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What is AppSumo Plus Membership: Benefits, Price, Pros, and Cons

AppSumo Plus (upsumo Plus)

AppSumo, an overseas SaaS marketplace that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. You can get up to 98% off cutting-edge marketing software on this site.

Furthermore, in AppSumo, "AppSumo PlusIt also offers a VIP membership program for $99 per year (roughly $14,355 per year) called Many people may not subscribe.

Is it worth it to join this "AppSumo Plus"?

This article describes the advantages and disadvantages you get as a member of AppSumo Plus.This will be explained in detail based on actual experience.

This is an easy-to-understand explanation for those who are thinking about joining AppSumo Plus, or for those who are already members but have not yet made full use of all the benefits. Please read to the end.

First, for those of you who are not familiar with AppSumo, let's look at some brief basic information.

What is AppSumo? What kind of service?

AppSumois an amazing marketplace where you can get up-and-coming international marketing tools for up to 981 TP34T off.

For entrepreneurs and managers who are concerned about running costs, this service is very attractive because they only pay once and can own the software forever, so we want them to know about it.

For more information about AppSumo, please click here.


AppSumo has access to state-of-the-art tools and applications at an unbeatable price.

AppSumooffers special prices on all types of software. The applicable discount rate is up to 98%.

AppSumo Price

For example, the purchase price of the above application is $1,069. In Japanese yen, it costs 150,000 yen. But with the special promotion of AppSumo, you can get it for $89, which is 92% off. Approximately 12,000 yen.They can be obtained for less than one-tenth the usual price.

This is how AppSumo makes apps and software from around the world available at special prices. AppSumo's unparalleled price disruptiveness is unmatched by any other platform.

AppSumois a remarkable service in its assortment. It offers a wide variety of tools for all types of businesses, from sales and SEO to design and customer management.

Zero worries, 60-day money back guarantee!

Of course, you don't want to regret your may have such concerns. But you don't have to worry about that.AppSumoThen it is not necessary.

AppSumo offers a money-back guarantee period of 60 days after product purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can receive a refund without worry. (However, some products are excluded.)

This AppSumo, which has a strong following among entrepreneurs and marketers around the world, ... in fact.VIP membership systemDid you know that there are

What is AppSumo Plus Membership?

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is,AppSumo's unique membership service for a more enjoyable shopping experienceIt is. The annual membership fee is $99. The annual membership fee is $99, which is about 14,355 Japanese yen.

AppSumo offers up to 98% discount on products, though,

  • People who want to save more money and use AppSumo wisely.
  • I love AppSumo.
  • Those who purchase more than 140,000 yen per year at AppSumo

For those who fit the above criteria, there is an option to join AppSumo Plus.

Benefits of AppSumo Plus Membership

First, we summarize the benefits of joining AppSumo Plus.

Always 10% off10% discount is automatically applied to every purchase for AppSumo. No purchase limit.
Join The Sauce CommunityA private community for entrepreneurs to discuss their business and chat with the AppSumo team.
Extended AccessAfter the AppSumo product is sold, Plus members will have an additional 72 hours to purchase (some exclusions apply).
Using Last Call96 hours additional time to purchase or upgrade versus popular items.
Members Only ProductsAccess to special tools and events, exclusive to Plus members.
Essential ContentAppSumo special educational content and free products are available.

I will explain one by one. First, here are the biggest benefits of participating in AppSumo Plus.

10% discount on every purchase

AppSumo Plus members when purchasing products offered by AppSumo,You will receive a 10% discount every time.In other words, you can save more money than usual.

This automatically applies a 10% discount coupon.

There is no purchase limit. You will always receive a 10% discount no matter how many products you purchase.

The Sauce, a private community

In addition, AppSumo Plus offers the opportunity to participate in its own private community, The Sauce.

Here you can discuss all aspects of business growth. You can also chat with the AppSumo team to find creative solutions.

What is AppSumo Plus Membership: Benefits, Price, Pros, and Cons
Takeo Fujii

However, I did not use it....

Extension of sales period for 72 hours

I was going to buy tools and apps for AppSumo..."

But it was discontinued and unavailable.

No need to worry, if you are a member of AppSumo Plus,You will be given 72 extra hours to purchase than usual.

The normal AppSumo product has a set end-of-sale date. Once that expiration date has passed, the product is no longer available. This is the same process as for general online shopping.

