7 WordPress Themes for Creating Landing Pages

A WordPress theme that allows you to create landing pages.

In this article.A WordPress theme that makes it easy to create landing pages (LPs).The following is an introduction to

I will secretly share WordPress themes that are not introduced in other people's blog posts.

I have been scouring WordPress themes in Japan as well as English-speaking countries every day. So I can confidently explain WordPress themes that can create landing pages on WordPress.

In this article, I will introduce WordPress themes that can create landing pages that I have actual experience using. Some of them include powerful WordPress themes from English speaking countries.

I will not explain the specific usage of each one, but if you have a request for more information on how to use them, I would appreciate it if you could leave it in the comment box below this article. If there are many requests, I will create an article explaining the specific usage.

Below are 7 carefully selected WordPress themes that will help you create great looking LPs as quickly and easily as possible.


TCD theme by Design Plus, a famous WordPress theme company in Japan.

Among them, there is a WordPress theme that allows you to create high converting LP (landing page) very easily."OOPS!" (TCD047)It is.

If you run OOPS! through a simple heatmap analysis, you will see the following

Create a landing page with OOPS!(TCD047)

I have verified it, and the clarity of the page also surpassed 85 points.The advertising of the TCD theme that "you can create high closing rate landing pages" is not a lie.

In fact, an entrepreneur I know also created a landing page for his product with OOPS!

The design can be used in a wide range of industries and business categories, including store business, Internet business, services, and personal branding.

You don't need to install any other plugins, you can easily create LPs with the page builder provided with OOPS!

Highly recommended.


WordPress theme "DROP (TCD087)"

It is from the same TCD theme as the OOPS!

If you want to create a landing page that will help your newly released startup business grow like crazy in 2021, this is the WordPress theme for you!"DROP (TCD087)"It is.

Unfortunately, I do not own one. My client has installed it. ...It's cool. To be honest, I'm considering buying one too.

Well, that's enough of my digressions.

Both OOPS! and DROP WordPress themes specialize in creating landing pages with high signup rates.

The major difference is that DROP provides sophisticated graphing and charting functions.This allows the graph to be displayed within the landing page.

DROP has more features to make your LPs more persuasive, while OOPS! is more focused on basic LP creation, simplicity, and high conversion rate.

DROP (TCD087) is recommended for entrepreneurs, managers, and marketers who want to use graphs and charts to create more compelling landing pages.

Emanon Premium

Emanon Premium

Emanon PremiumThis WordPress theme is ideal for sole proprietors, managers, coaches, and consultants.

Not only can you use the block editor to create your own landing pages, but it also includes a wide range of features to promote powerful web traffic, such as call-to-action (CTA) functions and buttons to request information.

If you are a business owner reading this article, this is a WordPress theme that you will find useful!

To see what kind of website you can create, please visit the demo page.

In addition to landing pages, you can efficiently create websites that create a strong sense of trust through their beautiful and sophisticated design.


WordPress theme "Colorful".

If you are an Internet business information provider orColorful is a WordPress theme that is used by many beginners in the content business.It is.

This theme is completely dedicated to creating LPs (Landing Pages).

When I first stepped into the world of web marketing, it was so popular that it was often ranked on infotop.

It's easy to use even for beginners, and it includes a wide range of functions for creating landing pages.
It is recommended (and affordable) for individual users who are not confident in their design and do not have much knowledge.

The design is old and not very sophisticated, but it is a good option to create a landing page with a WordPress theme without spending a lot of money.

I compared Dangan page builder and Colorful. Both are page builders that allow you to create landing pages in WordPress. For more informationHere is a comparison articleplease.


WordPress theme "STORK19"

I will also introduce you to OPENCAGE's latest WordPress theme, STORK19. This OPENCAGE is famous for making high quality and easy to use WordPress themes specifically for bloggers.

By the way, this site also uses this STORK19.

I'm happy with my purchase. It's so easy to use that I really can't complain. It's so easy to use that I really can't complain about it.

