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How to Eliminate PUP.Optional.Legacy Malware [ Removal Guide]

How to Eliminate PUP.Optional.Legacy Malware [ Removal Guide]

Maybe you are having problems with PUP.Optional.Legacy or "", so I will write a quick solution. You can easily remove it in about 3 minutes.

There are not many sites that describe the solution in Japanese, so I hope this article will be helpful.

We will begin with an explanation of the root cause.

What is PUP.Optional.Legacy or ""? ←Adware.

In my case, one day while surfing the web on my Windows 10 computer, I started getting sent to the URL "".

Here is the URL.

...I didn't think this was a virus infection. Since I access only foreign sites, malware was the first thing I thought of.

To sum up, this identity is adware.

What is Adware?

adwareis software that hides in the browser to display ads (Ad = advertisements) without permission in order to generate advertising revenue from the user.

When surfing the Internet, advertisements may appear on their own, or you may be redirected to a page that is not intended for you.

Although it is not considered to be very dangerous, some adware exists that collects users' personal information without their permission. It is therefore dangerous to take them lightly.

Causes of adware planting

In many cases, including my own experience, the infection occurs when downloading software or apps, or in the case of Google Chrome, by installing extensions.

How to Eliminate PUP.Optional.Legacy Malware [ Removal Guide]
Takeo Fujii

In my case, it was via an extension.

These days, it really is often planted in Google extensions, so be the first to suspect it.Be sure to remove any suspicious extensions immediately.

And the tricky part is that software that detects adware and spyware may not resolve PUP.Optional.Legacy or "

So here is how I removed it (for free).

How to securely remove "" [Easy].

First, install AdwCleaner (free) to remove adware.

AdwCleaner is a god-like cleanup tool that automatically detects and even removes malicious programs such as adware, PUP/LPI, and browser hijackers.

First, install AdwCleaner.

>> Click here for the official AdwCleaner

Above is the official distribution page. Be sure to install from the official, not a third-party site.

AdwCleaner - Free Adware Cleaner & Removal Tool
AdwCleaner - Free Adware Cleaner & Removal Tool

Malwarebytes, the company that provides this tool, was founded in the United States in 2008 and has developed many security tools since then. It supports not only adware and malware removal, but also cyber protection and device protection, and is trusted and used not only by companies, but also by schools, hospitals, and government agencies.

Also, the site is in English.Software is guided in JapanesePlease feel free to use it with confidence.

Install AdwCleaner and do the detection work.

After installation is complete, start the software. There is no particularly difficult task. Just read the instructions that appear and press a button. Detection will then begin automatically.

Remove adware with AdwCleaner

It takes approximately 5 minutes to scan the computer.

Isolate everything that needs to be isolated.

What you also need to remember to do is to delete suspicious items and software in "quarantine" after detection. See below.

Delete PUP.Optional.Legacy

In my case, the items were displayed like this. Select the item that needs to be deleted and click the Delete button.

Also on the tab next to it is "Pre-installed Software".

Adware Software Removal

Again, select the software and click the Remove button. This completes the adware removal.

Check to see if PUP.Optional.Legacy has been completely removed

Thanks for your time. But one last thing to check: restart your computer once.
Then launch AdwCleaner and run another scan.

You should check here to see if PUP.Optional.Legacy has been completely removed successfully. In my case, this has completed the complete removal.

PUP.Optional.Legacy removed completely

If you are reading this and still continue to be affected by adware, one more step is necessary.

(I'll skip the explanation because it's mendacious, but if the adware is still showing up, please let me know in the comments section. I will add the solution to this article).

How to prevent adware from infiltrating your system in the future

Adware is malware that installs itself without the user's consent. Once installed, adware hijacks your browser, tracks your browsing history, and inserts advertisements on the pages you visit.

They may direct you to malicious sites, install additional malware, or extract information.

This means that measures must be taken to prevent re-invasion by adware in the future.

(1) Install with care

Be vigilant about the apps and software you download (install) on your computer. Even websites that seem trustworthy at first glance or apps that have many reviews do not guarantee your safety.

Be especially cautious with Google Chrome extensions, which tend to be installed casually.

How to Eliminate PUP.Optional.Legacy Malware [ Removal Guide]
Takeo Fujii

...I myself have been hit by extensions. I recommend not installing them as much as possible and reviewing them regularly.

(2) Keep security up-to-date

Keep your computer's security patches up to date and remember to update your software.

We recommend that you keep it up-to-date.

(3) Avoid stepping on suspicious links.

The rest.Do not click on ads that look suspicious or links that are unreliable.It is easy to click on them out of curiosity, but by being careful, you can prevent adware from infiltrating your system.

A common way for adware to enter the system is via pages with embedded malicious advertisements.

As a result, they are infected with adware, which tracks their page views and automatically displays advertisements.

We hope this article will be helpful. In the unlikely event that you are still unable to solve the problem by following the steps described in this article, please let us know your current situation in the comments section.


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