Mastering Katteb for Blog Creating: A Comprehensive List of Prompts

Blog post writing AI Katteb

The content of this article explains how to use the prompts to create sentences in the AI writing tool Katteb.

Please see the video for more details.

If you are not familiar with Katteb, see the article below.

Can I use prompts on Katteb?

First, I was wondering if prompts can be used on Katteb like ChatGPT. And then you asked about effective prompts.


Does this AI tool not require prompts like ChatGPT?

As a matter of fact, for the newly launched Katteb Chat, prompts can be used; ChatGPT prompts can also be used.

However, ChatGPT prompts may not work well when it comes to Katteb Write (a commonly used feature).

So this time I'm going toPrompt for use with KattebI have prepared a

Mastering Katteb for Blog Creating: A Comprehensive List of Prompts
Takeo Fujii

All prompts must be rewritten. Be sure to rewrite them for your own use. Also, this prompt has not been formatted. Someone please clean it up.

Example prompts for creating blog post titles

Is it possible to have them come up with a title for the article using several keywords? If so, which function should we use?

Please use Katteb Assistant. The following is an example prompt; GPT-4 is recommended.

You are a professional blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.
Please create a buzz-worthy blog post title from the following criteria

Keyword "Hexofy"
...and the keyword "scraping tool."
Target: "Entrepreneurs in their 20s~40s
Objective: "To make you want to click and read."
Title should not exceed 21 characters.
Article: Introducing Hexofy as a Scraping Tool for Those Who Want to Streamline Information Gathering


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  2. What is AppSumo Plus Membership: Benefits, Price, Pros, and Cons
  3. Stepsy Use Review: Amazing documentation tool that will explode your work efficiency🌟.
  4. GeneratePress Review: Pros & Cons, Price & Features (2023)

Style and Tone: Please make full use of copywriting.

[Output] Please make 5 patterns.

Samples, as the name implies, are samples.

In the example above I am pasting my blog post title, but there are plenty of post titles that make better use of SEO than mine, so you should use those examples. Really.

Prompt to generate a specified number of headings in Katteb

Is it possible to specify the number of headings? If so, could you please tell us how to do this?

You can generate them by specifying the number of headings in Katteb Assistant. Here is the prompt

You are a professional blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.

# Conditions
Headings are limited to 5 to 10.
The maximum number of characters for each heading is 20.
The headline is<h2>or<h3>Decorate with
Do not use numbers before headings.
Headings should be made in natural Japanese.
Do not use English or side letters except for proper nouns.


<h2>What is Sea Day?</h2>

<h2>Meaning and Origin of Ocean Day 2023</h2>

<h2>When is the sea day in 2023?</h2>

<h2>History of Marine Day</h2>

<h2>7 Noteworthy Events on Marine Day</h2>

Create a headline for an article about {{enter the topic of the article you are going to write}} according to the above criteria. Do not use numbers,<h2>or<h3>Generate a heading decorated with Please refer to the sample.

The sample is only chosen for the table of contents because the sea day is coming soon at the time of this writing. Please use the table of contents sample by pasting the table of contents of the article you wish to refer to.

Prompts for writing trending blog posts

Which functions should I use and how should I instruct them to write current events/trending articles?

You are a professional blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.
Please create an up-to-date trending blog post based on the following criteria

Title: What is the release date and synopsis of the Ghibli film "How Do You Live?
Keyword: "How do you live?"
Target: "People who are looking for the latest information online."
Sentence: "Emphasis on clarity."
Keep sentences concise.
Bullet points are not used
Number of characters: about 1,000
Objective: To provide readers with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Ghibli film "How Do You Live?
What is the Ghibli film "How Do You Live?
The story and message of "How Do You Live?
Introduction of the characters in "How Do You Live?
About the director and production team of "How Do You Live?
Release dates and showtimes for "How Do You Live?
Evaluations and Awards for "How Do You Live?
How to watch "How Do You Live?" and DVD release information
Related goods and event information for "How Do You Live?
Theme song and soundtrack information for "How Do You Live?
Reservation information for "How Do You Live?" in movie theaters

Output] Markdown

The "Title" of this prompt should be combined with the "Example Prompt for Creating a Blog Post Title".

The "Configuration" part of this prompt should be combined with the "Prompt generated by Katteb with the number of headings".

[Improved] Examples of solid blogging prompts

The prompt above was too short for a paragraph, so we also created a prompt that generates a paragraph of about 300 characters for each heading. Below is an example.

You are a professional blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.
Please create a blog post from the following criteria

Title: Opium War Triggers
Keyword: "Opium War."
Target: "Anyone looking for information about the Opium War on the Internet."
Sentence: "Emphasis on clarity."
Bullet points are not used
Write a description of about 300 words for each heading.
Objective: To provide readers with comprehensive information on the Opium War.

Blog post structure:
What is the Opium War?
What were the triggers and causes of the Opium War?
Opium War Results
How many people died in the Opium War?

Output] Markdown

The text generated by this prompt is below.

Katteb Blog Post Writing
The Opium War was a two-year war between the Qing and the British beginning in 1840. The war arose from a dispute over opium smuggling. The British, who profited enormously from the massive export of opium, decided to start the war in protest against the Qing government's opium dumping.

■What triggered and caused the Opium War?

In the early 19th century, Britain's demand for tea from China was increasing and trade relations with the Qing were developing. However, the Qing were unable to sell British exports of cotton products, resulting in a trade deficit. The British had to pay the difference in the trade deficit with silver and turned to the opium trade to recover silver from the Qing. The British forced Indian farmers to cultivate opium and smuggled large quantities of Indian opium to the Qing. As opium consumption spread and the opium smuggling trade expanded, the Qing began to pay silver for the opium. This caused economic turmoil and financial difficulties for the Qing.

