What is Lead Magnet: How to Create a Highly Effective Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet?

Hi, Takeo Fujii (@fujii_takeo). If you are reading this article, then your website is probably not as effective for your business as you would like it to be.

This article explains effective ways to use a website to attract more potential customers who are willing to buy.

Let's start with one simple imagination. Let's say you have one employee in your company.

You have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and an enormous amount of time training one of your employees. After a few months, you realize.

"Isn't this employee contributing to the company?"

The employee comes to work every day and is diligent, but his sales performance is poor. Suppose you have such an employee. What should you do for him?

We have prepared three options for you. Please take some time to think about them.

  • I'll give it some more time and see how it goes.
  • Fire an employee immediately and rehire someone else.
  • Work with those employees to make improvements.

Replace employees with "websites".

Before choosing an answer here, replace the word "employee" with the word "website" and think about it.

If you did, would your answer to the above question change, replacing the three options with the word "website"?

With the first option, you tell yourself, "I've been working on this site for months, so it'll work eventually.

Or you can replace it with, "I spent a lot of money on this website, so it will work well in time.

That's what I try to tell myself, but in reality, it doesn't work.

Or, if you're a creative person, you might choose the second option. You might say, "Yes. Let's scrap the old website and build a new one." "The next one will be better.

...But if you ignore the reason why it didn't work and repeat the same thing, you'll just get the same result again.

And then there is the third option. I'll try to find out what's going wrong and work on maximizing the effectiveness of the website."

The correct answer is the third one. In other words, identify the cause of the problem. That way, you'll have a clue to the solution.

If the employees you hire are not performing well, you will not watch them. If the employees you hire are not performing well, there is no way you can sit back and watch. And yet, there are many managers who sit back and watch their websites perform poorly, and this is the reality.

Web site = 24/7 salesman

The main task of a website is to act as a "24/7 salesman".

But the reality is that even if a website is not functioning well, people leave it alone. Even if it's not contributing to the business, they don't improve it.

If your website is not actively contributing to the growth of your business, then it is in a poor performing state. Don't ignore this fact. Don't even try to rebuild it.

This article is long, but by reading it, I will explain the best way to make your website the money-generating resource it should be.

Specific Examples of Effective Web Pages for Business

First, let's look at a specific example of a web page that works well for business. Take a look at the image below.

It's run by Brian Dean.BacklinkoThis is a website called This site teaches you how to increase search engine access to your website. This image is one of the blog posts published on his website.

Backlinko's blog post

At first glance, it looks like one of those "common blog posts", doesn't it? In terms of format, there is a title at the top of the post, the main opening sentence below it, and a sidebar next to the blog.

However, I want you to pay attention here and see that there is a yellow box right after the beginning of the article.

Lead Magnet Content Upgrades

This is where the arrows are. This yellow box is very important.

It says something like, "Free Bonus: Click here to receive a free checklist of the 17 techniques in this article and how to implement them. The checklist also includes two bonus strategies.

In other words, Brian is offering a "don't you want a free bonus" to follow up on his blog post.

When you click on this yellow box, a pop-up window will appear on the page screen.

Opt-in form for lead magnets

You have an email input form and a button. Brian will send a beautifully designed PDF to the email address that the site visitor enters.

A visitor reading a blog post might say, "Oh, I get a free copy? That sounds interesting!" and they click on the link and enter their email address. As a result, they receive a PDF from Brian at their email address. This is how it works.

Now that I've gone through the whole process, a lot of things are done in this vein.

[Result] 8 times more successful lead acquisition

Before I explain each step, let me first show you the results of this tactic: Brian received 8 times more leads than before when he placed this yellow box on his blog posts.

In other words, the number of potential customers acquired from blog posts has increased by a factor of eight.

He didn't redo the entire website. But it doesn't mean he didn't do anything. He added this simple yellow box to his blog post. That's it.

As a result, the number of leads increased by a factor of eight. Think about it. A person who produced 10 leads with a blog post yesterday may produce 80 leads today. This can be achieved with just one small change.

In order to replicate this increase on your website, you need to know more about what is happening at each step.

One mechanism to acquire potential customers.

The first one is the "yellow box" that you put on your blog post.

Lead magnets are for CTA purposes.

It is placed for the purpose of CTA (Call to Action). In other words, a call to action.

The purpose of setting up this yellow box is to offer the readers of the blog post that they can get something for free that is apparently worthwhile, and that they will actually receive.

People who just come to read a blog post will browser back as soon as they finish reading. But by placing this yellow box, you can actually lead them to take action. As a result, you will get leads.

To do this, you need to offer something "great" that readers will want to click on.

The second point is "opt-in". That's the registration form.

