Top 3 Sales Funnel Tools for Marketers: WordPress Ecommerce Made Easy

Sales Funnel Tools

This article introduces three carefully selected sales funnel tools. In Japan, Clickfunnels is popular, but it is expensive.

In fact, many of you may want to build your sales funnels on WordPress, which you are familiar with, not Clickfunnels.

It's okay. Please don't worry. In this article.Here is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to implement a sales funnel.

Oh, I will also introduce Clickfunnels, so there are actually two to introduce.

Question: What sales funnel tools do you recommend?

We received a question from a newsletter reader, Mr. O.

Top 3 Sales Funnel Tools for Marketers: WordPress Ecommerce Made Easy

In the Youtube video "How to use the automation tool "Pabbly Connect"", Fujii gives an example of how he uses the tool.GurucanHe mentioned "Leadcart" as one of his favorites. However, Leadcart is no longer available.

Do you have any recommendations for an alternative service there? Not only functional.One that is unlikely to go under.We would appreciate it if you could let us know.

Fujii. Thank you for your e-mail.

As you noted, LeadCart has gone out of business.

The reason LeadCart went out of business was because of a dispute. Almost 99% of you are not interested, but if you are, please read below.

Here is what the founder of LeadCart posted.

Hello everyone.
This is a message from LeadCart to the community: it was with great sadness that I read Mohamed Ali's (founder of Digitalthink) last Facebook post.

I feel betrayed and stabbed in the back by someone I used to call a friend.

I had an hour long phone call with Mohamed last week. I had just made plans to travel to Turkey and we even agreed to meet if I would stay an extra week or so in Turkey.

All was well and we had a good time talking.
We discussed many things during our conversations, including initially offering customers a completely different V2 (version 2) from the LeadCart that was being sold.

I declined. But he ended the call on a positive note, saying that he might change his mind by Black Friday, but we would do it together.

I was traveling and only had access to the Internet when I returned to my hotel at night, but I still kept replying to messages from Mohamed.

Then, after a long day's work, I opened Facebook and found the "last post" of the Facebook group he runs.

*This post contained some strong bashing of LeadCart and him.

Then there were many threats on WhatsApp. Threats such as "you're my next Udit, you're a scammer, you lose and I win."...etc.

It was all a surprise to me because I had just spoken with him a few days earlier. Then I found a post with my name on it where many private conversations between the two of us were shared.

Funny thing is, in that Facebook post, they tell Mohamed Ali that LeadCart 2.0 will be released within a few weeks (end of January) because "Eslam (who worked at LeadCart) estimates that it is later than normal."

I won't share private screenshots of our conversations, but at one point he said, "Henry is a joke," or when he fought Udit (founder of PitchGround), "All Indians are scammers, you could take them to court and win," or "The LTD (software buyout plan ) are a bunch of addicts who buy software they don't actually use, so I have to squeeze as much money out of them as I can by selling as much as I can when I have the chance" I was not the one who said those things.

Mohamed is a master of manipulating people, over-promising and over-hyping "this product will be successful in the future" and then attacking the seller when it doesn't go his way, which is why he has failed to launch his products so many times.

At the launch of LeadCart, he was paid over $30,000 in return for the launch, and we never gave a second thought to what we called 2.0 or rebuilding the software.

So it's funny how surprised and frustrated you all are when we say, "We're offering v2 of LeadCart out of courtesy".

We have never sold LeadCart v2. We sold Leadcart v1 and have been improving it daily for the past 8 months.

And anyone who used LeadCart would know that they had weekly updates.

I understand that everyone is upset and so am I. But what I don't understand is why Mohamed Ali suddenly did that in public and without warning.

Is it to save face for a product that has failed so many times? Or, if you want to know the truth, a better explanation can be found here.

I waited to publish this article until I could gather information to help this situation.

However, as a result of Mohamed's intransigence and aggression, my company's LeadCart developer, Eslam, came to submit his resignation yesterday.

Eslam said he could not bear such pressure and could not meet such unrealistic expectations.

A few hours later, Mohamed Ali followed Eslam for a long time and I found out that Mohamed had decided to throw me under the bus.

Eslam took the LeadCart code and left the company.

I was forced to close my company and a few months later Mohamed Ali came in with a great new solution and saved the day.

He did the exact same thing with PG's Udit (I'm not taking anyone's side on this story), but he lost Udit's reputation for 6-12 months and then started his own software marketplace, DigitalThink.

The same thing is happening now.

When Mohamed Ali learned that Eslam was the lead developer (CTO and co-founder) of this business, he rudely avoided me and decided to contact him directly.

I don't know what he offered in return for access to our source code, but this is why I am suddenly being attacked by Mohamed Ali (he made a hostile takeover of Leadcart and I became a distraction so that he could be the hero who brings a new version a few months later (This is why I was in the way so that he could make a hostile takeover of Leadcart and be the hero to bring a new version a few months later.)

Now, Mohamed Ali's next course of action is really quite simple. Continue to release videos that damage my brand as a person and destroy Leadcart's image as a company until we are forced to put Leadcart out of business.

Mohamed announced Leadcart 2.0 with Eslam and I disappeared from the project, saying, "Now the founder of Leadcart can't do anything, so let's work together."

