Encharge Review: Pros, Cons & Is It Worth The Money? (2021)

What is Encharge and how to use Encharge

Dear marketers and entrepreneurs. Finally, the next generation of email marketing can be introduced in this article.

  • Email reach rate is too low.
  • When I send emails, they are rarely opened.
  • We haven't been able to recoup our advertising costs.
  • I want to have marketing automation implemented.
  • I want to improve my email sign-up rate.
  • I want to build strong relationships with prospective customers.

If you have any of these problems, please read this article to the end.

The conventional wisdom of email marketing is no longer even valid.

In this article, we will introduce theEncharge, the next generation email delivery system This is the first time I've used it. I will explain the awesome features and basic usage in an easy-to-understand manner.

It's not just Encharge that I'm going to cover here. I'll also explain email marketing tactics in this day and age when people say "email newsletters are dead.

If you are having trouble with your email delivery system, we can help.

What is Encharge?

What is Encharge, the next generation email delivery system?

Encharge is an email marketing tool that allows you to track user behavior on your website and automatically send emails based on user interests.

Older email marketing tools used to have simple functions such as sending email newsletters and step emails. However, simply sending out a newsletter will not get it opened or read.

Encharge can track the behavior of each and every user and implement email marketing according to their target audience. This system will also allow you to acquire more potential customers and improve your conversion rate.

To put it another way, the conventional e-mail delivery system is based on the idea of "just send it to as many people as possible and hope to make a sale from a few percent of them.

Encharge is a way to steadily build a relationship with the users on the other side of the screen by "automating natural email marketing based on each person's interests and behavior to produce results.

Features and benefits of Encharge

Now, let's take a look at the features of Encharge one by one.

Basic email delivery

First is the basic email distribution function.

If you say, "It's an email delivery system, so it should have the ability to send emails," that's the end of the story, but Encharge's email delivery function has several features.

First, Sendgrid is included to increase the reach rate. The key to any email delivery system is the "reach rate". Encharge can handle the worst case scenario of a delivered email not being delivered.

In addition, the reach rate is constantly monitored to ensure that the email reach rate does not drop. This allows us to maintain a higher open and click rate than other email delivery systems.

Create an intuitive delivery flow.

Encharge is an intuitive way to build your email marketing. With drag and drop, you can build up the order in which your emails are delivered.

At a glance, you can see in what order and frequency emails are sent to your subscribers.

The reason why people think that email marketing is difficult is because of the complexity of building it. With Encharge, it's simple. We make complex email marketing simple, so you can do it without stress.

A/B testing

A/B testing, a must-have feature in web marketing, is also available in Encharge.
By doing A/B testing, you can easily try out a number of email variations.
The number of opens and clicks over a period of time will automatically determine which type of email produced the most results. This feature allows you to automatically determine the best email to send.

User segmentation

The reason why Encharge is called "next generation" is because of its user segmentation feature.
Users can be grouped according to page access, email activity, etc.

You can also segment users based on their contact information and profile information to create a more targeted email marketing campaign.

Let's take a simple example. For example, you can cut off a segment of "people who have visited the price page of a product more than 5 times" and send an automatic email.

This alone should make web marketers excited about the powerful segmentation features.

Personalization - Make friends with your customers!

One of the key features of Encharge. That is personalization.

With this feature, you can easily customize an email to be sent to the whole world to look like a personal email.

Personalization in general email delivery systems is as simple as "automatically inserting the name of the subscriber receiving the email", but Encharge has even more powerful personalization features.

You can create and send more personalized emails based on their interests, concerns, and behaviors.

This powerful personalization makes your prospective customers feel as if they received a personal email directly from you.

Sending of receipts and payment completion e-mails

Encharge can also be used to send transactional emails. A transactional email is an email that is automatically sent when some event occurs.

For example, when an online course is sold, an order completion email or receipt email is sent. Or when a hotel reservation is completed, a reservation completion email is automatically sent, right? This refers to emails for confirmation or notification in that way.

Normally, to send transactional emails, you need to have a dedicated email distribution system. However, with Encharge, this is not necessary.

Encharge can deliver transactional emails.

Integration with Hubspot, Zapier, Facebook, and other apps

Encharge can be integrated with other industry apps and tools, such as Zapier, Webhook, Hubspot, and many more. Encharge can be integrated with a wide variety of other apps as well.

When combined with third party apps, the breadth and depth of your marketing will quickly change.

For example, in my case, I use Optinly to acquire leads and then send the lead information directly to Encharge for email marketing.

The number of apps that will be integrated with Encharge will continue to grow. You can expect even more enhancements. I'll share more when I find a good integration.

