to do when someone writes a defamatory comment on your blogThere is also an article I wrote about the Please take a look if you like.


That said, I took the LinkedIn skills test in January 2022. The results.I am a top 151 TP2T of 1.6M Search Engine Optimization (SEO) test takersThe company is located in the

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Comprehension Test

This skills test is not meant to be a high-stakes test. Also, I am not a crazy SEO person.

However.SEO, including domestic and internationalI can answer in a reasonable way about the following questions.

We cover SEO-related stuff up to a working level, so if there's anything else you'd like to know, please let us know in the comments section.

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