How Hard is it to Make Money Youtuber?


Hi, I'm Takeo Fujii.

For those who have fantasies of making ad revenue from YouTube and achieving their dream YouTube dream in 2021 and beyond, I will talk about the reality.

To sum up.It will be extremely difficult for amateurs to continue making money as YouTubers even if they start after 2021.The situation has changed. The situation has changed.

If you are longing for a life where you can become famous on YouTube, satisfy your desire for self-approval, and eat from the revenue that automatically comes in from advertising, I recommend you quit.

In the past I have written articles like the one below.

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I'm not saying this without evidence. But I'm not saying this without evidence, and the proof is that YouTube itself is not going out of fashion!It's a wacky way to make a living from Youtube's advertising revenue.

See below.

It's not that YouTube is going wacko.


Of course, this is not because the YouTube market has gone wacky, but rather because YouTube is a video platform that will continue to expand and grow.

According to Statista's 2019 survey, YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. And in the same year, according to data from YouTube Officials, the total number of hours watched on YouTube exceeded 1 billion hours per day.

This means that there are 2 billion users around the world, who spend a whopping total of over 1 billion hours per day on YouTube. There are 7.4 billion people in the world. If you consider the entire population, that means each person spends 7.4 minutes per day on Youtube.

So, you've figured out that there are a lot of users. What about from the contributor's point of view? Actually, according to Tubefilter's 2019 survey, there are 500 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute.
The data does not even show any sign of decline.

However, if you look at YouTube from a more microscopic point of view, I think it is risky to think that you can continue to make a lot of money from YouTube advertising revenue.

Why it's hard for YouTube users to live off ad revenue

I'm going to live on YouTube.

I tweeted this in August 2020.

As a result of celebrities starting Youtube in 2019 and 2020, there will be more popular content popping up within Youtube than ever before. So if the average citizen who has lived an uninteresting and average life starts Youtube, there is no way he can beat the celebrities. It is obvious that the number of views will be extremely charismatic.

In short, this tweet is a prediction of what will happen to amateurs when celebrities enter YouTube.

And I'm tweeting further up the tree from here.

Top YouTubers also become involved in the entertainment industry. As a result, YouTubers will become celebrities. And when this happens, the line between those who have made a living from YouTube and those who are entertainers will disappear.

In other words, YouTubers will be just like TV. The main question is, how can a weak bottom-feeder win on YouTube?

Why U-tubers and comedians collaborate

Hikaru and Rafael are easy to understand as examples of this. Top YouTubers can also collaborate with celebrities. This is because it is mutually beneficial. Both the YouTuber and the celebrity can increase the number of views. Most importantly, for celebrities, it is a chance to reach out to a new audience in the new market of YouTube. It's a great opportunity to gain fans.

However, it is rare for weak and unknown individual YouTubers to be presented with such opportunities.

Weak individual YouTube users have a tough game to play, especially when you consider that they don't have the number of registered users, don't have a sharp personality, don't have a track record or trustworthiness, and can't compete with celebrities in terms of face and appearance design.

Survival Strategies for Weak YouTubers

YouTube Strategy

So, if you're a weak amateur Youtuber with no chance of winning at all, that's not the case, and if you're serious about competing, I think you can compete and win from now on. That's what I'm talking about.

It's all about being thoroughly underground. Top YouTubers who don't want to destroy their brand, extreme and hedonistic content that has lost all morality and any semblance of ethics to a degree that celebrities never can.
I'll be dropping them on YouTube. The result of that overkill, though, is "Hizumaryu. But he's a learning experience in both good and bad ways.

In short, if you can be a YouTuber who understands common sense and is insane, or if you can be a YouTuber who understands morality and exercises as much immorality as is acceptable, then you have a chance.

Why the world hates Hezumaryu

The reason why the world hates Hesamaryu is because he crosses too many boundaries that should not be crossed that are not acceptable.

Hezumaryu has been accumulating annoying abnormal behaviors of a laughable level that should not be overstepped, and as a result, he has only attracted hate.

Hezumaruru's extreme videos are generally overwhelmingly rated Bad. However, one exception to this is the videos of Hesuma Ryu collaborating with Yutabon, which are rated accordingly.

This is because he is showing his big brother side that is kind to children. If it were only this video, he would have been recognized as "usually a bad guy, but kind to children.

Hezumaryu is trying to increase his supporters.

If Hezumaruru wanted to make a living from YouTube, he could have gained an overwhelmingly larger following by switching to the "I look like an asshole, but I'm actually a good guy" route in one fell swoop, while making sure he didn't cross any boundaries he shouldn't.

He understood that what he was doing was annoying, insane, and immoral.

If I could have seen where the boundaries were there and controlled them, I wouldn't have been as hated as I am now, if not a huge success.

I hope I've made my point somewhat clear. Of course, I personally think it would be a billion times better to get a part-time job and earn a decent living if you're going to eat your dinner in such an annoying and risky way.

Don't forget that extreme videos will get your channel banned.

Solid BAN Youtuber

Also, some extreme videos may result in the banning of your channel.

Even if you think you are in control of the boundaries, you may be banned by the YouTube management without question.

This is unavoidable as long as you are working on the Youtube platform.

In light of this, I really don't recommend making a living from YouTube. It's too hard to control risk and depend on ad revenue. Unstable.

That's what I was talking about. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using YouTube if you are using it as a marketing tool for your business, not to make money from advertising.

Let's use YouTube wisely. That was my story. See you soon.

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