Opt-in form to receive a lead magnet

When the reader clicks on the yellow box, he or she will be asked to enter his or her email address. This is a very important part of the trick.

If you can get the email address of a visitor to your blog post here, you can keep in touch with them even after they leave your website.

What is a lead magnet?

This tactic is called the lead magnet tactic. Simply put, you can think of it as "giving someone a reward in exchange for their email address.

Leelamagnet is a central part of the strategy described in this article.

This is the most difficult part to understand correctly, although we want to make sure you get the most out of it.

The idea here is to give something of value.

What is the "value" that is important in a lead magnet?

So what is something that has value? This is a fairly broad term.

When we use the term "lead magnet," we think of it as "offering something of value to the recipient in exchange for their email address.

Offer something of value for free. The most effective way to get the most downloads on it is to solve a problem that the person is currently having.

In other words, to create a lead magnet that they will want, think about "solving their problems".

For many people, if they have a problem that they want to solve right now, and they "just need to give their email address" to solve that problem, almost all of them will gladly give their email address.

What does this "lead magnet that solves the problem" mean? Let's look at a concrete example.

Lead magnet type/format

There are different types of lead magnets. In short, they should act as a magnet to attract leads (prospects).

Here is an example of a lead magnet you should create.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide / Lead Magnet

The first example is a resource guide.

A resource guide is, in simple terms, a "recommendation list". It is like a list of things that you should purchase.

The screenshot on the right shows a list of tools that you should purchase and a short description about the tool. The title of this lead magnet is "The New Facebook Marketer Resources Guide."

In this case, the problem that the reader is experiencing is that the Facebook marketing strategy is not working. This lead magnet is a necessary tool for your Facebook marketing strategy. It outlines what you need to buy.

We all like to buy "problem solving tools". Because "it's a little shortcut. I want to solve a problem, even a little. We want to save time. I don't want to spend money on useless things.

For those who have that problem, a resource guide that outlines what to buy can be of great value.


Checklist/lead magnet

Checklists are another type of lead magnet. A checklist is basically a list of a series of tasks that people can perform in order to achieve a certain goal.

Take this checklist called "Blog Posy Creation CheckList" as an example, it is a checklist to solve the problem of just starting a blog and not knowing what to do.

This checklist is designed to guide you through the order of "what to do" and allows you to check off the items you have completed.

It is easy to make. But it's powerful. It is a physical process of checking each completed item, so you can make full use of your checklist.

The recipient will be grateful to you for giving them a good checklist.


E-books/lead magnets

And e-books. This is also a typical lead magnet.

It takes a little time to create. But readers are more likely to find value in it.

In this example, the title is "Email Marketing Complete Guide". This is perfect for those who think that email marketing is a bit difficult.

This ebook is designed to give you all the information you need for email marketing in one place.

You can download one of these ebooks and read it whenever you need and solve your email marketing problems. This is such a useful ebook.

An e-book is a very effective lead magnet.

Lookbook (sample)

Lookbook/lead magnet

The next lead magnet I would like to introduce is the "Lookbook (Sample)". This lead magnet is a collection of images, illustrations and videos on the same topic.

In this screenshot example, we have collected 37 screenshots of Christmas emails beautifully designed by their creators.

The designers who will want this lookbook are those who are struggling with a looming deadline and lack of inspiration.

The role of this type of lead magnet is "convenience". By downloading one of these lookbooks, you don't have to go to the trouble of doing a Google search.

In other words, by getting a sample of this collection, you have all the images and illustrations you need in one book without having to search for them. So you can save yourself the trouble of searching.

The collection is carefully selected, so there is no doubt that it is a quality sample. That's why people are willing to give their email address to get this lookbook.

This is also a very valuable lead magnet.

So far, I have introduced four types of lead magnets. In fact, these lead magnets have one thing in common.

Common features of lead magnets

All good lead magnets have one thing in common. Those common points are"Something that feels worthwhile."It is.

It should be written in a way that solves the problem that the reader is facing. And it should not be something that can be solved 6 months after receiving it, but something that can solve the problem the reader is facing at the time of receiving and reading it.

This is what all good lead magnets have in common.

howeverIt's not about what's valuable, it's about what feels valuable.It is.

For example, no matter how good the content is, if the recipient thinks it's worthless, the value of that lead magnet will be greatly reduced.

In other words, what will the recipient make of the lead magnet? This is also an important point.

It is important that the content is well designed and gives a sense of value. A high quality lead magnet also increases the credibility of the author.

Why a good lead magnet works.

And a good lead magnet has the potential to lead to interaction. For example, the e-book I mentioned above, Email Marketing Complete Guide, is a good lead magnet.

People who have learned about ebooks think, "Well, what email marketing software should I get? Who should I talk to about that software?