Advantages of Encharge

The advantages of using Encharge are as follows

  • Good-looking email templates
  • Drag and drop to assemble your email marketing.
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Implement complex automation with simple operations.
  • Unlimited email delivery
  • Courteous and prompt support system
  • Web site user tracking
  • Powerful segmentation capabilities
  • App integration with Hubspot, Zapier, Facebook, etc.
  • A/B testing function
  • Analysis of email delivery results
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Affordable prices and fees

On the other hand, let's summarize the disadvantages of Encharge.

Disadvantages of Encharge

The following two points.

  • Landing page (LP) function
  • It's in English, so it's scary at first.

I will explain each one.

First of all, Encharge does not yet have a landing page (LP) feature. You can't create email opt-in pages or squeeze pages either. I'm sure this feature will be added in the future, but at the moment it's not there.

Other email delivery systems like Mailchimp and Convertkit have landing page functionality.

 It's in English, so it's scary at first.

Encharge Pricing and Plans

Number of subscribersGrowthPremium
0 - 2,000$49$59
2,001 - 5,000$99$119
5,001 - 10,000$179$199
10,001 - 15,000$249$299
15,001 - 20,000$299$359
20,000 - 25,000$349$419
25,000 - 30,000$389$479
30,000 - 40,000$449$549
40,000 - 50,000$499$599
50,000 - 70,000$599$699
70,000 - 100,000$799$949
100,000 - 150,000$999$1,199
You can get a 14-day free trial on any plan. No credit card required.

There are two Encharge plans: Growth and Premium.

Both plans offer unlimited email delivery, delivery flow, team members, and email validation. The difference between the two plans is that Premium includes the following additional features

  • Integration with Segment (https://segment.com/)
  • Integration with Salesforce (https://www.salesforce.com/)
  • Segment based on events
  • Transactional Mail function

14-day free trial of Encharge

"I don't want to just sign a contract out of the blue..."

Don't worry, you can try Encharge for 14 days for free. You can use this time to try out Encharge and make your decision.

First.Encharge's official pageClick on the blue button labeled Get Started.

Encharge Review: Pros, Cons & Is It Worth The Money? (2021)

Click on the button to jump to the registration page for a free 14-day trial. Please see the image below.

Sign up for Encharge
  • Email address
  • password
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • URL of the company website

and click "Create Account". You are now registered and can try Encharge for free for 14 days.

How to pay for Encharge

This is a brief explanation of the payment method. If you have any questions after reading it, please feel free to ask in the comments section below the blog.

First, Encharge can be paid by credit/debit card.

Encharge Price Plan

Enter the payer's information, such as address, name, and phone number.

Pay for Enchaarge with a credit card

Next, enter your card number. Make sure there are no mistakes, and click the button to complete the payment.

This is a simple process.

Questions and Answers about Encharge

Here are some questions and answers about the Encharge email delivery system.

We will add more Q&A in the future if necessary.

Who is recommended to use Encharge?

  • SaaS Founder
  • startup
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketer
  • Web site operators
  • People who want to build relationships with prospective customers

If any of these apply to you, this is a good place to start.

In particular, Encharge is an email delivery system that is designed to build relationships with users. Therefore, it is recommended for startups and entrepreneurs who want to build relationships in the future.

Can I use Encharge in Japan?

Yes, you can. The administration screen is in English, but emails can be sent in Japanese.

Also, the tracking function works fine on Japanese websites.

If you have any problems, you can contact support for a quick solution.

Is there a discount for the annual plan?

Yes, the 20% discount is available if you pay annually. This is recommended if you are serious about email marketing.

Can I use Encharge to send cold emails?

You are not allowed. Email can be sent only if the user has given you permission to send email.

Therefore, the act of sending e-mail to a stranger is prohibited. You can only send mail to customers and users who have given you permission to send mail.

[Conclusion] Summary of my Encharge review

Encharge is definitely the best email marketing tool for entrepreneurs and marketers.

You don't want your "masterpiece" email to go unread, unopened, or unspammed.

Put an end to email marketing where you don't know who you're sending it to or if it's even effective.

What you need to do is to track the interests and behaviors of the person behind the screen you are sending the email to. It's all about turning prospects into customers.

I was convinced by Encharge. I was convinced that this was the key to unlocking a new era of email marketing.

Let's face it, even if there are cheaper email delivery systems than Encharge, they don't have the features of Encharge.

If you choose an email delivery system based on price, you will surely lose out. Let's implement the most advanced and next generation email marketing for your business. It's worth it.

Whether you are a small business entrepreneur, a small company owner, or a large organization, Encharge can be the best and highest choice for you.

Now, I would like to thank you for reading this long review of mine and give you some good news.

P.S. Experience all the features for 14 days for free!

Encharge offers a 14-day free trial. You know what? It's free. And it's 14 days.

In other words, you can actually try out the amazing features I've written about in this article for free.

But you have to enter your credit card information for the free trial.
It's going to start charging.

No, you don't need to enter a credit card. And yet, you can use all the features of Encharge for 14 days for free.

Please try it first. Take your business to the next level. Let's change the game.

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