[Notice] About your questions and requests.

This is an announcement from Top Fujii. Please read this article when you send questions or requests in the future.

Thank you for your continued support. We are pleased to announce that we have set up an AI chat window. Press the icon in the lower right corner of the website, and an artificial intelligence will answer your questions.

If you have any questions about our tools or software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the AI chat window?

Notice of Introduction of AI Chatbot

Free artificial intelligence will answer your questions.

  • I need to know how to use this tool."
  • 'I don't know how to set this up.'

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the AI chat window.

The AI chat window will be updated with information on a daily basis. It is currently operating in beta, but we hope to be able to answer simple questions.

We will continue to update our answers to a high degree of accuracy, so please keep a warm eye on us until then.

If the AI chatbot cannot resolve your issue or if you have further questions, please use the request form.

①Request Form

We welcome your questions and requests on our request form.

Please send me your requests such as "I would like to know more about this" or "I would like you to make a video like this." I will check and respond to them in order of priority.

If you have any questions or requests regarding our software tools, please use this request form.

Click here to connect to the request form ▼

However, not all questions or requests can be answered.

We may not be able to respond to your request due to time constraints. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we would appreciate your understanding.

Why did we create the request form?

We have been receiving questions and requests on YouTube, our blog, and social networking sites, but we have been very inconvenienced by the oversight.

I made a comment on YouTube but it is not showing up. Maybe some of you are like that, comments that contain URLs may be automatically marked as spam. I have not hidden / deleted any specific comments from me.

Also, regarding the blog comments....

I just noticed that WordPress has been set up to automatically move comments with URLs to the trash after they are flagged as spam. We will improve it.

I am aware of the effort you put into writing your comment. I am very sorry that you took the time to write it, and I felt very sorry and distressed.

In the future, I have created a request form to ensure that there are no missed requests. I will check it directly once a week.

We cannot promise that we will always be able to answer all questions or requests.However, we will do our best to answer your questions as best we can.

Important: We will not respond to questions or requests made outside of the request form.

We will not answer your questions on X or YouTube in the future.

I have thought about this very carefully. As much as possible, I do not want to impose. I like freedom. On the other hand, after considering the risk of oversight, I have decided to make this rule.

Thank you for your understanding.

(3) Botting X (formerly Twitter)

Finally, a third announcement. This is about the old Twitter, now X.

Twitter activity will be suspended. Fujii Tsuyoshi's Twitter will be automatically updated in the future.

>>Fujii's X account is here.

From now on, this X will be operated for informational purposes only.

I have enjoyed interacting with a wide variety of people. Thank you to those who have been involved with me so far.

From now on, we will only announce new videos, blog posts, and provide information about new tools.

Therefore,If you send me a reply (reply) on Twitter, I will not read or respond.

I'm not a fan of social networking in my private life.

My reason for changing the way I operate social networking sites is that I realized that I don't really like social networking sites.

As I am in the marketing business, I use SNS for the knowledge and operation of SNS required by clients, but I myself do not usually look at SNS.

On Twitter, many pessimistic posts of all kinds are circulating.

Many people enjoy social networking. However, I personally do not seem to fit in. I will automate my personal social networking account from now on because I don't want to see sterile posts that bring no real benefit.

The reason we use automation tools and RPA is also to do only the necessary work without looking at barren posts and messages. We use automated tools because manually checking social networking sites would reduce our productivity.

In conclusion, from now on Twitter will be posted for announcements and informational purposes only. Thank you for your past involvement. From now on, I will no longer reply to you.

Fujii's SNS account will be mechanical.

If you have any questions or requests, please use the request form.

Summary: I personally loved the exchange of comments!

As a side note, I personally love interacting with you all in the comments.

It was my habit to check the comments every morning.

Last year I reviewed a tool called TaskMagic. Then I received comments from many people.

Here are the many comments we received on that blog post as a result of our review of TaskMagic.

Of the 96 comments, half are mine.

Even excluding my comments, quite a few people have commented.

If you have time, please take a look directly below.

I have responded to each and every comment. I never felt pained. I enjoyed it.

It was very gratifying. TaskMagic is a new tool that is not yet known in Japan, so it was worthwhile for me to answer the questions and doubts that they had for me.

However.A week ago I came down with the new corona, which delayed my reply to your email and reply to your comments.

New coronavirus infection. Took medicine.

Above is the actual medicine I was taking.

