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Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

BuzzTai Reviews

This article provides a detailed explanation of how to use BuzzTai, an up-and-coming AI writing tool with Japanese-language support, its functions, and even how to set it up.

This is for people who want to write Japanese blog posts automatically with AI and do not have the time or skills to write written content for all kinds of marketing, from social networking posts to advertisements.

'I've tried AI writing tools before, but they're hard to use.'
I need an AI writing tool that works in Japanese."

If you are such a person, you should definitely try thisBuzzTaiPlease read our review of the No loss.

What is an AI writing tool anyway?

Copywriting is difficult to learn, and that doesn't mean it's expensive to hire a professional writer.

This is where it can help.AI Writing ToolsIt is. Simply enter the characteristics of the text you want to write, and we will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate the written content you want at a very low cost.

Anything from blog posts to YouTube video content, descriptions, titles, email replies, and social networking posts can be automatically generated.

There was one problem with the AI writing tool, however.

It is.Many AI writing tools in the world are English-speaking toolsThat is to say. So it was difficult for Japanese whose native language is not English to master the AI writing tools.

But that is a thing of the past. I am pleased to present to you theBuzzTaiThis is an AI writing tool called What aFull Japanese supportThe product is safe for use by Japanese people. Japanese people can also use it safely.

AI Writing BuzzTai
AI writing tools for Japanese
(With apologies to BuzzTai's CEO, Mr. Minamimoto.) The appearance and usability are still rough. However, the quality of Japanese text output is high, and updates are frequent. Try it for free first.
Good Japanese text output quality.
Try it for free!
Has its own blog feature
Regular updates
Great expectations for the future.
There are many editorial restrictions.
Usability is still rough
Blog functionality is still weak.
No functionality to integrate with other tools
Few tutorial videos and articles

This is the valuation as of December 2022.AI writing tool with full Japanese language support expected in the futureIt is.

In addition, not only can it generate all kinds of written content, but it can alsoAI writing platform with special features not found anywhere elseIt is.

What is BuzzTai?

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
No credit card required, try it for free.

It is not easy to write engaging posts, ad copy, blog posts, etc. that buzz on social networking sites.

But with BuzzTai, an AI writing tool that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, that's a piece of cake.

With BuzzTai, you can radically transform your content into buzz-worthy content in just a few seconds by simply entering a simple description.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

...Yeah, hold on.You can do that with other AI writing tools, what's different about BuzzTai?

Yes, I am aware of the fact that other AI writing tools can automatically generate a variety of written content. It is also true that other AI writing tools can automatically generate a variety of written content, as well as Reno.

Here are the critical differences between those tools and BuzzTai, as well as BuzzTai's unique features.

BuzzTai Features and Functions

BuzzTai has several features that set it apart from other AI writing tools.

Full Japanese support

AI Blog Auto-Generation Japanese

First, BuzzTai isCompletely Japanese language compatibleI'm working on it.

My AI writing tools, Jasper AI and Rytr, can generate Japanese sentences. However, the dashboard is in English, so I needed to be able to read English.

However, BuzzTai can be used completely in Japanese.

BuzzTai LLC operates BuzzTai, located in California, USA. The CEO of the company is Mr. Daishi Minamimoto.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Mr. Minamimoto.

Hi! I have visited your Youtube and website.

The contact form was not working, so we are contacting you at this e-mail address.

Our company (BuzzTai) has launched an AI|copywriting service specialized in Japanese this month! We hope you will try it out and let us know what you think.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

(Wow...the contact form was broken again? My apologies)

This is how I came across BuzzTai.

in this wayBuzzTai is an AI writing tool available in JapaneseIt is.

The dashboard is fully Japanese-language compatible, allowing you to generate as many sentences as you like without stress.

Unique blog feature

BuzzTai's most important features are.Unique blog featureis being offered.

Blog posts written by AI can be published directly on the BuzzTai platform.

See the image below.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Click on this image to see the actual blog post being published.

This is a blog post I generated using BuzzTai. What a great way to publish within the BuzzTai platform.

Daishi Minamimoto, CEO of BuzzTai, told us this in a message.

BuzzTai Blog Feature
Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Mr. Minamimoto.

Our greatest strength is our ability to publish AI-generated text with optimal SEO hosting.Best SEO environment in Japan + AI will write articles for youThe point is a major difference from other copywriting.

AI Writing Tool x Unique Blogging Features

This eliminates the need to pay high costs to use WordPress or rent a server to run a blog.

This is the biggest difference from other AI writing tools.

Free registration available

There are many AI writing tools, both domestic and international, but some of them are expensive or do not offer a free trial.

Some AI writing tools may cost $1 (about ¥140) for a free trial.

AI Writing Tool Trial
An example of an AI writing tool I'm actually paying $1.00 to try out¥

BuzzTai is different.We offer a free trial so you can try before you buy.

In other words, you can actually try it out and see how practical and usable it is, without the anxiety of checking the quality and functionality after paying for it.

