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Can you run an adult website on a Shin server?

Can you run an adult website on a Shin server?

This time, I would like to introduce "Thin Server". This is a rental server that I myself have been using since October 2021 until now.

  • I want to set up an adult website with WordPress.
  • I'm looking for a rental server that allows adult use.

Rental servers that allow adult sitesIf you're looking for a place to live, and you're considering it, please read this article to the end.

For those who want to run an adult website that can be viewed comfortably and crisply, even with intensive access during the night, we introduce Thin Server.

What is Shin Rentalserver?

First.Thin Server RentalThe following is an easy-to-understand explanation of

X server has the largest market share in Japan, and since its establishment in 2013, many websites in Japan have been running on X server.

The new product from X server is called Thin Rental Server.

The three most important points of Singh's rental server are

  • ultra high speed
  • Excellent stability
  • The latest technology

These are the three. New technologies not found in other companies' servers are introduced, and high-spec servers are provided.Shin Rental Server is already "the fastest in Japan".It is gaining popularity.

This functionality, stability, and unparalleled technology make it a recommended rental server for running a website for business purposes.

Now, let's take a look at the Thin Server. Here is a detailed explanation of adult site usage.

Shin Rental Server is OK to use adult sites.

I'll get to the conclusion first.You can use adult sites with Shin Rental Server.

Yes, it is possible. However, content that is offensive to the law or public order and morals, such as uncensored or child pornography, is prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions - Can I run an adult website? November 1, 2021

The official site also allows for adult use.

This means that you can operate an adult website on Thin Server.

However, the key point to keep in mind when operating the site is that it is not against the law or public order and morals.

In other words, adult sites that violate the law are naturally prohibited.

Why is Shin Rent-A-Server recommended for adult websites?

I'll explain why I recommend Shin Rental Server for adult websites.

Probably, many of you who came across this article have also compared it with other companies' rental servers.

There are other rental servers that allow adult users, and I'm sure you've compared them based on monthly fees and performance (specs), but it's for those people that I'd like to finally recommend Shin Rental Server.

Because it's the fastest in Japan, it's [super fast].

Thin Rental Server High Speed

First of all, adult sites tend to use a lot of images and videos, and the speed of the site tends to be slow.

If the site display speed slows down, the number of visitors will decrease, the abandonment rate will increase, and sales will be adversely affected.

Statistics show that the majority of visitors will browser back if 3 seconds elapse between clicking and the page opening. If it takes 5 seconds to open, 38% visitors will leave the site.

That's why I recommend Shin Rental Server for its display speed.

Shin Rental Server claims to be "the fastest in Japan", and clearly, the display speed is faster than other rental servers.

Why is it so fast? The reason is that it has one of the fastest WordPress execution environments in the world, and speed-up technologies are being introduced one after another.

The server performance itself is also characterized by the latest CPUs and overwhelming specifications available.

To summarize.It's a high-spec server & high speed technology.It is.

Adult sites that tend to be slow are the ones that should use Thin Server.

Because it's stable.

Shin Rental Server Stable

It also features a high degree of stability. Originally, Thin Server was created based on the X server, which has the No.1 market share in Japan.

The X server has been in the rental server business for 16 years and has managed over 2 million sites in Japan. In other words, it has one of the best track records among domestic rental servers in Japan.

Shin Rental Server is built on the foundation of the X server.Rental servers provided by an operator with extensive experience and track record.That's why you can run an adult website with peace of mind.

Even the basic plan with the cheapest monthly fee has more than enough server specs.

Even if you have an adult website that tends to be accessed at night, the Thin server provides a stable and fast display.

The basic plan is sufficient for small to medium sized adult sites.

Because it is inexpensive

Now that you understand the performance (specs) of the Thin Server, let's take a look at what you need to know.

You may be wondering, "If this is such a high-spec rental server, isn't the price too high? You may be worried about the price.

But don't worry.Thin Server Rental is also affordable.Here is the price list. Please check it out.

Term of usebasicstandardPremiumBusiness
3 months990 yen1,980 yen3,960 yen7,920 yen
6 months990 yen1,980 yen3,960 yen7,920 yen
12 months880 yen1,780 yen3,560 yen7,120 yen
24 months825 yen1,650 yen3,300 yen6,600 yen
36 months770 yen1,540 yen3,080 yen6,160 yen

We offer higher spec performance than other companies for less money.

In the past, this site has beenmixhost (other company's server that allows adult users)As I explained in the previous section, Thin Server is clearly cheaper than other companies and has higher specifications than other companies.

If you have been looking for a rental server that allows adult use, you should use Thin Rentals.

The security features are outstanding.

Shin Rental Server Security

In order to prevent your adult website from becoming a victim of unauthorized access or attack, you need to be aware of the followingSecurity measuresis required.

In particular, in recent years, DDos attacks that shut down websites due to attacks from outside, and brute force attacks that force their way into websites and extract information by repeatedly attempting unauthorized access, have been frequently observed.

Thin Server also comes with a full set of security measures.

  • Protection against unauthorized access from foreign IP addresses
  • Prevention of brute force attack on passwords
  • Limit mass comment and trackback spam.
  • Countermeasures and protection against DDos attacks

More than 90% of the attacks and unauthorized access to adult sites are carried out from overseas.

Therefore, the ability of Thin Server to restrict foreign IPs is very effective.

[Until January 13, 2022] 30% off campaign is underway.

And finally, I have an introduction for you. Thin Rental Server is running a 30% off campaign until January 13, 2022. This is a great deal that you should not miss.

That's 30% off the usage fee.

For example, the Basic Plan is 880 yen per month. If you sign up during this campaign, the monthly price is 539 yen~. This is the price for a rental server with these specifications. Isn't it amazing?

By the way, I also have a 36-month contract with Shin Rental Server.

Shin Rental Server Campaign

It's amazing that you can use a server with such a high spec for only 539 yen per month.

That's why I recommend Thin Server for those who are currently unsure whether to use another company's server.

Now you have a chance to use the Shin Server, which has excellent performance and stability for running adult sites, for only 539 yen/month. There are no initial or additional fees.

Make the most of this opportunity.

Is Shin Rent-A-Server recommended for adult websites?

Conclusion. If you are looking for a rental server that allows you to use adult sites, I recommend Thin Rentalserver.

Considering the high-spec performance, stability of operation, and affordability, Thin Server is the best choice.

I'll tell you one last time, until January 13, 2022, if you apply for a newChance to get 30% off.It is.

If you are looking for a rental server to run your adult website, this campaign is a great opportunity. If you are looking for a server to run your adult website, this campaign is a great opportunity.

Please visit the campaign page below for more details.

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If you want to know more about Thin Server, please visitHere is an explanatory articleYou may also find it helpful to Here is a summary of actual usage experience.

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