Of course, you'll want to talk to the person who wrote the e-book.

In other words, by creating a good lead magnet, you will be trusted and from there you will create a communication contact.

Three options for creating a lead magnet

Make a lead magnet.

How do you actually create a lead magnet?

Value = people want it. This is a large part of what makes lead magnet tactics succeed or fail.

Then there are three options for actually making it.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Create your own" is another option. For example, let's say you want to make an e-book. It is not impossible to make the cover and design each page by yourself.

However, if you don't have some experience in design, you will end up with a lead magnet that will negatively affect your brand.

2) Hire a designer.

You can also hire a designer to create a lead magnet.

It takes time and money. There is a process of communication, and each designer's skills are different. If you fail, it will be a tremendous waste of money and time.

And the third option. This is what I recommend.

3) Using Beacon

I recommend the following method. Beacon, the most powerful tool for creating lead magnets.

Beacon is a tool that is specifically designed for creating lead magnets. By using this tool, you will have all of the features you need to make your lead magnet tactic successful.

I will explain how to use this Beacon to create a lead magnet. In fact, I use Beacon myself. I can wholeheartedly recommend this tool to make your lead magnet a success.

What is Beacon?


From the beginning to the end of the process of creating a lead magnet, it can be implemented consistently with a single Beacon.

This is the first step in creating a lead magnet with Beacon. First, choose a format for your lead magnet. There are five formats to choose from here.

  • E-book (electronic book)
  • Checklist
  • Resource Guide
  • workbook
  • Email Templates
  • video lock

There are a number of different types of lead magnets that can be created. This time, let's try to make the most common type, an e-book.

Create a lead magnet/e-book with Beacon

Click to open the page.

In fact, instead of writing an e-book from scratch, you can create an e-book based on your blog post. It's a reuse of blog posts => ebooks.

Just enter the URL of a blog post, and Beacon will automatically retrieve the text.

Turning a blog post into an ebook

In other words, with just one click of a button, you can convert your blog post into an eBook.

Let's try it for real: after entering the URL, the next step is to choose a template for the cover of your lead magnet. There are dozens of professionally designed, high quality templates available here.

Choose a cover for your lead magnet/e-book

You can freely edit the images, illustrations, and colors of this cover.

Now, select a template. Then the edit screen will appear. Here, you can customize the lead magnet.

Screenshot of creating a lead magnet

Let's take a quick look. First, on the right side, you can see a preview of the magnet. Then on the left side, you can see a list of each page.

The cover of the ebook, table of contents, author's introduction, all the pages you would expect are pre-prepared. And at the bottom, you see the contents of the blog post you just imported.

Let's take a closer look here. If you click on it, you will see that it contains the text of the imported blog post, all the images. The headings and lists are also maintained as in the blog post.

Let's take a look at another page. Every part of it is customizable.

Edit and create a lead magnet.

You can change it freely from the editing bar on the left.

Beacon is not a tool made for designers. So it's designed to be very easy to use.

There are no hundreds of complicated features. Only the essential features to quickly create great looking lead magnets.

In this screenshot, the font is English, but you can also use Japanese fonts.

Also, if you want to add elements to the page, you can add them freely. For example, if you want to add an image, just drag the "Image" to the page and replace it with your own image.

Replace the image of the lead magnet

You can also easily change the image size. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your lead magnet, the next step is to publish it.

Capture prospective customers with lead magnets.

One of the major problems. That is, even if you make a lead magnet, you don't know how to use it.

Don't worry, I'll explain exactly how to capture potential customers with lead magnets created with Beacon.

With Beacon, it's easy to have your website implement a lead magnet. This feature is where Beacon has a bit of an advantage.

First, click the "Publish" button at the top of the screen.

Publish a lead magnet

Then, a lead magnet will be displayed.

Take a closer look from here. These are the public settings. There are several different options available here. You can choose freely. These are the settings for creating an opt-in form and placing it on your site.

Content upgrade/yellow box

Let's make it in a yellow box, shall we?

After that, the opt-in form settings screen will appear. Look at the top bar.

You can see each of the steps a user goes through when they register a lead magnet. Right now, you can see the screen for the step called Triggar.

Edit the registration screen to receive lead magnets.

You can then click on Triggar to change the wording at will.

Then, when the user enters the information, this thank you page will be displayed.

Thanks for signing up! The ebook has been sent to the email address you registered with." This page can be displayed automatically.

Thankyou page for those who downloaded the lead magnet

The user then receives an email with a download link to a lead magnet.

Emails received by people who download lead magnets

By using Beacon, you can have all of these steps implemented in one place. It's very easy.

By the way, Beacon is in English, but the text of the email and the opt-in form is inAll can be changed to Japanese.

