How to Correctly Price Your Online Course

How to determine the course fee for an online course

How many students are enrolled in the online courses you are selling? How many new students do you bring in each month? Do you want to attract more students to your online courses?

As far as I know, many companies are having a hard time pricing their products incorrectly.

Similarly, there are many instructors who have made mistakes in setting the price of online courses and are having a hard time attracting students.

So, in this article.How to determine the course fee and participation fee for online coursesThe following is an introduction to

There is no "fair price" for online courses.

Online Course Fee

In conclusion, there is no reasonable price for online courses; some online courses charge 1,000 yen, while others charge 200,000 yen.

Therefore, it is difficult to set a fair price for selling an online course. In other words, there is no such thing as a fair price, but let's assume that the course fee is fair enough that customers will pay and feel that it was the most meaningful purchase they have ever made.

(1) Collect 10 students for the online course.

First of all, if you are selling an online course for the first time in your life, you should start by getting 10 participants. It is okay to lower the price and sell at a discount at first.

Put aside the front-end, back-end, business strategy, funnel, and other factors.

If you're a studious person, you might think about creating a front-end product to sell your online courses, but

Receive feedback from 10 participants.

First, get the first 10 students to take the online course.

I wanted to get to know them better and find out what their problems and pains were and why they were having them. What are the barriers that keep them from solving their problems? What are the parts of the online course that are difficult to understand? Ask questions and interact with them.

It's a steady process, but by interacting with each other, you will be able to understand what your online course lacks and what it needs.

Even if you have created an online course with a lot of confidence, there will be parts that are lacking or parts that you would like to see explored more deeply by the participants.

(3) Improving the online course.

First, get 10 people to take your online course, and sell it to them. As you listen to them, see if you can improve the content of your online course.

Then, through repeated fine-tuning for improvement, you can create an online course that is easier to understand and more itchy than the first one you created.

Don't suddenly sell your online course through advertising.

A common mistake is to create one online course and then go straight to advertising and trying to sell it to a lot of people. They skip getting the first 10 people to listen to them.

Trying to get 100s or 1000s of students from the start. This is a big mistake.

Listen to the first 10 people and improve the content of the online course. By doing this work, the online course will be able to provide higher value even if more people take the course later on.

If you sell an online course to 1,000 people in an immature state from the beginning, the students will be dissatisfied. Moreover, if you try to modify the course by listening to the needs of 1,000 people, you won't know where to start and won't be able to prioritize the improvements you want to make.

Therefore, gather the first 10 people, listen to them, and make revisions from there. This is important.

(4) Increasing the price of online courses in stages.

To summarize the story, you can drop the price of the online course for the first 10 participants. From there, one idea is to raise the pricing in stages as the number of participants increases.

The first 10 people can join for 4,900 yen. Tell them it's still a work in progress, like collecting test monitors for a beta version. Then the next 100 people can join for 12,000 yen. And the next after that...

In this way, we recommend that you stage your participation fee according to the number of participants, or as the number and quality of your own online course content increases. The course fees listed above are just a guide.

How to Sell Online Courses with Confidence

I can say this from my own experience, but what you think you are confident about is just an assumption. It's all about whether the students can achieve their goals.

It is very common that I have created a course with full of confidence but the participants complain that the content is difficult to understand. In order to unlock your own assumptions, it is important to interact with the students who have taken your online course.

Therefore, please gather the first 10 beta students first! Build up your online course with this steadiness. Start small, improve the product, and polish it up.

This steady effort will lead to the creation of higher value online courses. As a result, you will be able to sell your online courses at a fair price with confidence.

This is because your online course is not something that you have created based on your own assumptions, but something that you have created by listening to the feedback of your students and making improvements.

How can an online course change the lives of its participants?

An online course that is so polished does not only solve the problems of the students.

It produces results that change the lives of the participants. This is not a metaphor.

For example, let's say that your online course is on the subject of eliminating metabolic syndrome. No matter how many supplements you take or how much you exercise, you can't lose weight. Your online course will help people who are suffering from obesity to lose weight. If this happens, it means that your online course has been designed to change lives.

It is very valuable. When you are making something that has value, you become confident. So you can sell with confidence.

Participants are willing to pay for an online course if it solves a problem and is valuable enough to change their lives.

Why people rush into expensive plastic surgery.

Even if your online course costs 300,000 yen, I will gladly participate. I spent 500,000 yen on plastic surgery. That's to get rid of my complex about my face and become the person I want to be. In other words, plastic surgery is not just about playing with your face, it's worth enough to change your life.

Online courses are no different. If it is a polished online course, it will be valuable enough to change the lives of the students.

There are many people who are now trying to create and sell online courses with coronary heart disease. Please keep this in mind. Your online course can be a life-changing experience for your students, depending on how you create it.

If you want to sell it confidently and at a fair price, be aware of the steady way of making it that we discussed in this course.

Summary: How to determine the course fee for online courses

The last step is to sort out what you need to do to sell your online course at a reasonable price.

  • First, I'll try to get 10 people by selling them cheaply, even if they're not finished.
  • Get feedback from 10 people. Areas for improvement and correction
  • Prioritize and make corrections.
  • Increasing the course fee in stages depending on the richness of the online course content.

Use this method to get a fair price for your online course.

In doing so, don't forget to look at what specific prices your rival's online courses are selling at. In this article, I explained how to determine the price of an online course.

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