How to Create a Website By Yourself: Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional

Advantages of creating your own website

Hi, I'm Takeo Fujii.Conclusion: Make your own website.

All of my clients are entrepreneurs and managers of some kind of business. Many of them are small business owners who are making a living. This is what I tell them. I tell them, "Let's make our own website.

I'm going to make an enemy of production companies, but website production is expensive; if you can't split the difference or are resistant to paying 300,000 or 400,000 yen for a website, make your own website.

I'll tell you why.

I can make it myself! It's easy to make a website.

It's easy to make a website.

Creating a website is easy.In 2021, even a sixth grader can make a website today. It's easy; 10 years ago, if you wanted to make a website from scratch, you really had to hire a production company, or make it yourself in html, or use a website builder.

However, things are different now. Except for business owners who are not very good with computers, most people can easily create a website, even amateurs. And it takes less than a day.

In addition, you can quickly create a highly functional website with a professional design and a contact form, rather than an amateurish website.

Best of all, it is much easier to manage a website than it used to be.

For example, I have also created this website by myself. Please see below.

How to Create a Website By Yourself: Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional

Even a layman can create such a top page in 45 minutes. Anyone can make it by installing the free WordPress.

(2) Hiring a website designer is too expensive.

And not only that.Hiring a professional to create your website can be laughably expensive.

A production cost of 150,000 or 200,000 yen is understandable, but some companies charge 1 or 2 million yen for a website that anyone can make.

So how much does it cost to actually create a website by yourself? This is the place, isn't it?

First of all, it costs zero to make a website. In fact, you can create a website without spending any money by using a free system called WordPress.

You will then need to rent a place to set up your website. To use a rental server, it costs 10,000 yen per year. To create and manage a website, it costs about 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen per year.

"Oh, it costs 10,000 yen a year to run a website? Wouldn't it be better to hire a contractor?"

You may think so, but in fact, website production companies will charge you a separate monthly fee of 10,000 yen for maintenance and operation.

If you do, you will be charged 120,000 yen per year for maintenance and operation.

If you create your own website, you will not have to pay for maintenance and operation. If you make your own website, it is actually easy to maintain and operate. It's easier than you think.

If you think about it, you can see that it is much less expensive to create a website by yourself than to pay a lot of money to have one created.

Even if you are good at design, marketing is not your specialty.

Also, above all, a website designer may be good at design, but marketing is not their specialty.

A website designer can make a beautiful and stylish website for you. They can also add the features you want if you ask them to. However, they do not specialize in marketing.

They can make a website that looks good and has a good design. However, they may or may not be able to produce the profitable website that you are looking for.

If you want a profitable website for commercial purposes for your business, you ultimately have to create it on your own, and it's easy with WordPress.

This site you are reading is also made with WordPress. It takes about 3 hours to make. It is easy to make.

Therefore, if you want to increase sales and profits in your business, and if you want to get such a website, I recommend that you make it yourself.

If you make it yourself, it will take some time. If you are in the stage of doing business on your own, it is still best to make your own website.

Advantages of hiring a professional to create your website

But let's say you're not an entrepreneur, but a manager. There comes a point when you become a manager and you don't do everything yourself. More and more of what you do will be outsourced or done by your employees.

If you do, it is better to have a professional make your website for you than to make it yourself, so you don't make any mistakes.

For a small amount of money, you can get a website that never fails. This is the advantage of leaving it to the professionals.

What software do you recommend for creating your own website?

If you want to create your own website, there are several ways to do it.

Personally, I recommend WordPress. It's incredibly cheap to create and maintain. It is also highly customizable. The most important data is that 35% of the world's websites are made with WordPress. It also has the largest share of the global CMS market.*Reference

  • I'm not sure if I can make it as an amateur.
  • Don't know html or CSS
  • I want to make it myself cheaply.
  • I want to make a good looking website at the very least.

If so, please choose WordPress.

What about Wix or Jimdo, where you can create a website for free?

On the other hand, there are services that allow you to create a website for free, such as WIX and Jimdo.

butAdvertisements will appear on the homepage created with the free version without your permission.Therefore, I would not recommend the free versions of WIX or Jimdo for business use.

If you only update your site once every 6 months, WIX or Jimdo is also a good choice. However, if you update your site daily or weekly, WordPress is definitely the way to go.

WordPress is easy to update, and you can even create a WordPress website and a blog within it.

The conclusion is that the more free andIf you want to create a full-fledged website, WordPress is the way to go.

Summary: Make your own website first!

If you are not sure whether you should make your own website or leave it to a professional, please try to make it yourself. It's easier than you think to make a website.

Individual entrepreneurs and sole proprietors should spare no time or effort to create their own.

This is because even if you spend hundreds of thousands of yen to create a website, you may end up with a website that only looks good and brings no profit to your business at all.

It is undesirable to end up throwing money down the drain.

There are only five that I use to create my website.

  • Rental server (10,000 yen per year)
  • Own domain (1,000 yen per year)
  • WordPress (free)
  • Brizy (5,200 yen per year)
  • Neve (free)

The total is less than 20,000 yen per year. Think about it. How much do you pay your website designer every month for operation and maintenance? You might be paying 50,000 yen a month, or even 100,000 yen depending on the vendor.

If you are paying 1.2 million yen per year, it is much wiser to make your own for less than 20,000 yen per year.

If you don't think you can make it yourself, please contact me. I'll show you how to make it cheaply.

For those of you who want to acquire strong potential customers through your website

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From now on, when you create a website, you need to attract potential customers to that website.

You can create a website that automatically attracts potential customers and naturally increases sales. Whether you are making your own website or hiring a professional to do it for you, be sure to get this guide. You won't regret it. You can download it from below.

I'll see you soon. Thank you very much.

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