Therefore, you can rest assured that Beacon will work perfectly fine in Japan.

How to embed a lead magnet in your website

Go to the public section and copy this few short lines of code circled in red.

Embedded code for lead magnet

Then paste it into the page you want it to appear on your website.

Just paste the code you copied and pasted on the WordPress post editing screen.

Paste Beacon into WordPress

Let's paste it and then preview it.

Install Content Upgrade on WordPress

Then you should see a yellow box.

Opt-in form to receive a lead magnet

When you click on this yellow box, a pop-up window like this will appear.

You can then register by entering your email address and name, and the lead magnet will be delivered to your email inbox instantly.

Why should we implement lead magnets with Beacon?

Create a lead magnet in no time to provide "something of value to your visitors. By using this tactic, you will greatly increase the number of leads you can capture on your website.

From a website that just waits for customers to come to it, to a device that actively acquires potential customers. It's like turning a lazy employee into a top-performing salesperson in the blink of an eye.

And Beacon is what creates this dramatic change. This tool allows you to easily reach a large number of potential customers without having to make major changes to your website.

And what was originally three different software functions are now combined into this one Beacon.

  • Design a lead magnet.
  • Create an opt-in form.
  • Send lead magnets by email.

Beacon replaces all the functions that would normally be carried out by separate software. Beacon is the all-in-one software for lead magnet functions.

If you have Beacon, you don't need the software you have been using. You can cancel all of them. And best of all is the fact that Beacon is not just a theory, it is actually producing results in the marketing world.

Let's take a look at an example of a successful lead magnet tactic using Beacon.

Examples of successful lead magnet tactics

Lead magnet tactic improves conversion rate by 300%

Heather was experiencing poor performance on her website. However, as a result of using Beacon, she was able to capture three times as many leads as before.

What do you think? A simple change with just one tool can lead to a "big change".

Let's look at another example: Joship already had good traffic to his website. However, as a result of implementing Beacon, he received 700 leads.

Acquired 700 leads in 2 weeks with lead magnet

In addition, Natasha combined Beacon with Facebook ads and generated 900 leads in 10 days.

Generated 900 leads in 10 days using a lead magnet

As you can see, there are many examples of successful lead acquisition by using Beacon.

For more information on how to use Beacon, please see my actual video.

Maybe your website still doesn't have enough traffic.

There is no problem at all. Even if the number of accesses is small, you should use Beacon to see them.

Why you should use Beacon even if you have little access to it

Beacon should be used even for websites with low access.

Many people make the mistake of prioritizing "CV rate optimization" over the number of accesses.

Getting more traffic to your site should not be a priority. Attracting traffic to a website with a low conversion rate is like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it.

Optimize the conversion rate of your website first, and then attract traffic to it. This will result in more efficient acquisition of potential customers.

It can take months or years to get a steady stream of potential customers. That's why you need to start today. Using this Beacon is the shortest way.

By the time you get a potential customer, build a relationship with them, and sell them a product, they're ready to trust you. Beacon is the best way to implement the lead magnet tactic.

Finally, let's take a brief look back at what we have learned.

[Summary] Why do we need lead magnets?

Why do you need a lead magnet for your website? The answer is simple.

Most visitors who come to your site are not ready to buy what you sell. Most visitors arrive at your website by accident.

If your web site leaves a lasting impression, visitors may come back to your web site. But basically, they are not ready to buy. "Oh, this site sells a good product! Let's buy it!" Few visitors make an immediate decision on their first visit to a website.

That's why.Make a lead magnet.By using lead magnet tactics, you can get your visitors' email addresses and keep in touch with them even after they have left your site.

Get their email address and approach them with an email from us.

Third, email is still the best sales tool to grow your business, and there is no denying that social networking is now the mainstream marketing tool.

I also use social network marketing, but my business is still my email inbox. I want you to prioritize email above all else.

And finally, use "Beacon". With this one tool, you will be able to easily reach out to potential customers.

There is no need to use design software to create a lead magnet or hire a designer. This one Beacon is all you need.

I highly recommend Beacon, because I use it myself. I highly recommend Beacon because I am using it myself.

In Japan, almost no marketers or entrepreneurs are using Beacon. This is because it is an English-speaking tool.

Let's implement this Beacon on your website. By the time you are reading this article, you will be way ahead of your competitors. This is a powerful weapon that you will not want to be without.

I confidently recommend this Beacon as a lead magnet tool. Please try this lead magnet tool "Beacon" for free.

A video explaining how to create a free account to use Beacon is below.

You can use Beacon for free first to see how it works.

If you are already getting a certain amount of traffic on your website, you should be able to see the effects immediately.

If you have any questions about how to use it, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I will reply within 12 hours after confirmation.

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