What is Puppetry, which makes images/photos speak with AI, and how to use Puppetry and its functions!

Creating AI Avatar Videos with Puppetry

This article details the use and features of Puppetry, an innovative tool that creates AI avatar videos from a single image.

  • No expensive cameras or equipment for video production
  • Tired of reshooting and editing videos
  • I want to create content without showing my face, while maintaining privacy.
  • I want to do video marketing efficiently and stress-free every day.
  • I want to create AI-based video content at very low cost.

If you have any of these concerns, you will find the information in this article useful.

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What is Puppetry?

What is Puppetry?

Puppetry is a tool that uses AI technology to create moving avatar videos from a single image.

Synthesia and D-ID, video generation tools that can make videos speak with AI, are well-known. They became quite a topic of conversation last year as well.

Their alternative tool is Puppetry.

First, please watch the actual video we made▼.

You can make a practical AI avatar video. This video was created using Puppetry's AI Presenter feature.

Instead of having an AI-created presenter speak, it is possible to have an AI avatar of a real person speak.

How to use Puppetry: Basic Functions

Using Puppetry is easy. First, log in and access "Studio,

The setup screen for creating an AI avatar video will appear.

Screenshot images of the Puppetry face animation tool Puppetry screenshot with the option to animate any face to bring a portrait to life. Included are sample images of three avatar faces ready for animava.


  • Upload an image
  • Choose from our presenters

You can choose either one.

This time, I will upload a picture of my face. (You can also add an image by drag & drop)

Fujii Takeshi will actually make an AI avatar video.

Next, insert text or upload audio of what you want spoken.

We will try to create it with text. If you enter text, you must select a voice to read the text.

Puppetry does not require any face or voice recording. You can easily create videos using the prepared voices.

The default voice is the English version, but Japanese can be selected as a premium voice. After selecting a voice, press the Generate button.

Here is a video of an AI avatar actually generated by Puppetry

After a short wait, the AI avatar video will be completed.

Here is the actual finished video.

It is possible to create videos with real people. You can create a moving & talking AI avatar video by uploading just one image.

Benefits of Using AI Avatars in Video Marketing

Here are some of the advantages of making AI avatar videos with Puppetry.

No camera or equipment required

The first is that expensive cameras and equipment are not required.

Until now, shooting video required high-quality SLR cameras, lighting, and other equipment.

With Puppetry, you don't even need to shoot.No camera or equipment is required.

You can even make a video without showing your face by choosing from a list of presenters.

Anyone, anywhere, can create video content quickly and easily.

No need to re-shoot or shoot video

The benefits of Puppetry, which areNo more "re-shoots."

You sometimes have to reshoot many times because of small mistakes or bites. Every time I reshoot, I get angry at myself for biting the shot, thinking, "Oh, what am I doing...?

With Puppetry, you can create a video without the need for corrections by simply entering text. There is no need to reshoot.

Audio can be used

AI's voice is kind of unnatural..."

If you are such a person, you can also upload your own recorded audio files.

If you do not like the AI audio, you can upload an audio file and have it synchronized with the AI avatar video.

This way, you can create natural avatar videos that do not look AI-like.

I actually made it in my own voice.

Puppetry Features

Here is a summary of Puppetry's functionality.

Create unlimited AI avatar videos

Puppetry allows you to generate an unlimited number of videos at no additional charge; you can create multiple video content per day.

Create unlimited AI avatar videos with Puppetry

Currently, there is a limit of "up to 5 minutes per video," but you can process an unlimited number of videos, so there is no problem if they are stitched together.

No need to show your face! Create videos with presenters.

I don't want to make a video with my face on it."

We recommend it for such people.

  1. Choose from a wide variety of AI presenters
  2. Have the script read out loud.
  3. Video is completed.

As shown here. No need to show your face or record anything.

There are a number of AI presenters offered by Puppetry.

There are many AI presenters to choose from.

I don't even want to speak up. Recording is a hassle.

If you are such a person, you can choose from the prepared voices and the AI presenter will read out the script in that voice.

Puppetry allows you to select a voice and create an avatar video.

Of course, Japanese voices are also provided.

There is also the ability to create your own presenter, which can be customized in every detail.

You can create not only realistic AI avatars, but also cartoon or animated cartoon-style presenters.

Working with Canva

Puppetry can also work with Canva.

Puppetry can also work with Canva

When integrated with Canva, AI avatar videos can be created within Canva and inserted into designs.

You can create avatar videos using Puppetry within Canva. However, some features are limited

No more going to Puppetry's site to create an AI avatar video.

However, it appears to take a little time to generate.

Disadvantages of Puppetry

Puppetry has its weaknesses. Honesty,It takes quite a while for the video to be generated.It takes more than expected.

For example, it took 20 minutes to make a 1 minute and 5 second video; a 19 second video takes about 3 minutes.

I don't know why it's taking so long..."

Currently, there seems to be a rush of users.

