How to Set Up Wise Debit Card (with Pictures)

WISE Debit Card Issuance

WISE is a leading international payment processing service, and along with PayPal and Stripe, is used for payments worldwide.

We recommend the WISE debit card because it is easy to issue such a card and is recommended for international travelers and those who do a lot of transactions.

What is WISE Debit Card?

WISE Debit Card

The WISE Debit Card is aInternational debit cards that allow you to easily pay for goods and services in a variety of currencies around the worldIt is.

You can exchange money at very low fees. It is a stress-free debit card.

Safeguards against overuse and abuse risks

As the name implies.The Wise debit card is prepaid.In other words, you can only spend the amount already credited to your account.

This lowers the risk of overspending or suffering significant damage from unauthorized use. This is a unique advantage of debit cards.

Best of all, the WISE debit card can be used at mail order sites, on international trips, and anywhere debit cards are accepted.

Is WISE secure?

To begin with, you are also concerned about the safety of Wise (Wise).

Please rest assured.WISE is a secure service for sending and receiving money worldwideIt is.

Robust security protection and encryption systems are implemented to ensure that personal and account information is strictly protected, and two-step authentication can be implemented to prevent unauthorized use and unauthorized login in case of unauthorized use.

Furthermore, Wise itself is highly regulated and regularly audited by regulatory authorities around the world, so there is no risk of misappropriation of client funds.

How to Set Up Wise Debit Card (with Pictures)
Takeo Fujii

Wise is a reliable service that is always safe to use, even from within Japan.

WISE Debit Card Issuance Fees

WISE Debit Card Fees

This section explains the fees for issuing WISE debit cards.Cards can be issued for a one-time fee of ¥1,200.

There are no ongoing annual fees to pay. You also do not have to worry about hidden transaction fees when using your WISE debit card.

How to create and apply for a WISE debit card will be explained later.

What's the point of getting a WISE debit card? Can I use it?

The WISE debit card is recommended.It may have no use in Japan. However, it is very useful for overseas sites and when traveling.

Cash withdrawals can be made without unnecessary fees even when traveling abroad.

Useful when traveling abroad

Furthermore, even if you are converting from Japanese yen to U.S. dollars, you can still use theYou can exchange money at a rate very close to the actual exchange rate.

This debit card allows you to hold, transfer, and pay for funds in a variety of currencies as well as exchange currency. It is especially useful for international travelers who make and receive payments in currencies other than Japanese yen.

You can also avoid extra costs and fees, so we recommend sending money overseas, receiving funds, and making local payments.

How to Set Up Wise Debit Card (with Pictures)
Takeo Fujii

Having a WISE debit card is Good for both business and personal use.

The WISE bit card can be used in many countries around the world and is compatible with 52 currencies in 175 countries.

However, it may not be available in all countries. It may not be supported.

WISE Passage

WISE official top pageYou can easily check it from Please check it out.

How to create and apply for a WISE Debit Card

First you create a free WISE account. There are no fees of any kind.

If you have not yet registered, you can register as a new member at the official WISE website below.

Assuming that you have completed the WISE account creation process, this section describes the steps to actually create a WISE card.

Tip: We recommend that you complete the identity verification when you make your WISE card. This will allow you to proceed to card issuance very smoothly. This will be explained later.

WISE Card How to make a WISE Card

The first step is to select "Cards" from the dashboard within WISE.

If you have completed identity verification, the message "Identity verification is complete. You can shortcut the verification process and proceed to the WISE Debit Card application.

How to Set Up Wise Debit Card (with Pictures)

Enter the address where you would like to receive your WISE debit card. The input method is a little complicated, so we will explain it here.

WISE Address How to fill in

Enter the address.

The important point is.

  • Zip code accuracy
  • Enter in romaji

The zip code is more important than the order in which the addresses are entered.

How to write your address

The address is divided into Address 1, Address 2, and Address 3, because it is necessary to divide the address into separate entries if it is long.

When writing an address in Japanese, the flow of the address is: prefecture, city, town, number, apartment, room number. However, when writing an address in English, the opposite is true. You write the apartment number first, then the room number.

If you don't know how to fill in the form, you can justAddress English Conversionand Google search, there are a number of sites that will convert your address into English. Please use them.

Now, once you have verified your identity and entered your address, you will proceed to the final stage of the application process.

WISE Debit Card Application

Please choose how you would like to deposit the WISE Debit Card issuance fee.

WISE Debit Card Fees

You can choose between the following two deposit methods

  • Debit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)

Some credit cards are not accepted.

Note #1.Some cards cannot be used for deposits when making a WISE card.One of my domestic VIsa cards did not work.

WISE card cannot be made

Your card deposit failed because your bank did not authorize the deposit. Please try again, and if the problem persists, contact your bank's card department to authorize your deposit to Wise. Alternatively, you can try depositing using another deposit method or card.

You will see a display like this.

JCB is not accepted for WISE card deposits.

Second, JCB cards are not accepted. I tried to pay with a PayPay card I had on hand, but it didn't work.


Now, once you have completed your deposit, all you have to do is wait for your WISE card to arrive.

WISE card arrives

To receive your WISE card, you mustIt takes about 2 weeks.However, many report that they sometimes arrive earlier than the scheduled arrival date.

Summary: You should make a WISE debit card.

We explained how to make a WISE debit card.As long as you have completed identity verification, the card application process takes about three minutes.It is easy.

Last but not least, if you are wondering whether to get a WISE card, I highly recommend issuing it.

It costs 1,200 yen, but it is also useful for overseas travel.

In the case of the handover, I am satisfied with the ease of use of WISE's own services, so I use it often.

You can also exchange US dollars into Japanese yen at the actual dollar-yen exchange rate.

New WISE cards can be easily issued from the official WISE website.

If you have any questions about how to apply for or use your WISE debit card, we recommend that you contact WISE officials. Inquiries can be made in Japanese.

Now, let's take a look atHow to issue a WISE Debit CardWe will see you next time. We will see you next time.

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