Also, you will not be charged without permission after the free trial. You can charge as needed.


BuzzTai can also be used to automatically generate all kinds of marketing content.

You can plan YouTube videos, write copy for social networking ads, write blog posts, and even create date plans and cooking recipes. You can generate not only marketing content for your business, but also content for your daily life.

I will include an example of the actual creation.

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These are the text contents automatically generated by BuzzTai. It only took a few seconds to create this content.

Of course, no additions or rewrites have been made. The text generated is posted as is (line breaks have been made for easier reading).

How to use BuzzTai

(1) Register for free

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

First, register for free with BuzzTai. No credit card is required.

The registration screen will appear.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

Set your name, e-mail address, and password and click the button.

You will receive a confirmation email to your email address, click on the link to complete the confirmation.

BuzzTai confirmation email

Registration is now complete.

(2) Create content

Log in to BuzzTai. Select a template from the menu according to the written content you wish to create.

You can generate content for YouTube video projects and buzz on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

trade (product) advertising
The best ad text and head copy can be generated for each social networking ad.

It is possible to generate blog posts with different tones according to the content of the blog post. Blog posts can be generated with any emotional tone, whether positive or negative, happy or sad, etc.

It can generate practical non-business sentences. Life hacks, date plans, cooking recipes, Tinder profiles, advice on your problems, answers to questions, etc.

In fact, see the video below for a blog post I wrote for BuzzTai.

See below for the actual article I wrote. (It is unedited except for the removal of extraneous subheads).

>> See articles I've written on BuzzTai (unedited)

In this way, you can easily generate Japanese blog posts without stress.

(3) Publish content (optional)

Setting up a blog is time-consuming and requires a lot of setup. note, ameblo, and other free blogs are available, but finding a blog service that you are comfortable with can be a hassle.

BuzzTai offers its own blogging capabilities. No need to worry about fees to start a blog.

Blog posts generated by AI writing can be published directly to the entire world through BuzzTai's blog function.

Publishing is as simple as changing the publication setting of AI-generated text from "Private" to "Public.

BuzzTai Blog Feature

If you do not wish to publish your blog post on BuzzTai, you can leave it as is.

There is no danger of your article being published without your permission unless you set it to "public" yourself.

BuzzTai Pricing Plans

BuzzTai Pricing Plans

BuzzTai offers three pricing plans.

  • Regular / 3,620 yen (one time payment)
  • Silver / 5,900 yen (one time payment)
  • Gold Member / 8,630 yen (monthly subscription)

Regular and Silver are credit-based. This is recommended if you have a fixed number of texts you wish to produce.

Regular is for 30 credits; you can write one article for every two credits, so 30 credits would be enough for 15 articles.

If you hire an outsourced writer, the fee will be 10 times this amount. When you think about it, it is cheap.

Silver can be purchased for 60 credits.

Gold members pay 8,630 yen per month for one month of unlimited use.If you have many texts you wish to produce, we recommend the Gold membership plan.

Are BuzzTai's fees high? Compare with Catchy

Compare with Catchy, an AI writing tool with full Japanese language support.

AI Writing Catchy Price

Catchy's pricing plan details are below.

Free Plan

You get 10 free credits when you register. Once the credits are used up, you can purchase additional credits.

  • 100 credits / 3,000 yen (30 yen per credit)
  • 200 credits / 5,700 yen (28.5 yen per credit)
  • 300 credits / 8,100 yen (27 yen per credit)

Pro Plan

9,800 yen/month. Unlimited unlimited use.You can generate text without worrying about the number of credits.

Comparing BuzzTai and Catchy, if you buy on a per-credit basis, the unit price per credit isCatchy is cheaper.

However.BuzzTai is cheaper when compared with unlimited use plansYes.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Takeo Fujii

In summary, Catchy is a better value when considering the number of credits, but BuzzTai is a better value when comparing plans with unlimited use.

If you do a lot of writing, BuzzTai's Gold membership is a great value.

You can pay with Stripe for peace of mind.

By the way, payment at BuzzTai is through Stripe.

Stripe is a secure payment method that is supported in Japan.

What is Stripe?

DeNA, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and Cookpad have also adopted Stripe.Payment services that can be used in Japan with peace of mindIt is.

When you pay with BuzzTai, your credit card information is protected by Stripe.

The payment is processed by Stripe over an encrypted and secure connection, and no card information is stored within BuzzTai's servers. You can use the service with peace of mind.

Pros and Cons of BuzzTai

Advantages (Benefits) of BuzzTai

Good Japanese text output quality.

It is updated regularly and the quality of the written output is getting higher and higher.

BuzzTai Update

Thus, BuzzTai has been improved and enhanced one after another to make it easier for Japanese people to use.

Practicality and ease of use will continue to improve.

Free registration

Yes, we do have a free trial. You can try it for free. Registration is free. No credit card required.

