How to use AppSumo in Japanese! A Step-by-Step User Guide [It's easy].

AppSumo Japanese

Hi, this is Fujii. This article explains how to display AppSumo in Japanese.

AppSumo has a large number of attractive software titles lined up and available at substantial discounts. However, first-time users may be concerned.

I can't read English..." "Oh, AppSumo is an overseas site? I can't read English..."

Therefore, for those of you who are using AppSumo for the first time, this article is brought to you to help you resolve even one of your concerns. Specifically,How to display AppSumo in Japanesewill be explained in detail.

Even if you are not good at English, you can make the most of AppSumo.

What is AppSumo?

What is AppSumo?
How to use AppSumo in Japanese! A Step-by-Step User Guide [It's easy].
Takeo Fujii

AppSumo...? I know, I know. If you want to know how to display Japanese quickly, please skip this chapter.

AppSumois a marketㇳplace where you can get foreign apps and software at special prices.

What is its appeal?

  • Unparalleled discount rates
  • Wide variety of products

Unparalleled discount rates

You can get useful software for up to 981 TP34T off. That's an astonishing price break.

AppSumo AI Tool

For example, the AI text creation tool above is normally priced at $2,088 (about 300,000 yen). However, with AppSumo, you can get it for a whopping 96% off, or $89 (roughly 12,000 yen).

Less than one-tenth of the regular price!

Thus, AppSumo offers apps and software from around the world at special prices.

Wide variety of products

And there's another attraction.Number of productsIt is. We offer a diverse selection of marketing software, including sales, SEO, design production, video editing, and customer management systems.

AppSumo Product
There are currently 583 products available for sale at a discount of AppSumo.

In other words, you are sure to find powerful tools to solve your current business challenges in the AppSumo product line.

How to use AppSumo in Japanese! A Step-by-Step User Guide [It's easy].
Takeo Fujii

No other foreign marketplace is as attractive as AppSumo.

We have prepared an article that explains the AppSumo in detail. To learn more about how to use it, see the article below.

Can you display AppSumo in Japanese?

This section explains how to display AppSumo in Japanese.

First, unfortunately,The AppSumo website is not yet available in Japanese.It is unlikely that this will be addressed in the future.AppSumo's website is in English.

However, the AppSumo website can be translated and displayed in Japanese using the following method.

How to translate AppSumo into Japanese

Some browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) have the ability to automatically translate pages.

By using this feature,Translate the entire AppSumo page into JapaneseThe following is an example of a product that can be used in this way.

How to use AppSumo in Japanese! A Step-by-Step User Guide [It's easy].

The method is simple.

  1. Right-click on the page you want to translate
  2. Press "Translate to Japanese."

That's all.

Using this method, the AppSumo site can be translated into Japanese and the pages can be viewed without stress.

How to purchase AppSumo products in Japan

This section explains how to purchase products at AppSumo. You may be wondering if it is possible to purchase from Japan since it is an overseas site.

First of all, shopping at AppSumo is completely safe from Japan.Easy to purchase.

The product pages are listed in U.S. dollars.

AppSumo U.S. dollars

However, the amount will be automatically converted to Japanese yen at the time of payment. Please see below.

AppSumo paypal

This image shows me shopping at AppSumo and paying with PayPal; the $29 is automatically converted to 4,356 yen.

So you won't have a single problem shopping at AppSumo. Rest assured, we are here to help you.

2 payment methods to choose from at AppSumo

AppSumo offers two payment options.

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Either method can be purchased from Japan.When you pay by card, the payment is marked as payment to "APPSUMO.COM".

AppSumo Credit card

Thus, you can pay by both credit card and PayPal even from Japan.

However, if you are using AppSumo for the first time, I think you have another concern.

Is it safe to buy at AppSumo?"and you may have concerns about purchasing from an overseas site. This is also explained here.

Is AppSumo dangerous? Safety

I would also like to mention the safety of AppSumo.

First of all, if you are unfamiliar with purchasing from an international site, you should be apprehensive about AppSumo.

What can I say, I myself was full of anxiety and hope when I made my first purchase at AppSumo (lol).

AppSumo is not hazardous.We assure you that it is extremely safe.

Noah KaganAppSumo was launched in 2010 by AppSumo, Inc. and to this day is an international marketplace with a global user base. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AppSumo is operated by a team of professional and experienced employees.

The company was explained in depth in the following article. Please take a look.

If you are still worried about shopping at AppSumo, I have one more thing to tell you....

AppSumo has a 60-day money back guarantee. (with some exceptions)

Most AppSumo products offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

AppSumo Refund

The money-back guarantee is listed under the purchase button on the product description page.

In other words.Feel free to try any product you are interested in AppSumo with no risk for 2 months.This is the first time I've done this.

You may be anxious or afraid to shop at AppSumo, and at first you may have that fear. But don't worry, because AppSumo offers a money-back guarantee.

If you still have concerns about using AppSumo, please see the article below.

Summary] How to use AppSumo in Japanese without stress

In this article.

  • How to display AppSumo in Japanese
  • Two ways to buy from Japan
  • Recommended Payment Methods
  • safety

The above was explained above.

AppSumo is displayed in English, but can be viewed in Japanese using the browser's translation function. If you are not comfortable with English, please use the translation function.

You can also purchase from Japan. We offer two types of payment methods, credit card and PayPal, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Coupon for 10% discount on first purchase available

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. Please ask in the comments below this article and we will respond within 24 hours.

How to use AppSumo in Japanese! A Step-by-Step User Guide [It's easy].
Takeo Fujii

We encourage you to take advantage of AppSumo.

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