■The Opium War Results

Under these circumstances, the Qing dispatched Lin Zexu to Guangzhou to crack down on opium. Lin Zexu confiscated opium and strictly prohibited the opium trade. The Opium War ended in a British victory, and the Treaty of Nanjing was signed in 1842. The war forced the Qing to recognize the opium smuggling trade and to expand trade with the British.

■How many people died in the Opium War?

The Opium War was a fierce conflict in which many people were killed. The exact number of deaths during the Opium War is not known, but the number would be even higher if we include not only the deaths from combat, but also the negative health and social effects of opium abuse.

The Opium War arose from a dispute over the opium trade and resulted in a fundamental change in the relationship between the Qing and the British. As a result of this war, which resulted in many deaths, the British increased their influence in China and highlighted the problem of opium, a dangerous drug. Information on the Opium War is extensive, and readers interested in the subject will benefit from a refresher on its importance and background.

You can write a pretty solid article. This can still be improved, so please give it a try.

Get information from the entire blog and create an article.

If I have a blog that I would like to have as a reference, is it possible to have the entire blog written as a reference, rather than article by article? For example, is it possible for you to use my blog's past articles as a reference for your writing style so that we can write in a similar way?

Currently we do not have the ability to read from an entire domain and write an article. However, you can give information to Katteb and use that information to create a text.

We recommend the "Snippet" feature. For more information on the Snippet feature, please see the video below.

What can be done with this snippet feature, that is,

  • Save a "slice of information."
  • Can generate sentences based on "snippets of information."

This is such a function. Here are some specific examples.

What's so great about Katteb's snippet feature?

First, as explained above, the snippet feature can save snippets of information. See below.

Katteb Snippet Save
Katteb is Sturdy Fujii, who has become an artificial intelligence. Tsuyoshi Fujii is a 30-year-old Japanese male.

I'll try to save this snippet for the test this time.

Then, in fact,

  • When the data source is set to "INTERNET
  • When the data source is "SNIPPET

The following is a comparison of the two.

First, let's generate a sentence with the data source set to "INTERNET".

Question, "What is Katteb?"

In response to the above question, the text below is actually generated by Katteb by automatically retrieving information from the Internet. Please take a look.

AI "Katteb" Creating sentences from information on the Internet

I think the text is small. Please click on the image above to read it.

It is GPT 3.5, so the text quality is not high, but the text is accurate.

Now, let's try to generate a sentence with "SNIPPET" as the data source. We will ask the exact same question.

AI "Katteb" SNIPPET Writing

The text should be small and difficult to read. Please click on the image above to read it.

Can you understand? When you create a sentence with the snippet function, the sentence is generated based on the saved snippet.

In other words, if you register snippets of your own past articles, you can generate text based on the content and information in those articles.

Also, although we will not mention it at this time, the writing style, first person, word endings, and style of writing can be controlled to some extent by the prompts. Please try it out.

If you really need the ability to search the entire blog for information and generate text,perplexity.aiextension.

If you are interested, you can subscribe to a paid plan at the link above and get a $10 discount.

Example of a prompt to create a video script for YouTube

This is a prompt to create a script for a YouTube video.

The features used in this video are

  • Katteb Chat
  • Data source: INTERNET

This is how we set it up; Katteb Chat is more flexible with scripts.

You are a YouTuber with a reputation for clarity. Please output a script for a YouTube commentary on the current furore over the Big Motor fraud issue, based on the following constraints.

Constraint 1 : The number of characters must be at least 1000 and no more than 2000.
Constraint 2 : The explanation should be understandable to a 6th grader.
Constraint 3 : Be sure to include an easy-to-understand analogy in your explanation.
Limitation 4 : Include your personal opinion.

First of all, the prompt above is a basic prompt, filled with elements that are common in YouTube videos anyway. The quality of the metaphor is low, but the other constraints work.

In addition, script tone, first person, and characterization can be controlled by prompts.

You are a YouTuber named "Yamada". Please output a script for a YouTube commentary on the current controversial Big Motor fraud issue, based on the following # constraints and # input statements.

# Constraints
1 : The number of characters must be at least 1,000 and no more than 2,000
2 : The explanation should be understandable to a 6th grader
3 : Be sure to include a tongue-in-cheek analogy in your explanation
4 : Include personal comments
5 : Use "Y" in the first person
5 : Explain in a casual manner.

The name is "Yamada", the first person is "Y", and the tone is "tame". When a script is created with this prompt, the output is given in the Kansai dialect. Overall, it is casual.

This is just an example. Feel free to set your own tone and tone. By incorporating them into the prompts, you can create a flexible script.

Also, although I did not explain it this time, by presenting the flow and structure of the script you want to create, you can create the script you intend.

You are a YouTuber named "Yamada". Please output a script to introduce this book on YouTube based on the following # constraints about "Money 2.0: New Economic Rules and Ways of Life".

# Constraints
1 : The number of words must be at least 500 and no more than 1,000
2 : Explain the book in a way that a 6th grader can understand
3 : Be sure to include a description of the book's author
4 : Interweave personal opinions
5 : First person should be "Wai
5 : Use a "tame" tone of voice in your explanation.

If you are making a book review video, you can also use this prompt.

By providing an additional table of contents for the book, you can create a script that explains the book in more depth.

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