You can actually try it out for free and then subscribe to a paid plan if necessary.

Please try it for free first.

Blog feature.

Buzztai has its own blogging functionality, allowing you to publish blogs generated by AI writing tools directly on the BuzzTai platform.

BuzzTai SEO

Published blog posts will also appear in Google search results; no WordPress, free blog or NOTE required.

Tip: Can the text generated by BuzzTai be set to private?

The text generated by BuzzTai isHide setting by defaultIt is.

Therefore, the generated text will not be published in BuzzTai for anyone to see without permission.

*If you wish to publish, you must select "Public" in Edit.

Regular updates

BuzzTai's service was launched in November 2022. The service is still in the early stages of its launch.

However, the management aims to create an AI writing platform that is easy to use, even for Japanese people.It is updated regularly.

As I write this article today, I have received a message from Mr. Minamimoto that he has provided an update regarding the improvement of AI performance.

Tutorials are provided.

Among BuzzTai's shortcomings are.It was the lack of a tutorialI'm not sure.

AI Writing Tool RYTR

I was wondering if, like other tools, tutorial videos or articles for beginners would improve ease of use....

What a great addition to the tutorial video.

BuzzTai Tutorial How to Use

Now, BuzzTai offers tutorial videos. Even first-time users of BuzzTai can use it with confidence.

Likely to grow in the future.

Compared to AI writing tools in English-speaking countries, there are still few AI writing tools for Japanese.

In other words.AI writing in Japan is in its infancy.Many AI writing tools for Japanese should appear in the next one to two years.

BuzzTai is developing & managing AI writing for Japanese from this point forward.

so to speakPioneer of Japan's AI writing tools."It will be

Furthermore, Mr. Minamimoto, founder of BuzzTai, takes user feedback seriously.

BuzzTai Tutorial Video

As a user, I can feel that he is trying to make BuzzTai easier to use and more functional.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Takeo Fujii

Without a doubt, BuzzTai is the most popular AI writing tool in Japan.

Cons (Disadvantages) of BuzzTai

There are many editorial restrictions.

BuzzTai also has an editor screen that allows you to edit the generated blog posts.

  • Headings (h2, h3, etc.)
  • Bold and italicized text
  • Image Insertion
  • link insertion

and other general blog editing features would be easy to use, but currently they are not yet provided.

Overview menu is difficult to use

BuzzTai is a sentence generator, allowing you to choose from a menu to generate the sentences you want to write.

However, I felt there was room for change in the menu items and displayed text.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

When generating the text, I sometimes wondered which template to use.

For example, one of the AI tools I use, Rytr, has a blog post tone that is unified and visually organized.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese

I want commenting and interaction functions.

BuzzTai has its own blog feature. Since it is so unique, I think more bloggers would use it if they could interact with other users.

It would be useful to have a feature that allows users to comment on each other's blogs, for example.

...and then I found the following statement on BuzzTai's official website.

We also aim to further expand the community by adding a social media component.A place where users can comfortably interact with each otherWe will provide the following services.

Official BuzzTai - About BuzzTai

It looks like they will soon be adding the ability to interact with each other.

No functionality to integrate with WordPress or SEO tools

Some of the international AI writing tools, such as Jasper AI and Rytr, have the ability to integrate with marketing tools such as Semrush and Surfer SEO.

There is also the ability to import articles written with AI writing tools directly into your own WordPress site.

However.BuzzTai integration with other apps and tools does not exist.It would be useful if it could be linked to SEO-based tools.

Also, if you use services such as WordPress or note like I do, it would be very helpful to have the ability to import articles as they are.

Questions and inquiries can be made at "support@buzztai.com". You will receive a reply within a few hours to a few days.

Since our location is in the United States, there is a time difference between Japan and the United States. Therefore, there may be a slight time lag before we reply.

Summary of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool fully compatible with Japanese

This BuzzTai is an AI writing tool that has only just launched.

I don't want to lie, so I'm going to tell you the truth.

  • Japanese text output is Good
  • Ease of use is expected in the future

This is my current, honest assessment of BuzzTai.

But I don't want to explain that BuzzTai's quality is poor.

It has only been up and running for a short time, so there is room for improvement."

And.I think BuzzTai is going to grow incredibly over the next year or two.The expectation that the

We are also focusing on developing apps for IOS and Android devices, with plans to release mobile apps in late 2023.


This is how it was described on BuzzTai's official website. Blogging features and usability will be improved in the future.

Review of BuzzTai, an AI writing tool for Japanese
Takeo Fujii

Right now, it is rare to find an AI writing tool that can be used with full Japanese support. That is whyWe recommend that you register and try it for free as soon as possible.

This article was reviewed by Tsuyoshi Fujii on December 3, 2022. BuzzTai will be improved and enhanced in the future. I plan to rewrite my review and evaluation regularly.

First of all, pleaseTry BuzzTai, a rare fully Japanese-language AI writing tool, for free.

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