I am already almost cured. However, at the beginning of the infection, I could not work at all and was in bed for 3 days.

As a result, we are sorry to keep you waiting for our reply to your comments and emails.

I need to create a system that will allow me to answer your questions without me."

With this in mind, we introduced an "AI chatbot" yesterday.

This is what led to the decision to set up the request form.

We are happy to receive comments on our blog and YouTube, but this experience has helped us understand the dangers of getting involved. From now on, we will change our format to accept questions using a request form.

We will keep updating our YouTube videos and blog, so we hope you will take a look.However, we will not be able to answer questions in the comments.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to distribute useful information. Thank you for your continued support.

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Hello Mr. Fujii.

I saw your latest notice.
I understand that we have unified one platform for questions, requests, etc.

However, I also send questions and requests to Mr. Fujii from my phone, which I also send from my phone.

For some reason, I am having trouble using the new request form, so I am sending it from here this time, but even if you do not receive a reply, it is okay.

First of all, I am glad that Mr. Fujii's health is recovering well.
We hope you are still enjoying the cold weather.

Thank you also for the daily delivery of useful information from the user's perspective with added human temperature.

Now, Mr. Fujii had previously said on YouTube that he would never introduce AI writing tools from now on, while mentioning the topic of "katteb," but katteb was updated a while ago with the latest AI article writer.

Do you still think the same way about katteb even with this update?

After all, what is the point of using katteb when auto katteb is marketed as a separate product?

I have sent this message to Mr. Fujii for his current thinking in this area as well.

If you could answer my question, I would appreciate it.
Best regards.

gallic acid

Fujii. Thank you very much for your warm words. I am very happy.

>> For some reason the usability of the new request form is not working,
We will improve the request form during this Saturday and Sunday. We apologize for any inconvenience.
And thank you for your report.

Now, since we're here.
Current thinking on AI writing tools
...Katteb's valuation as of January 2024.
Here are my thoughts on both of these issues.

Current thinking on AI writing tools
If you're going to use a bad AI writing tool, ChatGPT is better."
I personally think of it this way. Uses include blogging, writing ads, sales copy, email replies, etc,
ChatGPT is sufficient for these purposes.
It is also rich in features such as web browsing, Python and image generation.

Therefore, ChatGPT is more cost-effective than using a poor AI writing tool.

However, to create the text I want in ChatGPT, I have to control it with prompts.
In other words, a minimum of prompt engineering is required. This is the current weakness of ChatGPT.

You must take the reins of the direction of the text you want to create with the prompt.
You can write most sentences in ChatGPT, but prompts are required.

For example, trying to create a sales letter with ChatGPT will produce a sales letter that does not convert.
The reason for this is that 95% of the vast amount of content is filled with poor copy that does not lead to results, and the users are then instructed with the coarseness of "please make a sales text about 00," which produces low-quality sales letters.

With that in mind, I think you can see the importance of the prompt.
That said, trying to learn prompt engineering from scratch is labor intensive and time consuming.
I am willing to learn if the results are worth the learning.

In that sense, AI writing tools are sometimes better.

ChatGPT, which generates sentences by entering your own prompts.
AI writing tools set up and controlled by development teams and engineers

One thing you don't have to learn prompts for is AI writing tools. (Not all of them, of course.)
In that sense, there may be more to using AI writing tools.

AI writing tools that can be more efficient than ChatGPT may be introduced.
But other than that, we will not be introducing any other mediocre AI writing tools in the future.

...Katteb's valuation as of January 2024.
Katteb is rated some lower compared to last year, January 2023.
We still believe that ChatGPT is sufficient for creating blog posts because of the web browsing functionality that ChatGPT offers.
Depending on new features that are added in the future, as of January, it is "still a good, usable AI writing tool, but not the best.
This is a normal Katteb rating.

As for Auto Katteb, I have tried it too.
Compared to other AI writing tools, I think Auto Katteb is great.
You can save a lot of time and effort in creating blog posts.
But either way, it will need to be reworked.

I hope this is long and helpful.

Since the information on the AI writing tools we have presented so far is quite outdated,
We will revise the article again, including updating the information, and will put out a video review of the 2024 version.

Well then, Mr. Hisashiki.
Thank you for your question.

Takeo Fujii
I'm a geek who collects digital marketing resources from around the world. I also write an irregular marketing blog for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs. I'm busy gathering and verifying information, so making money is something I do in my spare time.