In other words, "Hey! I was wondering if I should buy this tool, but it's already closed! You will be saved from such a situation.

*This benefit may not apply to some tools.

This means that you can spend more time than usual evaluating the tool before making a purchase, allowing you to make a more deliberate decision.

There are so many attractive AppSumo products that it is hard to decide which one to buy. If the product is discontinued while you are still in doubt, you will not be able to regret it.

This benefit is recommended for such people.

Last Call" brings back popular items for 92 hours only

Also, AppSumo Plus members will receive a "Last Call" event.Popular items will return for a limited 96-hour run at this event.

This is your last chance to get the software and apps you missed out on. Only Plus members can participate in this event.

AppSumo Originals for free

Plus, if you subscribe to AppSumo Plus,AppSumo Originals (AppSumo Official Product)can be obtained.

AppSumo Original

These products are a very useful set of tools to help you start and expand your business. Specifically, you will get tools such as KingSumo, SendFox, EmailBadge, ShortySMS, and SleekBio.

Each of these products offers a complete set of features essential to business operations, including marketing, email distribution, SMS distribution, and biolink creation.

  • KingSumo: Present project marketing
  • SendFox: email newsletters, step mail
  • ShortySMS: SMS Marketing (Short Message)
  • SleekBio: Multiple SNS links can be combined into one (bio link)

Subscribing to AppSumo Plus gives you access to these useful tools and apps, which you can use all over your business.

And amazingly, you can continue to use these products as long as you continue to participate in AppSumo Plus.

AppSumo Plus badge will be attached.

It's not a huge benefit, but as a Plus member, you get your own badge next to your profile picture.

AppSumo Plus Badge

The only effect is that people think, "Oh, he's a Plus member..."

What is AppSumo Plus Membership: Benefits, Price, Pros, and Cons
Takeo Fujii

These are the main benefits of the AppSumo Plus membership.

By the way, I used to be a AppSumo Plus subscriber. There was a time when I spent almost $500,000 per year on AppSumo, so I saved a lot of money by joining Plus.

However, we are currently cancelling AppSumo Plus. The reasons for this are the following disadvantages

Disadvantages of joining AppSumo Plus

The disadvantage of AppSumo Plus is the price. As explained above, the membership fee for AppSumo Plus is $99 per year. In Japanese yen, this is approximately 14,355 yen.

So, will paying this annual fee pay for itself in AppSumo?

How can I enroll in AppSumo Plus and get my money back?

Let's first consider. What is the biggest benefit of joining AppSumo Plus for $99 per year? It's "you get a 10% discount on every purchase".

The break-even point is calculated here,

99 USD ÷ 0.10 = 990 USD

What is AppSumo Plus Membership: Benefits, Price, Pros, and Cons
Takeo Fujii

In other words, if you purchase more than $990 per year, you will pay or gain from paying the annual fee of AppSumo Plus.

Converting to Japanese yen (assuming $1 = 145 yen),

990 USD × 145 yen/$ = 143,550 yen

If you spend more than about $143,550 per year, you can save money by becoming a AppSumo Plus member.In other words, there is little advantage to joining if the purchase cost is less than that.

Good story about my AppSumo Plus subscription.

AppSumo Plus $99

I have now cancelled Plus. However, I was able to save a lot of money by joining AppSumo when I was buying in bulk.

After all, we are happy to offer a 10% discount on every purchase.


Finally, I will summarize.

AppSumo Plus is a membership service that, for an annual membership fee of $99 (approximately $14,355), offers a wide variety of benefits, including a 10% discount on every purchase, extended purchase periods, and access to exclusive products and educational content.

AppSumo Plus is recommended for!

  1. Frequent buyers with AppSumo
  2. Those who buy large quantities of AppSumo products per year.
  3. For those who want to enjoy smart and economical shopping

AppSumo Plus Benefits

  • Always 10% off
  • The Sauce, a private community
  • Additional purchases can be made for 72 hours after the sale ends.
  • Last Call," where popular items will be available again for 96 hours only.
  • Popular items will reappear for 96 hours only.
  • AppSumo Originals Free Use

Recommended for those who plan to purchase more than $990 (about $143,550) per year. Think of it as a break-even point to get your money back.

If used wisely, you can realize significant savings by joining the AppSumo Plus membership.

For more information on AppSumo Plus, please see above.

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