Until a few minutes ago, I was going to put Leadcart out of business because Mohamed manipulated us, betrayed us in public, Eslam resigned, and secretly worked with Mohamed. But no one should suffer the consequences of one person's bad manipulation.

Anyone who has purchased LeadCart up to now will have free access to 2.0. However, I now have to rehire/rebuild my team, so I have no timetable for when 2.0 will be ready.

Also, we are going out of business this month because there is no one to maintain 1.0 (since most people don't seem to be making good use of it).

Mohamed completely destroyed LeadCart with his erratic and manipulative behavior. Because of him, Eslam left with the development team within 24 hours.

And I came up empty-handed.
So everything that happens should be the responsibility of Mohamed Ali.

Mohamed has never built actual software, nor does it have 5 million users.

This is all a baseless lie so that he can continue to say that creating software is easy. Anyone who has ever built software knows that it is difficult and time consuming.

Also, Mohamed, please don't tell me that you were getting a hefty commission (over $30,000 as 15% of sales) just for being a LeadCart affiliate.

And if I see my source code being used by you or Eslam, I will sue you and go after you like no tomorrow.

To the LeadCart/DigitalThink community, I am sorry that this has happened, but I must stand up for myself and make my point. Thank you very much.


Although LeadCart's founder said in his post that he would continue to developAs a result, LeadCart was discontinued in the same month of January 2022.

No matter how radical a tool is, if it does not receive ongoing funding, the company will go out of business. If the software founder is emotionally prone, he or she risks going out of business because of a mood.

So, taking into account the risk of going out of business or bankruptcy, theWe have selected three robust sales funnel tools.



The world's most famous sales funnel builder, developed & operated by Russell Brunson and his team.

>> ClickFunnels is here

Launched in 2014, it has significantly changed the old way of doing online sales today.

It has many users in Japan. The disadvantage is the high price.

Top 3 Sales Funnel Tools for Marketers: WordPress Ecommerce Made Easy
Takeo Fujii

It starts at $97/month, so a weak yen hurts my wallet quite a bit.

*I am not currently using it either.

Frankly, "Clickfunnels is the best!" and there are many review articles that are a bit hype, but it is supported by enthusiastic users, and in fact, it is safe to say that it is robust.

Clickfunnels points

  • Many users
  • Company viability and stability
  • There are also quite a few blogs on the Google search engine that explain in Japanese.
  • (due to the weak yen) High prices

CartFlows (cart flow)


CartFlows is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a sales funnel on WordPress to increase your e-commerce site sales.

>> CartFlows is here

ClickFunnels runs in the cloud. CartFlows is installed and used with WordPress.

It is used in combination with WooCommerce, a free WordPress plugin for e-commerce sites.

Version 1.0 was released on November 19, 2018. It has been updated regularly to date; another update was made on December 1.

Used by more than 223,242 people, it has a large user base and is in good financial condition, given its ongoing revenue and development.

Everything you can do with LeadCart, you can do with CartFlows.

CartFlows points

  • Continuous updates will be seen.
  • You can make sales pages on WordPress.
  • Many templates are easy to use.
  • Use in combination with WooCommerce.



OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that I used as my mainstay in 2017 to build sales funnels.

>> OptimizePress is here.

If you want to create high conversion rate sales pages on WordPress, this is a good choice.

I want to use ClickFunnels, but I don't have the money to spend. For those people, I recommend Optimize over CartFlows.

A wide variety of pre-designed sales page templates are available.

Whether you use CartFlows or OptimizePress is a preference; if you don't want to include WooCommerce, just choose OptimizePress.

Sorry for the quick introduction. I would like to explain at length, but I plan to write a review article in the future. I will also introduce how to use OptimizePress and its features at that time.

Key Points of OptimizePress

  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels
  • You can make sales pages on WordPress.
  • Fast page display speed
  • (Principle) Works with any WordPress theme.
  • Templates that look good and are designed with sales in mind

What three sales funnel tools do you recommend?

We have introduced three, all of which have a low 2- or 3-year risk of going out of business.

Another reason for introducing CartFlows and OptimizePress is that they are WordPress plug-ins, so you can manage and operate them on your own site.

This is because there is no risk of sudden unavailability in the unlikely event of a problem.

If a service deployed in the cloud fails or shuts down suddenly like LeadCart, the service will be damaged, but with WordPress plug-ins, you can rest assured.

  • If you are using WooCommerce, CartFlows
  • ClickFunnels if you don't mind higher prices.
  • OptimizePress if you want to create CV optimized pages on WordPress.

Then you can choose your template preferences, etc.

LeadCart had a buy-out plan. I paid less than 40,000 yen at the time.

In fact, buy-one-get-one-free software is also "lucky" from the buyer's point of view, as they only have to pay a one-time fee.

But from the seller's point of view.No subsequent cache is coming in.

A company that does not regularly receive a healthy cash flow is at a higher risk of going under.

Top 3 Sales Funnel Tools for Marketers: WordPress Ecommerce Made Easy
Takeo Fujii

There are many overseas software companies that are funded by venture capitalists and look "wow," but in reality they are only supported by VCs and have no future development potential as a product.

In that regard.

These three sales funnel tools are stable. They have a large number of loyal users, and their development history shows that they will not go out of business easily.

We hope this will be helpful.

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