STORK19 is an advanced version of the old STORK released in the past.It is a new version of the website. Not only is the page speed now much faster on smartphones, but the ability to create landing pages has also been enhanced.

You can create landing pages in STORK19 that you couldn't create in the old STORK.

It is not suitable for those who want to customize every detail and create a completely original landing page.

However, it is ideal for bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and services within their blogs. I highly recommend it.

X theme

WordPress theme "X theme".

From here on, it's English-speaking WordPress themes.

  • Many users around the world
  • There is a page build function provided.
  • You can freely create a high level of design.

X theme is a WordPress theme that allows you to create landing pages intuitively.

In many cases overseas, page builder WordPress plugins such as Elementor and Thrive Architect are used to create landing pages.

However, the X theme does not require those page builders; it implements a built-in page builder called cornerstone.

The drawback is

  • Heavy page speed.
  • Too much customization and too much hassle.
  • Plus, the manual is in English.
  • It's not very practical to use it with a blog.

Having purchased the higher end (PRO) version of the X theme, I can assure you that there is a point at which you will not be able to use it.It is not recommended for beginners to intermediate users.

Personally, I like it, but I find it difficult to handle.


WordPress theme "Divi".

Divi, the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

Recently, the number of Japanese users has been increasing, including Divi.The implemented page build function allows you to create landing pages in an intuitive manner.

The X theme I mentioned above does not support Japanese, but Divi does.

So even if you are not good at English, you can operate it in Japanese and create a gutsy landing page.

Divi is $249. That's about 27,000 yen in Japanese yen. It's a bit expensive, but you can create various types of websites without any inconvenience with this one WordPress theme.

Also, it has more users than any other WordPress theme in Japan, and its features are of a much higher level, making it a "buy" if you want to create a website with landing pages.

I will also make a video tutorial on how to use Divi on request.


WordPress theme "OptimizePress".

It is a WordPress theme that has been endorsed by over 120,000 online entrepreneurs, marketers, startups, and business owners to date.

Optimizepress is more than just a page builder. By using this WordPress theme, you canYou can create proven, high-converting landing pages in ultra-fast time.

Up until two years ago I was also using Optimizepress to create landing pages.

This is one of the best WordPress themes for creating landing pages that I have seen on this page.

I recommend Optimizepress for small entrepreneurs who are familiar with the English-speaking system called Clickfunnels, but cannot afford Clickfunnels yet.

The price is more affordable than Clickfunnels. However, Optimizepress also costs $17 per month, so it is recommended for entrepreneurs who have some revenue. It is not recommended for beginners.

Create a landing page with WordPress.

Here's my personal opinion. You may be looking for a WordPress theme that can create landing pages, butLanding pages should be created with WordPress plugins.I recommend that you

By using WordPress plugins, you can create landing pages more freely than WordPress themes.

For example, look at the top page of my site.

Example of my website made with the landing page builder "Brizy".

This top page is made with a WordPress plugin. The design is free to use.

You can also use WordPress plugins to create sales pages and opt-in pages for products and services.

Email newsletter opt-in page

This opt-in page was also quickly created with a WordPress plugin.

Actually, you don't have to create a landing page with a WordPress theme. If you want to create a free landing page on WordPress, please see the explanatory article below.

>>How to use WordPress Page Builder Brizy, the complete guide

This page introduces the WordPress plugin that we use on this site to create landing pages. It is a page builder that has been well received by our site readers.

I recommend it with confidence.

[Summary] Creating a landing page with WordPress

In this article.A WordPress theme that allows you to freely create LPs (Landing Pages).We have carefully selected and introduced the following

I have hands-on experience with the WordPress themes presented. I own them myself, and they are used in the websites of my business partners.

Therefore, I promise you that you can create a landing page using the WordPress theme presented here.

If you have any questions after reading this article, please feel free to post them in the comments section below the article. See you soon.

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