We are currently experiencing a problem with the slow processing speed of the videos that can be generated by Puppetry. The problem seems to be caused by the increasing number of users.

This is occurring because many customers are using Puppetry in a special discount campaign currently running on AppSumo.

This is causing an increased load on the server and slow video generation.

Just upload your video & leave it alone.

The recommendation is while the video is being processed in Puppetry,Waiting while working on something elseWe recommend that you do the following

If you wait, the video generation will proceed on its own. For busy people today, you may be frustrated and say, "It hasn't finished generating yet!" but in such cases, let's do something else.

In the meantime, Puppetry will make AI avatar videos.

By the way, while processingClosing the browser does not seem to be a problem.

Is Puppetry worth the charge?

Regular prices for Puppetry are as follows

There are three regular Puppetry pricing plans available. A free version is also available, but its functionality is quite limited.
Featurecommercial useFor one-person entrepreneurs
Monthly fee$39.99$19.99
Using ChatGPTAvailable through PuppetryAvailable through Puppetry
AI co-pilot (presenter generation)existence (at the present moment)existence (at the present moment)
Image Generationexistence (at the present moment)existence (at the present moment)
Number of presenters per dayunlimitedunlimited
Number of videos per dayunlimitedunlimited
Premium Phone Supportexistence (at the present moment)existence (at the present moment)
Languages supportedMulti-languageMulti-language
Watermark Removalexistence (at the present moment)existence (at the present moment)
Licensecommercial useOnly one entrepreneur
money-back guarantee14 days14 days

The plan for commercial use is $39/month. In Japanese yen, this is about 5,800 yen per month. Considering that you can create unlimited AI avatar videos, it is inexpensive.

The annual plan is about $160. In Japanese yen, it costs about 23,800 yen per year.

This is still very inexpensive.

But it is not like that.A week ago, an even better deal was launched.

[Limited Time Offer] Get Puppetry at a special discount & buyout of 69%

What is Puppetry, which makes images/photos speak with AI, and how to use Puppetry and its functions!

Normally $39/month.

howeverThis pageFor a limited time, you can get Puppetry for a whopping $49 when you purchase it from In Japanese YenApprox. 6,700 yenI'm not sure.

Hmmm?" From $39/month to $49/month? I thought they were raising the price...?"

No. This is a buy-in campaign. This campaign is buy-in. In other words, you only need to pay $49 once to get it semi-permanently. You do not have to pay a monthly fee.

onlyPay only onceIt is. So, you can make unlimited AI avatar videos.

It is a busted price.

And this is not all.

60-day money back guarantee.

The official website only offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

AppSumo with a 60-day money back guarantee.

However, in this campaignThere is a 60-day money back guarantee after purchase.Don't worry, you can try it out for two months.

I'm afraid to buy from foreign websites."

If this is your first time using our services, please also see the article below.

If you are not comfortable paying by credit card, PayPal is still available. Please use PayPal if you are worried about purchasing from overseas sites.

It's like, "Are you okay... with this?"

However, this sale is just too good to be true.

  • Unlimited video generation
  • Unlimited presenters per day
  • AI Image Generation
  • Creation of unlimited AI presenters per day

...Are you okay with such a fat offer?I sincerely hope that Puppetry will still be in operation in a year's time.

Nevertheless, AppSumo has been reviewed and the product is listed on the site, so it is worth a try.

I am also purchasing it.

Either way, the product will be available for a limited time. The set number of inventory may sell out, so if you are interested, please give it a try.


Why is AI Avatar video generation slow?

The special sale at AppSumo has helped many users take advantage of Puppetry.

This has increased the load on the server and is causing the video generation to take longer.

Once video generation has started, we recommend waiting a while to do other work.

How many AI avatar videos can I create per day?

In Puppetry,Create an unlimited number of videos at no additional charge.Are you sure you are not broken? Are you okay with going this far?

However, it seems that it can only generate videos up to a maximum of 5 minutes in length. So, to make a longer video, I would need to generate it in multiple installments.

Still, the ability to generate unlimited video is powerful.

Can I use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, I am interested in the Puppetry paid plans sold at this AppSumo. In the Puppetry paid plans sold in this AppSumoCommercial use" is also available.

In other words, you can use Puppetry for video production for business use.

Is Puppetry safe?

Yes, sir.Puppetry's safety is verified.This is considered to be the case.

...The rationale for this is that there is a rigorous screening process for listing products on AppSumo. Only some apps and tools that meet those criteria will be listed.

Therefore, applications that are clearly dangerous will not be sold.

I am more concerned about the contents of this sale than my safety.It is too attractive.I bought it and am using it, but "unlimited use... are you serious?" I am skeptical.

While it is true that there is a bit of uncertainty regarding the sustainability of the service, remember that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try it risk-free for up to 2 months.

...Even with the weak yen, is it really safe to buy something for less than 7,000 yen?

60-day money back guarantee.

See you soon.

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